Part 18 – Questions from Orkut communities


1) If you are Christ, please help us with enlightenment: what is the best direction for this country with no direction called Brazil? (Patrícia)

INRI CRISTO: “You came with the right question, the question that does not want to silence in the heads of ratiocinating beings, of the erect beings, who would like to know why me, INRI CRISTO, being Christ, am not making anything for Brazil. I answer this question with much pleasure. I am sorry to say that, meanwhile, I am prevented from helping Brazil, I have to silently watch the breakdowns, the misfortunes, the disorder in Brazil and in Latin America. Now I have moved to Brasilia, where I will expose myself and articulate a plebiscite where the Brazilian people will all say in one voice – not just one separate voice – if they want to hear me or not, if they want a solution for this country or not. The moment is not far when most of Brazilian people will be united around your brilliant thinking, your brilliant question and will make in a unique voice, in plebiscite, the same question: what can INRI do? Since people declare that they want to hear me and know the solutions, I will then be able to expose the solution. In 1980 I had warned about the imperious need to prioritize agriculture and education, when I went to the Deputies Camera invited by the president at the time, Flavio Marcilio, gathered with some deputies and senators present. They took note of everything, however did not consider the warning relevant. Had they considered me seriously at that time, when a solution was still viable, Brazil would not be dipped in this chaos. Later on, I dictated letters to the ex-Presidents of Republic, warning them regarding the future, I tried by many ways to speak in the television programs, however they did not want to hear me, they did not allow me to speak. In 1996, I published the circular entitled The Dance of the Puppets, and MEPIC (the Eclectic Movement for INRI CRISTO) sent it to the authorities and many means of communication. I exhorted in it that Brazil was (and continues) being sold to the foreigners. Again, nobody manifested. In 1998, I was expelled from the National Congress for once more insisting on the warning that, if Brazil did not prioritize education and agriculture, it would be at the imminence of embittering a bloody civil war. I am conscious that I did my part, I warned in time. Only when they come to ask me and allow me to freely speak I will be able to expose not the solution, because there is no more solution, but a palliative, since now it is late, too late. Otherwise, a dark future will come to Brazil, that will continue embittering the despair and will definitely be living the social chaos…”

2) INRI, you also proclaim to be the reincarnation of Adam, Abraham, Moses and David. Would these reincarnations be happening in a time slice of 1200 years? (Roberto)

INRI CRISTO: “No, my son, in the superior realm time does not count. All the decisions and all that happens on Earth depend on the cosmic realm, depend on the LORD, the Supreme CREATOR, my FATHER. Therefore, it is not possible to measure 1000 years, 1200 years, 3000 years… everything happens as much as they become necessary. For example, when I was called Jesus, I promised that soon I would return; I did not say that I would return within two thousand years. I promised that I would return when you heard about wars, rumors of wars, kingdom against kingdom… finally, these would be the signs of my return. But I did not speak stipulating dates, it is not even possible to calculate. Nowadays, I say that I will reincarnate once again within one thousand years, but it is not exactly one thousand years; I can only assure that it will be in the interval of one and two thousand years, this is something not possible to calculate, because the day and time that the Son of Man will return nobody knows, as much as the day and time of the world ending nobody knows, not even the angels of heaven, but only the FATHER”.

3) One may suppose that something is learned along the reincarnations, according to the law of evolution. What of new does INRI CRISTO have to teach besides what has already been taught about the Christian myth? What is possible to improve in a Christian pedagogy that has been applied for 2000 years and people do not learn. (Abenides)

INRI CRISTO: “I am back on Earth to teach my children what was not possible teaching them at the time I was called Jesus. Nowadays I can openly speak about the law of reincarnation (which is connected to the evolution of spirits), some details of Anthropology, Biology, etc. that always existed, however I could not teach two thousand years ago. Behold why I said to the disciples prophesying about my return t Earth: “…I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own, but will speak whatever he hears, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. He will glorify me, because he will take what is mine and declare it to you. All that the FATHER has is mine. For this reason I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you. A little while, and you will no longer see me, and again a little while and you will see me… because I am going to the FATHER” (John c.16 v.7 to 16). It is not a matter of teaching something new, because the truth is eternal, unchangeable, finally, the truth is only one, at any place and at any time. I reiterate the Gospel that I left before being crucified (but I let it be very clear that my Gospel is what I spoke, not what others said about me); I do not give support to any distortion, to any myth that they may probably have inserted during my absence from Earth, much less any pseudo Christian pedagogy based in false ethics precepts, which moves the human beings away from GOD and from the truth instead of serving them as guideline to live well and in peace in society”.

4) Did the branas cause the Big-Bang? (Herminio ‘bim’)

INRI CRISTO: “The ‘branas’ originate from theoretic imagination, they are just theories, they are not something concrete. The scientists are pleased on theorizing; today they release a theory, tomorrow another one to overcome the first, and thus they go on playing. In the times of Galileo, the false religious and the false scientists were pleased to contradict him, but not even because of this the truth that the ALMIGHTY inspired him suffered any alteration. I, INRI CRISTO, do not base myself in theory but in the reality, in the revelations from my FATHER always within rationality, while many theorists go down the hill of schizophrenia. By theorizing many times they fantasize, they are delirious, and I prefer to keep within reality. The Big-Bang existed, it was the reaction, the consequence of my FATHER, LORD and GOD’s will. Very truly I tell you, my son: the LORD, the Supreme CREATOR, is the promoter, the causer, the detonator of the Big-Bang”.

5) Seeing the message that you have passed, I remembered to make a question. What makes a man be more intelligent than another? I mean IQ (intelligence quotient), where people are classified in ordinary intelligence, above the average, exceptionally gifted, genial, exceptionally genial (like Galileo, Einstein and others). I do not refer to right or wrong attitudes, but just to the intelligence, the capacity of creating something.

