Part 8 – Religions, how to achieve GOD, commerce in the churches, tithe, Vatican, popes, INRI CRISTO x pseudo-religious


1) What do you think about the countless religions, churches and sects existing in the world? Do all of them lead to salvation and consequently to GOD?

INRI CRISTO: “In a synthesis, I would answer this question with what I said two thousand years ago: “I am the truth, the way and the life. No one comes to the FATHER except by me” (John c.14 v.6). In other words, to achieve GOD everyone must pass through me. However, each one has the right to follow the religion or belief he wants. I am on Earth for the discontented; if somebody is happy with his religion, continue on it. He will be helping me in the difficult mission of separating wheat form chaff (Matthew c.13 v.36 to 43), sheep from goats (Matthew c.25 v.32). Actually, all ways lead to GOD, but I am the straight way home. That’s why I said: “I am the way”. I always explain in this manner: let’s imagine you need to make a trip from Curitiba to Rio de Janeiro. There are many ways to arrive there: across the sea, by train, by walking, by plane, by car, etc. You can make a long turn passing through Mato Grosso, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, to finally arrive at Rio de Janeiro. It only depends on you choosing the path to follow and the means you will use to achieve the objective. All of them lead to the destiny, though some take more time, others less time. Some are more dangerous than others. It means that, even passing through other religions, one day you’ll inevitably have to come to me. I am the end of the trip, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. My FATHER and I are only one thing”.

2) What do you have to say about trade existing in churches?

INRI CRISTO: “Nobody can use my former, obsolete name (Jesus) or the name of my FATHER to make any kind of trade in the churches. All and any sacrament with price is false, doesn’t have any value for the ALMIGHTY, since I said two thousand years ago: “Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. You received without payment, give without payment” (Matthew c.10 v.8). It doesn’t mean GOD’s things don’t have value, but there’s no way to measure the value of a sacrament or a blessing. Behold why I whipped the vendors of the temple in Jerusalem; this act provoked indignation and hatred of many. And now, in obedience to the LORD, I entered the temple and expelled the priests who marketed GOD’s things inside it, in the historical Feb. 28th 1982.  On this occasion I broke with my former church (the roman) and established the new catholic order, SOUST. Marketing GOD’s things shows the fakeness and illegitimacy of a religion, it’s a flagrant violation of the law of GOD and the law of men (penal illicit – fraud). If it was to fulfill the law, those who practice any kind of trade or blackmailing in the churches called “Christian” should be in jail. In LORD’s house (SOUST) does not practice the blackmailing of the tenth and all sacraments are done freely”.

3) Is it right charging the tenth?

INRI CRISTO: “It is right charging the biblical tenth, not blackmailing people’s miserable salary. Blackmailing the tenth isn’t according to biblical parameters. The tenth established in the Bible consists on giving to the LORD’s house ten per cent of profit. In the time the tenth was instituted, society was formed of three very distinct classes: farm s owners; liberal and governmental professionals; servants and slaves. In this case, only farming and herd owners could give the tenth to the LORD’s house. After paying all social responsibilities, providing clothing and food for slaves and servants, from the profit they gained they took ten per cent to the LORD’s house, so that He would bless them with abundance, protect against diseases and pests. Now I ask you, my sons: what is the profit of a laborer who works under the sun and at the end of the month, receiving a salary of hunger, before paying the bill of light, rental and even infant’s milk, has to give ten per cent of his salary to a crook wearing a tie, who lives illicitly at the expense of my former, obsolete name (Jesus) and the name of my FATHER? The wolves under sheep skins are hardhearted, they don’t feel sorry for exploiting the poor who leave their houses in the early morning with their lunch boxes and, after a long journey of hard work, come back home tired, exhausted. Blackmailing the tenth is a crime; it consists of the violation of the law of GOD and the law of men (fraud – article 171 of Brazilian Penal Code). Penal illicit is characterized when somebody calls them self my servant aiming to blackmail the tenth or charging any sacrament. To identify the crime of fraud, it’s enough binding Matthew c.10 v.8 (“You received without payment, give without payment”) to article 171 of Brazilian Penal Code, which says: “obtaining, for oneself or for others, illicit advantage in damaging others, inducing or maintaining someone in mistake, through trick, ruse or any other fraudulent means. Penalty: one to five years of reclusion and fine”. I am free and returned to this world to set my people free from this yoke imposed without the knowledge of divine law. For this reason these impostors are fanatical and obstinately against me”.

4) Which resources does your church (SOUST) survive on, since it doesn’t charge the tenth?

