Part 2 – The Shroud, reincarnation, crucifixion and resurrection, return of the Messiah, contemporary society


1) Scientists have published around the world a different face for Christ, made by computer. They say that due to the climate of the place where he was born, he would have dark skin, frizzy hair, black eyes. What do you say about this? Does it put in doubt Shroud’s legitimacy?

INRI CRISTO: “Inventing a different face for the Son of GOD is absurd, foolish, aberrant. A serious scientist would not render this kind of work. It is one more invention ordered by Rome as an unfruitful gesture of despair. During my absence they lied and deceived the Christian people by disparaging the teachings that I left before being crucified. Now that I am back to settle the house in order, they try by all means to confuse people’s minds in order to hinder the public recognition of my identity. Serious scientists have already proven Shroud’s legitimacy, as it was broadly registered on Galileu Magazine nº 99 (Globo Editions – Brazil). The Shroud has already passed by thousands of tests, and amidst all the experiments, only the one of Carbon 14 contested the authenticity of the cloth due to contamination. My image remained impregnated in the Shroud by the hands of Divine Providence to provide that people see the great miracle performed by the ALMIGHTY. He sent me back with the same image, the same silhouette. Nobody can annul or try to diminish GOD’s works. Sooner or later the truth is always revealed”.

2) The Catholic Church alleges that, based on the Bible, it does not believe in reincarnation, only in resurrection. Therefore, how can you categorically assert to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ?

INRI CRISTO: “My presence on Earth is the most vehement and undeniable proof of the existence of GOD and reincarnation. If reincarnation did not exist it would be very hard to believe in the existence of GOD; only reincarnation gives logic and justice for the world disparities. If reincarnation did not exist, GOD would be a tyrant who created imperfect and evil beings to, later on, eternally condemn them to hell, with no chance of regeneration. But as GOD is perfect, reincarnation exists as a proof of divine goodness and perfection. If the proscribed roman church were really based on the Bible, she would never deny the eternal and divine law of reincarnation, which means physical rebirth. Actually, the word “reincarnation” began to be used only contemporarily, but the doctrine always existed, since the world creation. I have already taught it two thousand years ago. When the disciples asked me about the coming of Elias, I answered: “For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John came; and if you are willing to accept it, he is Elias who is to come” (Matthew c.11 v.13 and 14). How could John the Baptist be the prophet Elias were he not the reincarnation of Elias? I also taught Nicodemus that only being born again he could see the Kingdom of GOD (John c.3 v.3). On a certain occasion, a man blind from birth was healed and the disciples asked: “Master, who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind?” (John c.9 v.2). How would it be possible attributing a sin to a blind person from birth had he not violated the divine law in a previous incarnation? I also said to the disciples, in the last supper, that I would drink no more of the fruit of vine until the day I would drink it again with them in the Kingdom of GOD (Matthew c.26 v.29). Spirit without physical body does not drink wine; therefore, I could only drink it again reincarnated, physically reborn. Now I drink wine with my disciples in the Kingdom of my FATHER. According to the reports of History Annals, reincarnation was suppressed from the Christian doctrine from the VI century onwards, due to an historical mistake performed by emperor Justinian. His ambitious wife, Theodora, began her fast ascension to power as a courtesan (prostitute). Aiming to get rid of a shameful past, later on she ordered the slaying of approximately five hundred past “colleagues”. Supposing she could be prevented from suffering the consequences of such a cruel order in another life as the law of karma requires, she strove to order her husband Justinian to suppress, “in the name of GOD”, all the doctrine of reincarnation, since she was the one who effectively managed the power”.

3) How do you explain the resurrection? Where has Christ’s body gone since it disappeared from the sepulcher?

