Belem – Curitiba – Brasilia (1982 – 2006)

The birth of SOUST in Belem - the provisional headquarters in Curitiba - the transfer to Brasilia


After performing the Libertarian Act in Belem on Feb 28th 1982, which cultimated in the birth of SOUST, obedient to the comand of his FATHER, LORD and GOD, INRI CRISTO made the juridical institution of the New Mystical Order in the 2nd Office Registry of Titles and Documents in Curitiba, on April 20th 1982, with the juridical help of the attorney Edson Centanini. SOUST is, therefore, the formalization of GOD’s Kingdom on Earth, in the formation of “only one flock and one shepherd” (John c.10 v.16). In the statutes of foundation it was foreseen that the headquarters should be transfered to the federal capital city, Brasilia, which is the New Jerusalem of Apocalipse c.21.

After the legal procedures regarding formalization, the first temple of SOUST was inaugurated in Belem, on May 25th 1982. The place was provisionally given by a man called Nicassio Kolino, after hearing INRI CRISTO on television. The details of this history are inside book EXPLOSIVE AWAKENER Vol.1.

First temple of SOUST in Belem – 1982

After inaugurating the first temple in Belem, INRI had the FATHER’s command to establish the provisional headquarters of SOUST in Curitiba, as it was the city where INRI lived most time of his profane life, also the second highest capital in Brazil. INRI remained most time of his reproach in Curitiba, fulfilling what is foreseen in Luke c.17 v.25 to 35, regarding the second coming of Christ: “But first it is necessary that he endures much suffering and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man. INRI established SOUST in the uptown called Alto Boqueirao and was warned by his FATHER and LORD that it would be a huge laboratory where he would study the true sociology with living beings, which cannot be learned from books or terrestrial academies, necessary for the fulfillment of his mission.

Provisional headquarters of SOUST in Curitiba, 1984

Beyond the mystical reason of being situated in a high place, it was necessary that SOUST was legally made official with the presence of Simon Peter, the same that received the primacy two thousand years ago (“You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on Earth, will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose in Earth will be loosed in heaven” – Matthew c.16 v.18).

Inri Cristo and the founder of SOUST, Dr. Edson Centanini

Dr. Edson Centanini (Simon Peter) was born in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. Before meeting INRI CRISTO, he studied Law and investigated many religions. He worked as delegate and judge. The ALMIGHTY provided that he lived in Curitiba and was ready to participate in the juridical foundation of SOUST when meeting INRI CRISTO again (the details of his history and how the ALMIGHTY branded him with blood are in book EXPLOSIVE AWAKENER Vol.1).

Some of Inri Cristo’s followers in front of SOUST in Curitiba, 1994

The public parades in Curitiba

In the 80’s, Inri Cristo lived the longest time of ostracism and boycott by the media. His appearances in radio and television were scarce. In the early 90’s, Inri Cristo did many public parades with his disciples and followers in “Rua das Flores”, Curitiba’s main street, in order to make his presence and message known.

Inri Cristo in “Rua das Flores”, Curitiba’s main street
The band says: “Swine grunt, dogs bark and INRI CRISTO announces the end of this chaotic world. The sensible meditate…”


Inri Cristo carried by his followers, the “poor in spirit”

INRI was instructed by his FATHER that he should remain in Curitiba until the people in that city did not call him by another name but INRI CRISTO, and when this happened, it was the sign that his time over there was fulfilled. In 1986, a lawsuit for ideological falsehood against INRI CRISTO was started. Helped only by GOD’s power, INRI overcome the morosity of Brazilian justice and obtained the official recognition of his identity by earthly authorities in October 2000.

Inri Cristo and Dr. Edson Centanini in year 2003.

After the formal and definitive recognition of INRI CRISTO’s identity by earthly authorities and the decease of SOUST’s founder in December 2005, obedient to his FATHER, LORD and GOD, INRI CRISTO determined the transfer of SOUST headquarters to Brasilia, as foreseen in the 14th Article of the statutes since the foundation in 1982. The transfer happened in May 2006.

“The magnetic, subtle Reign of GOD, full of energies, signs and light, is amidst you.”


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