The symbols of the throne


So said INRI CRISTO for those who ask about the origin of the symbols of the throne, if there is any relationship with secret societies such as Freemasonry or Illuminatis:

“Before the Egyptians, before Freemasonry, before all the religions, I am, I have been here. I that speak to you am the First Son of GOD, the ancestor of mankind, Adam, who reincarnated as Noah, as Abraham, as Moses, as David, etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. These symbols are not pagan, nor Egyptian, nor Mason, nor Illuminati. They are universal and eternal symbols, and each one of them has a deep mystical meaning. The triangle containing the eye inside it symbolizes the Holy Trinity and the omnipresence of GOD, who contemplates everything and everyone (do not make confusion between the eye of the Divine Providence and the eye of Horus, which is concerning the Egyptian mythology). Even when someone commits a crime thinking that he is alone, exempt of testimonies, GOD sees though the very delinquent’s eyes, who is then accused by the tribunal of the conscience.

The throne was legitimated on Feb 28th 1982, when I performed the Libertarian Act inside the cathedral in Belem of Para; obeying my FATHER, I went up the altar, pulled the statue from the cross and broke it to show my people that I am not a dead and folkloric Christ, but I am alive, in bone and flesh on Earth. The priest, amazed, in the attempt to drop me down, threw a chair, however I held it transforming it into a throne. The altar, considered since unimaginable times as a place for sacrifices, became the stage of the divine revolution that I came to perform here on Earth. The years passed until the LORD inspired a person to make a throne in wood, the same that was later dyed in white and is now in the headquarters of SOUST in Brasilia, the New Jerusalem of Revelation c.21. Each symbol that is carved in the throne was designed by the LORD: the triangle and the eye, the wheat*, the grape*, the four phases of the moon, the heavenly bodies integrating the Cosmos, the cross together with David’s star, the inscriptions Agnus Dei and Leo Iudae…

Finally, the language of symbols transcends time and space, and is not property of anybody. Therefore, the fact that an institutions makes use of determined symbol to express an idea does not mean that will have the exclusiveness upon it. I am not worried if someone invents new reasons, new ways to expose the symbols which integrate the Kingdom of GOD. It is normal. However, only those who ignore the real and deep meaning of these symbols will keep on thinking that they have something to do with this history of Illuminati, Freemasonry or whatsoever. Only the ignorant will insist on conjecture that this history of Illuminati conspiracy has something to do with the symbols that my FATHER, LORD and GOD determined to use for exposing the Kingdom of GOD established on Earth, formalized as SOUST”.

*As to know: the wheat and the grape symbolize the fulfillment of the promise of the Kingdom of GOD for the occasion of the last supper, two thousand years ago, when Christ said to the disciples: “And I tell you: I will never again drink of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my FATHER’s Kingdom (Matthew c.26 v.29).

Since spirit without physical body does not take wine, therefore he could only drink it again reincarnated, physically reborn. Nobody is forced to believe, but INRI CRISTO is the same Christ of two thousand years ago and now he takes of the fruit of vine again with his legitimate children who integrate the Kingdom of GOD.

Whoever spreads this message will be gifted with heavenly blessings


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