INRI CRISTO: “I answer this question with just one sentence: it is the karma, the karmic credit of each one. When the person comes to the world with credit, together the karmic credit comes the level of intelligence, the completion of the neuronal system, the harmony of the brain; it is a whole of things. The level of intelligence also depends on the mission destined to each human being”.

6) Is there any difference in the human beings after 2007 years? (Ivan Chitolina)

INRI CRISTO: “Yes, there is. The malignant spirits have improved much more, the crimes are more sophisticated, the vices are more rooted, it has become more difficult to eliminate them. In these last two thousand years the spirits of darkness had the opportunity to progress very much in the saga of dominating the heads of the imprudent. Now in this new millennium, in this my return after two thousand years, I realized that new methods of alienation and influencing were created, and they are much more contusing and efficient than the ones of the past. At those times, I went to a public square to speak to people and everyone gathered to listen to me, there was no competition; the most a priest could do was to bark something against me. Nowadays, if I speak in a public square, as I have already spoken in the public squares of Latin America and many parts of Europe, I have to compete with the electronic media, with the electronic stage, with the electronic temples, and I do not have access to them as it is necessary to have many resources for buying a television chain. Nevertheless, the false prophets use my former, obsolete name, Jesus, to gain illicit profit and buy radio and television stations, thus being able to cheat and enrich more and more by tightening the halter on the heads of the incautious”.

7) INRI, how can you defend the Trinity if in the past you asserted that the FATHER was greater than you? (Lucas)

INRI CRISTO: “I do not defend the Trinity, the Trinity does not need any defender. Two thousand years ago, when I said that the FATHER was greater than me, it is obvious that He is greater, because He is the LORD of the Universe, the Supreme CREATOR, only non-created being, only eternal, only being worthy of worship and veneration. At the time of crucifixion, to show my smallness towards the FATHER, I said: ‘FATHER, have you abandoned me? In your hands I deliver my spirit’ (Matthew c.27 v.46). My FATHER does not accept to be whipped, spat on the face; these are the moments when the FATHER is not in the Son. As a proof that I do not compare with the FATHER, behold the word that I say when I convey the LORD’s blessing: ‘In name of the FATHER, in my name and in name of the Holy Spirit I bless you…’ I never say my name together with my FATHER’s name. First of all I say ‘In my FATHER’s name’. Then, with the necessary distance, I say ‘in my name and in name of the Holy Spirit I bless you (…)’. The Trinity does not need defender, it is unanswerable; any ratiocinating being will be able to realize that the Trinity is not a matter of freak, of status, something that I invented. Much before the world existing, since the moment of creation, since the times of Adam and Eve, the Trinity already existed: FATHER, Son and Holy Spirit, that means, the FATHER, which is GOD, the Supreme CREATOR; the Son, that is me, the same Adam and the same crucified Christ, and the Holy Spirit is Eve’s spirit that does not reincarnate anymore individually, and for not reincarnating anymore already does not sin anymore, for such reason is sanctified”.

8) INRI, what do you say about sex nowadays??? Wedding, sex just for pleasure with many partners, homosexuality, adulteries, etc. (Daniel Francisco)

INRI CRISTO: “Yesterday, today and forever, sex was, is and will always be the same thing, there is no change. The woman has the feminine limb, the man has the masculine limb; what changes as time passes by is the use of the equipment. There are some that use the equipment given by GOD for one purpose, others use for another, but each one must be responsible for their own acts. Sex is, has always been and will always be the same; it is something sacred that should not be improperly used, but unfortunately it has become vulgar in the current days. The human beings use sex according to the need, according to the evolution, according to the circumstances, also according to the influence that they suffer from the media, from the social environment; finally, each one uses according as it best appraises. But in the essence, sex is always the same. Regarding wedding, if wedding were good, it would not need witness; if it needs witness one could presuppose that there will be repentance afterwards. But sex for pleasure with many partners characterizes promiscuity, sodomy; they are the animal instincts flourishing, finally, it is the dirt, sex in the mud. Each one has an orientation. Homosexuality, adultery, finally, all the acts that you may perform, my children, will have faithful weight on the balance of the Saint Celestial Tribunal. If you need to perform a sexual act or not, perform it, until you achieve the evolving state where, for coincidence, you will not need it anymore. I am not against anything or anybody; just according to my FATHER’s law, I consider that everyone someday will be evolved, that everyone will have to jump over degree by degree the stairs of wisdom until someday they arrive where I and my FATHER and my beloved children will all be one only thing”.

9) And what is your opinion about the coming of Pope Benedict XVI to Brazil? (Ana)

INRI CRISTO: “The current superintendent of the whore of Revelation c.17 came to Brazil with the intention of tightening the halter of the sheep still unwarned, deceived, that continue to worship statues turning their back to GOD, that continue believing GOD has a mother by praying the spurious prayer ‘saint Mary, GOD’s mother’. His coming here was an evident shame; despite all the publicity campaign offered by all the media, even so it was a shame. The number of people who attended the event with the beast never achieved half of what was expected; he left Brazil more ridiculous than when he arrived. Furthermore, here in Brazil he treated his own church with less dignity than the one he visited in Istanbul, where he even took his shoes off to enter the non-Christian temple, and this fact was registered by the worldwide media. Here he has not even entered the house of the Brazilian “patron”, as being racist, he did not want to stay beside a “dark” statue. He performed all the ceremonies (actually a theater) outside, as the whole Brazil could witness. He came, but he did not add anything. Tell me, my children: what did he add in your lives? At least, in a gesture of greatness, the Brazilian president did not accept to make his will, as he aimed to introduce the idolatrous doctrine of the proscribed roman church in the Brazilian schools”.

