Part 17 – Daily life, vegetarian nutrition, relationship with the media, INRI CRISTO and the young people


1) What does your feeding consist on? What do you consider a healthy nutrition?

INRI CRISTO: “I am naturalist, I live basically on raw vegetables, specially crude garlic, as it was an order from the LORD. All nutrients that animals (including human beings) need to survive are found in Mother Nature. In 1980, when I fasted in Mexico, my FATHER instructed me regarding the importance of feeding based on crude food and showed me how human body works inside; He showed me the harmony and perfection existing in each function it develops and the part of feeding in this harmonious complex. When a food is cooked, the biggest part of vitamins is lost with fire and the rest becomes a “bagasse” of food. First, the sun must cook food and carry it with vital energy; after, your own body must cook it so that all possible nutrients are assimilated. Countless scientific articles have been written concerning the advantage of feeding based on vegetables, more precisely crude vegetables, substantially more healthy and favorable to body’s good performance. When GOD created man and all animals that move over the Earth, He said: “See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the Earth, and every tree with seed in its fruits; you shall have them for food” (Genesis c.1 v.29). Subsequently, on the occasion of the great flood, due to the lack of food, the LORD had provisionally authorized Noah and the ones in the ark to feed of the flesh of certain animals, but only until vegetation flourished again (Genesis c.9 v.3 and 4). However, men got used to this habit, which persists up to nowadays. Unfortunately, the consumption of meat became an institutionalized vice; meat industry moves millions and millions of dollars each year. Only through a complete reeducation of society it could be changed. Killing animals is the violation of tenth commandment: “You shall not kill” (Exodus c.20 v.13). In Isaiah c.66 v.3, it’s textually written: “Whoever slaughters an ox is like one who kills a human being”. Therefore, at GOD’s eyes, whoever eats the flesh of an ox is like one who eats the flesh of a man.”

2) Why do you call the Earth as mother?

INRI CRISTO: “Because mother is the one who gives food, propitiating body growth and development. All of you came from Mother Earth; all particles making your bodies came direct or indirectly from Mother Earth. Even the milk serving you as food came from Mother Earth, since your genitor must resort to her to produce it and breast-feed you; I mean, she needed to feed with bread, beans, rice, fruits, cereals, all of them coming from Mother Earth. The day when a woman can feed her son without turning to Mother Earth, that day she could say: “I am this child’s mother”. In your own Bible it is written: “You are dust, from dust you came and to dust will return” (Genesis c.3 v.19). The dust we all are made of are the particles from Mother Earth ingested in form of nutrients, which gather in body’s physical constitution and one day will turn to be dust, completing nature’s perfect renewal cycle.”

3) What is your hobby?

INRI CRISTO: “I don’t do anything merely for hobby but for any reason, especially by determination of my FATHER. But if I were to have any hobby, this one would be pulling out human beings’ halters. Alienated by false religions, they live as quadrupeds, as bearer mules. I want all of them to be free and not be done as mounts by faith mercenaries. Who wants to understand it, then understand.”

4) Do you like to listen to music?

INRI CRISTO: “I obviously listen to music, preferentially the classical ones, not for fun but for being a spiritual feeding. I listen to popular music too when there’s a meaning, a message in its letter. Unfortunately, music isn’t done anymore as in former days; music is now fabricated. It’s abominable hearing this shouting, this racket, whose finality is drugging and alienating consciousnesses. Neuronal system is not prepared to live with health among too much noise. In this case, better than listening to a frenetic sound is keeping silence. I understand young people, as I’ve also been young. But when they have matured and refined musical taste, then they will learn to appreciate not only classical music, which is universal music, but also will hear the voice of nature in its eternal whispering, the wind blowing among trees and hills, the beautiful sing of birds…”

5) Do you watch television?

INRI CRISTO: “My FATHER told me to get up with world events in order to fulfill my mission. It’s even unpleasant to notice the existence of so many barbarisms, the suffering of so many human beings, but this is the reality and I can only make something to change this scene when they let me speak. I watch television in general, especially the news. Sometimes I watch a program called Malhação, which pictures contemporary youth behavior and alterations in youth minds on the XXI century, after all they carry revolution blood in their veins.”

6) Do you practice exercises?

