Inri Cristo’s most complete and enlightening interview

Inri Cristo answers more than 400 questions, about the most different themes which afflict the humanity. Without censorship. The greatest revelation of all times!


Who is INRI CRISTO after all, and what will he reveal to us? What is the meaning of his presence on Earth? Amidst so many self-proclaimed “christs” and “prophets” that have been appearing in this millennia transposition – a prophecy indicating the signs of the end of times – a consideration becomes inevitable: amidst countless false prophets, we should find the true one. But how to distinguish him? Using exclusively materialistic criteria is, at least, a countersense, since it relates to a transcendental matter that is beyond the rationalisms and so many other “isms” to which we are habituated. Not even technology, with all its efficiency in by-passing the human problems, is able to provide a solution. Such answers can only be found within the inner of each human being; it is necessary to hear the intuitive voice of the heart using the faculty of discernment. Therefore, it is not a matter of belief, proselytism or dogmatic imposition, but enabling the thinkers the enlightenment, the formation of judgment. What will the public verdict be after receiving the impact of the revelations contained in this interview?

Two thousand years ago, when questioned by the disciples about the signs of the world ending and his return on Earth, Christ answered them: “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars, and nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in various places… All this is but the beginning of birth pangs” (Matthew c.24 v.7 and 8). Nowadays we glimpse the unquestionable fulfillment of this prophecy. In a world disturbed by political and religious disputes, social disparities, total inversion of values… besides the growing avalanche of natural tragedies worsened by the very human beings, it is urgent that a voice of hope appears in order to lead us towards glimpsing the truth, although amidst so many mistakes and falsehoods.

In September 1979, during the fast in Santiago of Chile, INRI CRISTO had the revelation of his identity as being the same Christ crucified two thousand years ago, the Messiah that humanity is not yet prepared to receive. In his long peregrination upon Earth, INRI has already been questioned by hundreds of journalists in the Latin-American and European continents and in all capitals and Brazilian main cities. This interview is a synthesis of the most disturbing questions regarding the presence of the Messiah and his mission in the destiny of mankind. Since the main media, except for rare and courageous exceptions, is forbidden to manifest good or bad about INRI CRISTO, the internet has been the only available means for those who seek for the truth. Therefore, it is given for the free-thinkers to distance themselves from the massive manipulations from the media, thus forming their own opinions about such a polemic subject.

Adeí Schmidt – SOUST’s English Spokeswoman

Revelation - INRI CRISTO answers - English complete interview PDF (504 downloads)


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