Easter at SOUST



“Easter is a festivity of Jewish origin in which the Christians celebrate my crucifixion and later resurrection (it is important to point out that the true resurrection was never physical, but spiritual). It is a morbid repetition of the violence perpetrated against the Son of Man two thousand years ago; it serves for those who are pleased to revive the scenes of hatred performed by the enemies, who delight to see blood always again, in order to satisfy the mean instincts of sadomasochism, besides contributing for the increase of fat and consequent abdominal deformation in those who eat too much chocolate and other goodies consumed in this date. The Christians commemorate the past, and whoever lives of the past is a museum. I understand and do not blame them for this, after all most of them do not know yet that I am back. The blame, in this case, is on the organized disinformation. Now for my children, for the members of SOUST, Easter is a date of withdrawal; it is no sense commemorating since I am alive in bone and flesh. Easter is the past and here at SOUST we live the present, with the eyes on the future”.


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