Thursday, October 1, 2020

INRI answers

Inri Cristo answers more than 400 questions without censorship. The greatest revelation of all times.

Inri Cristo answers about mindfulness, imagination and law of attraction

Inri Cristo speaks live every Saturday, 11 a.m. (Brasilia's time) at the online channel . Questions by Marlene West, from Australia: What do you say...

INRI CRISTO’s interview to G1 about the world ending – Dec 2012

See the Portuguese release: 1. Inri, you have asserted that the Earth will pass through transformations. Has it already passed through it before? What...

Part 14 – Ethics, sociology, Capitalism X Socialism, Marxist ideology, freedom, civilization, philosophy, art,...

1) What is your concept regarding ethics? INRI CRISTO: “First of all, those who most talk about ethics and impose false moral precepts are the...

INRI CRISTO’s manifesto to the land of the Holy Cross

On August 15th 2012, followed by his disciples, INRI CRISTO personally went to the Brazilian Supreme Tribunal of Justice in order to make a...

Part 13 – Globalization, politics, worldwide crisis, disarmament, electronic radars, plebiscite, future of Brazil

1) Is there a solution for the problems of Brazil and the world? INRI CRISTO: “There is solution: GOD! Bending to the will of the...

Part 12 – Apocalypse, worldwide conflicts, World War III, end of times, Fatima’s Third...

1) Is the conflict between Israel and Palestine a response for disobedience to GOD’s commandments? Is there a possibility that someday they come into...

Interview to Caroline Castro – Superinteressante Magazine (Dec / 2011)

Inri Cristo's full interview to the reporter Carol Castro, from Superinteressante Magazine, published in December 2011. 1 – First of all, I would like to...

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