10) You have much spoken by parables 2000 years ago, maybe for this reason there are so many dogmas, beliefs and religions in the world… your parables have certainly contributed for the many interpretations about one same “verse”… I believe that, as we have evolved a little, you can be more objective and direct, regarding the FATHER’s teachings, so… could you please objectively describe the Universal Laws to which we are subjected while we animate bodies in 3D and explain each one of them… Thank you! (Kathia)

INRI CRISTO: “I have spoken and continue speaking in parables only to give occasion for the ratiocinating beings to meditate a little and make use of the brain mechanism so as to stimulate the neurons and correctly interpret the divine law. My FATHER said that I shall speak through parables to provide that only GOD’s children, only those who are inspired by Him, may decipher the mysteries, the enigmas of His holy and eternal laws. The law of GOD, synthesized in two words, is action and reaction, or cause and effect. From the part of my FATHER I will synthesize, simplify in what sin consists of, since knowing what sin is, you will better place yourselves within the LORD’s law: ‘Sin is all that you do that makes harm for you or for others; all that you do that does not make harm for you or for others is not a sin’. All the rest was invented by men as a means to terrify, manipulate, dominate; they have invented a lot of paradigms, of false precepts of ethics, so as to ride on the mounts that grant them obedience”.

11) Like the first Jesus, do you suffer political persecution?

INRI CRISTO: “It is obvious, because what I speak contradicts interests; there is a rigorous boycott by the media imposed by the politicians, by the so-called religious men, finally, by the leaders of all factions in society, to prevent that I manifest myself for the humanity. Each leader considers himself owner of a faction of humanity, and the human beings that have an owner remain against me. Each owner of church, each representative of political party, each government, each country leader is a Caesar, and I am here on Earth only for the unsatisfied. Regarding the ones that accept and even enjoy being haltered, I sincerely wish they stay happy with their halters; if they rejoice to obey the owners of churches, the faith mercenaries, the wolves under sheep skin, I can only wish they make good use of their mediocre lives. I am here for the unsatisfied, for the rebels with a great cause, finally, by the rebels whose cause is the restoration of the divine law, of the freedom of consciousness. I am here to gather my children, who are the unsatisfied with this chaotic world. I have said two thousand years ago that these ones would be blessed in the coming of GOD’s kingdom: ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for there is the kingdom of heaven; blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth; blessed are those who cry, for they will be comforted; blessed are those who suffer persecution for the sake of justice, for theirs shall be the kingdom of heaven’ (Matthew c.5 v.3 to 10). The unsatisfied cry and I am here for them, to comfort and provide they glimpse the light of the divine justice”.

12) INRI CRISTO, do you perform any kind of work to help people, besides the lectures? If so, could you give us more details?

INRI CRISTO: “I set my children free from the slavery of darkness, I receive the people without shelter, without social stabilization, and who need orientation, so I give them my love in form of blessing. When they are unemployed, I give them guidance and advice to get a job; when they are sick, I ask my FATHER to bless them. I will illustrate with some examples, since you have asked me this question: certain occasion, a maid came to my presence with four children to support; each time she needed to get a job, she went with pants, because she had a very ugly wound on her leg, almost the size of a hand, and she could not always wear pants as it would harm the wound. When she went to work with dress, the boss saw that horrible wound and soon dismissed her, for this reason she came to me seeking for help – this is an example that really touched my heart. Then I went down the Altar of the LORD’s house (when it still was in Curitiba), approached her and placed my hands – that I do not use to greet anyone – on her wound full of pus. Next I washed my hands in a sink that existed next to the altar (you can even see it in photographs), and approximately fifteen days after she went back there happy, full of joy; she insisted on telling me and those present in the occasion that she had been healed and was sorry for not being able to return anymore, as she had to work hard to keep the sustainment of her four children, and on Saturday she could not attend the meeting because her job demanded that she worked also on Saturday. I also remember the case of a young man who had received a stab on his groin, where a big wound was formed, and it would not heal. Then, once more I went down the altar, and placed my hands on his wound; some time later, he returned and, with his face full of joy, he took off his pants in front of the disciples, showed the place of the previous wound and said: ‘Look here, INRI, my flesh was healed!” He even said that the healing of that wound was a miracle, since it was not possible to make stitches on that place. Only GOD knows how it happened, as He is the one who makes the miracles. I just say: ‘Oh FATHER, bless your children with health, light and justice…’ and place my hands on the heads of the sick or directly on their wounds, but my FATHER is the one who heals. There was the case of Dr. Antenor Costa, in Belem of Para, psychiatrist who had cancer in the blood; he came to me, knelt down, received the blessing and was healed, as a medical exam revealed. The journalist Dirceu Santana, who worked in RedeTV, had a cancer in one of his eyes and was about to suffer a surgery, however he contritely knelt down to receive the blessing from the LORD. Some time later he met me again and said that he did not need any surgical intervention and thanked me for the healing of his illness. Just like these ones, there were countless other cases. Finally, this is the kind of work that I have been freely doing all my life, coherent with what I said before being crucified: “Go, heal the sick, revive the dead, clean the lepers, expel the demons. Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew c.10 v.8). I guide the people showing them the path of good-living, the direction of welfare and freedom of consciousness. On the contrary of the false prophets, I do not need to induce people to say: ‘Tell the blessing!’, since I do not make anything by myself, I just fulfill the will of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me”.

13) Do you have knowledge of all your incarnations? Is the soul always incarnating or does it stay for a while in “stand by”? I want to know if you have incarnated in the meanwhile between Jesus and INRI…

INRI CRISTO: “There was not meanwhile, not even one second; I have not stayed there in heaven, in the sidereal space, waiting to reincarnate, I have reincarnated shortly afterwards, since where I was, in the eternity, time does not count. Here on Earth two thousand years have passed, but over there not even one second has passed and soon I reincarnated, I did not have time for anything over there, just went away and came back again. But down here on Earth, the day rises and falls, the night comes, people eat, drink, make their toilet, but there is none of these things up over there, because it is where time does not count”.

