Inri Cristo’s Philosophical Initiation


Since childhood INRI CRISTO obeys a strong and imperious voice that speaks inside his head. Obedient to that voice, at the age of 13 he became independent from the family, starting to live the reality of social corners. In adolescence he broke any bond with religion, thus becoming an atheist until the revelation of his identity. In 1969, at the age of 21, he began the public life as a prophet; he was prophet of an unknown GOD. Introducing himself as Iuri, he spoke on radios and TVs announcing the future and helped people with the solution of their problems. This period of public life granted him deep empirical knowledge concerning Human Sciences, necessary to fulfill the new stage of his mission on Earth.

In 1978, obedient to the powerful voice that commands him, he left Brazil and began a pilgrimage throughout Latin America. In September 1979, after living a series of unusual “coincidences” (including Strossner’s political prison in Paraguay), he was lead to the fast in Santiago of Chile. On this occasion the voice revealed itself as being that of his FATHER, LORD and GOD, the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, revealing to him the mystery of his name (whose second letter was providentially upside down Iuri ≠ Inri) and that INRI is the same Christ crucified two thousand years ago. Since then INRI started to wander upon Earth wearing his inseparable white tunic, carrying in his inner being the conviction of the sublime mission that was destined to him: awakening the human consciousness to the unfathomable reality that all and everyone are indissociable from the Eternal LORD of LIFE, the GOD who made men, the supreme and immeasurable force that rules the worlds, the stars and the destiny of all living beings.

Detained on the occasion of the Libertarian Act performed on Feb 28th 1982 (see, which culminated with the institution of GOD’s Kingdom on Earth, formalized as SOUST, INRI CRISTO remained fifteen days at Prison São José and many lawyers offered to defend him. However, INRI refused them, saying:

“I am not a prisoner; I’m just resting according to the will of my FATHER, LORD and GOD. You are prisoners of your fears, of your miseries, of your addictions, of your anguish, of your ambitions… When it is my time to leave this place, if they do not open that door, my FATHER will knock that wall down…”

Fifteen days later, to the astonishment of those who said: “If you are CHRIST, leave the prison, set free from the gates…”, INRI left prison without depending on lawyers. After this event, INRI founded SOUST, New Mystical Order, which constitutes in the formalization of GOD‘s Kingdom on Earth, in the formation of “one flock and one shepherd” (John c.10 v.16). Differently from the earthly kingdoms, GOD‘s Kingdom does not come with things that can be observed (Luke c.17 v.20 – 21). It is a magnetic, subtle Kingdom, of energies, signs and Light.

See the essence of INRI CRISTO‘s philosophy for the contemporary reality

RELIGION: “Since GOD is omnipresent, He vivifies each cell of your body and each particle of your blood… You cannot dodge Him, not even when committing a sin, a crime, neither do you need someone to rebind you with Him. Therefore, when religion is not a mistake, it is a hoax. I am coherent to what I taught two thousand years ago and my words are worth forever: “Whenever you pray, go into your room, shut the door and pray to your Heavenly FATHER. And your FATHER, who sees what happens in secret, will reward you” (Matthew c.6 v.6). I have not told anyone to go to church.”

PRAYER: “Prayer is the mechanism of the divine law that enables you to renew the connection, the communion with the ALMIGHTY. The LORD knows your needs; however, just as we need to expose ourselves to the sun at the convenient hours in order to obtain the benefits of its resplendent rays, so too we need to pray. Prayer works like a code to achieve the ETERNAL. When you pray, you project your words to the infinite and they action the Cosmos so that your pleadings are heard. But the LORD will not hear merely empty words; they will only achieve resonance if your soul transcends with them. And you shall pray with you eyes open towards the Infinite to go in search of Light, because the eyes are the windows of the soul. With your eyes closed, you will seek for the darkness. In other words, in order that you commune with the LORD, it is necessary that your soul, together with your words, achieves syntony with the Cosmos.”