INRI CRISTO: “SOUST lives on spontaneous donations. LORD is the provider and inspires human beings with pure heart to give with their right hand without the left knowing how much (Matthew c.6 v.3). In SOUST, all sacraments: baptizing, wedding, blessings… are done free, fulfilling what I said when I was called Jesus: “You have received without payment, give without payment” (Matthew c.10 v.8). Those who want and, in their hearts, have the will to contribute in favor of divine cause, can contribute, but they will never be obliged to do it. Due to my representative condition, I don’t and will never own material goods. Federal Police has already investigated all my past and noticed my legitimacy, as I don’t have material goods or bank account; finally, I live only to serve my FATHER, LORD and GOD. Very truly, very truly I tell you: my greatest richness is in not owning anything. If I had any material goods, I would be stripped of authority, spiritual and theocratic power my FATHER granted me with. The only belongings I can define as being mine are my tunic, my mantle, my bag, my sandals. I am not against material goods. On the contrary, I ask the ALMIGHTY to bless you with prosperity and abundance, even for you to participate in LORD’s house supply. I can’t have anything in my name; if I had, I would damage the spiritual majesty of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me”.

5) What is the destiny of those who use the name of GOD and your former name (Jesus) to extort money from people?

INRI CRISTO: “They will remain outside the kingdom of GOD, as I myself said: “Outside the kingdom of GOD are the dogs, sorcerers, fornicators, murderers, idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood” (Revelation c.21 v.8 and c.22 v.15). Therefore, those who lie claiming to be my servants and servants of my FATHER with the intention to extort money from the reckless, won’t have the chance to enter the kingdom of GOD. When the day of the LORD comes, these are the ones who will come to tell me: “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many deeds of power in your name?” Then I will declare to them: “I never knew you; go away from me, you evildoers” (Matthew c.7 v.21 to 23). People who paid the ticket to hell in installments by giving them the tenth or paying for false sacraments, will be revolted when realizing they weren’t my representatives, my servants. They will see vicar is synonym of swindler and pastor is synonym of impostor, wolf under sheepskin (Matthew c.7 v.15). Then, this same people, inspired and moved by Divine Providence, will decide the destiny of those who illicitly use the name of the LORD”.

6) If you are Christ, why aren’t you united to Rome or other church under Christian denomination?

INRI CRISTO: “For the same reason water doesn’t mix with oil. In the condition of Son of GOD, not even if I wanted  could I unite to Rome or any other church called Christian. While I live to freely bind human being to GOD, they are faith marketers, false sacraments vendors. Furthermore, the only church I left, the roman, betrayed me, disparaged my teachings. It stopped being my church, in primordial times known as the Sect of the Nazarenes (Acts c.24 v.5 and 6), to become Apostolic Catholic Roman Church. Catholic, which also means universal (in the origin from Greek), because the intention of roman empire was to preside over the Earth; apostolic because it was organized in century IV by the apostles of emperor Constantine, not by my apostles; roman because it incorporated pagan costumes and rites of the Romans. Yet in the second case, it’s because all churches called Christian, except the roman, lack legitimacy and historical origin; it’s worth remembering once more that I said to Peter in the singular: “Peter, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church” (Matthew c.16 v.18). The others haven’t come from me, but from the ambitions of false prophets, as I well announced they would come in my name, I mean, using my former, obsolete name (Jesus), as it’s written in Matthew c.24 v.5 and 24”.

7) Why have you gone to Rome?

INRI CRISTO: “On Sep 24th 1983, I went personally to Rome to ratify the breaking off with my former church. The Supreme CREATOR of Universe, my FATHER, determined that I should go to the Vatican in person. On this occasion, inside the Basilica of Peter, He pronounced this unchangeable sentence of extinction: “Dry, sick tree, dry! Dry so that the good tree I planted flourishes and gives me and my sons the fruits you refuse to me!”. The good tree LORD refers to is SOUST, the new catholic order. Each day, without strength to react against devastating justice and inexorable whip of the executioner divine angel called time, the sick tree exhausts victim of the pact it perpetrated with malignant subjects”.

(Some examples: breaking of privileged relations between Italy and roman church (Veja magazine, August 8th 1984), great increase of Vatican debt, abandoning from priesthood posts (newspaper Folha de São Paulo, January 29th 1989), frauds (Veja magazine, November 11th, 1996), emptiness in churches, clergy demoralization, murders (newspaper O Globo, June 15th 1984), yearly denouncment of sexual abuses (Istoé magazine nº 1360, Manchete magazine nº 2152, etc.), cases of pedophilia and rape practiced by priests, payment of millions in compensations to the victims (newspaper Gazeta do Povo, Nov 14th 1993), etc. See in the book EXPLOSIVE AWAKENER the most important journalistic examples – Scandals Inside the Proscribed Church)”.

8) What is your opinion about John Paul II? (question previous to John Paul II’s death)

INRI CRISTO: “Karol Josef Wojtyla, or John Paul II, is in the apex of his career, he never was so authentic in the representation of his real condition. Nowadays, he even inspires piety; besides being irremediably and irreversibly ill, he is surrounded by enemies on every side. He inherited a sick empire. His current state of health is a faithful picture of proscribed roman church’s true face. As it is sick, he is sick. As it agonizes, he agonizes. Although he continues to deceive my people by showing a dummy nailed on a cross, even so I ask my FATHER, LORD and GOD to abbreviate his suffering, as he is my son also. He knows I am in bone and flesh on earth and, in spite of being discrete, has already admitted it, as well reported by magazine Manchete edition 2493, Jan. 29th 2000. But then they started to doubt his mental sanity. He still could do a good work for mankind if, once and for all, openly confessed me to the world. Only then he would disincarnate in glory with the blessing of GOD”.