14) What are the good news, since I have not seen any?

INRI CRISTO: “The main good news is that my FATHER has sent me back to this world after two thousand years in order to establish his holy kingdom on Earth, formalized as SOUST, and guide the elect in the foundation of the basis of a new earthly society, that will emerge from the ash, after the explosion of the inevitable nuclear hecatomb that will culminate with the end of this chaotic world. I have returned to lead the human beings that love light into the path of light, teaching them the eternal and unchangeable laws of GOD, the freedom of consciousness, the intimate communion with the ALMIGHTY, the All-Powerful and with the nature”.

15) How will INRI enrich the Gospel?

INRI CRISTO: “Looking from the historical aspect, two thousand years ago I have expelled the vendors that commercialized at the door of the temple in Jerusalem, but now, obedient to my FATHER, I have entered the temple built in my former, obsolete name (Jesus), expelled the priests, went up the altar, took the statue from the cross and broke it, saying: ‘Get out of here, liar thieves, idol worshipers, vendors of false sacraments. I am Christ!’. Two thousand years ago I did a parade for the people riding a mount; this time, I was carried by people on a litter, in Flowers street, the main avenue in the middle of Curitiba city. But analyzing by the theological aspect, I tell you very truly that the law of GOD is eternal and unchangeable; it is the same yesterday, today and forever. What changes are the social and geographical circumstances, which measure the level of understanding inherent to each people at each period of history. The Gospel is all that I spoke and taught to the disciples. Now that I am back, I reiterate all that I have taught two thousand years ago, and still explain to you, under the light of reason and logic, some passages of the Holy Scriptures that are difficult to understand. The matter is not on enriching the Gospel, but to make the human beings put in practice the teachings in the Gospel, otherwise it is hypocrisy someone to self-call Christian. It is not me who needs to enrich the Gospel, but the human beings need to enrich their inners through the teachings that I minister from my FATHER, they shall let the divine light go within their hearts so as they achieve the understanding of the only true richness that never fails: the bond with the Supreme CREATOR of the Universe, GOD, my FATHER, only non-created being, only eternal, only Being worthy of worship and veneration”.

16) Do you do anything that an ordinary human being does not do, except dressing this strange way?

INRI CRISTO: “I do something that most human beings do not do: I love without demanding anything in return, I teach to love, to be free, to keep the freedom of consciousness. Now I cannot make something that an ordinary human being does not do, otherwise I would be abnormal. I am not abnormal, I am the Son of GOD, I have the mission that my FATHER entrusted me with, to teach the law of GOD. I am not ordinary, I do not practice sex, but I do not have anything against who does it. My FATHER gave me the consciousness that sex is a sacred energy; it shall not be disposed of, wasted, but used to supply the brain. When I fasted in Santiago of Chile, in 1979, GOD gave me power over the flesh. Since then I do not have the restlessness inherent to the human beings anymore”.

17) Due to the mistake in our calendar, supposedly between 2013 and 2014 years after your first coming… what do you think about the anarchic ideals? I want to know your opinion regarding the anarchism because for me it is evident that if Jesus Christ existed, he was anarchist. (Junior)

INRI CRISTO: “It depends on the angle under which you consider the word “anarchist”; the anarchist may, for example, be an iconoclast. I am iconoclast, but I do not accept the word anarchist, since at least here in Brazil, it is a pejorative word. I do not practice any kind of anarchy, I just seek for the orthodoxy of the divine law. When I entered the cathedral in Belem of Para in Feb 28th 1982, I expelled the priests, went up the altar, broke the statue… I was not making anarchy, but placing order in my FATHER’s house. I performed an iconoclast act when broke the dummy that was falsely nailed on the cross, which the traitors of the divine cause say that I am. I do not consider myself anarchist, but I have nothing against the anarchists (in a good sense). I just consider myself a feverant defender of the divine law. When someone violates the divine law in my dominium, I am forced to perform an iconoclast act. In the case, Belem’s cathedral was declared Christian, declared to be Christs’s House, and I, being Christ, went there to perform an iconoclast act in order to make orthodoxy return to what so far was claimed to be my FATHER’s House. It was in that moment inside the cathedral that SOUST came into being – the Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity, my New and Only Church, the formalization of GOD’s Kingdom on Earth, in the fulfillment of what I had promised before I was crucified”.

18) In your profile it is written: “I am theo-taught, taught directly by GOD”. How is it? Do you constantly speak with GOD? How is He? And why do you have this privilege and the other mortal beings do not have? (Coroliano)

INRI CRISTO: “My FATHER is ineffable, undescribable; He is an energetic being, infinite, eternal. He does not have a physical body that allows me to describe Him. But since He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, if you are able to see the Universe, you will be seeing GOD. I do my prayers every day and teach my children to pray the New LORD’s Prayer, which is the most direct and effective way to establish a contact with the LORD. He gives me the instructions that I shall give for the humanity; regarding speaking only with me, only He could answer why. But even so, for being the LORD of word, the LORD of the Universe, He may speak to any person if that is His will, because the truth is only one, it does not matter the mouth or the means by which the truth manifests. Just for being the most ancient primate that evolved, the patriarch, the Father of you all, my descendants, then He speaks to me first. Just for being the most ancient I delivered my body in holocaust and was crucified to rescue the sins that my offspring committed, because it was me, Adam, who initiated the humanity into the path of sin. For this reason I said: ‘FATHER, forgive them, for they do not know what they do’ (Luke c.23 v.34)”.

19) How is it to become Inri Cristo’s follower? (Coringa)

INRI CRISTO: “It is enough that you take my words into consideration, assimilate the teachings that I minister from the part of my FATHER and you will already be following me; afterwards you may have a personal chat with me to receive instructions from lips to ears”.

