Part 1 – Inri Cristo answers about his childhood, life before the revelation, the fast in 1979, the meaning of his garments and mission


1) Who are you?

INRI CRISTO: “Nobody is obliged to believe, but I am the First-born Son of GOD, the ancestor of humanity, the first ape that was born without tail, Adam, and reincarnated as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. INRI is my new name (“To whom that wins… will I write upon him the name of my GOD… and my new name” – Revelation c.3 v.12). INRI is the name that Pilate wrote above my head when I agonized on the cross, when they spat on my face, when they humiliated me, when the Scriptures were fulfilled. INRI is the name that cost the price of blood. Keep it in your heads and you will be strong and happy, my children. My heart beats strong with love for all of you”.

2) Where were you born, who are your parents?

INRI CRISTO: “On March 22nd 1948, a midwife called Ms. Bema delivered me to a couple of Catholic German peasants, Wilhelm Thais and Magdalena Thais, in a small village called Indaial, inside the state of Santa Catarina – Saint Catherine (Brazil). Both, ignoring my origination, raised me not knowing that my FATHER is my LORD and GOD and my mother is the Earth. I am circumcised Jew, but my FATHER provided that since the early age I grew in a Catholic environment in order to understand and demystify the dogmas imposed to the Christians in the land He gave me as homeland. As a child, amidst the usual jokes peculiar to children, I did not understand why they jeered and laughed for I being different. Only later, when grown up, I could understand the meaning of my origination and of circumcision. The LORD said that the name of the land would be only Catarina; it became Santa (saint) for being chosen as cradle for His Son to reincarnate”.

3) How was your childhood?

INRI CRISTO: “Since I was a little boy my life was different from the lives of other children. In childhood, I was woken up by terrible visions in the still of night. Later on my FATHER gave me knowledge they were premonitions about the end of this chaotic world. However, I could not reveal them to anybody, not even to the couple who raised me up. In a loving gesture, they held me in their arms and took care of my body until fever would reduce. When everything seemed to be fine, then I was woken up again by these terrible, but very clear visions, of people groaning, creeping on their own exposed members… It continued until I was seven years old; only when I was grown up the visions appeared sometimes again. Soon in childhood, I had to leave school to help the woman who raised me up. She washed clothes for different families to afford house rental and provide domestic support. Her husband worked in the extinct Oswald Hot tannery, in the city of Blumenau (Saint Catherine state – Brazil). He was moved away from work due to a lung illness, and the Social Welfare did not respond for the inherent duties. As she needed to wash a lot of clothes, the well in her house did not provide enough water, so I had to bring more water from the neighborhood. At the age of thirteen, one day when I was alone, I received order to leave home, because since childhood I obey an imperious voice that speaks inside my head, but until fasting I did not know whose voice it was. My clothes, recently washed, were still wet; even so I caught them, placed in a plastic pack and went away, following the destiny that my FATHER had reserved for me. I started to wander upon Earth and live the reality of contemporary society to closely know men’s hardened hearts, their weaknesses and poverty, the illnesses disguised under expensive clothes, the hypocrisy and corruption of Catholicism. Once in a while, I thought inside of me: “Why do I have to be here, why do I have to pass through this situation?” Only later I understood that it was necessary so that I could fulfill my mission”.

4) Do you have university graduation? Which is your school degree?

INRI CRISTO: “I studied men’s hearts in the university of life, passed through all the steps of contemporary society, knowing since ups and downs inherent to poverty until the higher social classes. I went to school only three years, just enough to be taught to read and write. I am theo-taught, as I receive superior instruction directly from my FATHER, LORD and GOD (“My doctrine is not mine, but of the One who sent me” – John c.7 v.14 to 16). I came back to this world to teach men the divine law to provide they live in peace and harmony, reconciling them in the union with the ALMIGHTY. There are some who say that I do not have education. Actually, I do not have the education given by men, but the one that my FATHER granted me with”.

5) How did you know you are the same Christ crucified two thousand years ago?

