Parable of the Sun


So said INRI CRISTO to the disciple who asked if he could love one person more than another:

“The human being is similar to a house where the sun shines every day. In the house whose doors and windows are open, the sun enters and heats all inside. In the house that is completely shut the sun is forbidden to enter, therefore, it heats only the outside. But it does not mean that the sun has less heat reserved for this house only for having found it shut. However, forbidden to enter, the sun heats only the roof.

Very truly I tell you: I that speak to you am the Son of GOD, Adam, that reincarnated as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. I am the shining star of the morning, the spiritual sun that enters your house or not, turning it into a temple of GOD if you so wish. If I find everything closed, with the darkness spirit inhabiting inside the house, I heat only the outside because my FATHER does not allow me to go in. Even so, if there is a little opening I penetrate and enlighten the available space inside.

I love all my children with the same measure, in other words, my heart has the same space for each son or daughter. However, it is up to each of my children to decide the space they will ocupy in my heart through their works, their acts, their words and the love each one dedicates to my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me. Each one receives from me the love and treatment earned through his or her behavior. In the light of my FATHER I equally love all my children, however if there is one son or daughter with their doors and windows closed against me, my love comes as the sun that achieves the roof but is forbidden to enter. Nevertheless, the sun continues to shine right there, and when the inhabitant opens the house, the sun enters and heats also inside.

So is my love for my children: my love is always at your reach. It only depends on you to make it enter your house, which is your body, and entirely heat you. But if your house is shut against my love, and is instead occupied by my enemy, the darkness spirit, I am, as said before, forbidden by my FATHER, LORD and GOD to enter and inhabit this house”.


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