Parable of the King


Two thousand years ago, by the time of his crucifixion, INRI CRISTO was crowned King of kings with the crown of thorns as an order of his alleged victors, the children of Jerusalem, via the instrumentality of the roman soldiers and tactic approval of Pontius Pilate. He has now reincarnated as promised. Back on Earth, after journeying through dozens of countries and hundreds of cities, he arrived at Brasilia, Brazil’s Capital City, in 1981. At the climax of a sermon he was delivering to a gathering of people in the square Torre da TV, from the elevated tray of a truck, the vehicle owner abruptly attacked him from behind, making him fall. Injury was avoided by spontaneous, responding hands from the multitude. Stating that he would leave and not speak there again, some police present said: “From now on we will guarantee security, as we want to listen also”

In gratitude, INRI CRISTO responded:

“Once upon a time, a king who loved his people dearly needed to take a prolonged journey. Before departing, he caringly gathered his servants, who were also his friends, distributed responsibilities and showed each how to conduct their appointed duties in his absence. He further said to them, with stern conviction, that on returning he would judge, hence reward each according to their works. To provide order and harmony in his kingdom during his absence, GOD inspired him to appoint a nominated servant to preside over and lovingly guide the others.

However, this servant disincarnated and regrettably all his natural successors disparaged the commandments of the absent king and turned the kingdom into chaos. They built a statue of the king and subtly taught people that it was, in fact, the king. Obedient to darkness principality, they persecuted all who dared contest their barbarous authority. Ignoring all the king’s commandments and believing he would never return, they burnt the brave servants who defied their iniquities, in intimidating, satanic bonfires rituals.

Alas, the king returned. But GOD, his FATHER, who does not sleep and thus sees all from the height of His irrefutable omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience, warned the king, who visited his kingdom in secret, like a thief. Carrying a mystery in his name, the king entered the homes of his people. The few times he was bid stay, he slept together his people. But most of times he was persecuted, imprisoned and expelled from their homes, cities and countries. He walked the Earth concealed by his designated, mystical name, and kept in his inner his great mystery, to personally and profoundly experience developments within his kingdom during his absence. When hostility was extreme, he slept in forests, in cemeteries… and many times, journeying the Earth, walking amongst the fields, he often mused beneath which tree he might best shelter his head. Yet from forests he was expelled by those who should have received him, they being self-entitled princes of his kingdom and acclaiming to be his servants, but due to self interest and convenience, they chose a king of metal, of plaster, of plastic… shaped as statues. Ultimately, they performed for a king with no authority at all, thus permitting these ignorant, criminal, unrepentant usurpers, with hidden self interests, to obediently serve Beelzebub.

I am this king that speaks to you. I have returned as promised. My new name is INRI. INRI is the name I paid with my blood on the cross: I. N. R. I. INRI is the name Pilate wrote and placed above my head when I agonized on the cross, when they spat on my face, when they humiliated me, when Scriptures were fulfilled. The servant I named to preside over my kingdom of light was Peter. I nominated him when I said: “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church” (Matthew c.16 v.18). When Peter disincarnated, his successors progressively usurped the kingdom and turned my kingdom of light into a principality of iniquities. Obedient to Beelzebub, they satisfied their bestial instincts, immoral and hidden aims, by teaching my people to kneel in front of cold and inert statues. Unashamedly, they taught the whole world that I am one of those cursed statues built by perishable human hands, defying and despising Holy Scripture, where it is so frequently and clearly written that my FATHER, my LORD and my GOD curses he who prostrates in front of statues (“I am the LORD, your GOD. You shall make no idols and erect no carved images to worship at them; for I am the LORD, your GOD…” – Leviticus c.26 / “The idol, work of human hands, is accursed, it and its author” – Book of Wisdom c.14 v.8 / “For outside the kingdom of GOD are idolaters… and whosoever love and make a lie” – Revelation c.21 v.8 and c.22 v.15) etc., etc., etc…

