The Parable of Rebut

“My FATHER, LORD and GOD bestows upon all human beings a channel of thought, through which they receive and generate positive or negative messages. This channel resembles a water conduit, and it’s up to you choosing what kind of water you will keep in your brain, in your inner: if you think only positively, the water will be clean and crystal-clear; otherwise, if you give attention to the negative thoughts and words without rebutting them, you will have your brain contaminated with the filthy water that will spread to your whole body, thus making you emanate negative fluids and moving you away from the slightest possibility of ascension. Each time you accept a negative thought, it will open space for the darkness spirits and dip you into a huge well of dark waters.
This water conduit that I mentioned has a very efficient valve, that is your free-will: if the side of the clean water is closed, dirty water will spread; otherwise, fresh and clean water will spring.
If someone has not understood the meaning of this parable, I explain you then:
Remember, my children, that all the negative thoughts are emanated from the darkness spirits; as they do not have a physical body, they use your channel of thought to accomplish their malign works through your body. So, to avoid the dark spirits carry out their aims, it is necessary that you pay much attention to your thoughts. And each time you feel to be receiving negative messages, you ought to rebut with a positive one. Thus proceeding, the positive side will overcome the negative and you will attract the spirits of light, that will help you to become strong and victorious. The human being that accepts to be invaded by negative thoughts and feelings without rebutting them little by little becomes a deposit of negativism, in other words, a catacomb, residence of negative spirits from the low spheres.
Example: if someone of you thinks that will die murdered in a car accident, will attract a fatalist spirit that will unavoidably lead him to an accidental crash, no matter he is driving a car, travelling on a train… or even on foot. The negative thought, ministered by the negative agent, will lead a vehicle out of direction, that will achieve him even on the sidewalk.
If someone of you think and believe that will be a victim of murder, even not having enemies, will die surprised by a fulminating lost bullet. If you are going downstairs and the negative spirit ministers the idea of falling from them, if you do rebut immediately, will fatally fall down. And so on…

All the negative thoughts must be rebutted, without hesitating, with the powerful, sublime and invincible answer: GOD. With your thought turned to the ALMIGHTY, my FATHER and LORD, the Supreme CREATOR, you will form a positive magnetic field of positive energies, a wrapping of light around your body that will stop any negative spirit from approaching. Consequently, your channel of thought will be immunized against satanic aggressions and emanations and you will enjoy, even living on Earth, in this chaotic world, of the Eden’s delights”.


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