INRI CRISTO: “As I have previously said, since childhood I obey one voice that speaks inside my head. In 1978, I was ordered to go away from Brazil leaving nothing behind. I felt in my inner as if I would take a long trip with no return. On Sep/1st/1978 I arrived at Santa Cruz de La Sierra and, in the day next, to La Paz, in Bolivia, a Latin American country. After speaking to the Bolivians, Paraguayans, Uruguayans and Argentineans, finally, in September 1979, I was driven to the fast in Santiago of Chile. As it was the first time that I fasted, I ignored the need to drink water. In other words, I fasted “dry”. My body was on the edge of a starvation process. Suddenly, the voice said, this time more imperiously than ever: “Stand up!”. When I stood up, I felt dizziness because when we fast the blood delays coming up to the head. My arms and hands did not sustain me; they went back. So I fell down with the nose on the ground, as you can see the resulting scar even today. Then, amidst a puddle of blood, the voice said: “Pain is necessary, blood is necessary, so that, when you be insulted and reproved, you will remember it is the same blood you spilled on the cross. I am the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob. I am your LORD and GOD, and you are my Son, the same Christ who was crucified. From now on you will roam upon Earth as a wandering pilgrim. You will be prisoner, expelled, humiliated, hated. You will pay to sleep and will not be allowed to sleep; your tunic will be dirty and you will not have one who washes it. Many will laugh and debauch on you so that you know your children’s hearts, because they are your people. But I will be with you”. Then He revealed to me, as if it were on a film on a screen, all my past, the stages of previous incarnations. I that speak to you am the First-Son of GOD, Adam, and reincarnated as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. The LORD showed me when I walked towards the Skull and spoke to the women of Jerusalem: “Women of Jerusalem, do not cry for me, keep your tears for your children, because it will come a day when blessed are the sterile ones” (Luke c.23 v.28 to 29). At this moment I felt an enormous responsibility come upon me, as my FATHER gave me the consciousness that I am the father of humanity, the origin of everybody. All of you are my descendants; you came from me and through me you will return to the FATHER. For while I still drink, sip by sip, the last portion of the bitter chalice of reproach, to fulfill the prediction that I myself enunciated before being crucified (“But first (before his glory day) must he (Christ) suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so it will be when the Son of Man comes” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). Many are not prepared to receive me, they thought that I would never return, never reincarnate. But I am back as I had promised”.

6) How was your life before the fast?

INRI CRISTO: “In my adolescence, I worked as greengrocer, baker, food deliverer, waiter, etc. From the age of 21 on, I started to live as a prophet using the gift of clairvoyance that I had since childhood, despite not being conscious of my identity yet (“I will come to you as a thief and you will not know what time I will come to you” – Revelation c.3 v.3). I spoke in the radios and televisions announcing the future of people, dressed like men are dressed. I lived as a man, amidst the world sins. So I experienced the true nature of human beings, otherwise I would not have authority or discernment to judge mankind. Only when I fasted in Santiago of Chile, in 1979, my FATHER granted me with power over the flesh and consciousness of my condition. Ever since the illuminated spirit, also called the Holy Spirit, was coupled in me. Behold why I am not a man; I am the Son of Man. Therefore I started to look at all men as my sons and at all women as my daughters. My life is an open book. If I had something to hide, after the fast in 1979 I would not have returned exactly to Curitiba, the city where I lived most time of the profane life. Exactly in this city I founded the New Catholic Order (SOUST – Suprema Ordem Universal da Santíssima Trindade / Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity). Two thousand years ago it was just like this, as prophet Isaiah had prophesied: “A virgin is with child and shall bear a son, and shall name him Immanuel. He shall eat curds and honey by the time he knows how to refuse the evil and choose the good” (Isaiah c.7 v.14). Only after the fast my FATHER gave me knowledge about my condition and I started to be called Jesus. Until that time I was mud among the world sins. For that reason I insisted that John the Baptist should baptize me (Matthew c.3 v.13 to 15) so that the Holy Spirit could descend on me (John c.1 v.32). Also, when Mary Magdalene was threatened to be stoned, I was able to know that all those men were sinful because I had previously lived in their middle (John c.8 v.7)”.

7) Have you ever fallen in love?

INRI CRISTO: “I am always in love, I have a love much greater than you will ever feel for whosoever, a love that a man will never feel for a woman or will a woman ever feel for a man. I am in love with my FATHER, for His great cause, for His kingdom, where I am the Regent Mentor. I am in love indeed; this love is so huge that it does not allow space for meanness, selfish, stingy feelings, for foolish things that limit the human beings to a mediocre existence. Finally, it is a great and indissoluble love. And only because I am truly in love with my FATHER, that is the LORD of love and life, I can irradiate to you the love that I have for Him, as only those who are in love can irradiate love”.

8) But have you ever fell in love with any woman in this life? And two thousand years ago? For whom?