The contemporary impostor, who claims to be Peter’s successor, and his followers, now more than ever, feel a morbid pleasure in deceiving my people and humiliating me by falsely parading me, as an idol, nailed to their cross. The chief of the antichrists, who subtly and indelibly carries upon his head the brand of the beast, the encoded number 666 (Revelation c.3 v.18) – who lives amidst sin chooses not to see. After fasting, my FATHER revealed his current name, as being John Paul II. In the evolutionary continuity of the pernicious vice of idolatry and in a transcendental paroxysm without precedent in humanity’s history, he delights, smiles and salutes my people in exaltation of his triumph. He always exhibits his small accursed statue, nurturing internally the repugnant, abominable and unredeemable thought:

“AAAHHH! You are my chicken provider of golden eggs! How good it is to see you so small, defenseless and inert, without authority, nailed on my cross… How profitable you are! How foolish humanity is! How ingenious I am! I can deceive almost all sheep of Christ’s flock! Now, after almost two thousand years, you Christ, are back and intend to destroy my chicken of my golden eggs! Oh no! I will not permit it and will employ all satanic forces to protect my precious chicken! If necessary, I will, in hypocrisy, kiss the dirty soil of each country and city as I arrive, so humanity will think I am actually humble. Blind, in the illusion that I am Christ’s true representative, humanity will not perceive that I live in ostentation and lust, egoistically, while Christ still nurtures simplicity, has one only tunic and walks shoed with simple leather sandals. As a marionette, I accept manipulation by my accomplices, who are gangsters like I. Lacking modesty, I interfere in the matters of state internationally, as a leader, ignoring that Christ, an ingenuous dreamer, said: “Give to Cesar the things are Cesar’s and give to GOD the things are GOD’s” (Matthew c.22 v.21). No, I cannot allow humanity awaken! I need to avariciously feed my lie! The presence of Christ of Earth is too dangerous for me and my sick empire! If people discover Christ is back, I will be unmasked! It is far too dangerous! People will realize this small statue is a hoax! What will be, of me? If they discover Christ is back, they will also discover the fraud of the “Eucharist” that I and my accomplices still promote. They will comprehend that this bread I give them, with my filthy hands, contaminated by the sin of idolatry, no longer has any mystical value. Christ said to his true servants at the last supper, by breaking bread: “Do this in memory of me” (Luke c.22 v.19). Now he is back reincarnated in bone and flesh, it is no longer reality in eating his body, symbolized in bread! What a tragic destiny awaits me! I inherited a sick empire; what of me now without my chicken and the golden eggs?”

Thus thinks Karol Josef Wojtyla, named John Paul II, and his servant traitors of divine cause, who daily deceive GOD’s people. However, in nightly visitations of fleeting moments of lucidity, panic overcomes them as the consequence of blatant, shocking and inexorable reality materializing from the impact of the Son of Man’s return in bone and flesh, which again fulfills the Scriptures.

My FATHER said that He and I are one, and no one can detain or judge me, as this time He has sent me into this world as a judge, with the mission of instituting His holy Kingdom on Earth, in the fulfillment of His holy will. Imagine, my children, how comic and ridiculous it would be, if a man organized an expedition with weapons, military supplies and soldiers with the intention of imprisoning the sun, the sea, the wind and volcanoes! In the dozens of times that my physical body was imprisoned, my FATHER gave me understanding that they did so because the truth is a wild animal, very, very dangerous if permitted to roam free and I am the truth, the life and the light of the world. I am the eternal way: no one comes to the FATHER except by me. My FATHER said that trying to imprison the truth, besides being impossible, is so comical and ridiculous, as if one could imprison enormity of oceans with rhythmic tides and turbulent waves of incomparable beauty, the sun with its radiant emitted energy so indispensable for Earth’s inhabitants, yet so deadly, the winds and earthquakes capable of destroying cities and countries, the violent volcanoes…

Truly, very truly I tell you: I am the sea, the wind, the volcano, the Milky Way, the galaxies, the stars, the planets, the storm and the calm. I do not exist: my FATHER is all these things and all else. He is the Supreme CREATOR and only LORD of the Universe. He told me that He and I are one, and we are not to be captured, controlled or exterminated. Blessed are the eyes that look upon me and see truly who I am, for he who sees me, sees my FATHER. Blessed are the ears that hear me and recognize me by my voice and words. Blessed are you who listen to me, as I only speak what I hear from my FATHER, who is within me and I, in Him.

