Part 4 – Darwin, evolution, Genesis, the great flood, Paradise, mosaic laws, apocryphal books.


1) The so-called theologians believe in creationism, they reject evolution preached by scientists alleging that it’s unlike the biblical narration of Genesis. What is your opinion about the Theory of Evolution, proposed by Charles Darwin?

INRI CRISTO: “First of all, the true theologian is the one that studies GOD’s things with GOD’s help and consent. The true wisdom never collides against the true science. Who is called theologian and rejects the scientific truths is “hoaxlogist”, “swindlelogist”, “lurelogist”, disguised as theologian. Charles Darwin was an enlightened man, inspired by GOD. What they call Theory of Evolution is not merely theory, but divine inspiration, it is a universal law. Darwin exposed a resume of the divine law to humanity through the scientific knowledge concerning the origin of life on Earth. From the part of the LORD GOD, my FATHER, I explain to you the Bible from Genesis to Revelation without shocking against science, which also came from the ALMIGHTY. There is no contradiction between the biblical narration of Genesis and the scientific explanations concerning the origin of life and mankind. Life began in a very simple form and along millions and millions of years evolving up until achieving the apex, which is the human beings’ condition, “created in the image of GOD” (Genesis c.1 v.26). Physical evolution of living beings occurred together with the spiritual evolution. GOD does not bend in front of calendar. He is beyond time. The seven symbolical days were established by the LORD to make easier the life for human beings. But one day for Him may endure thousands and millions of years on Earth. The Bible must be read with help from above, with criterion of investigation, not as do the so-called theologians, who literally swallow it and make mistakes with interpretation, imposing the mistakes upon those who believe them”.

2) Is the search for new knowledge regarding the running of physical nature important? Studying, developing the logical reasoning and such kind of things… are these ways that improve the inner of human beings?

INRI CRISTO: “Seeking for new knowledge and developing the logical reasoning is important as long as it helps the human beings to understand the mechanism that rules the laws of nature, thus becoming conscious on the importance of respecting nature. Darwin, for example, due to the long and deep study of the natural environment, developed the Theory of Evolution, which is not merely a theory but divine inspiration. The knowledge becomes more salutary when it is followed by the consciousness of GOD”.

3) You say that you were Adam, the first man and origin of everyone, according to Genesis. If the narrative was written in a symbolic language, how would Adam have appeared?

INRI CRISTO: “Adam, or no matter which name is attributed to him, was the ancestor of humanity, the first living being with the characteristic and consciousness of “human being”. He was “the first ape to be born without tail”. Adam was the first of the Homo Sapiens originating from the process of evolution by natural selection as explained by Darwin’s inspiration. I that speak to you am the first begotten of GOD, Adam, and reincarnated as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. Adam was born from the womb of a female “ape”, that was obviously fertilized by a male “ape”; the exact species of the simians that originated Adam do not exist anymore, for this reason it is not possible to define with scientific precision. Adam was made of clay indeed, but it is necessary to interpret, with help from the ALMIGHTY, the symbolism of words. The clay that GOD used to form Adam were the ingredients from mother earth (fruits, seeds, roots etc.) that provided the formation of his physical body in the womb of his genitor. First GOD created only Adam and then created Eve with the same human characteristic (she was obviously originated from the carnal junction of two “apes”). And then the LORD, who rules the Universe and the course of nature, propitiated the union of Adam and Eve to originate humanity”.

4) If Adam and Eve were the first man and the first woman, how was it possible that the whole humanity could have descended only from them both?

INRI CRISTO: “At those times the ethics code did not exist, therefore Adam and Eve and their sons and daughters naturally had carnal relations amidst themselves and they proliferated so forth, originating the mankind”.

5) How do you explain the diversity of races?

INRI CRISTO: “The diversity of races exists due to the cosmic, geographic and climatic differences in each region of the planet. The science has already shown in its researches that many times there are more genetic differences between two black people than between a “white” and a “black”, for example. What is observed in the subsequent generations of wild animals when subjected to reproductive isolation (genetic differentiations) is the same that happens in relation to the human beings. The nature has its wise unfathomable mechanisms that propitiate this phenomenon and each particularity in the nature has a logical and rational explanation. If many families of Japanese people came to live in Brazil and procreated separately for many ongoing generations, without the interference of other races, the physical characteristics would gradually change due to the geographic and climatic change to which they were subjected. Observe that each race in each different region of the planet has physical characteristics that adapt to the circumstances of each place”.