9) What do Vatican’s representatives think about you?

INRI CRISTO: “To recognize I am the same and am in bone and flesh on Earth, they need to admit that they are wrong and deceiving catholic people. They would have to change their job, stop being faith mercenaries, which is not very convenient for them. They do not have other survival option as they were trained since childhood in the service of swindology, fraudology and lurelogy, disguised as theology. Few of them read the complete Bible and most of them not even believe I really existed two thousand years ago. But now, when they see my face, they get desperate, because my presence on Earth represents the destruction of sick empire built during my absence. Many bet on the passing of time against me and were wrong. They didn’t consider time passes in favor of me, as it is foreseen in Revelation c.1 v.14 that, when the glory day of the LORD comes, my hair will be white as snow. And since nobody is born with hair white, not even when I was crucified did I have white hair, I must patiently wait for the time to pass until it happens. The more my hair turns white, the more time of divine justice to shine is nigh”.

10) Why in Istoé Magazine (nº 1437, April 16th 1997) you called CNBB as National Conference of Brazilian Beasts?

INRI CRISTO: “I don’t recognize any “bishop”, as I don’t recognize “cardinal”, “archbishop”, “monsignor”, “vicar”, “father”, “pope”, etc. All these titles are false; they are nothing but invention of men to deceive men. I left only disciples. I consider beasts those self-entitled “bishops” as they are directly in service to the biggest beast, which is in Rome and makes others call him “pope”. By the way, “father” and “pope” are titles flagrantly in contradiction to what I said when I was called Jesus: “And call no one your father on Earth, for you have one Father, the one in heaven” (Matthew c.23 v.9). They self-call “father” and “pope”, disparaging my teachings. From the definition of Greek and Latin, “pope” also means father. Actually, they are neither my nor my FATHER’s servants. No one can, at the same time, serve GOD and darkness principality, love truth and spread lie, as “no one can serve two masters” (Matthew c.6 v.24)”.

11) Who are the beast and the great whore described in Revelation c.13 v.18 and c.17 v.4?  (question previous to John Paul II’s death)

INRI CRISTO: “The beast of Revelation is the one occupying Rome’s throne. He brings the number 666 disguised in the miter (hat used by the Highest Priest), where it is written VICARIVS FILII DEI. Summing up the value of all letters representing roman numerals, this number is obtained (V=5, I=1, C=100, A=0, R=0, I=1, V=5, S=0, F=0, I=1, L=50, I=1, I=1, D=500, E=0, I=1, in other words, 500+100+50+5+5+1+1+1+1+1+1=666 / Letters A, R, S, F, E don’t have representation in roman numerals. Consequently, number zero substitutes them). (“This calls for wisdom: let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person. It’s number is six hundred sixty-six” – Revelation c.13 v.18). Currently, the beast is called John Paul II. The great whore is proscribed roman church, which sells sacraments the same way the prostitute sells her body. In LORD’s eyes, sacraments are always the body of each temple. They start to be as the favors of a prostitute when a price is stipulated for them. Moreover, roman church, with her bad examples of fraud, corruption and inequity, leads my sons in the path of mistake and lie, teaching human beings to turn their backs on GOD with the practices of idolatry (“The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold… full of abominations and the impurities of her fornication… mother of whores and of Earth’s abominations” – Revelation c.17 v.4)”.

12) How do you see the matter of pedophilia inside roman church?

INRI CRISTO: “The flourishing of pedophilia cases and other crimes committed by proscribed whore roman church have relation to GOD’s despising toward divine case traitors. Two thousand years ago I said: “Peter, you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matthew c.16 v.18). Since the gates of hell started to prevail for having disparaged my teachings during my absence (selling of sacraments and indulgences, use of false titles, political collusions in exchange for benefits, illicit blackmail of the tenth, lie, idolatry practice, murder of innocent people in the fires of Inquisition in the name of the “saint mother church”, castration of boys, etc…), obedient to the ALMIGHTY I practiced the libertarian act, which culminated in  the end of Peter’s primacy and the birth of the new catholic order, SOUST. My FATHER cursed the roman church; after this, He ordered that I go to Rome ratifying the curse sentence. For the strength of GOD’s curse is now in reality coming to public knowledge. The gates of the great brothel are wide-opened; the whore of Revelation c.17 is without disguise. It’s a sick empire in ruins, in slow decomposition process. I have nothing against catholic people, because they are the people of GOD, are my people. Since childhood subject to the catechism of hoax, they continue being deceived in the faith”.

13) Up to century XIX, roman church ordered to castrate boys so that they would sing in Sistine Chapel chorus. How is it at GOD’s eyes?