20) Inri Cristo, I believe that you must have already heard many people asking you to do a treatment, right? Now I make you the question: have you ever gone to make a consultation??? It is serious. (Fabio)

INRI CRISTO: “Well, my son, effectively along this long journey upon Earth, I have found many stupid, fanatical beings screaming: ‘Go to treat yourself, you crazy man!’ When I performed the Libertarian Act in Belem of Para, the judge Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha decreed my preventive imprisonment and named a psychiatric joint presided by Dr. Nerival Barros with the mission of defining my psychic condition. After many questioning, he declared to the media that, ‘according to optimist perspectives, only on the day of the Last Judgment they could conclude a decision’; he argued that they could not evaluate my condition because, in their view, my brain acts beyond the limits of the capacity of understanding, in a transcendental mental sphere, considered atypical. The psychiatrist Dr. Antenor Costa, from Belem of Para, who suffered cancer in the blood, asked a blessing and obtained the healing of leukemia through me. Just for you to have an idea, my son, I have known a psychologist, specialist in psycho-diagnosis, who wrote a book about me. He asked me to subject to the test of Rorschach, whose result is in the book. During more than one year, he came twice a week to question me personally. Then, when you have the opportunity to know this literature, you will know the opinion of the professional, the psychologist specialist in psycho-diagnosis. Therefore, who speaks: ‘Go to treat yourself…’ are the voices of darkness, the beings enslaved to the halters of Rome and of the false prophets; if maybe you want to wear this hood, I will not be disappointed. But if you made this question only for taking the position, be aware that I am effectively crazy, but I am crazy for love of the humanity

21) Does something exist only from the moment one can prove its existence? Or from the moment it proves its non-existence? Prove to me that Jesus was sent by GOD. (Allyson)

INRI CRISTO: “The obvious is evident, does not need any proof. If when I was called Jesus I was even crucified to rescue the sins of humanity, I taught my FATHER’s law and continue to teach the same law, there is no need to prove anything to anybody; only the Pharisees need proofs and only the blind cannot see. I do not need anybody for anything, because I am the FATHER’s Emissary; I need only Him. I do not need anybody even to wash my tunic or my sandals, as I know to wash them by myself, and just because I know to wash them I do not need to do it; my disciples wash for me. I do not need anything, I do not need to prove anything, not even that I existed two thousand years ago, or that GOD sent me in that time. I have no need to prove. However, if you want to arrange a job, you have to prove it through your professional ability that you are able to assume that job. I am not asking for any job, I am not asking anything from anybody; on the contrary, I am freely giving, conveying my FATHER’s love, therefore I do not need to prove anything”.

22) INRI says: “Since the times of Adam and Eve, the Trinity already existed”. But the “trinity” preaches the equality amidst GOD, Son and the Holy Spirit… they are “one”, “indivisible”, “sovereign”, “all-powerful” in equal scale (otherwise, they would not be trinity). How do you explain such discrepancy?? Show me the word trinity in the Bible and I will be your most feverous follower. (Lucas)

INRI CRISTO: “The existence of the Trinity does not necessarily mean that FATHER, Son and Holy Spirit are at the same level, so that first of all, above everyone the FATHER is, afterwards comes the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Son is below the FATHER, receiving the instructions from the FATHER, and the Holy Spirit is the spirit that reposed on the Son of Man’s body after passing by the purification of baptism and fast, complementing the Trinity. As a proof that I myself recognized two thousand years ago that the FATHER is greater, superior, I humbly said to Him at the time of crucifixion: ‘FATHER, have you forsaken me?’ (Matthew c.27 v.46); ‘FATHER, in your hands I commend my spirit’ (Luke c.23 v.46). If I said that I delivered my spirit, I was recognizing that the FATHER’s spirit is greater than mine. This statement also proves that I have not gone to heaven in body and flesh, but in spirit. My FATHER and I are but one because He is omnipresent and manifests himself through me. But when they whipped me, when they spat on my face and humiliated me in the occasion of the crucifixion, my FATHER abandoned me because He is majestic and does not accept such treatment, besides that I needed to suffer all that situation so as to rescue the debt towards the divine law. FATHER, Son and the Holy Spirit are only one thing because He is omnipresent, but they are dissociable, because He is the LORD, the All-Powerful. The fact that the word ‘trinity’ is not written in the Bible does not mean that the Trinity has not existed or is not in the Bible. Since the beginning of creation, when GOD created Adam and after He created Eve, the Trinity already existed. The LORD separated Eve from my body and she passed through the same process of reincarnation individually, and then two thousand years ago came the Holy Spirit and descended upon me; it was Eve’s purified spirit, which does not reincarnate individually anymore and does not sin anymore, for this reason it is called Holy. For the ratiocinating beings, it is written in the Bible about the Trinity since the beginning of creation: FATHER – GOD, the CREATOR; Adam – the Son, to whom He gave the orders (that I disobeyed culminating with the expulsion from paradise), and Eve – that since two thousand years ago is called the Holy Spirit. But as I said, this is worth for the ratiocinating beings; nevertheless, the crawling beings will never assimilate my words. Regarding what men invented and distorted along the centuries, including Constantine’s flunkies, it is a matter of using good sense and ask GOD the gift of discernment so as to separate what is divine inspiration from the human inventions. Very truly I tell you, my son: you do not need to be a fervorous follower, but you can assimilate my words. I ask my FATHER to enlighten you and give you the gift of understanding”.

