Part 3 – Life 2000 years ago: from 13 to 30, baptism, public life, the Jews and the crucifixion, films The Passion of Christ and The Da Vinci Code, Judas Iscariot


1) Where was Christ from the age of thirteen to thirty since the Bible does not tell us?

INRI CRISTO: “From the age of thirteen to thirty, without free-will, I was taken by my FATHER, LORD and GOD to experience the world sins in order to be victorious (“In the world you face persecution. But take courage: I have conquered the world” – John c.16 v.33). Isaiah had prophesied: “Behold the LORD will give you a sign: the virgin is with child and shall bear a son, and shall name him Immanuel. He shall eat curds and honey by the time he knows how to refuse the evil and choose the good” (Isaiah c.7 v.14). Considering that honey is sweet and curds are sour, “eat curds and honey” means to experience the world sins, providing to know the good and the evil. For being muddy in the world sins, I demanded to be baptized by John the Baptist, who considered himself unworthy even to untie the thong of my sandal (John c.1 v.27). Only after the baptism, the Holy Spirit descended upon me (John c.1 v.32 and 33). Did it not happen this way, when Mary Magdalene was brought to me, I would have allowed her to be stoned. But as I had previously lived with men, I knew that all of them had sinned, so I answered: “The one who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her” (John c.8 v.7 and 11)”.

2) What did the Essenes mean in your life? Is it true that they had the mission of transferring you many teachings?

INRI CRISTO: “The Essenes were the keepers of the divine law. In this condition they had something in common with me. But the only deepest bond that really existed was that they eventually invited me to have meal together, nothing more than this. Some fanatical, not informed people, say that I, Christ, was initiated by the Essene. That is foolishness, stupidity, countersense, as the LORD GOD, my FATHER, did not allow that I was initiated by anybody or by any esoteric school. Two thousand years ago I was initiated only by my FATHER and so it happened now, in the condition of being theo-taught. Someone is initiated in a school when that one comes to the world to learn with men. However, I have not come to the world to learn with men, neither now nor in the time I was called Jesus. I came to the world to teach men. The Essenes sheltered me because they felt identified with my teachings, with my speech. Nowadays, in my long journey upon Earth, many times I was invited to have a meal with many esoteric groups, including the group of the new-Essenes. But it does not mean that I belonged to any so-called esoteric school, or that I united to any esoteric movement with whom I had relationship. When I was expelled from Venezuela in 1980, I was guest in an eclectic community in Brasilia whose inhabitants claim to be the new-Essenes; it was an invitation of the founder Iokanã. However, they were not vegetarians; they ate corpses of animals, different from the vegetarian Essenes that existed two thousand years ago”.

3) What is your opinion about the film The Passion of Christ? Was it violent?

INRI CRISTO: “I did not find the film violent. Violence was the idea that they had two thousand years ago and now. Always this necessity of repeating the scene of crucifixion, the need to see blood. The idea of two thousand years ago was violent because there was no need to whip me, to spit on my face, to humiliate me. It was enough just to crucify. Pilate even said that he did not find any crime in me. And now there was no need to reproduce the torture in exacerbated dose. Let us say that the film director, Mel Gibson, according to the contemporary need, allowed a supplementary addition in some things, like the crow devouring the thief’s eye. This shows the side of fantasy, the side of morbidity, the side of thirst for blood; by this aspect he was unfortunate, since I am forced to say that things did not happen exactly that way. The film exaggerated in the extent of violence. In the current days, when people turn the television on, they see only death, crime, murder… therefore, had Gibson produced the film exactly as things happened, it would not become famous, would not generate profit. By the other hand, he was very fortunate because the industry of death generates profit. He has already earned and will still earn much money, independently from the piracy business”.

4) The main polemic generated by the film was imputing the main guilt for the crucifixion to the Jews, and this generated the adjective of “anti-Semitic”. What do the Jews mean for you? Were they who actually crucified you?

