Who is Inri Cristo? A biographical synthesis


Inri Cristo’s childhood

Inri Cristo was born in a village called Indaial, state Santa Catarina, Brazil, in March 22nd 1948. He was raised by a couple of catholic German peasants, Wilhelm and Magdalena Theiss. Inri had a humble childhood and studied for only three years. He had to quit studying for helping the woman who raised him with domestic supplies, since her husband was retired due to a work accident, but did not get any pension. So has young Inri experienced the difficulties inherent to material survival. In childhood, Inri was awaken in the still of night by terrible nightmares, where he saw people agonizing, mourning, crawling upon their own exposed limbs… these were premonitions regarding the end of this chaotic world.

The young INRI

Since childhood Inri obeys a powerful voice that speaks inside his head. Obedient to such voice he abandoned the comfort of home at the age of 13, thus living independently of the family. In adolescence he worked as greengrocer, baker, food deliverer, peddler, waiter etc. By this time, Inri witnessed some frauds in the bosom of Catholicism, for this reason he quit any bond with religion and became atheist, until he had the revelation of his identity, which happened in 1979.

Beginning of his public life

In 1969, at the age of 21, Inri started his public life as a prophet and astrologer, introducing himself as Iuri de Nostradamus. He spoke in Brazilian radio broadcasting announcing the future and helping people with the solution for their problems. Being an atheist (as he repudiated the “god” of religions), he lived as a prophet of an “unknown” God.

INRI as a prophet, speaking in a radio station

In 1971, he started to speak in television, and this circumstance allowed him to know the highest degrees of society. This period of his life enabled him to gain much experience of the human nature. In 1976, in the path of spiritual transcendence, Inri became vegetarian. In 1978, obedient to the powerful voice that commanded him, he left Brazil with uncertain destiny in a journey through Latin America, always speaking in the media. First he went through Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.

The seer in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, after a meeting with journalists in Hotel de las Americas, INRI started to receive the people who came at his presence in search of spiritual guidance.

Amidst the people who wanted to receive his help, there was a lady in her sixties who needed a solution to her daughter’s problem, as her matrimonial life was a real hell; the woman alleged that living with her son-in-law was unbearable. She received advice for her problem, got up from the chair, said good-bye and, by the time of leaving the room, she looked at him once again, as if she wanted to ask something else. Then, she said: “Master, may I ask you something?” At INRI’s approval, she continued: “I am a prophetess”. INRI told her: “If you are a prophetess, why haven’t you found a solution for the matrimonial life of your daughter?”, She answered: “I see the future of people’s lives, I survive doing this. I give advice, orientation, thus solving their problems; but I cannot solve my own problems. Now if you allow, I have something to say about your future, and to give credibility to my vision, I will describe a little of your past”.

Then she started to speak about the main events in INRI CRISTO’s life, since his childhood and adolescence, until the most recent facts: the detentions, persecutions and conspiracies of violence he suffered, including the one in Ponta Grossa (a Brazilian city), occurred in the winter of 1978. She described INRI’s detention in the political prison in Asuncion – Paraguay, with meticulous details, as if she were an eye witness. Then, she started to speak about INRI CRISTO’s future, saying: “You will be a lot hated, persecuted and slandered; you will be detained, imprisoned, insulted and even expelled from some countries; you will be subjected to all kinds of conspiracy and reproof…” She stopped a brief time with a meditative, shiny glance, then concluded: “But later you will recognized by the whole humanity…”, and left.

The fast and revelation of his identity

In 1979, INRI finally arrived at Santiago in Chile, where an independent esoteric group leaded by Bertha Segura Sanchez was prepared to receive “el gran Maestro” (the great Master). They had built a rustic stone house, the place where INRI would fast. INRI stayed about two months in Santiago. After passing through a series of unusual events, in september 1979 he was finally led to fast.

Inri Cristo in the stone house – picture taken by disciples in 1982

In this occasion, the voice that always commanded him revealed as being his FATHER, LORD and GOD, the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, also revealing a mystery in his name, whose second letter was upside down – and that he was the same Christ crucified two thousand years ago. INRI, acronym of Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, is the new name of the returned Messiah (“To whom that wins… will I write upon him the name of my GOD… and my new name” – Revelation c.3 v.12). Henceforth, dressing a white tunic and sandals, Inri continued his wandering over Latin America  and part of Europe, announcing his mission to be accomplished in the dawn of New Age: to awaken the asleep consciences for the unfathomable reality that everyone are inseparable from the Eternal LORD of Life, the GOD who made men, the supreme and immeasurable force that rules the worlds, the stars and the destiny of all beings.

Leaving Chile, INRI passed through Peru, Equador, Colombia and Venezuela. Due to a heavy pronouncement in the media, INRI was expelled from Venezuela to Rio de Janeiro. In February 1980, he went for the first time to Brasilia, the Brazilian capital city, and had the revelation that Brasilia is the New Jerusalem described in Apocalypse c.21. INRI continued his wandering through all the countries in Central America (except Cuba): Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, until finally arriving to Mexico, always speaking to people in the public squares and in the media. Banished from USA, INRI departed to Spain and then to Portugal. Forbidden to enter England, he was expelled to France, which sheltered him for seven months as a landless person and was the first country to announce in the television Antenne 2: “Le Christ est revenu sur la terre” (Christ is back on Earth).

The New Mystical Order

Back to Brazil in 1981, INRI wandered through all the Brazilian capitals and main cities, always announcing his presence and message. On February 28th 1982, INRI performed a Libertarian Act inside a cathedral in Belem (state Para), breaking the bimillenarian bond born from his words to Peter (“You are Peter and upon this rock I build my church…” – Matthew c.16 v.18). In this occasion, he established the New Mystical Order, SOUST (Suprema Ordem Universal da Santissima Trindade / Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity), which he says to be the formalization of the promised Kingdom of GOD on Earth.

Inri Cristo
Inri Cristo performing the Libertarian Act – Feb 28th 1982

On April 20th 1982, Inri Cristo made the official establishment of SOUST in Curitiba – Brazil, where he lived the most difficult time of reproach.

On September 24th 1983, Inri went to the Vatican, where he spoke the ultimate sentence of extinction for the Roman Church inside Peter’s Basilica: “Dry, sick tree! Dry so that the good tree that I planted sprouts and gives to me and to my children the fruits that you deny!”

Inri Cristo in the Vatican – September 1983

In 1986, the Brazilian Federal Justice started a lawsuit for ideological falsehood against Inri Cristo, which lasted more than ten years. INRI overcame the lawsuit and later obtained the official and definitive recognition of his identity by the earthly authorities. On October 24th 2000 the Tribunal of Justice in the Brazilian state of Parana finally gave him the right to use his name Inri Cristo in all his documents.

In the New Jerusalem

After 24 years in Curitiba, in 2006 Inri Cristo established the SOUST compound in Brasilia, considered by him and his disciples as the New Jerusalem of Apocalypse c.21, the mystical capital of the world.

Inri Cristo and his disciples at SOUST in Brasilia
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