INRI CRISTO: “Up to the beginning of 20th century, boys surgically castrated at the age of 8 years old sang in the chorus of Sistine Chapel to keep their peculiar children’s voices and please the ears of beasts under cassocks. Some specialists estimate that, from the thousands of boys castrated every year in centuries XVI and XVII in Italy, more than 60% died in consequence of the operation, done with very primitive tools. When they survived, many remained deaf, blind or paralyzed; the bloody wounds weren’t disinfected, but burnt or treated with ash. I am not exposing my opinion, but historical facts. Obviously, it’s an aberration in GOD’s eyes; for being the LORD of perfection, He would never order this kind of mutilation. It is nothing but invention of men using the name of GOD to satisfy their bestial instincts”.

(Fount: Jornal da Tarde Jan 9th 1981, filed in SOUST).

14) What is your opinion about “father” Quevedo?

INRI CRISTO: “The Spaniard Oscar Gonçalez Quevedo is a fallacious man, a swindler trained by Jesuits in the art of rhetoric and lie and deceive with reasonable persuasion, diverting his listeners from the truth. He ministers courses of parapsychology with questionable scientific validity, in which he gives spectacles of hidden hypnotism. But he contradictorily confesses that the law forbids this kind of thing. In a full demonstration of arrogance, he humiliates Brazilian people labeling him as the world’s most ignorant. In 1978, I had the occasion to unmask him in La Paz Philosophy Faculty, when he shamelessly lied to young spectators. He said soul and body breakdown was impossible; denied reincarnation, alleging death is the end of existence, among other insanities. On this occasion, I called Bolivians’ attention exhorting them not to let a foreigner, even under the pretext of being a religious man, come to tell them such aberrant lies. Instead of spreading peace (as he claims to be my servant), Quevedo exhorts people to commit violence against me, behaving like the ones who crucified me. He is delirious in saying that, if I allowed myself to be murdered and resurrected on the third day, then I would be Christ. Neither two thousand years ago nor now I need to prove anything to anybody. Human beings need to prove their dignity towards the ALMIGHTY. On a certain occasion, a coherent lawyer told me: To friends we don’t need to prove anything, as they know how to recognize when they are faced with the truth. But to the enemies, even if all proofs are given them, they will always find something to refute, as it is the case of Quevedo. It is not difficult to unmask him; even the title he shows off is false. He calls himself father, while I said when I was called Jesus: “And call no one your father on Earth, for you have one Father, the one in heaven” (Matthew c.23 v.9). Even in it he is hypocritical, false and liar. He avails of this false title to seduce catholic people. It’s not needed to say much about someone that, in front of TV cameras, in an exhilarating gesture, knelt down before a man presented as representative of the evil. If he really were my servant he would never do this; he would know a man should never spontaneously kneel down before another man (Acts c.10 v.25 and 26). In program Fantastico (Globo Networks, Brazil), Quevedo was kneeling down in front of that man, asking him to quit his life, and the representative of the evil answered him: “Your time is coming…”. Then, Quevedo argued that suffered with his heart and if something happened to him, it would be due to health. Afterwards, the program took him off air; later on, in a journalistic article, he complained for having been expelled. If Quevedo really were a priest, a person dedicated to the LORD, would not have proposed to do this kind of contract with a television in the condition of “enigmas hunter” (imitation of Mister M), since what I said is worth forever: “No one can serve two masters” (Matthew c.6 v.24). Or he would be dedicated to serve only GOD, or he would definitely become an artist”.

Obs.) On the occasion, MÉPIC’s Public Relation Secretary contacted the production of program Fantastico, proposing the meeting between INRI CRISTO and Quevedo. Obviously, for recording the vexation he experienced in La Paz Philosophy Faculty, Quevedo did not dare to accept the challenge.

15) What do you think about Brazilian priest Marcelo Rossi?

INRI CRISTO: “As a singer, Marcelo Rossi deserves ALMIGHTY’s blessing. Since he resurrected the song ‘The Man,’ composed by Erasmo and Roberto Carlos (Brazilian singers), he passed to be well seen at my eyes. Pay attention to the letter of this song and you will see it was composed with divine inspiration, since it says about my reincarnation, about my return. Nevertheless, on the contrary false religious advocated, I haven’t come back flying from the sky as a bird, with some lights twinkling, but by eternal and divine law of reincarnation. Up to year two thousand, the voice of people said that one thousand came and two thousand wouldn’t pass without Christ coming back to Earth. Year two thousand came, passed and, discouraging fanatical delirium, no christ came back flying from the sky. Like it or not, believe it or not, they will have to accept and assimilate the idea that I am Christ. Nobody is obliged to believe, but I am the same yesterday, today and forever”.

(Behold one of the main passages of song The Man: “… He made light shine in darkness and the sun rise in each heart which understood that, beyond the life that we have, there’s another life, and so, in being reborn (reincarnation), dying is not the end… I know someday he will come back and in the same fields will look for what he planted. And gather the good that grew, cry for the seed dying without having flourished. But there’s still time to plant, make the flower of goodness grow inside to deliver it to him when he arrives here…”).