BIBLE: “No one can be healthy and happy without living in harmony with Mother Nature, without fulfilling the holy commandments of the divine law. However, do not seek to understand the divine law merely in your scriptures; the scriptures are dead letters and the law, pulsating life. Truly, very truly I tell you: the Bible is a book of dead letters, full of fables, legends, parables, metaphors, and it can only be interpreted kabbalistically with the ALMIGHTY’s consent. The Bible is indeed an enigmatic, holy book, but it was written by men subject to vanity, mistakes and overstatement. Whoever takes the Bible literally will descend the hill of fanaticism; will go around murdering women and children, because it is written there that GOD commanded to kill all people in Canaan’s land without distinction, so that the Israelites would conquer the Promised Land (Numbers c.33 v.50 – 56). It is for this reason that men shall strive to use the divine side of intelligence to hear the nature, thus becoming able to discover the wise laws ruled by the Cosmos in each subtle detail of the Supreme CREATOR’s magnificent work. Only then your Heavenly FATHER will vivify the dead letters and, inspired, you will understand the true meaning of the Holy Scriptures; contemplated and studied without the ALMIGHTY’s inspiration, the Bible is a useless book of dead letters.”

HEAVEN AND HELL: “Paradise is placed in your head when you live in harmony, in symbiosis with GOD, finally, when you are in syntony with the Cosmos. However, you shall keep your consciousness always alert, your eyes open and your senses very sharp in order to identify and prevent any remaining negative energies which may enter your environment. On the other hand, when you commit an act of disintelligence, a wrongdoing, a crime, your head heats and becomes a hell. In the tribunal of your conscience there is a judge peremptorily on duty, which will accuse you with no respite. What goes beyond this is terrorism and blackmail which are the instruments of the false religious men to dominate the earthlings through fear. And what is a sin, my children? All that you do that makes evil for you or for others is a sin. All that you do that does not make evil for you neither for others, is not a sin. Envying is a sin because you throw the superior part of your energies towards the thing that you envy, thus becoming weak and preventing the Divine Providence from blessing you with prosperity; hating is a sin because you transform your body into a generator of negative energies, consequently you are subject to catch an ulcer and even succumb to being victim of many diseases in your body; killing is a sin because, by mistrusting the divine justice and assuming the role of executioner, you also assume the karmic debt of your fellow, and so on. However, good and evil are two sides of the same face. You sin when you act unconscionably, in ignorance of the divine law, for this reason you have to assume the consequences of your insane acts. The time when you awaken your conscience, the evil side of all things and the negative energies will be transmuted into Light.”

DEATH: “Death does not exist. Death is just the beginning of a new life, it is the nature’s most perfect mechanism of renewal. It is the rest for those who lie the sleep of the fair. The descendant today is the genitor yesterday, which may be the genitor tomorrow, also a descendent afterwards in the renewing continuity of life, intermediated by the return to flesh. Reincarnation is a modern word that expresses the physical rebirth, the return of the spirit to flesh; therefore, this word is not exclusive to any sect or doctrine. The renewal of life always existed; it is a cosmic and eternal principle, inseparable from the physical and spiritual evolution of Earth inhabitants. Two thousand years ago I told Nicodemus that he had to be born again to see GOD’s Kingdom, since his head was full of fantasies, pharisaical lures, and had no more space to understand the FATHER’s mysteries: “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the Kingdom of GOD without being born anew”. Nicodemus said: “How can anyone be born after having grown old? Can one enter a second time into the mother’s womb and be born?” Then I answered: “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the Kingdom of GOD without being born of water and spirit. What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of the spirit is spirit… The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the spirit… ” (Gospel according to John c.3 v.3 – 12). Now I ask you: by chance, had not your body been growing in a water bag for nine months, taking nutrition through the umbilical cord in the womb of your genitor? The spirit only reincarnates, that means, only couples to the physical body at the moment you inhale the first breath of vivifying air. But only the FATHER knows the origin of your spirit and the destiny it came to fulfill on Earth. I also said that John the Baptist was Elijah reborn (“For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John came; and if you are willing to accept it, he is Elijah who is to come. Let anyone with ears to hear listen!” – Matthew c.11 v.13 – 15). Finally, reincarnation is not a matter of belief; it is a verification, an unfathomable reality, a consummate fact.”

ATHEISTS: “Atheists, in general, are rational people, sincere, courageous, who do not accept the “god” invented by men, they were not pleased with the canned food offered by religions. Until 1979 I was an atheist, since very young I broke any bond with religion. From 1969 to 1979 I lived as a prophet of an unknown GOD. I assumed this transcendental condition with the mission of deciphering the enigma of the Cosmos and discovered the GOD who made men, and this happened only when I fasted in Santiago of Chile, in 1979. For this reason I tell you that nobody can blame an atheist while GOD has not yet revealed himself to that person. And each one who seeks for the truth has his own time and chance to discover the GOD who made men, even in the most unusual circumstances.”

