Monday, March 25, 2019

Vaccine Anticancer

"Only the ALMIGHTY GOD, my FATHER, who is the LORD of Life, can give and effectively gives freely the only infallible antidote". What leads a...

“INRI CHRIST: Crazy, Liar or Messiah?”, by Henri Cosi

This book results from the author Henri Cosi personally analyzing Inri Christ for more than a year in his residence. It is a scientific...

Book of Initiation

The announcement of GOD’s Kingdom “The Kingdom of GOD does not come with things that can be observed...” (Luke c.17 v.20 - 21) The expectation for...

INRI, the Wanderer

This book consists of a register of INRI CRISTO’s histories and experiences with vehicles that he used since his youth and public life while...

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