The Libertarian Act – Feb 28th 1982

Inri Cristo

SOUST was born inside Belem’s cathedral, in the state of Pará, Brazil, in the historical Feb 28th 1982. Followed by more than 10 thousand people previously called by Guajará TV (Belem’s channel 4), INRI CRISTO entered the cathedral, stopped the mass rituals, expelled the priests, went up the altar, pulled the statue off the cross and broke it at the witness of people that followed him and acclaimed: “Christ! Christ! Christ!”. INRI showed through this act that he is not a dummy eternally nailed on the cross, but the living Christ, on bone and flesh, that returned fulfilling the Scriptures. At this very occasion, he cut the bond with the remainder of his former church, declaring it “proscribed commercial roman church” (the whore of Revelation c.17). The priests, in a last gesture of despair, called the police, that evacuated the people from the cathedral.

At this very historical moment SOUST came into being, the formalization of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth, in the formation of one flock and one shepherd (John c.10 v.16).

Here follow the most amazing moments of the Divine Revolution (the pictures were obtained by MEPIC – the Eclectic Movement for INRI CRISTO – in the newspaper A Provincia do Para).

revolution-inri-cristo-1INRI CRISTO spoke for three consecutive days at Guajara TV (channel 4). On the third day, he spoke during three hours live convoking the people for a meeting on Sunday.

INRI’s mystical revolution aims to set humanity free from the fantasies and dogmatic lures, showing the path to the Truth and Light.

revolution-inri-cristo-2In the historical February 28th 1982, eight o’clock am, at D. Pedro II Square, INRI CRISTO met a multitude of approximately ten thousand people, who followed him until the cathedral.

revolution-inri-cristo-cathedralWhile the only church that INRI CRISTO left two thousand years ago – when he said in the singular: “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matthew c.16 v.18) – remained faithful to his teachings, to his doctrine, it could be considered the church of Christ. However, since it passed to incorporate pagan beliefs and rituals to the whole of its doctrine, besides serving as a tool of political domination, it stopped being the church of Christ to become the roman catholic apostolic church. Catholic, which also means universal, because the pretension of the Roman Empire was to expand its domination upon Earth. Apostolic because it was organized not by the apostles of Christ, but by the apostles of Constantine, of Justinian and so many others that distorted, disparaged the Gospel of Christ. Roman because it passed to serve Rome’s morbid interests, not the divine cause anymore; it passed to give to Cesar what belongs to GOD, despising what INRI CRISTO said when he was called Jesus: “Give to Cesar what is Cesar’s and to GOD what is GOD’s” (Matthew c.22 v.21). Behold why the Son of GOD is back and established the now catholic order, SOUST.

revolution-inri-cristo-4INRI entered the cathedral, stopped the ritual of the hoax called “mass”, shouted against the religious trade, the sell of sacraments, the worship of statues and expelled the priests, saying: “Get out of here, liar thieves, idols worshipers, false sacraments vendors, I am Christ!”

revolution-inri-cristo-5INRI climbed the small altar in the middle of the cathedral, turned it into a pedestal and ordered his followers to carry him until annexing to the main altar.

revolution-inri-cristo-main-altarINRI at the main altar.

revolution-inri-cristo-6INRI CRISTO invoked his FATHER, LORD and GOD, the only uncreated being, the only eternal, the only being worthy of worship and veneration, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, only LORD of the Universe, whose dwelling is not limited by the temples built by men.

revolution-inri-cristo-7Obedient to ALMIGHTY’s imperative voice, INRI took the crucifix from the niche, removed the statue from the cross and broke it in front of the astonished glance of people who acclaimed him: “CHRIST! CHRIST! CHRIST!”

He showed through this libertarian gesture that he isn’t a dummy nailed on the cross, but the living Christ, in flesh and bone. After the revolutionary Libertarian Act inside the cathedral, INRI CRISTO spoke a strong sermon against idolatry, abominable at the ALMIGHTY’s eyes and countless times present in the Holy Scriptures.

Sermon anti-idolatry

“I am the LORD, your GOD. You shall not make for yourselves idols and erect no carved images… to worship at them, for I am the LORD, your GOD. You shall keep my Sabbaths…” (Leviticus c.26).

“The idol, work of human hands, is accursed…” (Book of Wisdom c.14 v.8 and 27).

“For outside the kingdom of GOD are idolaters and whosoever love and make a lie” (Revelation c.21 v.8 and c.22 v.15).

