Parable of the Private Vehicle

The apex of the evolution and spiritual ascension passes necessarily through the suffering of flesh



“The private vehicle is the one where only who the owner allows can go inside, different from the taxi, whose entrance is available for any person. If you have a personal, a private vehicle, then you are provided with the right to decide who will go inside: if it is a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a lover, a transient, a hitchhiker, etc. And only each one of you can decide the sex of the passenger that you will receive in your intimacy. Finally, only who you allow will enter your private vehicle. However the taxi is a vehicle of risk, where even an importune passenger can go aboard.
However, alas if you receive in your vehicle an ill-mannered smoker, or an alcoholic able to slap you while driving, or even if you allow the entrance of a delinquent with intention to attack, rob and take possession of your property. At the same time that you have the right to decide who goes inside your vehicle, you will also have to assume the consequences of your decision.
The private vehicle in this parable is your body. You only allow the entrance of the passenger that you invite; it means that each one of you have the inviolable right to decide, to choose who touches your body. It means that the sexual option of the human being is a matter of inner decision; it is up to each one of you, and only then, decide who to keep relations with. All will depend on making good or bad use of free-will. Your body was given by the Heavenly FATHER as a vehicle where to move upon Earth; and only those who you allow may unite to your body. Regarding the taxi, which I have above mentioned, it is a vehicle where anyone may go inside; so it corresponds to the men and women prostitutes.
I have returned to this world as the representative of the LORD’s law, and in this condition I have the duty to interpret the law and teach the human beings how to better be positioned before the divine law. As the humanity, like never before in its history, is destitute of the bond, the intimacy with the CREATOR, the human beings have moved away from the law of nature, the patterns of behavior are completely disordered and there is no way to properly correct it, then it is necessary to establish a reasonable parameter of behavior according to the reality of the current times.
When you ask me about the homosexuality in the contemporary world, the answer is invariably the same not only in what regards the homosexuals, but also all those who have sexual relations: each person must decide who to relate with; each person has the right to decide who will have by his or her side on the bed. It would be better if nobody needed to have sexual relations, if nobody felt the necessity to fornicate. However, the purges that accompany the act of fornication are part of the evolving process, of the march leading to the evolving ascension of the human being. The apex of spiritual evolution passes necessarily through the agonies of flesh; to achieve the summit of mystical raising, the ecstasy in the path of the symbiosis with the ALMIGHTY, it is necessary to overcome the fantasies, the illusions and emotions concerning the slavery of flesh. And I tell you in truth: because of hostility, of prejudice to which they are subjected, the homosexuals are obliged to suffer a neuronal metamorphosis, to transcend the trivialities of the common sense to become adapted to the circumstances and survive in the social environment; they sharpen their feelings and, ironically, become more sagacious and perspicacious than the heterosexuals.
I and my disciples do not have sexual relations, as my FATHER has given me power over the flesh when I fasted in Santiago of Chile in 1979 and ever since I do not live as a man, conscious that I am the Son of Man, and so I teach my disciples to live in symbiosis with the LORD. But questioned about the homosexuality, my FATHER has inspired me to answer through this parable.
But even so, if you insist on questioning me what is a sin, I answer in the following words: the judge in duty in the tribunal of your consciousness will help you in the formation of the fair judgment, providing you to assimilate that sin is all that you do which makes harm for you or for others; all what you do which does not make harm for you or for others is not a sin”.


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