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A summary of Inri Cristo's life in the present existence. Where he came from, some steps of his journey until the revelation of his identity, the institution of the New Mystical Order and the coming to Brasilia, the New Jesuralem of Apocalypse.

Inri Cristo in France – 1980

When INRI CRISTO was expelled from England in 1980, he was sheltered by France, the first country to spread in the media that Christ...

Who is Inri Cristo? A biographical synthesis

Inri Cristo's childhood Inri Cristo was born in a village called Indaial, state Santa Catarina, Brazil, in March 22nd 1948. He was raised by a...
Inri Cristo

The Libertarian Act – Feb 28th 1982

SOUST was born inside Belem’s cathedral, in the state of Pará, Brazil, in the historical Feb 28th 1982. Followed by more than 10 thousand...

The symbols of the throne

So said INRI CRISTO for those who ask about the origin of the symbols of the throne, if there is any relationship with secret...

The mystery of the name INRI

Since childhood INRI obeys a unique, strong and imperious voice that speaks inside his head, but until the fast he did not know who...

The enigma of the new name

So said INRI CRISTO: “This is to all of you who have known me before the fast in Santiago of Chile in 1979 and to...

Inri Cristo tells the event of February 28th 1982, which gave birth to SOUST

On February 28th 2015, SOUST completed the 33rd year of existence.

Belem – Curitiba – Brasilia (1982 – 2006)

After performing the Libertarian Act in Belem on Feb 28th 1982, which cultimated in the birth of SOUST, obedient to the comand of his...

Inri Cristo’s steps to the fast – a biographical account

This documentary registers the places where INRI CRISTO wandered in the eve of the fast in Santiago of Chile, in September 1979, when he...

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