INRI CRISTO: “The myth of my physical resurrection to heaven is a dogmatic lure, humanity’s stumbling block. It is the great hindrance for the Christians to see that I am back on Earth in bone and flesh through the natural and eternal law of reincarnation. Resurrection is the spiritual reappearance of someone who disincarnated, proving the immortality of the soul. I resurrected spiritually and so appeared to the disciples. For this reason I entered the houses being the doors shut (John c.20 v.19 and 26). When the Bible relates that I had supper with the disciples, truly my spirit was making use of another’s body. A proof of this is in the disciples account on the way to Emmaus. During the entire route they talked to a foreigner about my crucifixion. Only at time to share bread they saw that it was me, not the foreigner, who was in their middle. Why did they not see me before since we had lived together for a long time? Because I was incorporated in the foreigner and only at time to share bread, by my peculiar way, they were conscious of my presence (Luke c.24 v.13 to 35). The same happened to Mary Magdalene. Asking the gardener where my body was, only later she noticed that I was there. If it had been in my physical body, why didn’t she immediately recognize me? Because once more I was using the gardener’s body to talk to her (John c.20 v.14 and 16). It’s necessary to point out what really happened and once and for all eliminate the dogmas (reasoning padlocks), abominable tools of alienation and domination, which prevent people from seeing the truth. Physical resurrection is a theological and scientific mistake. When Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire yet in the first centuries of the Christian age, many beliefs and rituals of the established Paganism were introduced aiming to convert pagan subjects to the new religion; one of them was the belief in the physical resurrection of divinities (as the example of Horus and Osiris, that would have physically resurrected to heaven, according to the legend). My body would be destined to freezing, given that in outer space there is no air to breath and temperature borders on absolute zero, in other words, 273ºC negative. Furthermore, I would be naked, since the roman soldiers cast lots for my garments among themselves (John c.19 v.23 and 24). My physical body returned to mother Earth, as a natural law: “You are dust, from dust you came and to dust will return” (Genesis c.3 v.19). Actually, while the roman soldiers slept (Matthew c.28 v.13), GOD inspired faithful servants to gather my body (Matthew c.27 v.55; Mark c.15 v.40; Luke c.23 v.49), cover it with new sheet and bury in an anonymous sepulcher, putting an end to the session of gibe and debauch that persisted even after crucifixion and consequent disembodiment (“…Save yourself; if you are the Son of GOD, come down from the cross… He saved others and cannot save himself. He is the King of Israel; let him come down from the cross and we will believe in him. He trusts in GOD; let GOD deliver him now, if he wants to” – Matthew c.27 v.39 to 44)”.

4) Will you die and resurrect again on the third day?

INRI CRISTO: “First of all, I will never die; I will only disincarnate. My physical body will return to mother Earth and I, spirit, will go back to the FATHER only after fulfilling my mission. This time it will not be by violent means like crucifixion, as I have already paid all the debt with the divine law two thousand years ago. I will have the sleep of the fair; in other words, I will die naturally. In Revelation c.1 v.14 it is foreseen that my hair will be white as the snow; it means that I will be in an advanced age. I want to live not even one second but to make the will of my FATHER, LORD and GOD. I know one place much better to live than this valley of tears. The disciples will continue feeling my spiritual presence; some of them will be able to see me in spirit, to feel my presence, as it happened when I was called Jesus. Where there are more than two people speaking in my name, then I will be in their middle (Matthew c.18 v.20)”.

5) If reincarnation exists, why don’t we remember what we did in other lives?

INRI CRISTO: “GOD is so good and perfect that, instead of condemning the human being to the eternal “hell” in one only earthly existence, He allows him to reincarnate many times to continue the evolving march heading to divinity, to perfection, as one of the targets of human existence: “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly FATHER is perfect” (Matthew c.5 v.48). Each person carries the lines of the past, but it is something very subtle and only the LORD can grant someone with the gift to see. Unconsciousness regarding the previous incarnations is a protection; such mechanism shows the perfection of the divine law. It provides that the human being continues his destiny without being led by despair. Have you ever thought, my children, how terrible would it be for an ex-killer to know how many lives he would still have to pay considering the promise of Talian law, “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, life for life…” (Exodus c.21 v.23-24)? Or for an ex-suicide to know that he disincarnated with displeasure for life and will have to rescue the karmic debt? On the other hand, as the human being is inclined to have pride, arrogance, self-exaltation… someone who reincarnated with credit could consider himself better than the others and become a despot. But in my case, the LORD restituted to me flashes of memory to make easier the fulfillment of my mission”.

6) Doing regression is right or wrong?

INRI CRISTO: “There is the possibility to do regression. I have witnessed a true case in Caracas, Venezuela, although there is also much charlatanism on this. Generally, for coincidence, who makes regression had an “important” past as a prince or a princess. Truly, it is a self-confirmation, or a confession, on the altar of egocentrism, of human attachment to vanities, earthly goods, thirst for power, although there are the rare exceptions. I do not advise anybody to do regression. It’s a two-edged sword: as much as the individual can know why he is suffering now, he is also subject to be disappointed so much as to lose the pleasure for life. In this case, it is better to ignore the past and live in the present confident of GOD, getting ready for the future. Who trusts GOD does not need to do regression. Quite the opposite, he thinks: “GOD must know why I am passing through these proofs; when the right time comes, everything will have a solution”. Surrendering the destiny to GOD’s hands, living well the present, the human being lives better and happier on Earth”.

7) What’s the meaning, the purpose of crucifixion?