23) Christ said that he has not come to bring peace, but the sword. Have you come to cause the war? To make parents against their children, as the Bible says? (Renan Celso)

INRI CRISTO: “This text is very clear in Matthew c.10 v.34 to 40: ‘Do not judge that I have come to bring peace to earth; I have not come to bring peace, but the sword. Because I have come to separate the son from his father, and the daughter from her mother, and the mother-in-law from the daughter-in-law; and the enemies of those who believe in me will be their very relatives’. Well, my son, I am the emissary of peace, and right because I am from the peace, when the darkness spirits find me, they get desperate and reveal themselves in the familiar environment; then the separation between son and father, daughter and mother, daughter-in-law from mother-in-law becomes inevitable. It means that in the bosom of a whole family, sometimes only one person has eyes to see who I am and remains faithful to my FATHER and to me, even if the relatives manifest themselves contrarily. Those who love light come to me and receive more light, while the spirits of darkness get revolted, hate, blaspheme, attack… behold why the separation is inevitable. When I said that I would come to separate and would not bring peace, but a sword, this sword is my tongue, through which I speak the truth, that not everybody is prepared to hear and assimilate. The reality is that not everyone have eyes to see and ears to hear”.

24) Did you have contact with Satan in this incarnation? Why couldn’t Satan repent and be saved?

INRI CRISTO: “Because Satan is a spirit, an instrument of atonement and evolution for the human beings. He will only be save when everyone be saved, when everyone be evolved, as then it will not need to fulfill its role in the context of divine creation anymore”.

25) Did it ever pass through your head that you could be victim of an obsession? Shouldn’t you go to a spiritualist center?

INRI CRISTO: “The inquisitor demonstrates to be under obsession, it is possible to realize that he is passing through obsession of the dark spirits; otherwise, he would study my complete story and realize that my acts reflect obedience to the One who sent me again to this world, since I live only to fulfill the will of the ALMIGHTY, my FATHER, LORD and GOD. When a person is passing through an obsession, does not have coherence in the acts, in the words or in the decisions. It was for obedience to my FATHER that I gathered ten thousand people with me and performed the Libertarian Act inside Belem’s cathedral on Feb 28th 1982, which culminated in breaking the bond with my former church (the proscribed roman, whore of Revelation c.17) and the birth of the New Catholic Order, SOUST (Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity). And it is not needed much effort to verify the evident decay of the proscribed roman church, that for strength of ALMIGHTY’s curse, agonizes day after day and slowly dies, victim of the divine angel called time. Always when the LORD gives an order, at the same time He gives the means for executing it, while the interferences from the malignant edge insanity; behold the main difference between an order from the ALMIGHTY and one obsessed of the dark spirits. Actually, through this question it is possible to realize that the inquisitor is a mount under custody of an obsessive spirit”.

26) Inri, how much is your fortune estimated in?

INRI CRISTO: “My fortune, my only fortune is the powerful bond that I keep with the ALMIGHTY, my FATHER, LORD and GOD. The Federal Police has already investigated all my life when I responded a lawsuit for ideological falsehood that lasted for fifteen years in Curitiba and culminated with the recognition of my identity by earthly authorities. Astonished, the Federal Police certified about my legitimacy, since I do now own material goods, I do not own bank account, finally, I live only to serve my FATHER, LORD and GOD. Truly, very truly I tell you: my greater richness is on not owning anything. Did I have any material good, I would be stripped of the authority, of the spiritual and theocratic power that my FATHER trusted me with. The only goods that I can define as being mine are: my tunic, my mantle, my bag, my sandals. I have nothing against the material goods. On the contrary, I ask the ALMIGHTY to bless you with prosperity and abundance, so that you may participate in the purveyance of the LORD’s house, that is SOUST. Just I cannot own anything in my name; did I have, I would harm the spiritual majesty of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me. SOUST lives on spontaneous donations. The LORD is the provider and inspires the human beings with pure hearts to give with the right hand without the left knowing how much (Matthew c.6 v.3)”.

27) Who was Prophet Mohammed that claimed to be “the last prophet of the GOD of Abraham”?

INRI CRISTO: “My FATHER is the LORD, GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob. I only respond for my condition, for INRI CRISTO that I am, finally, I only respond for Christianity. I do not give any opinion about religious leaders that do not have to do with Christianity”.

28) What do you think about the events along history regarding the countless massacres that happened in name of religion? What do you think of those who killed in name of GOD (or Allah or any other name)?

INRI CRISTO: “I do not think, I know and feel that nothing happens on Earth without the acquiescence of GOD. If someone is victim of any massacre, if someone dies in an accident or storm, in a disaster or any misfortune, will be rescuing karmic debt; the body suffers, dies, can even be mutilated, but the spirit returns to the origin purified and afterwards will receive a new body according to the wish of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, Supreme CREATOR and only LORD of the Universe. Those who killed in name of the religion would also kill for another reason, those who hate in name of religion would also hate their fellows for another reason. Actually, only those who dared disconnecting from GOD need a religion. Who is united to GOD, who keeps an intimacy with GOD does not need religion, does not need to shield behind a religion to let the primitive instincts spring, thus taking him to his primordial wild condition”.

29) Why does Christ need assistants?

INRI CRISTO: “I, INRI CRISTO, do not need assistant for me. However, the circumstances imposed by my mission demand that I have assistants in order that my children may come to my presence and relate with me. Since the times I was called Jesus I had the disciples to give me assistance in the relationship with the public and it could not be different now”.

30) If you are Jesus indeed, why are you forming disciples instead of bringing the understanding that we are children of the same FATHER? For who follows the FATHER does not need to follow Masters.

INRI CRISTO: “It is a mistake asserting that I am forming disciples; I am not forming disciples. I am just teaching my children to live according to my FATHER’s laws. Those who have capacity of assimilation take my words and the teachings that I minister from my FATHER into consideration; amidst many, very few have become disciples, only those who have vocation and were born for this mission. I am answering you right to give the understanding that you ask, so that someday you become worthy to be called son of GOD, since only those who become worthy of it can be called GOD’s child. Actually, my son, who follows the FATHER does not need to follow masters, even because I said to the disciples two thousand years ago: “No one shall be called your father, for one is your FATHER, the one in heaven, or do not make you call masters within yourselves, for one is your Master, the Messiah” (Matthew c.23 v.10). If someone recognizes me and calls me Master, it is not for sake of me, but for the One who sent me again; I do not attribute anything that I speak for myself, but only for my FATHER, LORD and GOD”.