POLITICIANS AND DEMOCRACY: “If only the politicians knew the advantage of being honest, they would be honest even for dishonesty. And in the genuine, total democracy, vote is facultative. It is the only way to make the politicians strive towards honoring their mandate, thereby serving people instead of people serving them.”

COMMUNISM: “When you can manage to insert my foot nº 43 into a footwear nº34, or when I receive the information that Fidel Castro or any other communist leader lives in a small simple house just like his compatriots, then I will become communist. The key for equilibrium in the social relationships consists of understanding and interpreting the eternal and divine law of equality, which consists of unequally distributing to unequal ones as long as they unequal themselves. No political revolution aiming at social equality will ever be successful while the roots of ambition, vanity, exploitation of men by men, are not uprooted. Behold why the only and effective revolution capable of resulting longtime effects is the revolution of the soul and of the consciousness, which begins inside the human being.”

SOCIETY: “Brazil is the country of the future. But while the government does not give priority to education and agriculture, as I have already warned the parliamentarians in the Deputies Chamber in 1980 and ratified in 1998 causing my expulsion from the Congress, the only way to Brazil will be to embitter a bloody civil war.”

CHARITY: “I do not give the fish; I teach to fish. I stimulate my children to live with dignity. Giving alms for compassion, without seeking recognition, is well seen at the LORD’s eyes. What is not well seen at GOD‘s eyes is to feed the human misery, and ignorance is the worst of all miseries.”

SEX: “The apex of human evolution necessarily passes through the sufferings of flesh. It is possible to transcend the sexual restlessness only when the human being discovers the ecstasy of the symbiosis with GOD and experiences the ineffable joy of the communion with the Eternal LORD of Life.”

CHILDREN: “I do not recognize any man as father, but as genitor, and any woman as mother, but genitor. The genitors are a biological vein through which a life passes, and they have the sacred mission of nurturing and raising their descendants, their offspring. But it does not mean that the genitors are the owners, dictators of their descendants. Each one must follow his destiny in order to fulfill the trajectory, the mission for which they came to the world, each one in accordance with the context foreseen by the Divine Providence, just as the birds of the sky that, when grown, leave the nest and sing loving hymns of praise for freedom. “Honoring father and mother” is a precept of the eternal divine law. And as I said two thousand years ago, I have not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it (Matthew c.5 v.17), to interpret it under the light of rationality. In other words, you must honor your genitors, when they are honorable. However, never forget that FATHER is the Supreme CREATOR, the great Soul from which your soul emanates, and Mother is the earth, the nature, from where you take the nutrition for your physical subsistence; both are indissociable, and I still tell you that children are not the greater work of a human being. Socrates, Anaximandrus, Cristovam Columbus, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin… does anyone remember the name of one of their children? Or by chance they are remembered by the works that they left for posterity? Time passes, men pass, and the works remain. Wonder about it!”

ABORTION: “I am not for abortion, yet I am for life with dignity. I am for women enjoying the inalienable and sacred right to decide whether they are taking a pregnancy ahead full term or not. And I do not see dignity in to placing in the world a child whose parents are unable to provide food and education, leaving the child at the mercy of misfortunes, misery and hunger. In the current days, legalizing abortion is a matter of public health. Thousands of women die every year for making clandestine abortions, using rudimentary methods, including even a knitting needle, for the sake of not having condition to usufruct the assistance of an official clinic. The day when men become pregnant they will be able to decide the matters that are inherent only to the woman.”

CONDOM: “Since the carnal relationships are part of life of the young people and nobody can stop them while they live in constant search, then at least they shall protect themselves and make good use of the available resources for prevention of venereal diseases and undesired pregnancy.”

HOMOSEXUALITY: “My FATHER, LORD and GOD has sent me back as regent of souls, not of flesh. Whatever each one chooses to make of his body is a matter of individual choice. I am not against human beings for having different tendencies regarding sexual orientation, since they discreetly keep between four walls. However, I am radically against making proselytism, apology, lobbying of sexual orientation, no matter which one it is, and that people keep coercively exhibiting in public their tendencies.”