INRI CRISTO: “The practice of exercises has fundamental importance either for the body and for the soul. Always when it’s possible, I walk at least one hour per day. Even when there’s not a spacious place, I walk inside home. Two thousand years ago I said: “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile” (Matthew c.5 v.41). I recommend all my sons, if they want to keep health, to practice exercises, mainly walks. I’ve already recommended many ill people to walk every day; subsequently, they came to thank me. Idleness is an evil that the sons of GOD shall not keep in their character, specially the ones who work with the mind. They not only shall practice exercises but also keep salutary hygiene habits. The LORD GOD, my FATHER, loves perfection, and hygiene makes part of it. For this reason it’s pleasant at ALMIGHTY’s eyes when someone makes effort to be a hygienic person, keeping the place where they live always clean, even when they don’t own many belongings. Yet being poor and clean than rich and dirty.”

7) What kind of books do you like to read?

INRI CRISTO: “There isn’t a specific kind of book that I like to read, even because for me reading isn’t a matter of like but to keep informed about global reality. I read magazines, books, newspapers, concerning diverse issues, what is not always very pleasant facing the calamities of this chaotic world. As I am theo-taught, then I obviously read the books that LORD, my FATHER, determines, independently of who may have written it. According to LORD’s instruction, I make trial of all information that comes to me, and so I taught you in the Parable of Diamonds, since the Kingdom of GOD resembles an enormous granary full of hay and straw, where countless diamonds are hidden, guarded. The diligent picker will have to remove straw by straw if he wants to find them with the intention to form the crown of wisdom. It means that, sometimes, in a whole book, there’s only one period expressing a fragment of divine law. Every writer may be attacked by a moment of delirium, vanity, pride, that always makes necessary reading his works with criterion. You must never believe in all that a man wrote only considering his titles, after all he is a human being subject to mistakes and failures. I recommend my sons to read attentively and see everything in detail, making use of reasoning faculty before accepting and assimilating any idea. There are no absolute truths; only GOD is the absolute and unquestionable truth. Even book AWAKENER, which contains my real history and the teachings I minister from the part of my FATHER, must be read with alert spirit. Any doubt that may appear during the reading, it’s just a matter of asking me and then I will explain, as all inside book AWAKENER has a meaning, a reason to be.”

8) Why can’t you touch objects such as the telephone and avoid touching people?

INRI CRISTO: “Since the fast in 1979, my FATHER said that I shall use my hands only for blessing. Many times I was misunderstood. But regarding not touching people, this is not true. I place my hands on people’s heads to give them the blessing. I have already placed my hands on their wounds and sicknesses many times so that they could obtain the healing. When someone comes to greet me, I great him or her placing my hand on their heads, more precisely on the pineal gland, aiming that a symbiosis may be established between her and my FATHER through me. Regarding the telephone, as I gesticulate when speaking – I speak with the hands – when necessary I do my communication through a loud-speaker system, through which I give interviews to the radio stations in the whole of Brazil”.

9) Why do you accept to participate of television programs that present you in a scene of debauch or in critical tone?

INRI CRISTO: “My FATHER, LORD and GOD told me that I must appear to mankind, no matter the circumstances. I have to expose my image to the world, even though in weird programs, as there will always be a son of GOD who will understand my message and recognize me. If the program doesn’t give me dignity, I will give dignity to the program. In spite of some sons still being blind and not recognizing me as the First Begotten of GOD, I love them also. In the light of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me, I love all creatures moving over the Earth. Even in the most ignorant and mean environment I’ve already found vehement signs of good will and comprehension; among slanders and conspiracies there’s always a son of GOD with a pure heart and a clean soul, who has eyes to see and ears to hear. For these ones I appear, for love of these ones I expose myself, otherwise they wouldn’t have the opportunity to know that I am in bone and flesh on Earth. In 1981, French newspaper Le Liberation, from Paris, published a cover report putting my identity in doubt, in the attempt to denigrate me. But my FATHER said they can speak and write all sorts of slanders about me that it will always be for my benefit; one way or another way, the integrants of my flock will see my face, listen to my voice and recognize me. I leave the question in the air: why is press forbidden to speak good or bad about me? As I’ve well said when I was called Jesus, it’s not possible to hide a lamp under a bed or a city upon a high place. Therefore, they can’t hide me from people for too much time. Sooner or later the LORD GOD, my FATHER, will wreck this black curtain of boycott imposed by organized lack of information and humanity will know that I am the same, like it or not, believe it or not.”