6) After the appearance of the first human couple (Adam and Eve) has the natural law of species evolution been annulled when applied to the evolution of the “ape” species to the “human” species? Why?

INRI CRISTO: “The first generations of human beings descended only from Adam and Eve in that place where they inhabited. But in parallel to Adam and Eve’s descent, there were other human beings who also originated from “apes” by the same process of evolution. Therefore, the natural law of species’ evolution was not annulled in this specific case. But even so, one way or another, everyone came from Adam, since before the appearance of the human species on planet Earth, Adam had already been the first ape, the first primate that originated the subsequent primates, and also before being the first ape he had been the first crawling  reptile and so successively in the regression of the evolving scale… until the very beginnings of the divine creation: “In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD. He was in the beginning with GOD” (John c.1 v.1 and 2). This way it is possible to understand why I said and it is registered in Revelation: “I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end…” And right for being who I say that I am, my FATHER gave me authority to explain about these things under the light of coherence and logic, inseparable from the truth”.

7) In many cultures, narratives of the world creation are found, similar to the one written in the Bible. One can realize that the narrative in Genesis seems to be a re-writing of the Babylonian myth, maybe influenced by the confrontation of Jewish priests with the Babylonians during the captivity. What do you think about this?

INRI CRISTO: “As it is known from the Bible, Moses was an Egyptian prince before having the knowledge that he was Jew. In this condition of Egyptian prince, he had access to the richest library at that time. And in the Egyptian library there were the writings of the Vedas; consequently, he had access to the most ancient knowledge, to the most ancient history and culture that ever existed. Very truly, even without having the consciousness, Moses was instructed by GOD, who inspired him to analyze the registers of the Vedas  and rescue from them what was relevant for the narration of world creation and origin of humanity. This originated Genesis and for this reason the registers of cultures from other peoples that also ‘copied’ the Vedas coincide with what is in Genesis. There are not two truths; the truth is only one. Even if written by different peoples, by different historians, in different languages, the truth is and will always continue only one. The word ‘myth’ is subjective, questionable. GOD’s mysteries are unfathomable. If GOD inspired Moses to rescue some mysteries from the Vedas, amidst which the one of world creation, it does not mean that the theological validity is annulled. One may qualify it a myth; but who seeks the understanding in GOD’s inspiration will find. It is always worth pointing out that the Bible is a book of dead letters. Behold why I always teach to my disciples: only with GOD’s consent the sincere seeker for the truth will be able to understand the mysteries of the Holy Scriptures, as it contains many legends, fables, parables, metaphors. Anyone who literally assimilates the Bible, without GOD’s acquiescence, will become one more obstinate fanatical Pharisee. However the free-thinkers read the Bible and consider its cabalistic approach. Hence with ALMIGHTY’s help, they become able to understand its mysteries within coherence and logic, without going down the hill of fanaticism and schizophrenia”.

8) Anthropological studies show that the monotheism and the ten commandments would have been created in Egypt due to a dissidence lead by a pharaoh; the group that followed Moses would have originated from this way of thinking. This group would have been persecuted by the Egyptian empire and later turned to be polytheist again. What is your opinion about this hypothesis?

INRI CRISTO: “There is a mistake in this hypothesis. It was not merely a group of monotheistic dissidents who followed Moses. As it is well registered in the Holy Scriptures, the children of Abraham followed Moses, as he was the man predestined by the will of GOD to rescue the Hebrew people kept captive in Egypt. But let us ratiocinate: if the group that followed Moses had really originated from a monotheistic Egyptian dissidence, there would have been no reason to teach the divine law to that same people (so far polytheistic), whose first commandment was an exhortation against the polytheism (“You will not have other gods in front of me…” – Exodus c.20 v.3 to 6). Furthermore, there would not have been the traitors to build the gold calf when Moses delayed to return (Exodus c.32). Therefore, thinking within logic, these studies are not in keeping with what effectively happened”.

9) Archeological studies show that the Israelites lived together with the Canaanites in the same territory and they would difficultly have entered into conflict; therefore, the narratives of Joseph’s achievements would have been narratives of Canaanites kings, re-written in David’s monarchy. What is your opinion about these studies?