INRI CRISTO: “Nobody is obliged to believe, but I am the same Jew who was crucified. I do not need anymore to say that I am the King of Jews; my name says that for me, INRI, the name Pilate wrote above my head when I agonized on the cross, which means Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum. It is my new name (“To the one that wins… will I write upon him the name of my GOD… and my new name” – Revelation c.3 v.12). I recognize as Jews those who recognize me as the Son of GOD. My FATHER, LORD and GOD said that, since my crucifixion, because the Jews denied me, the criterion to identify a Jew passed to be the purity of heart, which allows the recognition of my identity; it is no more the biological ancestry. Behold the explanation of the prophetic words: “I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold. I must bring them also. They will know me by my voice and there will be one flock and one shepherd” (John c.10 v.4 and 16). Regarding crucifixion, it was part of GOD’s plans even before I reincarnated from my genitor’s womb; I had come to the world to redeem the sins that humanity had committed for my guilt. In the condition of First Begotten of GOD, it was me, Adam, who had introduced the humanity into the path of sin. For that reason I kept quiet and did not defend myself from the accusations thrown against me. Contrarily, I said: “Oh, FATHER, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” (Luke c.23 v.34). Moved by ignorance, many blame the Jews for my crucifixion. But truly I tell you: the Romans crucified me. In those times, Palestine was under the domination of the Roman Empire. The Jews did not have authority or governmental power to decree the execution. Therefore, it is injustice blaming them for what happened. Pontius Pilate was named by the roman emperor to govern over Judea. Pilate had political power to order the crucifixion, what he manifested by saying: “Do you refuse to speak to me? Do you know that I have power to release you and power to crucify you?” and I answered him: “You would have no power over me unless it had been given you from above” (John c.19 v.10 and 11). By saying that, Pilate was showing that it was up to him to decide whether I would be crucified or not, and he decided by washing his hands. It was a cowardly gesture that will forever remain registered in the history of humanity. However, GOD allowed him to have this power, as nothing happens on Earth without GOD’s consent and nobody exerts the power without permission from the ALMIGHTY. Obviously, in the condition of religious leader, I went (and continue going) against the established interests. Consequently, some priests of that time, headed by Caiaphas, felt threatened, so they incited people to shout against me: “Crucify him! Crucify him!” (John c.19 v.6). It happened as Isaiah had prophesied: “LORD, who has believed our message, and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed? He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so that they might not look with their eyes, and understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them” (John c.12 v.37 t0 41, Isaiah c.6 v.8 to 10). We cannot blame the people for belonging to the crowd. Blaming the Jewish people for my crucifixion is equivalent to blaming the German people for Hitler’s cruelties. If justice must prevail, the responsibility for my crucifixion shall be imputed only to Rome”.

5) How do you explain that the Jews have kept together for so many centuries?

INRI CRISTO: “Even without homeland and scattered around the world until 1948, when the State of Israel was created, they kept united due to their bond with the ALMIGHTY. Although they did not recognize me as the Messiah, they lowly knelt down before the only GOD, the Supreme Creator, the only uncreated being, the only eternal, the only Being worthy of worship and veneration, the only LORD of Universe. The LORD promised that, while they kept fidelity, He would always be benevolent and merciful, validating the pact perpetrated with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Leviticus c.26 v.42). Who adores only GOD, my FATHER, and prays only to Him, without intermediary, has His protection and will never be abandoned, except in case of rescuing a debt with the divine law”.

6) You say that you lived muddy in the sins of the world before the fast in Santiago of Chile in 1979. Does it mean that you also sinned at this period? What do you say about the polemic generated around the book The Da Vinci Code, which makes a supposition of a possible relationship between you and Mary Magdalene?

INRI CRISTO: “It is necessary to interpret the meaning of the words. I have returned to this world without free-will, and without free-will my FATHER lead me to experience the world sins to provide that I can judge humanity, to have authority upon the world. It is not a matter that I have sinned, but that my FATHER subjected me to experience the world sins. One cannot consider that a doctor is a murderer when he cuts the body of a person in a surgery, as he is obeying the ritual inherent to a doctor’s job. The sociologist cannot be considered a thief or a bandit when he has to visit a prison in order to analyze the behavior of the imprisoned that committed crimes. So too is in the case of the Son of Man that speaks to you. Lead by my FATHER’s powerful hand, I went to sleep in the brothel with the prostitutes, in the slums, I attended the nightclubs and cabarets, lived the social life, finally, closely experienced the vicissitudes of my people in order to understand what goes inside the human beings, the same way that it happened two thousand years ago. The traitors of the divine cause deceived the Christian people saying that I was kept far from the world sins, therefore would have been a pure and naive Christ. But it is foreseen in the book of Isaiah (c.7 v.14) that, with the name of Immanuel, I ate curds and honey until learning to separate the good from the evil. It means that I experienced the world sins in order to have discernment to help my children and set them free from the slavery of flesh. It means that, two thousand years ago as much as now, I had relationship not with one, but with many prostitutes; a proof of this is that I demanded to be baptized by John the Baptist and only after the baptism did the Holy Spirit descend upon me (Matthew c.3 v.14 to 16, John c.1 v.32 and 33). The hoaxologists that call themselves theologians created a folklore on my image, built a castle of illusions and fantasies in my former, obsolete name (Jesus) aiming to exert power of domination upon the Christians. But behold that the punishment is inherent to the sin. The stupidity and the highest lie that were applied in the head of people in these two thousand years of my absence were the main cause for the appearance of this book The Da Vinci Code, for despair of the liars. They lied so much that they do not know what to do anymore, they do not know which lie to invent to better cover the countless lies that they have taught, they are in much more despair now than at the time when the film The Last Temptation of Christ was released. Had the traitor priests admitted and taught to the people that, two thousand years ago, from the age of thirteen to thirty (therefore before the fast and being baptized by John the Baptist) I had experienced the world sins (even because the Bible does not declare where I was at this time), then now they would know how to defend themselves. Had they taught the truth to my people, there would not be reason for polemic or scandal into saying that I had carnal relationship with Mary Magdalene”.