INRI CRISTO: “My body was offered in holocaust aiming to stop the sacrifice of animals as atonement for sins. However, on the contrary of what was taught to Christian people, I was not crucified innocently. It would be a divine injustice if GOD sent his pure and innocent Son to pay for the sins that others committed. I had to redeem humanity’s sins with my blood on the cross because it was me who introduced the humanity into sin. I that speak to you am the First Begotten of GOD, Adam, and reincarnated as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. I am humanity’s father and all of you are my descendants. In this condition, I must teach you to live according to the divine law, reconciling you with the path of light. As I have already said two thousand years ago, I continue being the way, the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the FATHER but by me (John c.14 v.6). Nevertheless, who sinned after my crucifixion sinned by his own responsibility and will have to personally respond for his acts. And only now that I am unblemished, without any debt towards the divine law, I can perform my mission of judge. A guilty and blemished judge does not have authority to judge, especially in name of the Supreme Celestial Court”.

8) Do you have the marks of sores on your hands and feet?

INRI CRISTO: “Only the morbid beings, vultures, birds of prey, lovers of violence, who get satisfied by spilling another’s blood, want to see the marks of hatred. These are the same who coerced Pilate to decide on my crucifixion (John c.18 v.39-40). Now I do not have any more debt with the divine law. The physical body that I had two thousand years ago was given back to mother Earth, as it is foreseen in the Holy Scriptures: “You are dust, from dust you came and to dust will return” (Genesis c.3 v.19). I myself said: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have not come to abolish, but to fulfill” (Matthew c.5 v.17). My spirit went to the FATHER; now He sent me again and I reincarnated gathering my body from the belly of a woman, with the same shape it had before crucifixion, as you can verify through the Shroud. This was the greatest miracle the LORD performed for dislike of all those who thought having exterminated me. If a surgeon can remove a scar from a human body in some hours, would not GOD, my FATHER, have removed the marks of hatred done by my enemies, even because He is the LORD of wisdom, who inspires men with geniality? It is important to point out that when I appeared to Thomas to show him crucifixion marks, it is very clear in the Bible that he believed only by seeing; he did not touch the wounds (John c.20 v.27). Had he tried to touch them, he would have run across the air, since on this occasion only my subtle body, my spirit was seen. Right for being manifest in spirit, not in physical body, I entered the houses though the doors were shut (John c.20 v.19-26)”.

9) What do you think about the countless people that appear showing the sores?

INRI CRISTO: “In some of these cases they are defrauders who want to live at the expense of others’ pity, ignorance and stupidity. However, there is a special man who, for having made the wounds on my body when I was called Jesus, now reincarnated with the marks to pay for the sins that he committed, as the law must be fulfilled. While he does not confess me towards humanity, while he does not say that I am in bone and flesh on Earth, he will continue with the sores, and it’s not something very comfortable. He has already talked to me personally and knows that I am Christ. I told him the reason of such suffering and that it will stop when he confesses me to the world. Only then the sores will heal. But for while it is convenient for him to go on like this, since it is his only source of survival. He travels around the world as an attraction to the so-called esoteric environment. His name is Giorgio Bongiovanni”.

10) The Bible asserts that Christ would come back over the clouds and every eye would see him (Revelation c.1 v.7). How do you explain this biblical passage?

INRI CRISTO: “When the glory day of the LORD comes, I will visit all the nations coming from the clouds on an airplane and every eye shall see me through television and the internet. Two thousand years ago my FATHER showed me that it would be like this by the time of my return. Behold one more proof of GOD’s perfection and precision: right in the century of my reincarnation, He inspired the scientists to build these fantastic machines, providing the fulfillment of my mission. Nevertheless, I still drink, sip by sip, the last portion of the bitter chalice of reproach, foreseen in Luke c.17 v.25 to 35. For the ones who do not know, it is textually written concerning my return on Earth: “As the lightening flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day. But first (before his glory day) must he endure much suffering and be rejected by this generation. Just as it was in the days of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man. They were eating and drinking, and marrying and being given in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark and the flood came and destroyed all of them. It will be like that on the day that the Son of Man is revealed”. Look at the sky when the airplane passes at night with the lights shining from one side to the other. For those that make honest use of reasoning within logic, there is no other way to come over the clouds but this. When the day of the LORD comes, I will run around the whole world to gather my children. And they will say to you: “He is in Lisbon”, but I will already be in Berlin. And when you go to Berlin, then I will already be in Moscow. Even who does not have television on that day will be able to see; televisions will be installed all over the world. Until year 2000, the leaders of churches put into the heads of pharisees (known as believers and evangelicals) that I would return from heaven in bone and flesh, as people’s voice said: “One thousand came and two thousand will not pass away without Christ returning to Earth”. Year two thousand came, passed and there was not any ‘christ’ coming in bone and flesh from heaven as they had predicted and waited for. I, Christ, have never gone to heaven in bone and flesh. It is absurd, a delirium. In outer space there is no air to breath and temperature borders absolute zero, in other words, 273ºC negative. GOD fulfilled the promise and sent me back before year 2000, more precisely on March 22nd 1948. In the translation from Greek, Christ means “the anointed one”, in the singular; there is no other. Believe or not, like it or not, I am the same yesterday, today and ever, and they will have to get used to the fact that I am the same”.

