Part 9 – Libertarian Act, birth of SOUST, disciples and followers, future of SOUST, preaching


1) How was the origin of your church, SOUST?

INRI CRISTO: “Different from all churches and sects called “christian”, SOUST did not come into being from the meeting of half dozen crooks worried about finding a manner to suck people’s scant savings; SOUST came from a revolution. In order to found the new catholic order putting an end into Peter’s primacy, under the order of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, I had to break off with my former church, the roman (I mean, with what remained from it), since she was the only one I left instituted through Peter, when I said in the singular: “Peter, you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church” (Matthew c.16 v.18). On Feb. 28th 1982, in Belem of Para (Brazil), on Square D. Pedro II, I had a meeting with more than ten thousand people previously convoked through Guajará TV (Belem’s channel 4). From there I went in procession to the cathedral, where priest Faustino de Brito and his sidekicks deceived my people showing them a cold statue, made by men’s perishable hands, which they claim to be Christ. I quit the fake called mass and expelled priests, shouting: “Get out of here, liar thieves, idols worshipers, false sacraments vendors, I am Christ!”. Next, I went up the altar. Under the order of my FATHER, I did the libertarian act: pulled the statue off the cross and broke it at the stupefied glance of people present there, who exclaimed: “Christ! Christ! Christ!”. Through this act I showed that I am in bone and flesh on Earth and I am not a dummy eternally nailed on the cross. Then, the LORD said: “Behold my Son, this is not your house nor my house. My house is your house. This is the house of idolatry, the house that sells your name and my name. It seems like a prostitute, because, while the prostitute sells her body, this house, which had been your church, sells the sacraments, which are her body. And since inequity is reigning on all churches, inside them there’s neither space for me nor for you. For this reason I command you: institute my kingdom there on Earth, announce to the world that this commandment came from me. I am the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob. I am your LORD and GOD, the only uncreated being, the only eternal, the only being worthy of worship and veneration, the only LORD of Universe, the same who gave you comfort when you agonized on the cross”. In this dramatic and extremely grave moment, the LORD said the name of the new catholic order, culminating in the birth of SOUST (Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity, being also Supreme Catholic Order of the Holy Trinity, since words “universal” and “catholic”, in the translation, have the same meaning), my new and only church, the formation of only one flock and one shepherd (John c.10 v.16). Afterwards, priests called the Police, who took me to the Police Central Station and from there to prison called “São José”, where I stayed for fifteen days and left without depending on advocates. A psychiatric junta officially named by judge Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha and presided by Dr. Nerival Barros, examined me and declared to the media that, since my brain acts in a superior, atypical sphere, they could “… conclude a report, according to optimist prospects, only by the time of the Last Judgment”. Globo Networks (Brazilian TV net) registered the whole event and showed to the public only the moment when I was detained. On Sunday next to the one of the revolution, a team coming especially from Rio de Janeiro in the name of program Fantastico, made a broad report in prison. They interviewed policemen, jailers, prisoners, most of whom pronounced in favor of me. Nevertheless, it was never published, much less the triumphal departure from prison. As yet Brazilian people ignore this historical event due to boycott hatched by Rome lackeys”.

(See newspaper O Liberal, from March 1st 1982, filed in SOUST).

2) Why was your church (SOUST) based in Curitiba for 24 years?

INRI CRISTO: “The LORD determined that the provisional headquarters of SOUST should be established in the highest capital city in the country after the federal capital. And this was Curitiba, the city where I most long lived the profane life before 1979, as a prophet of an unknown GOD. I stayed the longest and most bitter time of reproach over there, as I myself announced prophesying my return (“But first it he has to suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the times of Noah, to too it will be in the days of the Son of Man” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). But it was also over there that I met again many of my children who remained faithful to the LORD and faced countless storms with me, trustful in the triumph of the divine justice. The LORD said that when the people in Curitiba did not call me by any other name but INRI CRISTO, then my time at that city would be fulfilled and the time had come to depart”.

3) If you assert that the Americas are the New World, the new sky and new earth, where is the New Jerusalem?