The adorned beast and its accomplices, who falsely entitle themselves as my and my FATHER’s servants, are in truth the servants of Beelzebub, the prince of darkness. They cultivate in their sick hearts the insatiable desire to silence me. My FATHER, who is your FATHER, my GOD and your GOD, the only LORD of Heaven and Earth, told me that all attempted stone throwing will assist the definitive revealing of the good tree the LORD has now planted. The children of GOD, moved by the saint ire, will react, culminating in unmasking of these divine-cause traitors, as they act at the very zenith of satisfaction from their bestial instincts, such as ordering my people to kneel in front of them, these sinful slaves of Beelzebub, apprentices of iniquity. They always use the pretext of being my representatives to deceive my flock. Peter, who was my true servant – and in the present incarnation was branded with blood by my FATHER, so he would be the first Pontiff of SOUST – never allowed anyone to kneel before him, as happened with Cornelius (Acts c.10 v.25 and 26); as a true disciple, he kept my teachings emanating from my FATHER, according to which a man should never kneel before another.

I am not a man: I am the reincarnated Word, the First and Only Begotten of GOD. I do not exist. He who kneels before me, kneels before Him who has sent me again. I am not subject to world weaknesses: I have conquered the world, as in 1979 my FATHER gave me power upon flesh. My FATHER and I are one. My FATHER also said that it is impossible to exterminate me, for I have now returned to judge, not to be judged; to win, not to be won; to imprison Satan, not to be annihilated by him or his servants; to triumph and glorify His sacred name, not to be defeated.

I came into this world because He sent me again, but I am not from this world. As I said when I was called Jesus: “Do not think I came to bring peace to Earth, I did not come to bring peace, but the sword. Because I came to separate the son from his father, the daughter from her mother, and the daughter-in-law from the mother-in-law. And the enemies of those who believe me will be their own household. Who loves the father or the mother more than me, is not worthy of me. And who loves the son or the daughter more than me, is not worthy of me… the one who saves his life will loose it, and who looses his life for my love, will find it” (Matthew c.10 v.34 to 40).

I will separate my children who love light from the slaves of darkness; I will separate the weeds from the wheat, the sealed from those who prefer rendering tribute to Satan. I will destroy this chaotic world with my two-edged sword (Revelation c.1 v.16). Later I will gather together the blessed true children of GOD, heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven, and distribute justice to each one according to their works (Revelation c.2 v.23). In obedience to the One who sent me, I will establish the new commandments to build the new earthly society. “I rebuke and chastise those whom I love. Be zealous, therefore, and repent” (Revelation c.3 v.19). It is righteous that the enemies of GOD’s kingdom do not forget the scandalous terror of the false Jews who took me to the cross with the full intention of disposing me off, as if it was possible to exterminate me! Believing that I had long been “dead”, seeing me back on Earth, they unobtrusively survey my face with deep contemplation, shame and trembling. Full of amazement, they exclaim: “How is it possible that he is back?” They are completely overcome by disbelief, comprehending not that I and my FATHER are one, and I am perpetual, not annihilable. In stagnant lives, they consciously endure daily renouncement that they are not worthy of inheriting the promised land. Some independent and authentic Jews, who approach me with free hearts, are the exception. Having obvious pure intentions, they integrate with the Kingdom of GOD and are welcome, since they repent from their sins. Acknowledging the serious mistakes committed by their ancestors, the LORD merciful forgives and validates the covenant conceived with and through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Leviticus c.26 v.42).

They awake from this nightmare, having slept during dozens of centuries and rejoice, happy and joyful like innocent children, relieved by divine forgiveness. Exulting, at having re-discovered the way to heaven, they dissolve their ghostly memories of proscribed synagogue usurpation by Satan, conscious that SOUST is the materialization of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth, formed of one flock, with one shepherd, fulfilling the Scriptures (John c.10 v.16)”.

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