10) Do you demand any earning when you go to TV programs?

INRI CRISTO: “I do not or will ever demand any earning; it would even be ridiculous, because I am not an artist. The televisions that invite me help with only the expenses of the vehicle (motor-home) where I travel with my disciples, because SOUST, my new and only church, and MEPIC (international institution that helps my mission) are non-profit organizations”.

11) Why have you not been to program of Serginho Groisman anymore?

INRI CRISTO: “While he worked on SBT, many times he invited me to be interviewed in Programa Livre, he allowed me to speak for the whole time. For me, despite the trivial divergences of the audience, it was always a pleasure to speak directly to the young people. But since Serginho changed the broadcasting station, there was an impediment for us to meet again. The production of program Altas Horas, in Globo Networks, invited me to be in the opening program, in October 2000. On this occasion, I and the disciples integrating my suite were in Blumenau (SC) and stopped the trip in Santa Catarina, as it was necessary organizing for the trip. When we arrived at the headquarters of SOUST in Curitiba, they simply informed us that the invitation was over. The reason that lead them to behave this way is a mystery, because when I was invited by Programa do Jô there was a good receptiveness from the production and the other workers of Globo networks. I know that if it depended only on Serginho, he would certainly have taken me to the program. But the decisions do not depend exclusively on him. I cannot be hypocrite. I am forced to speak the truth, no matter who it may hurt. Many “hidden interests” are hurt each time I appear on TV, so they try by all means stop me from speaking, preventing people from seeing that I am in bone and flesh on Earth”.

12) Why are there so many voices against you in your television appearances?

INRI CRISTO: “Many look, but few can see me, few can see who I am; only those to whom GOD gives the gift to see. Few are the ones who have eyes to see and ears to listen. While I am still in the time of reproach (“But first – before his glory day – must the Son of Man endure much suffering and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35), the few ones who manifest in favor of me do not want to be socially compromised. But ironically, as GOD writes right even though through winding lines, exactly these ones that manifest against me are those who most spread the news of my presence on Earth and consequently they are the generators of audience. Always keep in mind that not even when I was called Jesus I could please everyone; otherwise, they would not have crucified me”.

13) What do you think about the job of journalist?

INRI CRISTO: “Except rare and brilliant exceptions, the job of journalist is one of the most ingrate, corrupt and mean ones that I have ever seen in my long journey on Earth. Actually, even the street sweepers can consider themselves more fortunate than the journalists in their jobs, because at least the street sweepers have their tiresome work, they remove the dirt, the trash, gather all in a determined place and at the end of the work nobody will stop them from taking the garbage to the final destiny. They have the reward to feel the satisfaction of done duty, to see the result of their efforts; they are well-considered by the pedestrians and by the society. The contrary can be said about the job of journalist. I have already contacted hundreds of journalists. Many of them make efforts, interview, travel long distances, research, do the work of redaction, but at the end, when the writing is done, an individual named their boss comes and arbitrarily decides for another destiny, resulting in a waste of work. Then they have to start all over again. I tell these things with experience, as I have lived such lamentable reality very closely. At first the journalists should have the mission of informing, not propitiating the lack of information. They inform what is convenient in a corrupt system, which satisfies the ambition of the hidden interests. Whenever a serious journalist tries to make an interview about me, he is boycotted by his hierarchy superiors. Veja magazine is forbidden to speak good or bad about me; the only occasion they wrote something, the information concerning the Libertarian Act that I performed in Belem of Para on Feb 28th 1982 was distorted. Recently an honest journalist from the newspaper Folha de São Paulo wanted to write a report about me, but he was “pruned” by his boss. The magazine Superinteressante interviewed me for many hours and never published anything; this gap keeps on until nowadays. I tell you this only to quote some of the most notorious examples. But I do not hurry. I have consciousness that it is not me who needs to speak to the people; people need to hear me, people need to know the things I have to say from the part of my FATHER. At the right day and time, nobody will be able to prevent the Word of GOD manifesting without censorship”.

14) How is your relationship with the young?