7) So you admit that you had carnal relationship with Mary Magdalene?

INRI CRISTO: “Using the dialectics that GOD has granted me with, through the path of logic and rationality, I can show you that I did not have carnal relationship with Mary Magdalene. Not because she might have been stripped of beauty and feminine attributes inherent to women, but because I did not have the carnal restlessness inherent to the human being, my FATHER had already given me power over the flesh, as it is registered in the Holy Scriptures that I have conquered the world (John c.16 v.33). The relationship that I had with Mary Magdalene was the same that I had with all the women of that time. They received the blessing and helped me with their belongings, had part in my journey upon earth. Furthermore, they remained faithful and united to me in the moment of agony on the cross, and Mary Magdalene was amidst them. The love that existed between us was exclusively spiritual. I tell you very truly: two thousand years ago, before my FATHER had given me power over the flesh, I had relationship not with one, but with many women. However, when Mary Magdalene met me, I had already won over the flesh, I did not have the restlessness inherent to the human beings; therefore there was not the possibility that I could keep carnal relationship with her. The only relationship that I had with Mary Magdalene was that she knelt down and I placed my hands on her head, giving her the blessing. But since the ones that claim to be my representatives lied and created folklore on my image of Jesus, now they are like the blind in a shooting; they have no way out, they do not know what to do. In the present moment, I have 58 years of earthly existence. When I fasted, I had only 30, was still young, but it happened that since then my FATHER gave me consciousness of my condition, of my identity, and gave power over the flesh. That is why I look at all women as my daughters as much as I look at all men as my sons, with Father’s love; look at me and see in my eyes the paternal love. Since 1979, my love, my way of loving is the same for all of you, men and women, young and elderly. Until then I had experienced curds and honey, I knew the world sins, but I did not sin; after all, first it is necessary to know: what is a sin? All what you do that makes harm for you or for others is a sin; all what you do that does not make harm for you or for others is not a sin. The traitor priests have inculcated in your head that everything is a sin aiming to exert mental domination, a halter to the incautious, finally, enslave the heads of human beings. Therefore, I have not sinned, but without free-will I experienced all the pleasures of flesh, all the world sins. So fantasy has finished. “So, INRI, did you have a child?” Well, I was not abnormal; of course I had sons and daughters. I slept with women and they were not sterile, most of them were fertile. Let us eliminate once and for all these fantasies, let us remove this cursed black breastplate, this obscure fog that they have created around my image. Let us be realistic and only then, being a realist, you will understand that I have never renounced the world, but I have conquered the world, won over the flesh, overcame the restlessness inherent to human beings. It happened to me now the same that happened two thousand years ago and I can tell you with the authority of the certainty and experience, never like an hypothesis. In 1979, in Santiago of Chile, soon after the fast, my FATHER clearly showed to me the body of a woman completely naked from the belly button down, a very beautiful body (you know what can be seen in such circumstances). Next, the LORD said: “Never more, never more will you use your daughters like men do. Never more!” But next, with His powerful hand, He managed the energies of sex in me and provided them to rise through the spine to feed my brain, and then I for the first time I experienced the ecstasy of the intimate communion with my FATHER, the pleasure of the symbiosis with GOD, which is much stronger, much more powerful and sublime than the ephemeral pleasure of carnal relationship between a man and a woman. But it was not me who sought, I have not chosen, I just had the revelation from my FATHER and He bestowed upon me the power over the flesh; finally, all happened naturally”.

8) What about the historical aspects of the book?