31) If the world does not have solution, why don’t you perform a miracle and save it?

INRI CRISTO: “Only my FATHER performs miracles. Two thousand years ago, when I was asked by the disciples about the signs of the world ending and my return to Earth, I answered: “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars, and nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in various places… All this is but the beginning of birth pangs” (Matthew c.24 v.7 and 8). Let us suppose that my FATHER had given me power to save the world before fulfilling all that I announced; then I would not be the Son of GOD, Christ, GOD’s emissary. I would have been a liar two thousand years ago or would be now, as I said that when I came back all these things that are happening would happen, and other more. Only in attention to the elect GOD will abbreviate the days of tribulation, the terrible days that approach. Therefore, it is not a matter of saving the world from the misfortunes that are to come, as they are inevitable; my mission is to give GOD’s children the consciousness on how the divine law works, so that each one may save himself. I cannot save the world from the things that the very human being has planted making bad use of free-will; all the wars, calamities, finally, all the misfortunes that are happening were seeded by man and man will have to harvest”.

32) Don’t you think that GOD is a little incompetent? If for so many thousands of years he has been trying to speak to His “children” and until now could not be understood, the wisdom of such divinity is at least doubtful.

INRI CRISTO: “I could perfectly understand that I am talking to an atheist. It is necessary to point out that GOD is not worried if until now, in these thousands and millions of years, he could not make understand in the attempt of communicating with His children; actually, it is not Him who is failing. GOD, my FATHER, is the Supreme CREATOR, only non-created being, only eternal, only Being worthy of worship and veneration, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, only LORD of the Universe. He exposes the law and, for being omnipresent and omniscient, He knows that all the law created by Him for millennia needs to be interpreted and understood by the earth inhabitants. However, the LORD also knows that each human being, according to the level of spiritual evolution, takes more or less time to assimilate the law. The wisdom is inherent to the Supreme CREATOR, but it is not necessarily inherent to the earth inhabitants, because most of them still ratiocinates in a crawling way, like the quadrupeds that live in the horizontal position. Only the vertical beings can ratiocinate and start to glimpse the greatness, the wisdom of the Supreme CREATOR. Exactly because the human being needs to experience the narrow way of evolution that leads to the infinite, few know and understand the divine law. For such reason my FATHER always sends me back on Earth with the mission of exposing and interpreting the law to the human beings, and even to answer questions like this one that you have just made”.

33) By the way, if Christianity is a “monotheist” religion and that (in theory) believes in only one god, how can you believe in one god that (according to the Bible) is “three in one”? And the saints, how will they be positioned? It is not rare, the saints gain more attention of the population than the main god… in this case, the Christians.

INRI CRISTO: “I have already realized that you are a ratiocinating being and consider relevant to meticulously answer your questions. The true Christianity is effectively monotheist, but paganism is not. Paganism believed in procession, in queen of heaven, ‘our lady’. In the very beginning of Christianity, the leaders of the one that became the roman catholic apostolic (not Christian in its essence anymore), ally to the emperors of Rome, decided for the substitution of the pagan goddesses Cibele and Isis by the ‘our-ladies’, that proliferate until the contemporary days. The same way the ‘saints’ were invented by the vultures, con men, deceivers, traitors of the divine cause who subjected to the whore of Revelation c.17. Only one is saint, the LORD GOD, my FATHER. The others are invention of the faith mercenaries. And I tell you in truth that in the case of the LORD and the Holy Trinity, it is not a matter of having a god ‘three in one’, that means, there are not thee gods in one; the LORD is and will always be the LORD, the Supreme CREATOR, only non-created being, only eternal, only being worthy of worship and veneration. The Holy Trinity means that FATHER, Son and Holy Spirit are only one thing because the FATHER is omnipresent; I that speak to you am the Son, as I was the first man, Adam, the ancestor of human race, and the Holy Spirit is the spirit of the first feminine human being, called Eve in the mythological language, who does not reincarnate anymore; both of us originated the humanity. It does not matter if my first name was Adam, or any other; what really matters is that I am the same spirit, the First Begotten of GOD, who reincarnated as Noah, as Abraham, as Moses, as David etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. Two thousand years ago I had to rescue the sins of humanity because it was me, Adam, who had introduced the humanity on the path of sin, and for this reason I always have the mission of re-connecting the human beings to the path of the LORD”.

34) What is the meaning of life?

INRI CRISTO: “Life does not have other meaning by live, evolve and glorify the Supreme CREATOR, my FATHER, only non-created being, only eternal, only Being worthy of worship and veneration. Otherwise, it cannot even be considered life, as life on Earth without the LORD is a valley of suffering and tribulations”.

35) Do you think that the dark spirits abandon the body of a person just by speaking some verses of the Bible?

INRI CRISTO: “Of course they do not abandon the body of a person just by speaking some verses of the Bible. On the contrary, they laugh if you just speak some verses of the Bible thinking about expelling them, it is not so simple as it seems”.

36) What would prevent them from using the same body again?

INRI CRISTO: “The dark spirits abandon the body of a victim that speaks some verses of the Bible only when the dark spirit is accomplice of the impostor that “expels” it to increase the number of slaves. When it seems that the false shepherd is expelling the dark spirit, actually, because the evil is simulator, it pretends abandoning the body of the victim aiming to give credit to the impostor that is its accomplice, his ally. But afterwards it comes back with his colleges in a more vehement way to take possession of that body. The only way to apart the dark spirits is praying the New LORD’s prayer with body and soul, and humbly ask the ALMIGHTY to apart the malignant energies from the dark spirits”.