16) What do you think about the sickness of Pope John Paul II? Would he be the causer of such sickness? (question previous to John Paul II’s death)

INRI CRISTO: “When the current representative of Rome (that calls himself Pope) could have said that I am in bone and flesh on Earth, he did not do so. Now that he would like to declare it, he cannot anymore. Karol Josef Wojtyla, or John Paul II, is in the apex of his career, he has never been so authentic in the representation of his real condition. Nowadays he inspires piety. Besides being hopeless and irreversibly sick, he is surrounded by enemies all around, who ambition to occupy his chair, his place. He inherited a sick empire. His current state of health is a faithful portrait of the true face of the proscribed roman church (the whore of Revelation c.17). As much as she is sick, exhausting day after day, he is sick. As much as she agonizes, he agonizes. Although he still continues to deceive my people by showing them a dummy nailed on a cross, even so I pray to my FATHER, LORD and GOD to abbreviate his suffering, because he is my son. What he is suffering now is even foreseen in the revelation of Fatima’s Third Secret: “the end of popes will come and the last of them will groan in body pain (…) But they will not find escape. Their throne will fall” (Planeta Magazine, August 1974). Regarding my opinion about the roman church, she was declared proscribed by the ALMIGHTY on Feb 28th 1982. While I live to graciously bind the human beings to GOD, coherent to what I said before being crucified (“You received without payment, give without payment” – Matthew c.10 v.8), the only church that I left, the roman, betrayed me, despised my teachings. She stopped being my church, in the beginning known as the Sect of the Nazarene (Acts c.24 v.5 and 6), to become the catholic apostolic roman church. Catholic, that also means universal (from the Greek root), because the pretension of the roman empire was to dominate the whole Earth; apostolic because it was organized in the IV century by the apostles of emperor Constantine, not by my apostles; roman because she incorporated the pagan customs and rituals of the romans to the detriment of what I taught before being crucified. The other churches called Christians lack legitimacy and historical origin; it is worth remembering once more that I said to Peter in the singular: “Peter, you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church” (Matthew c.16 v.18). The other churches did not come from me, but from the ambition of the false prophets, as I well announced that they would come in my name, I mean, using my former, obsolete name (Jesus), as it is written in Matthew c.24 v.5 and 24”.

17) What is your opinion about the new Pope, Benedict XVI? (question from the editors of the Ape’s World)

INRI CRISTO: “In the condition of circumcised Jew, firstly I do not have anything to say about an ex-Nazi soldier who presents to the world as Peter’s successor. However, honoring the good humor of my children integrating the ape family, I cannot but be ironic. I think that the Highest Priest of the proscribed roman church (the whore of Revelation c.17), remembering the days when he served the Nazi army, will say to the faithful: “In the name of the FATHER, of the Führer and of the Holy Spirit”. And it is obvious that I feel honored to be excluded, since in at the eyes of my FATHER and my eyes, even the title that he holds is false. How can he declare to be my representative, “representative of Christ”, admit to being called pope (whose meaning from the Greek and Latin root is father), if I said two thousand years ago: “Nobody shall you call father on earth, for one is your FATHER, the one in heaven” (Matthew c.23 v.9)?”


Joseph Ratzinger at the times that he served the Nazis Army. As reported the Flash Magazine number 94, in Brazil, he said: “I’ve never shot anybody moved by hatred”. Anyway, he shot. Is it really possible that someone could shoot against his fellows without hatred? The eyes of the soldier answers this question.


At the moment of the first public appearance, inspired by the darkness spirits, Benedict XVI kept dressed in black, as the fists denounce, remembering that he is the chief heir of the Inquisition Tribunal (current Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith). He also demonstrated how much he is unworthy to dress in white (Revelation c.3 v.5). Benedict XVI is playing his role quite well, as the representative of a frozen, archaic and ill institution, proscribed by the ALMIGHTY on Feb 28th 1982.

18) Do you consider the authority of the Highest Priest in Rome to forgive sins legitimate?

INRI CRISTO: “Look at the penitentiaries and see if they are empty. If they are empty, it is a sign that he has power and authority to forgive sins. But as all the penitentiaries continue overcrowded, mainly the ones in Brazil, it is an evident sign that such authority does not produce any effect, it does not have any ecclesiastic validity. Therefore, if he has authority not even to forgive the terrestrial sins, moreover the ones against GOD? When the highest priest changes, they say that the Christians who go to church and confess will have their sins forgiven, but this is one more invention, one more blackmail, one more lie preached by the false religious aiming to tighten the halter on the mislead sheep. If Rome’s prelates effectively were my and my FATHER’s servants, they would put in practice what I taught before being crucified: “But whenever you pray, go into your room and, with the door shut, pray to your FATHER in secret. And your FATHER, who sees what happens in secret, will reward you” (Matthew c.6 v.6). I have not commanded anybody to go to mass, which is one more ritual copied from pagan beliefs and rituals. Very truly I tell you: any sinner man who forgives the sins of others without receiving authority from GOD, my FATHER, will be assuming the penitent’s karmic debt. The confession was officially established in 1215 by the 12th Lateran Council, aiming to discover the secrets of the faithful and exert power of blackmail, thus being able to extort profit and obtain political and social favors”.

