For those who cannot glimpse that INRI is CHRIST


“My children, in the whole Brazil, mainly here in Brasilia, more than ever, an obstacle, a hindrance was created to avoid human beings from seeing who I am and understand my reality. The malignant beings, pretending to be in favor of me, say: ‘INRI speaks and teaches the truth, unmasks the myths… INRI CRISTO is good; everything that he speaks is coherently in accordance with the Bible. There is one problem, one only problem: He asserts to be Christ!’ Therefore, I ask you: by chance did they want me to say I am Barabbas, Caiaphas or perhaps Herod? It would be much easier if I did the will of earthlings and say that I am any personage in history. It would be much easier to get dressed like any of you, even because some say that my vestments are old-fashioned.

Have you ever thought why nowadays most Earth inhabitants do not recognize me? Very truly I tell you that human beings have one problem, one only problem: most of them live at the mercy of the darkness, and whoever lives according to the will of the malignant, prince of darkness, cannot intimately recognize the ALMIGHTY’s true servant. And since I live only to execute my FATHER, LORD and GOD’s will by saying that I am Christ, when revealing my true identity the human beings wearing blindfolds and having the ears blocked to the truth cannot glimpse who I am. The same happened two thousand years ago: one of the reasons that culminated with my crucifixion was exactly to declare who I am and teach my children to pray in the room, with the door shut (Matthew c.6 v.6).

When I was Jesus, I said to those who followed me: ‘I am the bread that came from heaven, and gives life to the world… Whoever takes of this bread will live endlessly; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the salvation of the world’ (John c.6 v.33 and 52). Because I said these things, the Jews grumbled amidst themselves and said: ‘Isn’t he that Jesus son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How does he say: Came from heaven?’ (John c.6 v.42). By hearing this speech, which meant an evident state of madness at the eyes of ordinary people, my mother at the time, Mary, got scandalized and brought her sons together to attempt my restraint (‘Then he went to a home and the crowd came together again so that they could not even eat. When his family heard this, they went out to restrain him, for they were saying: He has gone out of his mind’ – Mark c.3 v.20 and 21 / ‘Then his mother and his brothers came; and standing outside, they sent to him and called him. A crowd was sitting around him, and they said: Your mother and your brothers and sisters are outside asking for you. He replied: Who are my mother and my brothers? Looking at those who sat around him, he said: Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does the will of GOD is my brother and sister and mother – Mark c.3 v.31-35). Beware that the obvious is evident. The ratiocinating beings will realize that I did not allow them to come in the enclosure; knowing their intentions, I shielded in the present disciples and followers. It was not yet the time to be detained and crucified.

Until September 1979, when I fasted in Santiago of Chile, I was not yet conscious of my identity. Only then, the powerful voice that I heard since childhood revealed to me, also the enigma of my name: ‘I am the GOD of Abraham, of Isaak and of Jacob. I am your LORD and GOD, and you are my Firstborn, the same crucified Christ. In your name is the mystery of your identity. Your name is Inri, not Yuri; the second letter is upside down: u # n. INRI is the name that you paid with your blood on the cross. It’s your new name’.  At this very occasion my FATHER anointed me. And Christ, for those who ignore, means ‘the anointed one’, in the singular, not ‘one anointed’.

The LORD said that, except those to whom He revealed, I could not decline my identity to anyone until a newspaper, as if by mistake, wrote my name correctly. I left Chile conscious of my transcendental reality and of my mission of establishing GOD’s Kingdom on Earth, hiding within the LORD’s great mystery. I continued peregrinating throughout Latin America dressing my ancient and inseparable garment, the tunic, however still introducing as Yuri. When I arrived at Mexico in 1980, to fulfill what the LORD had told me in the fast, the newspaper Ovaciones published on the first page: ‘INRI, el Cristo, habla al pueblo y cura a los enfermos en el Quiosco de la Alameda – INRI, the Christ, speaks to the people and heals the sick in the Alameda Kiosk’. From that day on, I started to publicly declare my name and felt with vehemence what the FATHER had told me about reproach (Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). So I continued my peregrination throughout Latin America and part of Europe. I returned to Brazil in 1981 and went through all the Brazilian capitals and main towns before establishing on Earth GOD’s Kingdom, formalized as SOUST.

Thereby, after the revelation of my identity and living all sort of vicissitude, the religious men, those who self-claim GOD’s representatives on Earth, when realized that I would establish the headquarters of GOD’s Kingdom in Brasilia and would have no means to contradict me, aiming to keep tightened halters upon the deceased sheep, had no chance but saying that I teach the truth, set free, heal, however, the only wrong, absurd thing in me is to say that I am Christ.

My FATHER said that He sent me again with a new name exactly to enlighten my reality foreseen in Revelation c.3 v.12, therefore I cannot say that I am another, since I would be contradicting the LORD’s truth. Ratiocinating people realize that, by publicly exposing myself at the mercy of derision and mockery of the ignorant – who feel in need to mock to hide the inquietude, the fragility, the fear of the truth – I am only making the will of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me. Someday everyone will get to the conclusion that Luke c.17 v.25 to 35 is rigorously being fulfilled, as it is foreseen that first I would be rejected by my generation.

As a matter of curiosity, two inspired composers (Augusto Cesar and Paulo Sergio Valle) wrote a song interpreted by the singer Jose Augusto, in which they claimed that I would not say who I am or declare my name (‘E quando alguém perguntou seu nome ele não respondeu…’ – ‘And when someone asked his name he did not answer…’), because at that time I could not say. This song, entitled “The Son of GOD”, describes exactly what I lived in Rio de Janeiro in 1980, when expelled from Venezuela. Another composer, Alceu Valença, although being atheist, was inspired when writing a song in the year I performed the Libertarian Act in Belem’s cathedral. He refers to the signs of my coming in a Sunday morning (‘A voz do anjo sussurrou no meu ouvido / Eu não duvido, já escuto os teus sinais / Que tu virias numa manhã de domingo / Eu te anuncio nos sinos das catedrais…’ – ‘The angel’s voice murmured in my ear / No doubt, I already hear your signs / That you’d come in a Sunday morning / I announce you in the cathedrals’ bells…’). My FATHER said that I must explain this in order to dissolve the blindfolds that were imposed upon the eyes of my children here in Brasilia and in the whole Brazil.

I am compelled to say who I am, therefore, I cannot omit who I am to the mankind, because if I did, then they would have the right to disbelieve GOD, my FATHER. People would judge with the thought: ‘Christ said that would return, so where is he?’ It’s also worth to remember the prophecy: ‘One thousand came, two thousand will not pass without Christ returning on Earth’. Exactly on October 24th 2000, my FATHER inspired the terrestrial authorities to recognize that my new name is INRI CRISTO. Therefore, all nonsense that they bark, grunt and bray against me consist of an aberration array that they invented in order to hinder mankind from opening the eyes and seeing that the LORD fulfills all that He promised.

No one is forced to believe, however, for those who seek the truth, I exhort to differentiate the false from the true, to protect from false prophets’ ambition, since I announced that they would come in my name, that means, using my former, obsolete name (Jesus), as foreseen in Matthew c.24 v.5 and 24, while I came with a new name (Revelation c.3 v.12).

I am not from this world. I returned only to fulfill my FATHER’s will. Since I do not serve two lords, I do not have free will, from the LORD’s part I can only tell you the truth and the only truth, mainly when saying who I am.

You all stay with my peace!”

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