INRI CRISTO: “I have been and I am in love with all women, because I spread to them the love of my FATHER, LORD and GOD. They are all my daughters, as much as they are at the same time my mothers, since they symbolically represent my mother earth. The same way I am in love with  my sons, I also love all men as my sons, because I am the Father of humanity, the most ancient of all, and in the light of my LORD and my GOD, who is in me, I love all the creatures that move upon Earth. It is obvious that before the fast I experienced all the weaknesses and restlessness inherent to human beings. I was in the brothel with the prostitutes, many times I did not know why; only after the fast I understood. Two thousand years ago it also happened this way; before beginning the public life at the age of 30, I ate “curds and honey” until learning to separate good from evil, as it is written in Isaiah c.7 v.14. “Eat curds and honey” means to experience the world sins. Behold why I am pure, but not naïve. In the fast GOD granted me power over the flesh and ever since I do not live as a man. My FATHER sent me again with the mission of judging mankind, and a naïve judge does not have power or authority to judge”.

9) It is known that you, in the 70’s, was a guru of many rich and famous people. How was this work? Have you earned money doing this? Do you still keep contact with your former “clients”?

INRI CRISTO: “Until 1979, as I have already said, I lived as a prophet, because my FATHER granted me the gift of clairvoyance. I was the prophet of an unknown GOD. Many people sought for me to ask about the future. I showed the solution for their problems, gave them instruction and they contributed to my survival, with my journey upon Earth. Those that sought for me at that time were not my clients, but consultants. Now the ones that return to my presence, I freely bestow my FATHER’s blessing upon them”.

10) When you discovered that you are INRI CRISTO, the Son of GOD, who was the first person to whom you made this revelation? What was this person’s reaction?

INRI CRISTO: “Very truly, it was not I who did this revelation to a person. After the LORD revealed my identity in the fast, some people came in front of me and declared that they had recognized me because GOD had shown to them. The first person that saw who I am and recognized me even by my voice when hearing me speak in radio Portales, in Santiago of Chile, was Alamiro Tapia. He purchased the cloth of white linen to sew my first tunic. Many years before I arrived at Santiago, my FATHER had prepared some people to receive me, like a committee of reception. It is a long story, with shocking details. In the fast, my FATHER told me that I could not reveal my identity to whosoever until a broadcasting did it as if by mistake. I wandered through all Latin America, already with the tunic, but presenting as GOD’s envoy; I could not tell yet that I was the same crucified Christ. Finally, when I arrived at Mexico in 1980, to fulfill what my FATHER had warned me, the newspaper Ovaciones wrote this way: “INRI, el Cristo, habla al pueblo y cura a los enfermos en el quiosque de la Alameda” (INRI, the Christ, speaks to the people and heals the sick at Alameda square). From this very day on, I publicly assumed my identity as INRI, the same crucified Christ, and also started to feel the bitterness of reproach that awaited me”.

11) Why were you born in Brazil, not in Israel or Rome?

INRI CRISTO: “GOD is the One who chooses where His Son reincarnates. He chose the New World, the Land of Holy Cross, whose official name is Brazil. Two thousand years ago, when I walked to the Skull, He showed me the terrible destiny reserved to mankind, but also the inheritance of this new land, huge, with exuberant nature, where abundance exists. It is foreseen in the Bible that I would reappear in the New World (“I saw a new sky and a new Earth…” – Revelation c.21 v.1 and 2). The New World are the Americas (South, Central and North America). Since childhood I have heard people say that “GOD is Brazilian”. Truly, GOD is universal, but His son reincarnated in Brazil. Until October/2000, I lived in this land as a landless person. But after overcoming a lawsuit of ideological falsehood, that endured for many years in the Brazilian Federal Justice, earthly authorities officially recognized my identity and granted me all the documents where my new name is registered, the name that cost the price of blood on the cross, INRI (according to Revelation c.3 v.12), followed by my condition, CRISTO, which is the Greek word for Messiah. The Eminent Justice Tribunal of Paraná state issued a revering sentence recognizing my identity, determining that my name, INRI CRISTO, was registered in all my documents. From then on I was rid of the uncomfortable condition of landless person”.

Obs.) In 1981, INRI CRISTO was declared a landless person in France when he was expelled from England. Nine months later, he returned to Brazil in this condition, carrying a precarious title valid for 24 hours, dispatched by the General Consulate of Brazil, at Champs Elysées Avenue, Paris.

12) Why does your voice resemble the one of a foreigner?

INRI CRISTO: “When I was called Jesus, I said: “By my voice my flock will know me” (John c.10 v.4). Nobody is obliged to believe, but I am the same Christ who was crucified and returned with the same voice I had two thousand years ago. People who heard me at that time and now meet me again, in spite of not having seen my face, they recognize me by my voice, which is different from that of a Brazilian’s voice. Many times when I spoke in radio programs, some children identified me only by my voice. Also, the word is expressed through the voice. It is through the word that I will set my children free of false religious yoke, idolatry fetters, fantasy and lie. As I am the same, the way I teach my FATHER’s things continues the same. The intelligent people that come to my presence and make use of reasoning realize that I answer any kind of question without dogma or subterfuges, always inside coherence and logic, inseparable from the truth”.