19) Since the so-called contemporary “religious”, whom are qualified by you as false sacrament vendors, tenth blackmailers, put into population’s head that you are only a crazy person, how can we be certain that you really aren’t a crazy person but Christ?

INRI CRISTO: “First of all, it’s fundamental pointing out that these false sacraments vendors and tenth blackmailers use and abuse a French proverb: “Slander, slander, slander, something will always thrive”, in order to alienate and keep the heads of unwarned and unprepared with a halter. And very truly, very truly I tell you: madness and wisdom walk so parallel, whose divisionary line is so faint, so tiny that there’s a great danger to confuse wisdom with madness. The act practiced inside Belem’s cathedral for obedience to the orders of GOD, my FATHER, consists on the manifestation of divine wisdom. Nevertheless, in the optics of ignorant and schizophrenics, spiritual orphans, it might seem madness. Scholars of human mind know that crazy people, in incoherence daydream, lose themselves in their own words. The speech of a crazy person shows fissures, fails or, if you prefer, as people’s voice says, a crazy person “doesn’t say coherent things”. A crazy person would never confess his condition of insanity, while very truly I tell you: I am crazy, for love of humanity. On the contrary I would not expose myself to all sorts of vicissitudes imposed by truth enemies that from time to time dare to intercept me while I still drink sip by sip the bitter chalice of reproach (“But first (before his glory day) must he (Christ) suffer many things and be rejected by his generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so also will it be when the Son of man comes” – Luke c.17v.25 to 35). Regarding being certain if I am Christ or not, only my FATHER can give you this grace, inspire you with the gift of discernment. In the eve of revolution in Belem of Para, He told me that, from that date on, thinkers and intelligent beings would have the opportunity to see that I am His Son and am in bone and flesh on Earth. Up to Feb. 28th, 1982, the LORD GOD, my FATHER, said that any human being could socially fit me in a range of three possibilities: I would either be a crazy person for publicly saying I am Christ; or a deceiver false prophet; or I actually was the same Christ who had been crucified. Soon after the revolution, for thinker beings, the pejorative blemish of false prophet was immediately vanished. If I were a false prophet, I wouldn’t have authority to practice the iconoclastic Libertarian Act because all charlatans, swindlers, hoaxers, false prophets are afraid of prison. An impostor, tenth blackmailer would never enter a cathedral, go up the altar exposing himself to violence as I did, subjecting myself to arrest and having to justify myself before Judicial Power (*1). I went up the altar under the order of my FATHER, since He had shown me that during two thousand years humanity says Christ is on the altar. Until that moment, on the altar there was only a dummy nailed on a cross. And for the first time I really assumed the altar in bone and flesh. By breaking the blind, deaf and dumb dummy, done by perishable human hands, for who honestly reasons, only two possibilities remained then: a crazy person or Christ. In the sequence, the very constituted authorities did for humanity the favor of eliminating this second alternative. As I’ve already said and is worth remembering once more, judge Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha decreed my preventive imprisonment and named a psychiatric junta presided by Dr. Nerival Barros with the mission to define my psychiatric condition. After long interrogation, yet in the first meeting he declared to press that, “according to optimist prospects, only in the Last Judge they could conclude a report”; he argued they couldn’t evaluate my condition since, in their point of view, my brain acts beyond the limits of comprehension capacity, in a transcendental mental sphere, considered atypical (*2). He also said having advised the “archbeast” (archbishop) Gaudêncio Ramos to request my liberation, instead of pressing Judiciary Power with the intention to keep me in jail, putting an end in the pilgrimage of people that daily went to that jail in search for blessings (see the following photograph). Therefore, keeping in mind the conclusion of psychiatric authorities and the symbolism of the Libertarian Act I practiced, for who reasons, only the third alternative remained: I am the same Christ who was crucified (*3). Now I gave a very clear warning to the scholars of human mind that may judge me beforehand and fit me according to the evil-pleasure: the good searcher of human soul, honest scientist, never judges someone without having established a verbal dialog, from lips to ears. Making prognostications in psychiatry and psychology areas without personal contact is considered charlatanism in scientific means. In the condition of judge anointed by my FATHER, LORD and GOD, I truly tell you: the one who behaves like this, violating the fundamental international rules of psychiatry, passes to show off the hood of charlatan before scientific community and all mankind”.

(*1: Two thousand years ago, warning the disciples about how to identify the false prophets, INRI CRISTO told them: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits… A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Thus you will know them by their fruits” (Matthew c.7 v.15 to 20). The greatest difference between INRI CRISTO and false prophets is exactly in their works. While these are always worried about finding one more manner to extort people’s scant resources and impose on them the fanaticism halter, in the illicit practice of false sacraments selling and blackmailing the tenth (disparaging what INRI CRISTO said before being crucified: “You received without payment, give without payment” – Matthew c.10 v.8), INRI CRISTO returned to set Christian people free from dogmas (reasoning padlocks), besides continuing graciously binding human beings to GOD. And the most notorious work he did was exactly having broken the statue that false religious wrongly say is the Son of GOD, symbolically setting his people free from the slavery of idolatry imposed against the teaching he left before being crucified. For surprise and disenchantment of all those who positioned against the Kingdom of GOD, on March 15th 1982, the gates of prison were opened and INRI CRISTO went out of there without depending on advocates. Judge Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha added: “I haven’t crucified you as Pilate did”).

