Parable of the Dwarf

“The greatest prodigy ever performed by the darkness spirits was to hide their shape; did they reveal their countless faces, they would be obviously unmasked and identified.
Imagine, my children, if the media had widely spread the existence of a gigantic monstrous thief – more precisely a very dangerous murderer, almost three meters high, breaking into countless houses killing his victims to rob, but even so continued free, spreading terror in society. After watching such news on television, there was a man positioned at the door of his house keeping watch with a gun on his hands, aiming to avoid the monster approach… Suddenly, a nice and inoffensive smiling dwarf arrives, with a soft and polite voice, and asks him for a glass of water. The vigilant man, afraid of the monster’s invasion, remains static with the gun directed at two meters high, where he presumed to be the giant’s heart. Due to such worry, he cannot go inside to get water in attention to the kind dwarf, and, moving his head down to look at the small man, tells him: “Get in, little dwarf, you are welcome; there in the kitchen you will find a glass; take water as much as you want”.
The dwarf passes by him and answers: “Thank you very much; if I’m not abusing your good will, would like to use the washroom too”. And silently enters the house, invades the rooms and impregnates ether in the man’s wife and children, who were all sleeping. Also injects a lethal dose of poison to be sure of the victims’ immobility. Next, he breaks into all rooms, diligently opens the safe, robs the jewels, money, all that his sagacious and ambitious mind of robber considers valuable, even the savings kept under the mattress. And discreetly puts everything into his bag, goes away from the house, kind and smiling as much as when he went inside. He even says good-bye to the vigilant man, satisfied for having deceived once more, and the incautious man answers: “Good-bye, little dwarf! Come back whenever you need; my house is always at your disposal”.
So do the traitor priests, servants of the darkness spirits, inculcate in the heads of human beings, since their earliest age, that the evil is a monster with tail and horns, and so do most of human beings believe that this is the evil’s only way of materialization. Meanwhile, he manifests in different ways: incorporated in the relatives, in friends, in an elder man, in a child… mainly in the swindlelogians and lurelogians disguised as theologians and in the “mediums” disguised as good-doers; this is indeed the evil’s most terrible way of manifestation, for besides robbing people’s economies by charging for false sacraments, healings or benefits and blackmailing the tithe, they rob people’s joy, peace and harmony, which are human beings’ most important richness.
The same way that the zealous sentry in this parable could not identify the malefactor due to the organized lack of information, the human beings are induced to believe in the lies spoken by the wolves under sheep skin, that present themselves as paladins of just causes, servants of GOD.
However, the evil being only goes inside the house, in other words, inside the body of those that, unaware, inattentive and careless, accept his visit. Who does not want to be victim of the abominable darkness spirits and their emissaries must consider seriously what I taught before being crucified: “Beware that no one leads you astray; for many will come in my name and lead many astray… false messiahs and false prophets will appear and produce great signs and omens, to lead astray, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew c.24 v.5 and 24).
And do not forget, my children, that I have said: “Beware that no one leads you astray…” When I say “no one”, I’m warning you to be vigilant in all ways, because the dark spirits may manifest in countless ways, even the most unsuspicious and unexpected imaginable way”.
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