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Inri Cristo answers more than 400 questions without censorship. The greatest revelation of all times.

INRI CRISTO x Temple of Solomon

On August 2nd 2014, Inri Cristo answered about the building of the Solomon Temple by Edir Macedo's church IURD, in São Paulo. Enable English subtitles...

Part 19 – Questions from Maurício Miki Borges, resident in Japan

1) What is your mission on Earth? INRI CRISTO: “My mission is to propitiate the consolidation of GOD’s Kingdom on Earth, teach GOD’s genuine law,...

Part 18 – Questions from Orkut communities

1) If you are Christ, please help us with enlightenment: what is the best direction for this country with no direction called Brazil? (Patrícia) INRI...

INRI CRISTO answers to Arkansas State University (USA)

"Truly, very truly I tell you: I that speak to you was the first amoeba, the first creeping reptile which emerged from water seeking...

Part 17 – Daily life, vegetarian nutrition, relationship with the media, INRI CRISTO and...

1) What does your feeding consist on? What do you consider a healthy nutrition? INRI CRISTO: “I am naturalist, I live basically on raw vegetables,...

Correio Braziliense asks about the resignation of Benedictus XVI

Released in February 2013 We would like to know how you evaluate the departure of pope Benedictus XVI from his charge. What do you think...

Part 16 – Medicine and health, organ donation, origin and healing of cancer, trunk...

1) What is your opinion about organ donations? INRI CRISTO: “Nobody can give something not belonging to him. In fact, your physical body isn’t yours;...

Everyone will know that Israel is the sacred name of our Mother Earth

Questions from Isidro Cadena, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico In the Bible it is said that Christ would bring peace at his second coming. Why hasn't peace...

Part 15 – Abortion, birth control, sex, drugs, homosexuality, matrimony, education of the children

1) In your opinion, why is Catholic Church so radically against abortion and birth control? INRI CRISTO: “Even if some impious, wicked, hypocrite, rascal men...

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