(*2: See the report inside newspaper O Liberal, from Belém of Pará, March 1st 1982, filed in SOUST. On the occasion when 17 advocates offered themselves to defend INRI CRISTO, newspaper A Província do Pará, from March 2nd 1982, registered when the Son of GOD refused them: “…But there’s only one problem: INRI refused to sign down any power of attorney, alleging that ‘I, the Son of the FATHER, am not in need of advocate’… ”).

(*3: For coincidence, curiously in year 2000, which sets the fulfilling of the prediction “one thousand came, two thousand will not pass without Christ coming back to Earth”, in public recognition of Son of Man’s identity, the Eminent Justice Tribunal of Paraná State issued a revering accordion determining that his name, INRI CRISTO, was written in all his documents (passport, identity card, etc.). INRI, for being the name he paid with his blood on the cross; CRISTO, which means “the anointed one”, in the singular, revealing the meaning of his condition).

20) The Gospels register that you referred to the zoological Word “wolf under sheep skin”. Could you better explain the meaning of your words? Who are the wolves under sheep skin?

INRI CRISTO: “They are the “religious” men who present in my former, obsolete name (Jesus), in name of Christ, pretending to be good people, meek, always speaking softly. They have boring speeches and get lost in a long rhetoric learned from the Gospel, promising salvation to the incautious, speaking: “Alleluia! Jesus’ blood has the power!” in their speeches. They are always dressed up with a tie, all adorned, with their nose raised, and so they manage to monitor the masses, dragging them to a stockyard, no matter it is an electoral stockyard or one for the faith commerce. They build huge temples to make envious even the pharaohs, they purchase television and radio networks, but at the end their speeches always have the only objective of tightening the halter on the heads of the deceived sheep aiming to suck the scant resources of people. And the monitored sheep, dominated, manipulated, work in function of their dishonest intentions; besides giving them ten per cent of their miserable salaries and participating in challenges that resemble a lottery of faith (‘who gives more to Jesus, who gives one thousand, who gives five thousand…’, and so on), they give to these rapacious wolves the most precious, the most sacred gift that GOD reserved for the human being: the freedom of consciousness, which reflects on the faculty to ratiocinate free from prejudice and dogmatic impositions, to discern between reality and fantasy and, mainly, not allowing the human being to find the GOD who made men without intermediary, without having to crawl after the re-chainers disguised as religions, false prophets and cursed statues built by the perishable human hands. These impostors who are self-claimed shepherds without being anointed by GOD can only fulfill such malignant intention right because they are covered by sheep skin; they pretend being sheep when in truth they are rapacious wolves. They are the same who do not come to the kingdom of GOD and stop others from coming (Matthew c.23 v.13)”.

21) Why do you use the word “re-chainers” instead of religions?

INRI CRISTO: “The word religion, originating from the Latin religaire, means re-bind the human being to GOD, and religious is the one who fulfils this sacred mission of re-establishing the bond between GOD and men, but only when the human beings are not connected to GOD; who has not dared disconnecting from GOD does not need religion. Nevertheless, these ones who nowadays claim to be religious in fact are re-chainers, because instead of re-binding man to GOD, they are the ones who impose upon the human beings the slaving chains of dogmas, of superstitions, of fantasies, of false concepts of ethics, of hypocritical pseudo-morality, which mislead and alienate the consciousness, moving them away from the reality of life and of the divine law. They are the re-chainers of profit, of money, of ostentation, of luxury, of intrigues, of plots “in GOD’s name”, leading the incautious to the path of perdition, where there will be sorrow and gnashing of teeth”.

22) What is your relationship with the religions?

INRI CRISTO: “It does not exist. I do not have any relation with the ‘religions’, as I am here on Earth for the unsatisfied. Even the leaders of religion who make use of my former, obsolete name (Jesus), I look at them with love, because in the light of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me, I continue to love all the creatures that move upon Earth. Actually they are rendering me a great service, as they are keeping me from a legion of fanatical people to follow me. Thanks to the proselytism, to the manipulation, to the influence that they exert by imposing a halter upon the deceived sheep, I can unite with the unsatisfied and fulfill the mission that my FATHER entrusted me with, which is to teach them the divine law, as I am here on Earth only for the unsatisfied. Then I gather to the unsatisfied and prepare the LORD’s day, which has not come yet. And the faith mercenaries obviously propitiate the fulfillment of what I myself prophesied when I was called Jesus in relation to my return: ‘But first – before the LORD’s glory day – it is necessary that the Son of Man suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man’ (Luke c.17 v.25 to 35)”.