INRI CRISTO: “The New Jerusalem is Brazil’s federal capital city, without detriment of its official name, Brasilia, established by earthly authorities. For being the highest capital city of this nation, my FATHER said and it is foreseen in SOUST statutes that the definitive headquarters of GOD’s Kingdom should be placed in the New Jerusalem, according to the vision of disciple John (“He took me in spirit to a great and high hill, and showed me the sacred city, the New Jerusalem” – Revelation c.21 v.10). In May 2006, after 24 years in Curitiba, the transfer of SOUST to Brasilia – the New Jerusalem – was made official”.

4) What’s the meaning of the iconoclastic Libertarian Act you practiced on Feb. 28th 1982 inside Belém’s cathedral, state of Pará (Brazil)?

INRI CRISTO: “By performing the Libertarian Act, I was symbolically setting my people free from dogmas (reasoning padlocks), from the slavery of idolatry, of fantasy and lie, imposed in the passing of centuries by the successors of Constantine, roman emperor responsible for inserting pagan cults inside Christianity. It was an act of love for mankind, with the intention of giving people the consciousness that I’m not a dummy eternally nailed on a cross but the Son of GOD alive, in bone and flesh on earth. Even knowing I would be antagonized, detained, subject to psychiatric examinations, only for obedience to my FATHER and much love for humanity I surrendered my physical body to violence once more in order to show the Christians that the statue, for being blind, cannot see people’s misery and misfortune; for being deaf, cannot hear people’s acclaiming; for being dumb, cannot ask anything for my FATHER, LORD and GOD in favor of whosoever, nor speaking words of blessing. Only He, the ALMIGHTY, can answer people’s pleas and give them blessings”.

5) If your church, SOUST – Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity, is the only true church, and according to your affirmative, you are back to set your people rid of the false religious yoke, idolatry fetters, fantasy and lie, to does it mean that the human being must be saved to belong to your church?

INRI CRISTO: “While the Kingdom of GOD hardly flourishes and is not yet consolidated upon the whole Earth, effectively the only true house of prayer is SOUST, where the human beings who seek for the truth graciously receive the love and blessing from my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me. The people who attend SOUST come for missing the meeting, they come to feel the peace in the LORD’s house, not only as an obligation or ceremony. However, for the human being to be saved, it does not mean that he/she has to belong to SOUST, even because there is no register of the followers. Furthermore, the teachings that I left two thousand years ago are worth for the current days too. And I taught my children to pray in the room, in secret, with the door shut (“But whenever you pray, go into your room and, with the door shut, pray to your Heavenly FATHER. And your FATHER, who sees what happens in secret, will reward you” – Matthew c.6 v.6). Therefore, if a person keeps within himself the teachings that I minister from my FATHER and the sacred bond with the ALMIGHTY wherever he/she is, they will then have a greater chance to be amidst the elect in the day of the Judgment. But it is obvious that, the more someone has the opportunity to hear my words directly, the more they will be prepared to walk according to the divine law. There are people from many states in Brazil and even from other countries who keep a strong bond with the Kingdom of GOD even being distant from the headquarters of SOUST and when they can, they come to visit me”.

6) I suppose that you shall dispute the preaching of the divine law with thousands of evangelical churches that exist all around the world. One could argue that to make the truth arrive to the world, it would be enough preaching in a TV network. But in practice, without the local representation of your church, the preachers called “shepherds” would quickly make your teachings be discredited by those who believed. And for this not to happen, you should have a local church in all places. Do you intend to expand your church to the whole earth? How?