GAY MARRIAGE: “First of all, if marriage was good, it would not need witness, because those who truly love each other never separate… They enjoy, in the symbiosis with the ALMIGHTY, a communion of souls. They do not need the support of laws, red rug, fireworks, all such fantasies that only serve to disguise the absence of love. The very word “marriage” presupposes the existence of a couple, that means, mating, male and female, in order to generate offspring. If I could define a term to express the union of two people with affinity and the same sex, under the protection of the terrestrial laws, in my opinion that would be CONSENSUAL UNION OF RECIPROCAL RIGHT.”

DRUGS: “The prohibition of drugs generates the figure of the drug-dealer. The only way to solve the problem of drugs would be the legalization with heavy tribute, investing these resources in the recovery of the addicted. Only those who live aimlessly adhere to drugs, those who do not have a meaning, an ideal to live. Nobody can be happy on Earth without an ideal, and no ideal has meaning without the LORD, because only the LORD is important. And I tell you very truly that discovering the love of GOD, the pure, true and unconditional love is the most ravishing of all drugs.”

MEDICINE: “Medicine comes from the ALMIGHTY (Ecclesiastic c.38), it is the art of relieving the human suffering. The doctor who studies for vocation is an artist inspired by GOD, differently from the doctor who studies only for the social ascension. The doctor who practices the job for love works with the soul. I have already met doctors who studied only as a pressure from the family who wanted to have a doctor child, but they did not have vocation. One neurologist confided in me that he would like to be an actor; another, a cardiologist, confessed that he was terrified when seeing blood. On the other hand, I have already identified many doctors who perform the job like a priesthood, like a sacred mission entrusted by the ALMIGHTY. These ones, besides socially raising, are loved and respected by those who serve from their aid.”

CANCER: “Cancer is the suicide of the soul, it is the sickness of sadness, of frustration, of unhopefulness. When the human being suffers a defeat, a very serious loss or disappointment, and at that moment he does not trust in GOD, in the divine justice, he puts in action the mental and biological mechanism that will lead to the appearing of cancer. Once you discover at which moment you remained vulnerable, you may reverse the process of degeneration and return to the state of health. On the other hand, all bodies have cancer because they are all made of cells. If you persist in seeking for cancer in you and receive the information that you are diseased, at the moment the doctor says that cancer will spread, with your mind you take the cancer to those parts of the body that the doctor has told you. Your body remains at the mercy of the negative mental state and becomes sick. All the secret consists of using the power of mind for your own benefit, putting in action the inner laboratory in order to produce antidote instead of poison. And above anything, acquire the conscience that nothing, absolutely nothing happens on Earth without GOD’s permission. Behold the infallible vaccine that will make you immune to this terrible disease.”

GOD AND SCIENCE: “All scientific discoveries are part of the whole of possibilities that the Cosmos offers to make easier the life of human beings, allowing them also to understand the subtleness of the Universe. Nobody can be a genius if GOD does not grant him with geniality. The scientists, astronomers, physicists, etc., even without knowing it, are used by the Divine Providence to reveal to the world what they call a discovery. The air trips, the information era, the space voyages, the revolutions in medicine and odontology, the telecommunications… since immemorial times GOD knew that all this was possible and sometimes revealed to the prophets how the future would be. But why didn’t this knowledge come five hundred, two hundred or even one hundred years before? Because there is a force that rules all this and is more powerful than all the armies of the world together: it is the force of an idea whose time has already come.”

VEGETARIANISM: “Salutary nutrition means eating for living, not living for eating. Adhering to the vegetarian habit is a matter of conscience and ecological culture. If everyone adhered to the vegetarian menu, the problem of hunger in the world would be easy to resolve. The animals that move upon Earth are animated by the divine blow, by the presence of the vivifying spirit. At the moment an animal is culled, all the negative emotion of anxiety and anguish that it felt at the time of death is transferred to the meat, consequently, to those who eat meat. All the nutrients necessary for the full physical development of the human body are found in the foods that Mother Earth offers. It’s obvious that many owners of steak restaurants will be shocked with what I teach, but it is the reality. And very truly I tell you: humanity will only be truly happy when it returns to the simple and free life, in intimate and perennial communion with nature, preferring the simple and natural nutrition of fruits and vegetables.”

ECOLOGY: “Attacking nature is like spitting on the food that you eat, contaminating the water that you drink. But the day is coming when man will treat Mother Earth with reverence and respect, seeking in her the mystical bread for the divine banquet, with the same innocence that children seek for the vital milk in the motherly breast, which enables them grow and survive, at the sweet and approving glance of our FATHER.”


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