INRI CRISTO: “As I’ve already said before, the young carry revolution blood in their veins; the hope of building a better world is deposited in them. They will help to base new earthly society, in the rising of New Age. When I practiced the Libertarian Act in Belém of Pará on the memorable and historical Feb 28th 1982, most of those who accompanied me were young people. Now most of my disciples are young people. Fire and impulse of youth make the great revolutions. I was young too and know what they think. For that reason I am comprehensive when some, compelled by youthful fervor, have a mistaken and have a rash idea about me. But when they come to my presence, those who have free mind and pure heart understand my condition and roll sleeve up to strive beneath the consolidation of Kingdom of GOD over the Earth”.

15) Are you used to speaking in faculties and universities?

INRI CRISTO: “Whenever it’s possible I accept the invitation of the youth to speak in faculties and universities. Also, many commissions of students came to visit and question me in the seat of SOUST, in Curitiba. I consider salutary when young people question me and I can clear their doubts, since the future depends on them, in their veins blood of revolution runs. What sometimes I speak to some dozens of young people I would like to speak to all humanity. Well instructed young of today are solid and conscious adults of tomorrow.”

INRI CRISTO has already spoken in many faculties and universities, as the example of La Paz Philosophy Faculty and Grand Ecole Polytechnique of Paris. In Curitiba, faculties SPEI, TUIUTI, journalism faculty of UFPR, etc. have already invited him. Moreover, he has spoken in countless television networks in Brazil and abroad: Globo Networks, SBT, Band, Record, the extinct Manchete, CNT, Rede TV, TV Mulher, RTL (Germany), SIC (Portugal), Televisa (Mexico), Antenne Deux (France), and in most television broadcasters in Latin America. Finally, INRI CRISTO is known national and internationally.

16) Why did you accept the challenge of Program Pânico to be interviewed in the 10th Erotic Fair in São Paulo?

INRI CRISTO: “I accepted the challenge of Program Pânico to visit the “Toyland of Sex” because that was the way my FATHER arranged to mock, satirize, shock the organizers of the boycott that is imposed to me by the organized lack of information, that monitors the media against the Son of Man. The “Toyland of Sex” is the refuge of those who do not know the love of GOD, of those who seek the happiness and the personal achievement in the ephemeral illusory pleasures. The existence of such places, mainly in the current days, demonstrates the growing and insatiable human dissatisfaction. Actually, the human beings are more and more misguided, disoriented, orphan of spirituality; they ignore that they will only find the true happiness, they will only glimpse the whole and everlasting satisfaction of their longings when they establish a symbiosis with my FATHER, LORD and GOD; while they do not discover the pleasure of living in communion with the ALMIGHTY, the Supreme CREATOR, only non-created being, only eternal, only being worthy of worship and veneration, only LORD of the Universe, they will continue at the mercy of the inevitable restlessness inherent to the fantasies and the allures that the world offers. My presence in this place obviously considered promiscuous has as aim exhorting that before seeking the pleasures of the world, the human beings shall seek the pleasure of living in harmony with the Supreme CREATOR, who created even the sexual organs of your bodies. Thus proceeding you will keep the equilibrium in all your attitudes. GOD, who writes right even though on winding lines, imposes that I expose myself under the most controversial circumstances while I live the time of reproach announced before being crucified (“But first must the Son of Man endure much suffering and be rejected by his generation” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). My FATHER, LORD and GOD said that I shall manifest in many places, even the most unusual ones; because I am untouchable, I will always be unharmed. I have already taken my FATHER’s message to Masonic temples and many other esoteric institutions, in the main universities of Brazil, in the public squares, in prisons, in restaurants and bars, in the amusement parks where the little children are gathered and even in the cabarets, where I spoke sermons to the night lovers and to the prostitutes. My FATHER said that I sanctify the places where I place my feet. I have not come for the ones that consider themselves saved; I have come for the sinners with this chaotic world. The human beings with pure hearts and free minds will understand that I only expose myself for love of my children; despite I still drink the last portion of the bitter chalice of reproach, in the light of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me, I continue to love all the creatures that move upon Earth. No matter what one may think of what I speak, I am and will always be the same, no matter where I am”.

17) In December 2004 the journalist Fabio Murakawa spread a report about you in magazine Sexy. What do you think about magazines such as Sexy?