13) Why is your name INRI, not Jesus?

INRI CRISTO: “Jesus is an obsolete name. I revealed to the disciple John that I would return with a new name (“To the one who wins… I will write upon him the name of my GOD… and my new name” – Revelation c.3 v.12). INRI is the name that I paid with my blood on the cross, the name Pilate wrote above my head when I agonized on the cross, when they spat on my face, when I was humiliated, when the Scriptures were fulfilled. INRI is the name that cost the price of blood. It means, in Latin, Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum. Translating: Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews. How could I return with the name Jesus if nowadays thousands of sinners are called like this, including murderers, thieves, alcoholics, drug dealers…? Pilate ordered to write this name in the moment of crucifixion as a divine inspiration. When he was questioned by the priests: “Don’t write ‘Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews’, but what Jesus said: ‘I am the King of Jews’”, if Pilate was not executing GOD’s will, he would have obeyed them. But he categorically answered: “What I wrote, I wrote” (John c.19 v.21 and 22). Although Pilate told me: “Don’t you see that I have power to crucify or to free you?”, I replied him: “No power would you have if it was not given you from the high” (John c.19 v.10 and 11). Everything was the plan of the Divine Providence. Now that I am back, I assumed my new name, INRI CRISTO, officially recognized even by earthly authorities”.

14) Why are you dressed the same way you used to dress two thousand years ago?

INRI CRISTO: “First of all, I am not here to please anybody, but to obey the Supreme and Perfect Being who sent me again to this world. I do not own anything, I do not want anything, I do not fear anything. I am not dressed like this because I chose, but for obedience to my FATHER. Moreover, when I was called Jesus I promised to the disciples that I would come back the same way I was before crucifixion (“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own, but will speak whatever he hears and he will declare to you the things that are to come. He will glorify me, because he will take what is mine and declare it to you. All that the FATHER has is mine. For this reason I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you… A little while, and you will no longer see me, and again a little while, and you will see me, because I am going to the FATHER” – John c.16 v.7 to 16). In this occasion I was speaking about my return to earth, my reincarnation. And I received back everything that I had: tunic, mantle, sandals, bag, even the crown. My FATHER ordered me to appear in public with the crown of thorns, because it is the King of kings’ crown (Revelation c.19 v.16). It is different from earthly kings’ ones. I am the only king crowned by enemies. Two thousand years ago, as it was necessary to redeem humanity’s sins, the thorns were turned inside. But now that I came back as unblemished judge, no longer to be judged but to judge mankind and establish the Kingdom of GOD on Earth, the thorns are turned outside as I was crowned by friends. Slowly, after the fast, my FATHER restored to me with everything that was mine when I was called Jesus. Each item of my clothes has a history, a reason for being. They were not invented or chosen by my will. It would be much easier not having to face the reproach and debauch of my contemporaries. But I am here only to execute a divine mandate”.

15) Some years ago, you did not wear that crown of thorns. Why only in the last years you incorporated it to your dressing?

INRI CRISTO: “I only started to use the crown of thorns when I received order from the LORD. He determined that I appeared this way in public because it was the last image as I was seen, people are waiting for me this way. It is in the collective unconsciousness. At the beginning I tried to delay this order since I knew there would be misunderstanding, many would debauch, as in fact they debauch. So, the LORD made a sign: my hair began to fall, but it fell in handfuls. Then my FATHER said again, this time with more vehemence: did I not wear the crown, all my hair would fall. He also showed me that an ex-builder would be anointed and inspired to make it, although he was not a professional in art of sculpture. Unlike many think, it is a rustic crown, carved in wood; the thorns are real, as I have already shown to many journalists. Since I started to publicly appear with the crown of thorns as the LORD determined, my hair stopped to fall”.

16) What is the meaning of the scepter you show off?

INRI CRISTO: “It is written in Revelation c.2 v.27 and c.19 v.15 that on the LORD’s glory day I will govern the Earth with the ecclesiastical scepter, which is the symbol of theocratic and spiritual power that my FATHER granted me with since the time of David (“Ask me and I will make the nations your heritage” – Psalms c.2 v.8). Very truly I tell you once more: I that speak to you am the First Begotten of GOD, Adam, and reincarnated as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI”.

17) Why do you pass an image of authoritarian if the humanity waits for a gentle Christ?