INRI CRISTO: “Saying that the Israelites would hardly have entered into conflict with the Canaanites would be the same as saying, in the current times, that the United Stated would have lived in harmony with Saddam Hussein, as he was trained by the CIA in his youth. It would also be equivalent to say that the Iranian people would never be in conflict with the USA, since the United States protected the Shah Reza Pavlev, emperor of a millennial Iranian dynasty. It would also be the same to say that Brazil would hardly be in conflict with the United States. In a simple change of government, the diplomatic relations are not the same anymore; just remember when Brazil entered in dictatorship and had collision with the USA. Brazil even bought technology for the atomic bomb from Germany against Uncle Sam’s will, the American president Jim Carter. One could also hardly imagine that Hitler would order the murder of thousands of Jews and that the Germans would not react. But all this happened, is registered in history. The war between Brazil and Paraguay could also hardly be imagined, and so on… In all the epochs of history there is the change of leaders; consequently, the conflicts of interests appear, the changes in ideas, in the guidelines of government, in the projects, in the social organization… The conflict becomes unavoidable in any country, amidst any people. So it is very subjective, abstract to assert that one people would difficultly have entered into conflict with another. The peoples have always disputed and always dispute one with the other, mainly the Jewish people. Yet in the times of king Ahasuerus the Jews were condemned to death and were saved by a Jewish woman, his wife, queen Esther. At any time, the Jews can be in conflict with any people. It is a matter of deeply studying the history of humanity, analyzing the behavior of societies and realizing that the Jews have always been considered a strange body living together with any other nation”.

10) The Israelites ate animal meat… You must have the knowledge of the list of pure animals in Leviticus and it was GOD who showed the list, but it was Him who “COMMANDED” to kill for the sacrifices, wasn’t it? And said to the priests that they should eat the meat of the sacrifices, right? If He allowed to eat, why wouldn’t we do it now? What is not forbidden is allowed?

INRI CRISTO: “In the beginning of creation, the LORD said: ‘See I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food’ (Genesis c.1 v.29). There it is very clear that the LORD determined the vegetables to serve as food for the human beings as much as for the animals. Only after the great flood the LORD authorized men to feed also from animals only because there was not available vegetation, and it is obvious, does not need explanation. However, the human being is addicted to feeding from corpses of animals and continued eating forever. More ahead, in Isaiah c.66 v.3, the LORD said: ‘The one who slaughters an ox is like one who kills a man’. Therefore, who eats the meat of the ox is like the one who eats the meat of a man. And I tell you, my children: if someone feels pleasure to banquet on corpses, make good use of it. But for those who want to listen to me, be aware of the reason I do not recommend to eat corpses: when the animal is about to be slaughtered, it naturally feels the agony of death; and all this negative energy, all the anxiety that the animal feels before dying is transferred to the eaters of meat. In the current times, humanity is too stuck on the vice of eating corpses, therefore a change is too difficult. Each one must behave according to his consciousness; I have many followers who continue to eat met and I do not censure them, as they can never change this habit of feeding for ideological obligation, but only for the consciousness. When someone comes to me willing to start a new life in harmony with the divine law, then I can instruct how to proceed to have a healthy nutrition”.

11) There are laws in the Old Testament that are attributed directly to GOD, as the stoning to those that worked in the Holy Sabbath.

Exodus c.35 v.2: “Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day you shall have a holy Sabbath of solemn rest to the LORD; whoever does any work on it shall be put to death”.

Numbers c.15 v.32-36: “When the Israelites were in the wilderness, they found a man gathering sticks on the Sabbath day. Those who found him gathering sticks brought him to Moses, Aaron, and to the whole congregation. They put him in custody, because it was not clear what should be done to him. Then the LORD said to Moses, “The man shall be put to death; all the congregation shall stone him outside the camp”. The whole congregation brought him outside the camp and stoned him to death, just as the LORD had commanded Moses”.

Being all the GOD’s laws perfect, did He really command to kill this way, or was it just invention of men and placed in the Bible as divine?