37) Wasn’t the rapture to happen after the coming of Christ?

INRI CRISTO: “There isn’t any rapture, it is invention of Paul, he was delirious saying that I would come to rapture my church. For three times Paul declared his condition of delinquent. He confesses in I Corinthians c.15 v.9 that he was not worthy to be called apostle for he persecuted the church of GOD; afterwards he declared in Galatians c.1 v.7 that even if an angel came from heaven teaching another Gospel besides the one that I left two thousand years ago should be considered accursed. And to finish with golden key, in Romans c.3 v.7 he confesses that he is liar. Then, what can you expect from a liar person? One of Paul’s lies was to say that I would come to rapture. There is no rapture, there is the gathering of GOD’s children with the First Begotten, with the Son of Man that speaks to you. When this chaotic world comes to an end, the elect will gather and I will bestow upon them the instructions from the ALMIGHTY about how behaving in order to form the new earthly society”.

38) What do you say about the Gnostics, or Gnose? Is what they preach right?

INRI CRISTO: “It depends, my son. If the Gnostics that you refer to are those who try to control the energies of sex, fanatically obedient to Samuel Aun Weor, from Mexico, then I tell you that they are moving in turns, knelt in front of the owner of the halter and turning their back to GOD. Samuel Aun Weor’s followers will never be able to achieve what he promised, because the power over the flesh only my FATHER can give, and He only gives to those ready to humbly assimilate the teachings that I minister from Him. If you are asking about other Gnostics, then it is necessary that you reformulate the question”.

39) About the soul not being able to enter the water, I would say that it is true only if soul = breath, since it is possible for the man to live indefinitely submersed, it is enough to have the necessary machines (I wonder if these machines can carry the soul?…). According to this theory, the soul of a diver would disperse while he remains submersed. About the free-will, can you tell me what happens if someone proclaims to be the very Christ and preaches just like He did? I know that he would not suffer bad things by the action and reaction, as he would do/preach only good things.

INRI CRISTO: “The man can even survive submerged for a while with help of machines, but not indefinitely; the soul does not disperse since he keeps contact with the vital element that is oxygen. GOD inspired the scientists to invent these diving equipments, thus facilitating the displacement of those who fulfill their mission under the water. The blood does not coagulate because it continues being fed by oxygen, and the spirit, consequently, follows his owner. Regarding the second question, any human being who dares to claim himself Christ, even if preaches all the teachings that I have preached when I was called Jesus and demonstrates to be the most competent actor, will be merely a parrot repeater of words, since much beyond the words is the authority on teaching, the certainty, the security, and above all the LORD’s anointing. Maybe you do not even know, but Christ, from the Greek, means “the anointed”, in the singular. Therefore there is only one Christ; I that speak to you am the same Christ who was crucified two thousand years ago, like it or not, believe it or not”.

40) Does Christ keep the Sabbath or Sunday?

INRI CRISTO: “I obviously keep the seventh day, which is the Sabbath of the LORD. In the condition of representative of the LORD’s law, I teach the disciples and all the integrants of GOD’s Kingdom, formalized as SOUST, to keep the Sabbath day. All of us here in the LORD’s house in Brasilia, the New Jerusalem, keep the Sabbath; my followers also keep the Sabbath, which is the day that we meet together and speak about the LORD, not only worship, because worshiping I worship Him every day and so I teach my children. Actually, Sunday is the first day of the week, then comes Monday and so on”.

41) Has Christ annulled the Old Testament? 

INRI CRISTO: “I have never annulled the Old Testament, as it brings part of the divine law. I myself said when I was called Jesus that I have not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it (Matthew c.5 v.17). It was just due to the Old Testament that I delivered myself in holocaust; it was foreseen that I had to be sacrificed to make the new covenant, propitiating that humanity started a new life from then on”.

42) According to your incarnations that you quoted, it seems that the Bible summarizes your history. Is it right? Is the history of humanity directly bonded to your history?

INRI CRISTO: “The Bible is a book of dead letters and only with the acquiescence and inspiration from the ALMIGHTY someone can understand it without going into fanaticism. The history of humanity is obviously bonded to my history, since I am the Firstborn of GOD. It does not matter if they say that I was Adam, or any other name. The important is that I was the first ape that was born erect and without tail, the First Begotten of GOD, Father of humanity”.

43) This law about the Sabbath, that we shall not work, is it worth until nowadays?

INRI CRISTO: “The law of GOD is worth forever. We keep the Sabbath and all those who want the LORD’s blessing shall also keep the Sabbath, which is the day of the LORD, the say for renewing the symbiosis and stay in harmony with the LORD. The LORD merciful forgives the ignorant, but only the ignorant are forgiven; those who have conscience of the divine law shall keep the Sabbath”.

44) What are the consequences of having chosen the Sunday as the resting day?

INRI CRISTO: “The consequences are inherent of who obeyed Emperor Constantine; he converted to the Christianity declaring it the official religion of the roman empire as a stroke of political ability. To attract pagan adepts, he introduced many changes, amidst which changing the resting day of the Christians from Sabbath to Sunday, the Sun Day venerated by the pagans. But the law of the LORD always continued on. The Sabbath of the LORD is the most propitious day to receive the LORD’s blessings; the Jewish people have prosperity because they observe the law and keep the Sabbath. Nevertheless, who keeps the Sunday instead of Sabbath becomes destitute of the heavenly blessings that the LORD distributed on the Sabbath, not on Sunday. Therefore, whoever wants to have part in the LORD’s blessings, shall keep the Sabbath. The consequence of keeping the Sunday instead of the Sabbath is the abandonment, the despise of GOD to the disobedient children. But while you are ignorant of the divine law, the LORD merciful and magnanimous absolves you; in this case, the ignorance is a cover of protection, mainly because you were deceived, cheated by the faith mercenaries, successors of Constantine”.


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