INRI CRISTO: “The answer to this question is inherent to the previous one. First of all, I do not need to dispute the preaching of the truth with the so-called evangelical churches. On the contrary: the more these churches multiply and consequently the number of their followers, the more they are saving me from the difficult mission of separating the sheep from the goats (Matthew c.25 v.32), as the elect, authentic children of GOD, will be conscious of what I warned when I was called Jesus (“Beware that no one leads you astray… for false christs and false prophets will come in my name, make wonders and deceive many, even the very elect if it were possible” – Matthew c.24 v.5 and 24) and they will not allow themselves to be contaminated by the verborrhea spoken by the false prophets. I am conscious that my children, sooner or later, will come to me. No matter what happens, no matter which religions they pass through, the elect will always feel that there is something wrong and, impelled by GOD, will be able to arrive at my presence and assimilate my teachings. While I drink sip by sip the last portion of the bitter chalice of reproach (“But first – before his glory day – it is necessary that the Son of Man suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35), my FATHER is making me closely know my legitimate children who strive for the divine cause even facing the despise of the iniquitous, ill contemporary society. It is not me who shall worry about saving the human beings; the human beings must show their dignity towards the ALMIGHTY. In the right time, I’ll be able to speak to the whole humanity and expand the Kingdom of GOD upon Earth. Nevertheless, for many it will be late, too late: the divine justice will shine”.

7) Where do the resources for the support of SOUST come?

INRI CRISTO: “Coherent with what I said two thousand years ago: “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew c.10 v.8), here in SOUST sacraments are not sold, nor the tithe blackmail is done, but the authentic children of GOD, inspired, give with the right hand without the left knowing how much, and so they afford to give for the support of the LORD’s house, where luxury is not in comfortable armchairs, but in the wisdom. Only those who have consciousness of my identity participate and are willing to establish a bond with the divine cause, with the Kingdom of GOD, formalized as SOUST. If I am invited to attend a TV program here in Brazil, the guests sponsor the fuel of the vehicle (motor-home), by which I make the terrestrial transportation with my disciples. But I never demand for any earning because I am not an artist and do not have personal ambition. I do not have or will ever have material goods. When I am invited to make a speech in a college or university, as I’ve already been to USP, FAAP, UNISO, and others, the students unite to gather the resources for the fuel. The last time I was in USP, for example, I gathered with hundreds of students and they were very happy. When I go overseas, as I went to RTL in Germany and to SIC in Portugal, the organizers send the air tickets for me and for the disciples who follow me; they also afford the spending for the stay in the hotel”.

8) What will happen to your church and to your disciples when you pass away?

INRI CRISTO: “First of all, my FATHER said that any human being who wishes that I pass away precociously will be achieved by an incurable illness, and not even I can interfere to ask mercy or forgiveness in favor of such person, which is an emissary of the malignant. The ALMIGHTY, my FATHER, said that I am here on Earth only to fulfill His holy will and that the whole humanity will see me with the hair naturally white as snow (Revelation c.1 v.14). The LORD also made me remember the countless people whose death I witnessed with my own eyes for having desired harm to me, some by accidents, others agonizing long years with incurable illnesses. There was a man who begged me permission to die, as he was suffering with cancer. The vicar of Belem’s cathedral by the time of the revolution, Faustino Calixto Brito, who made the  command to take off my tunic in the police central station, consciously passed ten years in vegetative state, victim of a brain stroke. The “archbishop” Alberto Gaudencio Ramos, also after a long period of atonement, died with cancer and when he was about to die, asked to be buried in the cathedral, stage of the divine revolution. And so there were also many cases of people who received the merciful divine chastisement for having blasphemed and positioned against the Kingdom of GOD. As I will never die, but only disincarnate, I will watch and help my disciples from the spiritual realm, in the continuation of my work, each one fulfilling the mission that they were entrusted by the ALMIGHTY”.

9) When you disincarnate, you will obviously leave disciples on Earth. How will they reproduce, if sex is forbidden between them? Are the disciples prepared for your death? Will they continue taking SOUST on? Will there be a chief in the church? Who is being prepared for this?