INRI CRISTO: “In those times, the children of Israel lived as nomads; they did not have a fixed dwelling. If it is already difficult to administer a country, a city where there are defined dwellings, imagine a nomadic people in constant wandering. In this case, it is necessary existing strict and well defined laws to keep the order; if these laws are violated and there isn’t a punishment, a chastisement, chaos is established. As it was not possible to keep the lawbreaker in jail, as in those circumstances there was not penitentiary, then the LORD established to stone to death those who violated the law. Did He determine only one person to execute the criminal, the executioner would get the karmic debt of the victim, so He commanded the people to make the execution in group. In the current times it is shocking to hear that GOD authorized such kind of stone lynching. But by obeying the LORD’s commandment, nobody would assume the karmic debt of the law delinquent. And it is not a matter that He commanded to stone; He inspired Moses to interpret the law, showing him that this was the solution to be put in practice. A proof of this is in the Old Testament; it relates that the Israelites did not know how to behave and expected an answer from Moses: “When the Israelites were in the wilderness, they found a man gathering sticks on the Sabbath day. Those who found him gathering sticks brought him to Moses, Aaron, and to the whole congregation. They put him in custody, because it was not clear what should be done to him”. But why was it necessary to punish the delinquents so severely? As they lived in open place, constantly at the mercy of changes, if there wasn’t an exemplar correction at the eyes of everybody, it would be very difficult to keep the law, the order. Because very truly I tell you, my children: the peace of the children of Israel, the peace of the LORD’s house was and will always be treasured in the observance of the LORD’s laws. So, if there wasn’t a punishment upon somebody who dared to violate the law, people could react and cause greater proportion to the disorder: ‘We suffered injustice, we do not have wood to heat ourselves; but he could catch wood on the Sabbath and is now even better than us!’. Now some amidst you may question me about the disciples plucking grain on the Sabbath, that happened two thousand years ago and is registered in Matthew c.12 v.1 to 12. In that occasion, I told the disciples that the Son of Man was the lord of the very Sabbath, as being the Son of GOD, I had the power to decide, to authorize them do something with my permission; it was up to me allow the disciples pluck heads of grain on the Sabbath. Even in the current times, sometimes an emergency happens on the Sabbath, then the disciples ask and I authorize them to do. When I am not here on Earth anymore, each one must be careful and organize in order to keep the Sabbath. But it is obvious that rationality, good sense must prevail. For example, if on the Sabbath your brother breaks the leg, you can try to amend it or take him to hospital; if a woman needs to bear a child, you can and even has the duty to help her. These are the exceptions of the rule, as it is necessary to proceed rationally. What shall not be done on the Sabbath is to work deliberately without need, without a strong reason”.

12) “Then the LORD said to Moses: The man shall be put to death; all the congregation shall stone him outside the camp”. The whole congregation brought him outside the camp and stoned him to death, just as the LORD had commanded Moses”. What does it mean? What happened then?

INRI CRISTO: “At the eyes of the earth inhabitants, they may say: ‘They have killed the man, they have murdered him, he died!’ When the LORD commanded to stone the delinquent, at His eyes it was not the death, but only the rescue of the penitent’s spirit, and the impact of the scene would serve as example so that nobody sinned anymore. Ratiocinating in the terrestrial plan, the LORD commanded to kill a man, but He could have simply withdrew the sinner’s spirit without being perceived, as the LORD is the great spirit from whom all the spirits emanate. Nevertheless, He allowed a cinematographic spectacle to happen so it would serve as example to the others and keep the peace in the environment, after all an image is worth for a thousand words”.

13) Are there any biblical quotations where something attributed to the LORD is in reality invention of the man who wrote it?

INRI CRISTO: “The Bible was written by men with divine inspiration, however they were fallible human beings subject to mistakes and exaggerations. When writing the Bible, it is possible that the authors have committed many distortions and attributed human precepts to the LORD. Very truly I tell you, my children: the Bible is a book of dead letters and only with the ALMIGHTY’s help it is possible to understand it without going down the hill of fanaticism. In the context of the Bible there are legends, fables, tales, parables and also mistakes of translation. If you consider the Bible literally, you will practice incest, because it is written in the Bible that Lot had children with his very daughters; you will accept the murder of children and women, as it is written in the Bible that Joshua killed women and children to conquer the Promised Land. Therefore, if you want to understand the Bible, before opening it, you ought to invoke the ALMIGHTY and ask Him with humility: ‘LORD, give me the grace to understand your sacred and perpetual laws’, or then you shall come to ask me personally and I clear any doubt, without dogmas, without subterfuges”.

14) Are the apocryphal books true?

