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INRI answers

INRI answers

Inri Cristo answers more than 400 questions without censorship. The greatest revelation of all times.


Inri Cristo at Programa do Jô – Rede Globo, April 16th 2009

Program in three parts.

Inri Cristo’s interview with Sabado News Magazine (Portugal)

- How was the specific moment of the revelation that you embodied Jesus Christ? INRI CRISTO: “In brief, after passing through a series of unusual...

Part 4 – Darwin, evolution, Genesis, the great flood, Paradise, mosaic laws, apocryphal books.

1) The so-called theologians believe in creationism, they reject evolution preached by scientists alleging that it’s unlike the biblical narration of Genesis. What is...

Part 5 – Destiny, heaven and hell, angels and demons, prayer, salvation, atheists, followers,...

1) If GOD is omnipresent and knows all we need, why do we have to pray? INRI CRISTO: “Prayer is the mechanism of divine law...

Part 11 – Extraterrestrials, UFOs, the Earth and the Universe

1) There is a countless number of suns and planets turning around their suns, the same way that our nine planets turn around the...

INRI CRISTO’s interview to G1 about the world ending – Dec 2012

See the Portuguese release: 1. Inri, you have asserted that the Earth will pass through transformations. Has it already passed through it before? What...

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