Book AWAKENER Part 2


The divine revolution in photos

“Peter, you are Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against her” (Matthew c.16 v.18). And because Peter’s successors gave to Ceasar what belongs to GOD, allowing the gates of hell prevail against the church of Christ (Inquisition, idolatry, abuse of power, pedophilia, dissoluteness, political conspiracies, etc.), she could not be his church anymore. Christ promised to return. He came back to place order in the house and establish on Earth the Kingdom of GOD. INRI CRISTO broke the bond with the one that once had been his daughter, his church, born from his words to Peter, and started the New Mystical Universal Order, SOUST, the formalization of GOD’s Kingdom on Earth, in the formation of one flock and one shepherd (John c.10 v.16).

Book AWAKENER 2nd part is a documentary with dozens of vivid and shocking illustrations, that show since INRI CRISTO’s childhood, his life as a prophet, the fast in 1979 and the revelation of his identity, the journey through many countries until arriving at Belem of Para, where the birth of SOUST happened on the historical Feb 28th 1982. This book also registers the divine decree over the Vatican, the truth about Fatima’s Third Secret and many journalistic articles that illustrate how the ruin of Peter’s primacy began. You will also know the history of SOUST’s very roots and flourishing, the relationship between INRI CRISTO and the media, where SOUST was provisionally established for 24 years, the public parades in Flowers Street in Curitiba, and much more.

This book was translated by volunteers and is available in eletronic version for download.

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