11) Why do most of humanity ignore your return to earth?

INRI CRISTO: “As I have already said before and it is important to point out, I still drink sip by sip the last portion of reproach’s bitter chalice, that I myself foresaw and is written in Luke c.17 v.25 to 35 (“But first (before his glory day) must the Son of Man endure much suffering and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man”). But why have I said: “must the Son of Man suffer”? My FATHER showed me that reproach is necessary so that I am able to know deep inside my contemporaries’ hearts. The ones who now reproach, debauch and despise me are the same who would have shouted: “Crucify him! Crucify him!” If I arrived on Earth and everyone immediately knelt down, how could I distinguish who are my children, lovers of light and truth, from the ones that preferred darkness, fantasies, lies? Which criterion would I use to separate chaff (the pharisees) from wheat (my children)? Furthermore, since the historical Feb 28th 1982, the organized lack of information headed by Rome wove a black curtain of boycott in the media that, except rare and brilliant cases, persists up to nowadays. But since nothing happens on Earth without the knowledge of GOD, I patiently wait for the fulfillment of His holy will, as only He knows the day and hour I can freely speak to my people”.

12) How to conciliate the existence of reincarnation with the biblical text: “And just as it is appointed for mortals to die once, and after that the judgment” (Hebrews c.9 v.27)?

INRI CRISTO: “Although this biblical quotation comes from the first false prophet Paul, who confesses his condition (‘For I am the least of the apostles, unfit to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of GOD’ – I Corinthians c.15 v.9), there is no paradox in asserting that it is appointed for mortals to die once. It means that for the physical body of each individual only one physical existence is possible, even because the LORD said to the First Begotten, Adam, that speaks to you: ‘You are dust, from dust you came and to dust will return’ (Genesis c.3 v.19). And considering that in nature ‘nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is renewed’, the particles, the molecules that integrated a physical body thousands of years ago, whether an animal or vegetable body, today integrate the physical constitution of new bodies, in the perpetual and perfect cycle of renewal of mother nature. Therefore, it is difficult and even impossible to conciliate this biblical verse written by Paul with the pharisaical delirium of the physical resurrection of flesh. Imagine how it would be, in the doomsday, the physical reconstitution of all the bodies that lived and died on Earth over the last two thousand years! It would be flesh spreading on all sides! Is it so difficult to realize that this is not possible! Furthermore, most of these that call themselves believers and evangelicals have not realized yet that, amidst the countless contradictions between what Paul spoke and what I taught before being crucified, there is a clear and peculiar contradiction in that particular biblical verse: it is paradoxical for Paul to say that after death comes the judge, if I myself said two thousand years ago that I would come for the judgment of humanity! What would be the reason for the Doomsday? How would that be possible? One thing or another. For GOD, differently than for men, there are not two weights and two measures. Yes, yes; no, no. I tell you the truth, from the part of my FATHER: the physical body dies, is destroyed by the devastating action of time, however the vivifying spirit does not vanish, does not succumb to the action of time, does never die and returns from time to time through the eternal divine law of reincarnation, that was usurped from the Christian doctrine in the VI century due to a historical mistake performed by the roman emperor Justinian. However, for disappointment of those that serve from GOD instead of serving Him, now I am back in order to reestablish my FATHER’s eternal law for men and teach them to follow the path of rationality and coherence, inseparable from the truth”.

13) Why have you “resurrected” with blue eyes?

INRI CRISTO: “Why would they have to be yellow, green or brown? Blue eyes are not exclusive to non-Jewish people. In the holocaust, many Jews with light skin and blue eyes were considered German and escaped from being exterminated in the concentration camps. Two thousand years ago I had blue eyes and now I appeared again to humanity the same way. Furthermore, when I was called Jesus, I promised to the disciples that I would return as I was (‘…I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own, but will speak whatever he hears, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. He will glorify me, because he will take what is mine and declare it to you. All that the FATHER has is mine. For this reason I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you’ – John c.16 v.7 to 16). Behold that I was speaking of my return to Earth, of my reincarnation. And now, besides having returned with the same face and the same voice, I received back all that I had before being crucified: tunic, mantle, sandals, bag, and even the crown. Those who do not have the knowledge, it is worth to know the content of the letter that Publio Lentulus sent to the roman emperor Tiberius Cesar”.

