Parable of Good and Evil

When traveling aboard the motor-home of SOUST (which is a house on wheels), so said INRI CRISTO to an applicant to be a disciple who had told him: “This world is very evil, it is very perverse”, referring to the negative, the deadly side of human beings who steal, kill, deceive, cheat, lie, persecute their fellows:
“Nothing happens on Earth without the consent, the knowledge of GOD. For this reason, this side of the world that you consider bad will not be bad if you are not a fool, an idiot, a naïve person. If you do not live alert, with your eyes very open and your sense very sharpened, then this bad side of the world will be good to awaken your asleep consciousness. GOD, the Supreme CREATOR, allows the negative side of spirituality to exist (which is the evil, the darkness spirit) aiming that it serves as an instrument of atonement and evolution for the human beings. The darkness spirits are very useful in the context of divine creation, otherwise the ALMIGHTY would not allow their existence.
Can you see those vehicles coming on the opposite side of ours? You may look at them and think: “Oh, how bad they are, they may crash me at any time”. Very truly, my son, they are not bad. They are as good as this vehicle on which we are traveling. It is up to you to keep vigilant, alert and prevent from colliding. They will become bad only if you do not know to properly position yourself, if you do not know to equilibrate at this side of the road without crashing against them.
So happens in life. The evil is always looking for a gap, a fragility in human beings through which it may act. If you do not escape, if you do not divert from the malignant the same way you deviate from those vehicles, you will inevitably collide against them. If you do not keep quite alert, with an attentive spirit, then when you face the darkness spirit it will take possession of you and will turn you into a mount, an instrument of domination, as the evil is always in search of a body.
Likewise happens with the good. The good that exists inside you may become evil if you do not know to use it with discernment. If you do not make good use of the power, the strength GOD has given you, for example, you may hold a knife (the same that you use to peel an orange) and stab yourself. In this case, the good becomes evil. You may contemplate the greatness and immensity of the sea, dive your body in its beneficent waters, but at the same time, if you do not establish the barrier, you may be devoured by the merciless flow of tides. You need sun bath to provide your body with health and strengthen your bones. However, if you exceed the limit of exposition to the sun rays, you may burn your skin and even allow a cancer to grow. The food that serves to nourish your body, providing it with conditions to survive, is able to make you become sick and even die if you eat immeasurably, excessively… If you do not conveniently ingest the vital water for your survival, it will damage your body. And so on…
Abeverê, my eldest disciple, said many times: “Ah, could I choke the dark spirit, I would exterminate it…” I told her it would never be possible, the evil cannot be exterminated, because it is a divine creature. The evil, or the negative side of spirituality, must be disciplined, fastened, dominated… it all depends on your good procedure, it is all tied to the awakening of your consciousness. Truly, the negative side of spirituality cannot be eliminated; it only must be overcome by the light.
When you achieve the spiritual stability and learn to use the ability of discernment, the evil side of all things and the negative energies will be turned into light. It will only be a matter on how you position yourself in front of GOD and the divine law, making good or bad use of free-will”.


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