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Signs of the times

We are currently living the signs foreseen since immemorial times concerning the coming of the Messiah and the end of this chaotic world. The Messiah was promised for the advent of a New Age of peace. Inri Cristo is the same crucified Messiah who returned for the fulfillment of millenarian prophecies concerning the divine judgment and the establishment of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth.

Inri Cristo – The unexpected Messiah

Inri Cristo in humor programs? Concerning about the coming of the Messiah, the rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri foresaw in the last days of his life: “... As...

The last hope for humanity

What is the purpose of the institution of the kingdom of GOD on Earth, formalized as SOUST in the historical and memorable Feb 28th...

What is the Schumann Resonance?

Not only the oldest people, but also the youngest ones, live the experience that everything is excessively speeding up. Yesterday it was carnival, in...

Jewish prophecies on the coming of the Messiah

Throughout the Jewish history there has always been the awareness that a future time life on Earth, as we know it, would be drastically...

The Third Secret of Fatima – Planeta magazine, August 1974

“The prophecies transmitted by ‘Our Lady’ of Fatima to the Portuguese children were three. The third one remains a secret. Why? What reasons stop...

Does the humanity expect the return of Christ?

“Tell us, when shall these things be? What shall be the sign of your coming?” (Matthew c.24 v.3 and 4). “When shall the kingdom...

Rabbi reveals name of the Messiah – Israel Today, April 30th 2007

Shortly before he died, one of Israel's most prominent rabbis wrote the name of the Messiah on a small note which he requested would...

Is the 1948 establishment of the nation of Israel the blossoming fig tree?

There is little doubt among Bible scholars that the establishment of the State of Israel, on May 14, 1948, is the fulfillment of the...

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