23) What do you think about the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

INRI CRISTO: “First of all, GOD, my FATHER, does not need witness. He is the only uncreated Being, only eternal, only being worthy of worship and veneration, only LORD of the Universe. The cause and beginning of everything. Had He needed a witness, He would not be perfect and, therefore, would not be GOD. Actually, the ones who claim to be Jehova’s witnesses exist only since 1870 and serve themselves from this biblical text: “I am the LORD, this is my name. My glory I give to no other, nor my praise to idols” (Isaiah c.42 v.8), which they altered according to their interest to: “I am Jehovah, this is my name…”, in the bible that they have fabricated and commercialize. For whom ignores, Javeh, or Jehovah, means Lord of the Armies, and was so called by the people from Israel at the times the Hebrews incessantly battled for the conquest of the Promised Land. However, I tell you: my FATHER, my LORD and my GOD is not only the LORD of the armies, but He is also the LORD of life and of all things. Even if all the armies were exterminated, even if there were no more human beings on the face of the Earth, he would continue to be the only LORD of the Universe. Only the LORD is important. The LORD is only one”.

(Behold the origin of the Jehova’s witnesses – text extracted from the internet, written by Gilberto Stefano: “This sect was formed by a man who felt much hatred by the Christian communities. His name was Charles Taze Russel, he was born in Pennsylvania in 1852. From Presbyterian origin, he passed by the Congregational church and became member of the new sect, the Adventists of the Seventh Day. During much of the time he was a real fan of the Adventism. Taking his own way, he started to make biblical weekly studies with a group formed of people from other evangelical churches. It did not take long, he released his own prophecy, in clear similarity with the founder of Adventism: “The second coming of Christ would happen in 1914”. Soon he started to disagree with many doctrinaire points of the Adventists and, in 1872, gathering some sympathizers of his ideas, he started to organize the movement that is nowadays known as the “Jehovah’s witnesses”. Before this name, there were many others. Only between years 1817 to 1826, they changed their doctrines nothing less than 148 times…”).

24) What do you think about Budda? Was he an enlightened man, an avatar?

INRI CRISTO: “Siddhartha Gautama, also known as Budda, abdicated the palace of the aristocracy seeking for wisdom and effectively found it, in part. He conveyed what he learned to his followers, up to nowadays called Buddhists. In what is regarded as enlightenment, there is a large distance. The first step to achieve the enlightenment is the understanding of nature, of ecology, and an enlightened being never feeds from the corpse of any small animal, regardless of whether it is the corpse of a cow, or of a pig, or any other animal that moves upon Earth, animated by the divine breath. As it is registered in history and was reported in Superinteressante Magazine (174th edition), Budda died victim of a diarrhea because he ate the corpse of a pig, thus showing his level of enlightenment. Nevertheless, he was a very good person, well intentioned, but he was not so enlightened as people say, as an enlightened being loves all the creatures that move upon Earth and never survives on the death of the living beings. It does not mean that every vegetarian is enlightened, but that the path of enlightenment requires the abstention of feeding from the smaller brothers that integrate the ecology”.

25) Does any religion in particular have the monopoly over the truth?

INRI CRISTO: “No religion is holder of the truth, the truth is not monopoly of any religion. The truth is my FATHER, my LORD and my GOD. And the truth was, is and will always be only one. I have already said two thousand years ago: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the FATHER but by me” (John c.14 v.6). I am the exponent, the emissary of the truth, as the truth and my FATHER are only one thing. The truth, the peace, the freedom are only one thing. All of this together in only one thing is translated in the most vehement expression of the Supreme Creator of the Universe, GOD, my FATHER”.

26) I saw on Youtube priest Quevedo referring to your name as INRI CHRISTUS, in Latin, and not INRI CRISTO. Can you explain this?

INRI CRISTO: “In his head, my name would have to be INRI CHRISTUS, in Latin, and not INRI CRISTO, as INRI is originating from Latin and CRISTO is written in Portuguese, as he says (it does not seem that Quevedo comes from Spain, as CRISTO is also said in Spanish and in Italian). Had I adopted a new name by myself, then I could even do as he suggested, leave all in Latin, INRI CHRISTUS. However, I have not sought a name by myself; when I fasted in Santiago of Chile, my FATHER, LORD and GOD revealed that my new name is INRI, the name that I paid with my blood on the cross (“To the one that wins… will I write upon him the name of my GOD… and also my new name” – Revelation c.3 v.12), the name that Pilate wrote above my head when I agonized on the cross, when they spat on my face, when they humiliated me, when the Scriptures were fulfilled (“What I have written, I have written” – John c.19 v.22), and CHRIST means “the anointed one”, “the one who was anointed by the LORD”, in the singular, it is not a name, but my condition, as my FATHER anointed me when I fasted in Santiago of Chile in 1979, and the meaning of the word is the same independent of the language it is written in. In Quevedo’s optics, as academic and studious of languages, and for ignoring such mystical theological aspect, CRISTO had to be written obligatorily in Latin, the same way as INRI; he thought that I was mistaken, but I do not obey orders from men, but only from my FATHER. And my FATHER said that I had to assume the name that I paid with my blood on the cross, followed by the title with the meaning of my condition”.


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