INRI CRISTO: “As the writer well-mentioned in the beginning of the book, all the descriptions regarding works of art, architecture, documentation and secret rituals in the romance rigorously correspond to the reality. There is a part in the book in special which shows in brief, but very clearly, all the alterations inserted in the bosom of Christianity along the centuries which changed its original aspect. The teachings that I left before being crucified were muffled, suppressed, suffocated by ambition, by the thirst for power in the traitors of the divine cause; they eliminated from their path, through sword, fire or torture, any person who dared to oppose their barbarism (the late elected highest-priest, Benedict XVI, was the heir of such atrocities for many years, as the chief of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, the current “Saint Inquisition”). But as GOD does not sleep and sees all from the height of his omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence, sent me again to this world to reestablish the overpowering truth and teach His holy and eternal laws to men”.

(The author mentions on the 55th chapter of the book The Da Vinci Code: “… More than 80 Gospels were studied to form the New Testament, however only some of them were chosen – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John… The Bible as we know it nowadays was a paste-up done by the roman emperor Constantine, the Great. He was pagan his whole life, baptized only by the time of his death, too weak to protest. At the time of Constantine, Rome’s official religion was the worship to the Sun – the cult of Solis Invictus, of the Invincible Sun – and Constantine was the highest priest! Unfortunately for him, Rome was suffering a religious revolution more and more intense. Three centuries after the crucifixion of Christ, his followers have exponentially multiplied. The Christians and Pagans started to fight amidst themselves, and the conflict achieved such proportions so as to threaten dividing Rome in the middle. Constantine realized that he needed to have an attitude. In 325, he decided to unify Rome under only one religion: Christianity… Constantine was a good dealer. He saw the ascension of Christianity and simply bet on the horse that was winning. The historians still get amazed at Constantine’s efficiency into converting the pagans worshipers of the sun into Christians. Merging symbols, dates, pagan rituals with the Christian tradition in ascension, he generated a species of hybrid religion acceptable for both parts… The vestiges of the pagan religion in the Christian symbolisms are undeniable. The Egyptian solar discs became the aureoles of the Catholic saints. The pictures of Isis giving her breast for her son Horus, miraculously conceived, became the basis of the modern images of Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus on her bosom. And practically all the elements in the Catholic ritual – the mitre, the altar, the doxology (hymns and prayers) etc. – were directly copied from pagan ancient mystical religions… There is not even an specialist in symbols specialized in Christian symbols. Nothing is original in Christianity. The pre-Christian god Mithras – called the Son of GOD and Light of the World – was born on December 25th, died, was buried in a stone sepulcher and physically resurrected three days later. By the way, December 25th is also the day to celebrate the birth of Osiris, Adonis and Dionysus. The recent-born Krishna received gold, incense and myrrh. Even the Christians’ weekly day was robbed from the pagans. Originally, the Christianity celebrated the Jewish Sabbath on Saturday, but Constantine changed this in order that the celebration coincided with the day when the pagans worshiped the sun. Until nowadays, most of the faithful go to the church on Sunday morning, without the least idea that they are there to render weekly tribute to the sun-god, and for that reason it is called Sunday in English, which is the sun-day…”).

9) Do you recommend your followers read this book?

INRI CRISTO: “I recommend this book to any free-thinker or aspirant to freedom of thought that aims to get rid of the fetters imposed by the alienating religions. In fact, I recommend not only this, but any book that adds something positive and constructive to the knowledge, to the intellect. I teach my children to always read with investigative spirit and make a rigorous selection (as I teach in the Parable of the Diamonds), extracting from the reading all that is good, coherent and logical and reject the fantasies, the foolishnesses, the deliriums. In the case of this book The Da Vinci Code, with exception of the hypothesis that I would have kept carnal relationship with Mary Magdalene, all the irrefutable historical truths shall be deeply analyzed and brought to the surface, truths that were kept far from the people for centuries. This book arrived at a very favorable time, when the Christians in general are beginning to question their faith, to rethink the archaic values imposed upon them since childhood and, finally, accept the possibility that I am who I say that I am, the same Christ of yesterday, today and forever”.

10) What do you say about your friendship with Judas? According to recent information from ancient manuscripts, he would not have done an act of betrayal. Has he effectively betrayed you?