“I am the LORD, this is my name. I won’t give my glory to another nor will allow my praise be given to idols” (Isaiah c.42 v.8).

revolution-inri-cristo-8The priest, in panic, realized that the farce was about to be unmasked. In a last attempt to save the trade of false sacraments, he ordered to drop INRI CRISTO from the altar. At the moment of confrontation, the LORD said: “It is the time of violence, take the candle and beat on his head, otherwise he will climb the altar too, and the altar, my Son, only you can climb!” INRI CRISTO beat with the candle on the priest’s head, who got frightened and escaped.

revolution-inri-cristo-9A man in the crowd tried to stumble INRI from the altar, but he was surrenderd by the people.

revolution-inri-cristo-10The priests had thrown a chair agaist INRI with the intention of dislodging him from the altar and injuring him; but he received it in his hands with a graceful gesture of triumph and majestically placed it on the altar to serve as a seat. At this very moment INRI was legitimating the throne that now exists in the LORD’s house in Brasilia.


After the violent confrontation, INRI CRISTO ordered two young men to keep his back on the altar.


In a last gesture of madness, the priests called the Police. The policemen, obeying their orders and commanded by Faustino Calixto Brito (highest priest of the cathedral), took two hours using violence to remove people from the cathedral.

revolution-inri-cristo-13revolution-inri-cristo-14Lieutenant Watrein, with his hand, helping INRI CRISTO to get down the altar.

When INRI got down from the altar, followed by policemen, the LORD said:

“Behold, my son, this is not your house or mine. My house is your house. This is the house of idolatry, the house that sells your name and My name. It resembles a prostitute, for while the prostitute sells her body, this house, that had been your church, sells the sacraments, which are her body. And because of the iniquity that prevails in all churches, there is no more space for Me or for you inside them, my Son. For this reason I command: establish my kingdom there on earth, announce to the world that this order came from Me. I am the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob. I am your LORD and GOD, the same that gave you comfort when you agonized on the cross. I am the only LORD of heaven and earth”.

revolution-inri-cristo-15At this very moment, the LORD spoke the name of the new mystical order, SOUST – Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity, the new and only church of Christ, the formalization of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth, in the formation of one flock and one shepherd (John c.10 v.16).

revolution-inri-cristo-17On Saturday, eve of the Divine Revolution, before performing the Libertarian Act, INRI had been warned by his FATHER, LORD and GOD that a truck would be at his disposal and he should take possession of it in order to parade and bless the people.

revolution-inri-cristo-18Leaving the cathedral, when INRI saw the Police truck, he saw the fulfilment of the LORD’s promise. Crowning that sublime moment of glory, INRI went up the truck and commanded the policemen to drive the vehicle at 10 km/h, so that he could bless the people.

revolution-inri-cristo-19In the beginning, they were reluctant to obey, but INRI CRISTO told them that it was a command from the FATHER and imposed himself, exerting authority. The same people who witnessed the Libertarian Act followed the vehicle with INRI, acclaiming: “CHRIST! CHRIST! CHRIST!”

revolution-inri-cristo-20The truck driver received a counterorder and took INRI CRISTO to the Police Central Station for inquiry.

revolution-inri-cristo-21The arrival at the Police Station.

revolution-inri-cristo-22Serene face, barefoot, once more walking to the judgment of men, as in the time when he was called Jesus.


Under insults and implacable orders from the delegate Hamilton Cesar, they stripped INRI CRISTO of his tunic.

revolution-inri-cristo-police-stationWithout his tunic, before the glance of Faustino Calixto Brito, the “priest” of the cathedral, INRI CRISTO turned his eyes to heaven and exclaimed: “Oh, FATHER, why everything again?”


From the Police Station, INRI was taken to prison Sao Jose, where he stayed for fifteen days and left without depending on attorneys.

revolution-inri-cristo-24The arrival at prison São José.

revolution-inri-cristo-26INRI CRISTO gave many interviews to journalists in the cabinet of the prison director, Col Jose Bahia. Ironically, he had an artistic painting on the wall with the Son of GOD’s millennarian image.

revolution-inri-cristo-29At the cell number 14 of prison “Sao Jose”, INRI CRISTO blessed those who came in search of divine grace.

revolution-inri-cristo-27A committee of psychiatrists named by judge Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha and presided by Dr. Nerival Barros examined INRI CRISTO and declared that, according to optimistic perspectives, the verdict concerning his examination would be concluded only by the time of the Last Judgment, alleging that INRI acts in a higher intellectual sphere, considered atypical.


INRI CRISTO receiving letters and gifts that were forwarded to him.

revolution-inri-cristo-prison-recordINRI CRISTO’s register at prison “Sao Jose”. An employee of the Secretary of Justice in the state of Para granted it to the Eclectic Movement for INRI CRISTO.


On March 15th 1982, INRI CRISTO was released from prison Sao Jose without depending on attorney’s intervention. On April 20th 1982, INRI makes the official institution of SOUST in Curitiba/state of Parana – Brazil, through the juridical advisor, the attorney Dr. Edson Centanini, the same Simon Peter of two thousand years ago, to whom INRI said: “Peter, you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatever you bind on earth, will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matthew c.16 v.18). The details of his history and how the LORD branded him with blood are registered in book EXPLOSIVE AWAKENER Vol1.




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