INRI CRISTO: “First of all, I’ll never die because death does not exist; I’ll just disincarnate. All my disciples have the consciousness that someday I’ll have the sleep of the just. Therefore, they are not prepared for my death, but for my life, because I have never died; I live and will always live. When I pass away, as it is foreseen even in the statutes of SOUST, I will continue to instruct my disciples even from the spiritual realm. Regarding the reproduction, there will always be reproducers on Earth. Only my disciples, for being princes of my FATHER’s Kingdom, abstain from fornicating, from practicing sex not because they are forbidden, but for consciousness of the divine law. But GOD’s children, the heirs of the Earth, they will naturally continue reproducing and amidst them there will always be people predestined to the LORD’s service, who will continue organizing, administrating SOUST, each one in his/her hierarchic position. There will also be the Conciliator, according to the statutes, who will be responsible for the administration, together with the other directory integrants. I have not prepared anybody for this matter yet, because it is not yet the time. By now, I am the Spiritual and Regent Mentor of SOUST. But when the time comes, the right person will be prepared to occupy not my place, but the position of Conciliator”.

10) How many are INRI CRISTO’s followers?

INRI CRISTO: “We do not have the alienating habit of registering the people who participate in our mission, so it is not possible to numerically define how many there are at all. There are followers in Portugal, in Australia, in England… My children are united to me by the heart, by the great love that unites us, which is the love for the Supreme CREATOR, the sublime love of GOD, my FATHER. Then no matter where they are, they cultivate the bond with GOD’s Kingdom, because the Kingdom of GOD is a Kingdom of Light. My children come to me not as a matter of religious obligation, but for love, because they miss our meetings and want to learn the divine law that I convey to them from my FATHER”.

11) Christ gathered the crowds around him. Why do you apparently have few followers?

INRI CRISTO: “The crowds gathered around me until the moment of crucifixion. At that time only a few women and one disciple, John, remained by my side. The others fled away. Ironically, the voices that before acclaimed: “Hosanna to the son of David!”, were the same that, at time of final decision, obedient to priests, shouted: “Crucify him! Crucify him!”. After crucifixion, my image was impregnated in the collective unconscious and on the Shroud, giving people the opportunity to identify that I am the same. Though, while I am in the period of reproach, many look but few can see who I am, only the ones upon whom GOD bestows the gift to see, since “many are called, but few chosen” (Matthew c.20 v.16). The LORD will remove the visors from the whole of humanity. Only when His glory day comes, these ones that now walk aimlessly, without knowing neither where they came from nor where they will go, will come to me. Then many will desire to come to my presence not for love but because of the wind blowing. To most of them, however, it will be late, too late: divine justice will shine. Divine sentries and angels will stop them from approaching. All hatred, derision, disdain, debauch will be turned into impossible love”.

12) Why now are there more women disciples than men disciples following you?

INRI CRISTO: “Because at the time of crucial pain and suffering, women remained next to me, cried, shouted and beat their chests protesting against crucifixion. They were united to me, gave me breath and comforted me until the last moment, while men, scared, fled away (Matthew c.26 v.56). Only one of them, John, remained next to the cross (John c.19 v.25 and 26). In this memorable circumstance they won their dignity before the ALMIGHTY. And now, on the occasion of my reincarnation, they obtained the right of equality with men in terrestrial laws. Only on December 12th 1948, just after I reincarnated (March/22nd/1948), it was not by chance that ONU turned official the condition of equality for women, on the 2nd and 7th articles of Universal Declaration of Men’s Rights. This right passed to be expressed in the Constitution of civilized countries (in Brazil, from 1988 Constitution on). My FATHER, LORD and GOD said there are no coincidences, nothing happens casually. The truth is that only those who have strong personality, much determination and strength in disposition can follow me. I make the question: where are the men courageous enough to follow me? Men who had courage are with me and are my warriors, princes of my kingdom of light”.

13) What’s the difference between disciples and apostles?

INRI CRISTO: “Disciples, as the name well says, are those who follow the discipline imposed by the ALMIGHTY. Who chose following me in the condition of disciples (men and women) wear the ecclesiastic clothing, do not eat meat, do not practice sex (in other words, they do not fornicate), do not have world vices; finally, they dedicate their lives only to serve the LORD. However, before becoming a disciple it’s necessary to pass through the vocational test. Being my disciple is not for whoever wants but for whoever was born with this mission. But being an apostle is a very different situation. Any human being can be my apostle since he knows who I am and spreads my new name, INRI CRISTO (“To the one who wins… will I write upon him the name of my FATHER… and my new name” – Revelation c.3 v.12). Two thousand years ago I had twelve disciples and several apostles. I just do not recognize Paul as my apostle because he had never been with me personally and confesses his condition by categorically saying: “For I am the least of the apostles, unfit to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of GOD” (I Corinthians c.15 v.9). Many regular visitors of SOUST which are my apostles have their families, their work, their leisure, after all they live their lives outside the ecclesiastic regimen, reserved only for those who were chosen to be my disciples, princes and princesses of the kingdom of GOD”.

