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Some of Inri Cristo’s teachings from book Explosive Awakener.

Parable of the Worms

So said INRI CRISTO: “This chaotic world resembles a huge recipient of worms. The humanity, in this century, insists and strives to seem like a...

Parable of the Treasure

So said INRI CRISTO: “Imagine, my children, a rich man whose wealth is so immense that he needs many trunks where to place the gold,...

Parable of the Sun

So said INRI CRISTO to the disciple who asked if he could love one person more than another: “The human being is similar to a...

Parable of the Private Vehicle

So said INRI CRISTO: “The private vehicle is the one where only who the owner allows can go inside, different from the taxi, whose entrance...

Parable of the Mine

So said INRI CRISTO: “The kingdom of GOD is like a mine of gold whose owner is the only aware of the discovery map. Many...

Parable of the King

Two thousand years ago, by the time of his crucifixion, INRI CRISTO was crowned King of kings with the crown of thorns as an...

Parable of Good and Evil

When traveling aboard the motor-home of SOUST (which is a house on wheels), so said INRI CRISTO to an applicant to be a disciple...

Parable of the Dwarf

So said INRI CRISTO: “The greatest prodigy ever performed by the darkness spirits was to hide their shape; did they reveal their countless faces, they...

Parable of the Diamonds

So said INRI CRISTO: “The kingdom of GOD is like a big granary full of wheat and straw among which many diamonds are hidden, scattered....

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