INRI CRISTO: “Magazines like Sexy are interesting because they have freedom of expression. GOD writes right even though on winding lines. If we are living in a world and in an epoch where everything turns around sex and the women dress more to exhibit their provocative shapes than to hide them, then Sexy magazine is interesting as it has space for the Son of GOD to speak. Blessed is magazine Sexy that opens space for the Son of Man to manifest. The ones who read this magazine are sinners, like everybody is. However, those who repudiate this kind of magazine are the hypocrites and the fake eaters of host and rosary counters who read it hidden in the bathroom. What regards to me, since my FATHER gave me power over the flesh in the fast, I do not have the sexual restlessness inherent to the human being anymore. In the condition of Father of mankind, I do not need to see such magazines with my daughters naked since I know all their bodies. But it is obvious that I will attentively observe this edition that will bring a report about me”.

18) The media is considered the 4th Power. You have exposed yourself in the media, preaching and “proving” that you are INRI CRISTO, so why do the doubts still exist?

INRI CRISTO: “I foresaw two thousand years ago that, on the occasion of my return, before the LORD’s glory day I would be rejected by my contemporaries (“… But first it is necessary that the Son of Man endure much suffering and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). I still drink, sip by sip, the last portion of the bitter chalice of reproach.  However, signaling the end of the reproach time, on October 24th 2000 the Eminent Tribunal of Justice in the State of Parana issued a revering sentence recognizing my identity, my name INRI CRISTO on all my documents. Although the media often misinforms more than informs people, for many there is no doubt that I am who I say that I am; there are doubts only for those who continue believing in this folkloric Christ that was invented in my absence from the Earth, in this Christ that continues frozen in heaven, that will never come as he does not exist. There are still doubts for those who prefer to continue with their old beliefs, with their old superstitions, with their old habits. I am here for those who love and seek the truth at any cost, by those who prefer walking with the feet on the ground, by those who wait for the divine justice to shine upon Earth”.

19) What is your everyday life? Please tell us.

INRI CRISTO: “I am an educator, and came to the world to teach my children how to live well on Earth. And the best way of educating is by giving the example. So, I daily practice exercises, this is fundamental for me, a sacred duty, as the body is the most precious gift given by the Heavenly FATHER and requires we take care. I do many readings and a discerning selection of everything that arrives to my hands, and I convey this to my disciples. I watch the TV news, as my condition requires that I be informed about the worldwide events and have a universal vision about the contemporary reality. I teach those who come to my presence to live with health, to take salutary nutrition according to the instruction that I received from my FATHER, I teach them to get rid of the stingy feelings that limit the human beings to a mediocre existence, I teach them what is the true love, how to love with truthfulness and convey the love to their fellows, finally, I came to awaken the life that sleeps inside each one of you, this is my everyday life, this is my mission on Earth, one of the main reasons why my FATHER sent me back to this world”.

20) The television programs and the media in general usually expose you in a comical or eccentric way, but without it your word would have scant reach. How is your relation with the media? Do you consider that the media treats you in a just way?

INRI CRISTO: “The media treats me according to the “capacity”, “wisdom” and “intelligence” of its organizers and commandants. Also, and mainly, according to the subservience and subjection of the owners to the halters, no matter they are Roman, Pharisees or Americans… Therefore when a journalist, a TV producer or any representative of the communication decides to show me, the circumstances force him to make a work in an eccentric manner and expose me in a non-orthodox way. I was asked many times why do I accept participating in the humoristic programs; my FATHER said that I shall accept the invitations because it is part of my mission to expose myself for humanity. I do not have the right to keep hidden under the shelter of my FATHER’s house while the rest of the world needs to hear me. I have already accepted invitations to go to Germany, Portugal, I have already been in many European and Latin American countries, so that humanity has the opportunity to know that I am in bone and flesh on Earth. However, I cannot decide, determine what will be the behavior of the television presenters, the speakers, the interviewers. Each one allows to spring the intellectual capacity by interviewing me and shows if that one is competent in the job or not. Obedient to my FATHER, I expose myself in the arena; each one who sees and hears me will make their own judgment. The time will come when the media will resume in the internet and these proud presenters of programs and owners of television networks will see the power that they exert upon the public opinion escape through their hands. The internet is a devastating reality, it goes subjugating everything. Nowadays, many people do not watch television anymore; when they want to know the news, they resort to the internet and get plenty of information. The television is progressively losing land to the world wide web. And through the internet every eye shall see me (“Behold that he comes over the clouds and every eye shall see him” – Revelation c.1 v.7)”.


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