The enigma of the souls


Questions from the branch of SOUST in Australia:

Do the souls continue to incarnate in apes in order to evolve or did it happen only in the past? Where are the souls before incarnating for the first time? Does GOD produce souls when it is necessary? Where do they come from?


“By the natural and harmonious process of evolution, the correct is that all the spirits, before arriving at the stage of human beings, first pass through apes, that means, the spirits that reincarnate at the right time will have to pass through apes. Actually, this is what should continue happening if humanity lived harmoniously according to the law of GOD. However, now more than ever there are many spirits that reincarnate precociously with a human carnal clothing because of the many sins committed by humanity (fornication, destruction of ecology, disordered procreation and consequent demographic explosion…).

Therefore, many spirits that occupied the body of an ox, of a dog, of a tiger, of a lion… are now reincarnating directly in a human body without having passed through all the necessary stages established by nature, by the natural course of evolution. It is a matter of mathematics: as humanity is multiplying with no control and there are not enough evolved spirits to reincarnate in the thousands of bodies that are born each day (and at the same time there are hundreds of animal species in extinction), which are the spirits that will reincarnate in these thousands of human bodies?

This terrible situation is the reaction, the groaning of pain of the mother nature due to the constant violation of the law of GOD, due to the disrespect against the ecology and the environment, which caused a huge unbalance in the natural systems. The human beings erroneously interpreted what is written in the book of Genesis: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth…” (Genesis c.1 v.28). Observe that He said: “Fill the earth”, He did not say: “Fill the space” (and the human beings are building so many sky-scrapers). The CREATOR also did not determine to be fruitful and multiply disorderly, with no control, as human beings have been constantly doing.

The more animals are killed, the more it is spoken about extinction of animals, more non-evolved spirits come to compete with the human beings on Earth to reincarnate without having passed through spiritual learning, without having fulfilled the time of evolution; the mechanism of divine law, that is summarized into action and reaction, thrusts these spirits to reincarnate precociously, because the punishment against human beings is inherent to their own sin. This is the reason many times you see a person with a bestial behavior, as that spirit still does not have the Higher-self, the soul, the connection with the cosmos that is particular to the human beings with a more evolved spirit. Finally, that spirit is not enough prepared yet to incarnate in a human body. And it is worthless trying to educate these people to make them obtain consciousness of spirituality; they can only be educated, domesticated the same way a dog can be domesticated, or a horse, or an elephant… but it is worthless to hope that they will have consciousness of the mysteries of spirituality, which can only be understood when the spirit is prepared.

These spirits that incarnate precociously in human bodies, they have the energy that moves the animals, however they do not have soul, or the Higher-self, they do not have that connection with the cosmos, that superior luminous part that provides to the human beings to have the consciousness of GOD and of the divine law, which differentiates the human beings from the bestial beings. Despite being in a physical body similar to the human beings, actually they are bestial beings, and we have to be kind, gentle, comprehensive with them, we are not supposed to hate these creatures of GOD, because they are not guilty for having precociously reincarnated in a human carnal body. The own human beings are guilty, as very long ago, since the very beginning of humankind, they have sinned against the divine law, the law of nature and procreated disorderly… It is a situation that has achieved the apex, as never before happened in humanity’s history, but after a very bitter remedy will come to an end.

In the other hand, all the spirits come from GOD, all the spirits are a particle of GOD, but GOD does not create spirits, GOD is not continuously fabricating spirits; GOD is a luminous being, a huge luminous energetic body the size of the Universe, infinite, and each time the smallest bug, the smallest animal is born an has life, it can only move with the energy that emanates from GOD. GOD is the SUPREME CREATOR, all the beings that move upon the Earth receive a particle of the divine energy to move around, and depending on the body that this energy occupies, later on such energy becomes an independent spirit that will pass through the process of evolution and will be subject to the law of karma. The animals that move upon the Earth, as the dog, the horse, the lamb, the elephant, the lion, the tiger… they all have spirit that is not evolved yet.

This is all so obvious, but so clear, this is all in front of people’s noses and eyes and yet nobody sees, so it is up to the Son of Man to answer this question accordingly, providing that each one does his own self meditation. Behold he difference that exists in the more evolved spirits; when they evolve according to the course established by nature, according to what GOD has programmed, they pass through a long process until achieving the stage of human beings. And behold, my children, that evolution is not synonym of erudition. Evolution is something that keeps impregnated in the spirit, and the more a person deprives from the mean feelings that confine the life of the human beings to a mediocre existence, the more such person is ready to deprive from the ego and shimmer that only the LORD is important and the more evolved will be. Did the human beings not commit so many sins, did the human beings not procreate disorderly, they would only generate children with their spirits already prepared to occupy a human body.

In relation to these animals that are fabricated in large scale, on thousands and even millions to satisfy the thirst of ambition and the bestiality of human beings, it completely runs against the will of the CREATOR. But as all the living beings that move upon the Earth, they only move with the divine energy, the Supreme CREATOR obviously gives them life, it is all inserted in the context of the divine law, it is automatic. In such case, when the nuclear hecatomb comes as a mechanism of purification and few survivors remain, thereafter only the more evolved spirits will reincarnate, it will be the beginning of everything. Then these souls that now reincarnate precociously will return to their natural course. The Divine Providence, the cosmos, the harmonious energetic whole of the Universe, that is generated, governed, controlled by GOD and is above everything, returns to work harmoniously again, because in nature everything renews, everything is going to renew all over again, everything is going to return to have the equilibrium. In the case of these spirits of the little animals that are fabricated in their millions out of the natural mechanism, they will return pacifically and naturally to the bosom of the CREATOR. The energy, the energetic body that exists inside them will go back to the CREATOR, will go back to the origin, which is GOD. So you can understand why the only solution will be a complete purification on the face of the Earth, that will come through an inevitable nuclear hecatomb that will culminate in the end of this chaotic world”.

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