INRI CRISTO: “Judas Iscariots was the only scholar in the group of my disciples and he had political ambition. The relationship that he had with me was different from the one that I had with the other disciples; he communicated with me through the brain, not through the heart. When the person does not communicate through the heart, but through the brain, needs to be constantly fed with light. Judas did not know who I am, he just believed and his belief was sustained by the miracles. Because he had political ambition, he effectively desired in his inner that I was the king of Jews in order to assume a position of minister when I ascended to the power, and I could not disappoint him so soon. I eventually declared that my kingdom was not from this world (John c.18 v.36), but I could not tell him every day that my kingdom was not from here, otherwise he would abandon me. As Judas dealt with the money, he received the donations from the people, it was for this reason and also because of the ambition that he sinned and sold me for thirty coins. It is obvious that I did not trust him like the other disciples because he spoke and understood with the brain. My relationship with him was from heart to heart, but his relationship with me was not from heart to heart, it was only mental. Did I assume the power, the throne of Israel, he would remain the rest of his life kneeling in front of me rendering reverence for I being the king of Jews. But I did not assume the political power and, as he only believed in me, as he was not sure of my identity, in the occasion of my passing through Jerusalem, he was possessed by the malignant. Judas had a spurious, clandestine relationship with the priests, as he always tried to convince them that I was the Messiah, the king of Jews, a natural behavior on those who do not know who I am. Those that know who I am, together the knowledge, the consciousness regarding my identity, comes the wisdom that it is not possible to inculcate the light in the head of the fanatical. Judas could not strictly keep relations with the priests, who were my enemies. When I whipped the vendors of the temple in Jerusalem, dropped butter, cheese, bread, banished the birds and other animals that were there for sale, and finally said: “Take these things out of here! Stop making my FATHER’s house a marketplace!” (John c.2 v.16), and in this occasion, the priest that was waiting for an opportunity to prove that I am not Christ, had the freedom to say: “Do you see, if your Master were really peaceful, if he were a good Master, he would not damage the work of these poor men that were selling their goods, he would have respected their world and would have even blessed them. But no, just look what he did!” Because of this, the priest placed the doubt into Judas’ head, that was already tormented. Thus, possessed by the evil, Judas came to the following conclusion when they offered him the coins to betray me: if he received the thirty coins, it would be good anyway. At his view, if I were Christ, no harm could happen to me. He would receive the thirty and would give to me afterwards, as he was the treasurer, and would even kneel down in front of me. But if any harm happened to me, if they could arrest me, it meant that I was not Christ, and then he would have set humanity free from one more impostor, besides gaining the thirty coins and the rest of the money that he already had in the bag. It was a great temptation. Only after he had done the act of betrayal, Judas realized that he had fallen into a trap. Only then he remembered the times when I said that it was necessary that the Son of Man was delivered to the sinners to be sacrificed. To fulfill the justice, even when Peter said: “GOD forbid it, Lord! This must never happen to you!”, I turned and said to him: “Get behind me, Satan!” (Matthew c.16 v.22), as I was sure that things needed to happen that way. Afterwards, at the time of inquiry in front of Pilate, Judas reappeared in scene and cried out: “Defend yourself, Rabbi, defend yourself!”. I looked down at him and said: “For this moment I have come to the world”. Only then he understood that he had fallen into a trap; he fled away crying: “He is innocent! He is innocent!” and hanged himself (Matthew c.27 v.5). Each one may have his own conclusions regarding the level of friendship that united me to Judas. As much as two thousand years ago, nowadays I also have friendship with atheists, with people who just believe that I am Christ, finally, people who do not know who I am, but participate from my battle, my struggle against the darkness principality”.

11) In this case, how does GOD see Judas? Due to his mistake, did he (Judas) have to reincarnate to repair his failures?

INRI CRISTO: “Nothing happens on Earth without the acquiescence of GOD. Judas was used by the Divine Providence to fulfill what had already been foreseen about me. If he acquired any debt towards the divine law, it is up to him to redeem himself with the LORD. Judas Iscariot has now found me again and recognized me. He is an official of the French army and knelt down in front of me to beg forgiveness; he said: “Rabi, Rabi, pardon, je ne suis pas digne de toi, je suis Judas Iscariot!” (Rabbi, Rabbi, forgive me, I am not worthy of you, I am Judas Iscariot). Can anyone of you imagine an official of the French army kneeling down in front of a foreigner to beg: “Rabbi, Rabbi, forgive me?” This way he behaved when I was sheltered in France in the occasion that I was expelled from England. His name is Cristiano Obry, he helped in the foundation of the French branch of SOUST. He intuitively took care of my bag without I asking him, as he did take care of the bag two thousand years ago; in each person that knew me in the past my FATHER makes a sign, and it is in the subtle things that I identify my FATHER’s signs”.


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