14) What about your disciples of 2000 years ago? Have they reincarnated too? Are they with you now?

INRI CRISTO: “As I myself foresaw that when I returned to Earth all of them would be here, not only the apostles, but also those who shouted: “Crucify him! Crucify him!”, including Pilate, Caiaphas, finally, all those who were with me two thousand years ago, friends and enemies, all of them reincarnated and are (or were) here on Earth now that I am back. The twelve apostles cannot follow me now in the condition of disciples because they abandoned me at the moment of crucifixion. John (the author of the forth Gospel) reincarnated in France; he lived with me for twelve years as SOUST’s scientific consultant and fulfilled his mission in the Kingdom of GOD. He left a testimony in book AWAKENER, his name in this incarnation is Jean de Patmos. I have found Judas Iscariot in France too; he was an official of the French army. He came to my presence and knelt down to beg forgiveness. Simon Peter was the founder of SOUST, nobody is obliged to believe, but he could not be my disciple now because at the time of crucifixion he denied me and moved away. GOD destined him to fulfill the words that I spoke two thousand years ago: “I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matthew c.16 v.19). He had to reincarnate and make the foundation of my new church, SOUST, annulling the former one (the proscribed roman church). When I fist met him he worked as attorney, Dr. Edson Centanini. Besides being attorney, he also worked as a judge and police delegate. Finally, all of them are reincarnated and recognize me when we meet again”.

15) Do you keep the same structure of your past organization or has the model changed?

INRI CRISTO: “In this incarnation everything is different. The ancient apostles cannot be my disciples now because, as I have already said before, at the time of crucifixion they were not present, they fled away, only one remained next to me, John. Now my FATHER designated other people to be my assessors, to help me; most of them are women for a matter of justice, as at the time of crucifixion women comforted me with the heat of their presence at the moment of agony on the cross”.

16) What is the mission and the work of SOUST?

INRI CRISTO: “SOUST is a mystical and philosophical school, whose work is to teach the genuine divine law, expose the true GOD, the Supreme CREATOR, my FATHER, only non-created Being, only eternal, only being worthy of worship and veneration, only LORD of the Universe, distinguishing Him from the generic gods invented by men”.

17) What is MEPIC?

INRI CRISTO: “MEPIC – the Eclectic Movement for INRI CRISTO – is an organization of free-thinkers who aim to help me in my mission and spread the teachings that I minister from the part of my FATHER; for being eclectic, any person in any part of the world can be part of this movement if that person feels willing to participate”.

18) Do you attend masses? Make prayers? Publicly preach GOD’s word? Where and how?

INRI CRISTO: “Most rituals of my former church (the roman catholic, which betrayed me and became the whore of Revelation c.17), including the masses, are originating from the ancient roman paganism, they did not come from me; they were inserted in the bosom of Christianity as a way to attract the pagans and increase the political power of the roman Estate, yet in the beginning of the Christian age. Two thousand years ago I have not commanded anybody to go to church, on the contrary, I taught to pray in secret, in the room, with the door shut (Matthew c.6 v.6). The word “preach GOD’s word” became vulgarized in the mouths of the ones who already consider themselves saved, or the ones who are already satisfied with their religions and beliefs. I do not preach the word, I teach GOD’s law anywhere, inside a temple, in a TV program as much as under a tree. Many times the university students invite me to give speeches, they sponsor the fuel of the motor-home where I move to different parts of Brazil and I freely covey my FATHER’s message to them, answer their questions. Finally, it is always a loving meeting”.


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