(Here is the content of the letter: “In our times, there is a man that lives great virtues, called Jesus, considered by people a true prophet and by his disciples as the very Son of GOD, Creator of heaven and earth and all the existing things. In fact, every other day wonderful things are heard about this Jesus: he resurrects the dead, heals the sick… in a word.   He is a man of reasonable height and very handsome in appearance. There is much majesty in his face; so those that see him are forced to love him or fear him. His hair is reminiscent of the ripe-almond, extended to his ears and from the ears to his shoulders; it is the color of the earth, but with more brightness. In the middle at the front there is a line separating the hair, like the one used by Nazarenes; his face is full, with a severe aspect. No wrinkle or stain is observed on his face, of a moderated color; his nose and mouth are irreproachable. The beard is thick, but similar to his hair, not too long, but separated in the middle. His glance is very special and grave; his eyes are gracious and light colored. What surprises us is that they shine in his face like the sun’s rays, however nobody can fixedly keep looking at his face, because when it glows, it frightens, and when it softens, it makes one cry. He is loved and is glad with severity. It is said that nobody has ever seen him laugh, but to cry. His arms and hands are very beautiful. He pleases many in the speech, but rarely does it and, when one approaches him, verifies that he is very modest in presence and in person. He is the most handsome man one could ever imagine… In matter of letters, he is admired in the whole city of Jerusalem; he knows all the sciences and has never studied. He walks barefoot, without anything on his head. Many laugh at him when seeing him this way. But in his presence, speaking to him, they tremble and admire. It is said that such man has never been heard in this place. Actually, according to the sayings of Hebrews, such advice of great doctrine like the ones taught by Jesus have never been heard; many Jews consider him divine and many complain, declaring that he goes against the law of your majesty. It is said that this Jesus has never made harm for whosoever; on the contrary, those that know him and have been with him assure having received from him much benefit and health…”).

14) What is the thorn that most achieves you, that most hurts you in your current journey on Earth?

INRI CRISTO: “What most hurts in me is to see my people, the people from the land of the Holy Cross, the land that GOD gave me as homeland, to crawl after the false religious men, that blackmail the tithe of their miserable earnings. For me it hurts very much to see my children suffer the lash of unemployment, of hunger and misery for following the false prophets and creeping after cursed idols instead of adoring only my FATHER, LORD and GOD, the only Being worthy of worship and veneration. I am not here to plot with the faith mercenaries; I am back exactly to oppose the established religious trade. And each time I am prevented from speaking in the media, I feel as if I were lashed like two thousand years ago, as now the crucifixion does not happen on wood, but through the organized disinformation”.

15) What will happen to the people that position against you in your current stay on Earth? Will you forgive all of them?

INRI CRISTO: “When the time of reproach that I foresaw is finished (Luke c.17 v.25 to 35), the day and hour will come when He, the Supreme CREATOR of the Universe, will open the eyes of my contemporaries, and then they will be amazed by seeing that I am the light of the world, the truth and the life, and will exclaim: ‘Oh!… I was his neighbor and despised him and turned my face against him… And I that saw him pass and blasphemed at his passing… And I that expelled him when he visited me… And I that, when he came to visit me, did not receive him… And I that mocked on the way he dresses… And I that thought he was a liar, a usurper, a deceiver… and I that, in my thoughts, wished he was arrested, humiliated, crushed and even murdered…’ In these days many will be ashamed to look at my face, they will not even be allowed coming to my presence; they will be stopped by their own sins, by their frivolities, for having judged me, despising what I said two thousand years ago: ‘Do not judge so you will not be judged’ (Matthew c.7 v.1). Meditate, my children, how good it will be for you and for me the day when, finally recognized by everyone, even by my enemies, I live the sublime mystical delirium of sustaining my identity and condition of Son of GOD without censorship, without being at the mercy of misunderstanding, of meanness, of slanders and imbecility of my contemporaries! And how bad it will be for the enemies of GOD’s Kingdom that will then be aware of their condemnation by their thoughts, their acts, their words, and will be stopped by the cherubs to approach me even to beg for mercy! Now that I am back in the condition of judge with the mission of judging humanity, even if I forgive those that did harm for me, I cannot prevent my severe mother, the mother nature, from executing the divine decree destined for each one of them!”


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