The last hope for humanity

The meaning of GOD’s kingdom established on Earth, formalized as SOUST: the cradle of a new world, the new earthly society


What is the purpose of the institution of the kingdom of GOD on Earth, formalized as SOUST in the historical and memorable Feb 28th 1982, what is its global meaning and the posture that the integrants of SOUST shall assume in order to irradiate the consolidation of the kingdom of GOD to the humanity?

Two thousand years ago, INRI CRISTO said: “The kingdom of GOD is not coming with things that can be observed, for, in fact, the kingdom of GOD is within you” (Luke c.17 v.20 and 21). Perhaps not even the disciples who registered these words to posterity were able to achieve their real and deep meaning. The Son of Man wanted to say that the kingdom of GOD begins in his own body (whose simplicity does not compare to the magnificence of the palaces where the terrestrial kingdoms are usually placed) and extends to those who keep his teachings, whose hearts are receptacles and transmitters of the divine light. Thus the kingdom of GOD is within each one of us who lives in harmony with the divine law, putting in practice the precepts of the love of GOD and observing the holy commandments, in fraternal harmony. So the kingdom of GOD must in first place consolidate within each integrant of SOUST and only then will consolidate over the Earth. Truly, while the kingdom of GOD is not consolidated within each integrant of SOUST, it can never consolidate upon Earth.

During the long years that the Son of GOD deeply studied the hearts of the human beings, he contemplated the faces of countless people who came to his presence. He looked at many of them, listened to them, but he knew in his inner that they were only integrants of the Parable of the Film, who came in and out of the scene. He waited for those children who would remain faithful until the end, determined to endure all and every kind of storm, trustful if the triumph of the divine justice. He waited for those children that the LORD had promised while he still wandered over the Earth as a lonely pilgrim, with no disciple. And these are the children that, together INRI CRISTO, Father of the humanity, with the strength of their unshaken and irreversible conviction and trust in GOD, will irradiate the consolidation of the kingdom of GOD over the face of the Earth.

There are moments in the life of each human being when he glimpses the Eternal. INRI CRISTO said before being crucified: “Blessed are the pure hearts, they shall see GOD” (Matthew c.5 v.8). The Son of GOD has returned for each human being who saw the Ineffable once upon a time in his live and keeps the purity of his heart; each of these men will help to rebuild a new world and to keep peace and harmony amidst the heirs of this new world.

What seems only a crisis in today’s world is not only a crisis, it is the concretization of the prediction made by he Son of Man two thousand years ago: “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars, kingdom against kingdom, nation against nation, pestilences, earthquakes, floods, famines… all these things are but the beginning of birth pangs” (Matthew c.24 v.7 and 8). It is the apex of a situation such as never existed before and shall come to an end. The existing craziness and misunderstanding, the lack of vision, coward leaderships, furious masses of confused humans earning strength… not in wisdom, but in vulgar passions. The time will come when the evil will be self-destroyed. This day and this time are more than ever close to us.

The world will search for a new life, and only here in SOUST will find not only a new life, but the deposit of their faith, the true faith and confidence in GOD, who in fact will not have despised them. The kingdom of GOD, formalized as SOUST, will guide the steps of a weary people and be the trustee of humanity’s last hope. And will reestablish a simple way of life based in the principle of simplicity, the last stage of wisdom. Not everyone will live to see these days; however the elect, heirs of the Earth, these ones will live to glimpse and live these days of peace.

The sacred mission of the integrants of the kingdom of GOD is to provide that the fraternal love spreads all around the world. And when the powerful have devoured ones to the others, then in the fulfillment of the divine justice, the simple and the humble will finally inherit the Earth. And we here in SOUST now wait for those who will come after us, so that we can place in their hands the destiny and continuity of our mission. It is not a hard task; it is enough that they observe and keep the divine law in their minds and in their hearts; in a synthesis, it is the law of love. Preserving serenity and patience, enhance the richness of mind, enrich with wisdom… it will be such as the human race never knew before.

Now, there in the world, we see that the storm frighteningly roars, there is no security in the guns, the expectation in authorities is null, science is out of control extrapolating the natural principles… all of this will persist until all the essence of this malignant culture be destroyed, and every human being leveled in a great chaos. It has already started.

The survivors of the storm will keep the richness of history, each one with his own experience of life. We contemplate far in the distance a new world emerging from the ruins, clumsy but hopeful… searching for its lost treasures. The elect will be hidden and preserved in the protection of the CREATOR’s gigantic wings, within the place that He reserved for them since the beginning of the world. And so they will contemplate the infinite power of the LORD of Universe and the great miracle that He will have accomplished.

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