Sunday, July 5, 2020


Some of Inri Cristo's teachings from book Explosive Awakener.

The parable of lie

So said INRI CRISTO: “The liar is like the insensible farmer who diligently prepares, fertilizes and sows the earth. But when the seeds start to...

Inri Cristo explains the difference between evangelicals and “evanjegues”

Enable English subtitles in the video.

The macrocosmos

The Law of GOD

So said INRI CRISTO: “Why, my children, in spite of all the progress of contemporary civilization, human beings paradoxically live more and more disoriented, alone, anguished,...

Mystical Coexistence: the physical realm and the Cosmos

So said INRI CRISTO: “My FATHER, LORD and GOD instructed me to explain to my children, in order that they have the consciousness, about the...

The enigma of the souls

Questions from the branch of SOUST in Australia: Do the souls continue to incarnate in apes in order to evolve or did it happen only...

The Parable of Rebut

So said INRI CRISTO: “My FATHER, LORD and GOD bestows upon all human beings a channel of thought, through which they receive and generate positive...

The enigma of the LORD’s Sabbath

So said INRI CRISTO: “In the commandments of the divine law, it is foreseen that we shall keep the LORD’s Sabbath: “Remember the Sabbath day,...

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