INRI CRISTO: “The humanity waits for a gentle Christ because my image was sold this way to the naïve ones. Truly, I am and I was authoritarian since my FATHER is authoritarian. I am the same who said: “You faithless and perverse generation, how much longer must I be with you?” (Matthew c.23 v.13 to 36 and c.17 v.17), and also: “Do not give what is holy to dogs; and do not throw your pearls before swine” (Matthew c.7 v.6). I can be gentle only if I am allowed to be gentle. When I am with the humble, the simple, the reverent… in front of them I show my face of Lamb of GOD (John c.1 v.29). These ones I teach, instruct, advise. Nevertheless, when I am in front of the hypocrites, the fanatical pharisees, the blasphemers, I whip them with words as I whipped the vendors of the temple in Jerusalem (John c.2 v.15-16). Two thousand years ago, the only time I was gentle in public and did not make use of the authority of Lion of Judah (Revelation c.5 v.5), they crucified me”.

18) What is your main mission on Earth?

INRI CRISTO: “My mission is to enable the consolidation of GOD’s kingdom on Earth, teach the genuine divine law, expose the true GOD, the Supreme CREATOR, my FATHER, the only uncreated being, the only eternal, the only Being worthy of worship and veneration, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, only LORD of the Universe, distinguishing Him from the generic gods invented by men”.

19) Do you speak other languages besides Portuguese?

INRI CRISTO: “I speak the languages of the countries that heard me and allowed me to speak. I speak Portuguese, which is new-Aramaic, for being the language of the country GOD gave me as homeland; I speak Spanish as I went through all Spanish-speaking countries and also French. In 1980, when I was expelled from England, France welcomed me and I lived there the time of a gestation (nine months). It was the first country to openly proclaim in the media: ‘Le Christ est revenu sur la Terre!’ (Christ is back to Earth)”.

20) How will the whole world understand you?

INRI CRISTO: “When the day of the LORD comes, everyone will see my face and will hear my voice (“Every eye shall see him” – Revelation c.1 v.7). The humanity will be tuned in the same wave, in the same thought, and everyone will understand my message through the heart, independently of them being Asians, Africans or Australians. My FATHER will give the gift of understanding to all people of all languages, because the language of the heart transcends the frontiers of race, language, religion; it is the only universal language inherent to the human beings”.

21) If you have already settled your debt with the divine law, why do you need now to suffer all over again?

INRI CRISTO: “In this case, the suffering is related to my mission of judging the humanity and establish on Earth the Kingdom of GOD, that is a kingdom of light. Speaking to the disciples about my second coming, I said that, before LORD’s glory day, it was necessary that I suffered many things and was rejected by my contemporaries (Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). Why is it necessary if two thousand years ago I have already been crucified, have already suffered the agony in the cross? Because as much as in fire gold and silver are tested, in suffering the inner of human beings and the true intentions are revealed. In suffering the great spirits rise beyond themselves and perform praiseworthy deeds, while the stingy spirits reveal themselves, stripping the false garment of goodness. If everyone immediately knelt down when I arrived on Earth, how would I make the distinction between sheep and goats, how would I know who are my children and who are the Pharisees of this generation? It is right because of the reproof, the slanders, the hatred, the conspiracies that I can discern who is with me and who is against me. At a first glance, nobody carries on the front a board where it is written: “I am Pharisee”, “I am a false prophet” or “I am a son of GOD”. The deeds, the words, the gestures, the feelings are the things that distinguish the human beings and the true intentions. When I arrived at Curitiba in order to establish the provisional headquarters of SOUST, my FATHER warned that it would be a laboratory where I would deeply study the true sociology with living beings for long years. And effectively, my children, all what my FATHER told me has rigorously been fulfilled. Those that remained faithful to my FATHER and united to me in the moments of pain, of suffering and in the most crucial moments of my reproof, proved to themselves that they are worthy of the LORD and His holy kingdom of light”.

22) Why do you refer to yourself as “the Son of Man”, when you were Jesus two thousand years ago as much as now that you are named Inri? Aren’t you the Son of GOD? What is the difference between Son of Man and Son of GOD?

INRI CRISTO: “There isn’t difference between Son of GOD and Son of Man. I am the Son of GOD and also the Son of Man because I am the First Begotten of GOD, Adam that reincarnated as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. Son of Man means “the one that was generated from himself”, in other words, biologically, I am the only one generated from myself, I came from myself because at the same time that I am Adam, the father of humanity, I am also Adam’s descendant, I came from Adam’s lineage. The other human beings were generated through me and after me. The Son of GOD that speaks to you, the First and Only Begotten Son of GOD, is also the Son of Man, as I am descendant of the first man that was me: Adam”.


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