INRI CRISTO: “Nobody has authority to declare millenarian books apocryphal. The pharisaical churches have only some centuries of existence. However, they declare millenarian books apocryphal. The Pharisees consider the book of Sirach apocryphal, which is a very ancient book, even previous to the Gospel. But amidst all the books in the Bible, it is the most complete about Sociology and Theology. So too they consider apocryphal the Book of Wisdom, written thousands of years ago. The pharisaical Bible has seven books less than the Catholic Bible, as they declare the following books apocryphal: 1) Baruc; 2) Sirach; 3) I Maccabees; 4) II Maccabees; 5) Judith; 6) Book of Wisdom; 7) Tobiah. And in Daniel’s book Susana’s history is not registered. The Bible is a book of dead letters, full of fables, legends, parables; only with the ALMIGHTY’s help it is possible to understand the enigma of the Holy Scriptures. Nobody here on Earth has authority to declare apocryphal books that have existed for centuries”.

15) Why hasn’t GOD inspired the Bible translators and avoid so many mistaken human interpretations? Why hasn’t He blessed the people that had so much work, effort and dedication in the works of translation?

INRI CRISTO: “Because did my FATHER, LORD and GOD have proceeded this way, had He inspired the human beings to translate everything correctly, these people that use the Bible under their arms like a deodorant would be right, and then their pride and prepotency would increase even more. But GOD, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, that knows everything and sees everything, allowed so many mistaken human interpretations to take place in order to discern the ones that merely carry the Bible, which are the contemporary Pharisees, from the authentic children of GOD. GOD’s mysteries are unfathomable and He only reveals what He considers relevant to reveal to the ones that keep their hearts pure and humility in their hearts. But considering that the Pharisees believe the Bible literally, had the translators not made any mistake, nobody would have obligation to observe it with cabalistic eyes; therefore, understanding the Bible would not depend on divine inspiration. GOD has given and gives inspiration to all those who read the Bible with humility, without the prepotency peculiar to those that consider themselves saved. Had the LORD given inspiration to the translators, these ones that now ask Him with humility would not have the occasion to receive the inspiration and the discernment to understand and assimilate His holy and eternal laws”.

16) Besides being a state of spirit, is the paradise also a PLACE? Somewhere at the image of the Earth, or with something else? With beautiful sights with trees, rivers, lakes, people (in spiritual shape, but people), and other things? Or is it just a “point” (of a place) with all the unique essence of the existence, but in a state of spirit?

INRI CRISTO: “The paradise is not an enchanted place with fruit trees, where everyone will eat, eat and eat, in a frenetic exercise leading to obesity. In the earthly realm, as you well understood, the paradise is placed in the brain of each human being, when in harmony with the LORD GOD, my FATHER, and with the divine law. So too, the hell is placed in the neuronal system of each human being when he is deviating from the path of good living, when doing bad use of free-will. It is a pure delirium to think that the hell is a place full of evil beings with tail, horns and fire. The blame for impregnating such fantasies and fake in the human beings’ minds for centuries was the proscribed roman church (the whore of Revelation c.17). In the spiritual cosmic realm, the paradise is a ‘place’, or a dimension, where there is absolute peace and harmony, and where time does not take place, to where the most evolved spirits are lead after having fulfilled their trajectory upon Earth. GOD is infinite and eternal, there is no limit of space or time, so it is difficult to explain with the earthly language. But beautiful sights, trees, rivers, lakes, etc. securely do not exist over there. In a brief, the paradise is in the cosmos, in the infinite”.  

17) Will all of us be only one, not separated, without finite place in the infinite, only as an existential state of spirit, without essential divisions like GOD made happen in the seven primordial days? In other words, will we go back to zero, or something similar?

INRI CRISTO: “Someday all the souls originating from GOD, after completing the cycle of evolution, will return to be only one thing with Him, in the eternal bliss and eternal peace, even because the planet Earth is finite and will not last forever. It is as if each soul was a molecule in the huge sea of existence, free of personality, ego or individuality. All the molecules together will form an immense sea, all together, in perfect harmony. This is a metaphorical way to explain, but this is how it will happen”.

18) Do the animals evolve, spiritually speaking, reincarnating from animal to animal, until achieving the human being? Do the animals have free-will? If not, is it due to such reason they do not sin? Do animals have destiny, as did GOD grant upon us?

INRI CRISTO: “Very truly I tell you, my children: everyone that now is a human being had to pass through many stages of the evolving process, since the most simple until the most complex animals, until achieving the human stage, whose most ancient representative am I that speak to you, Adam, humanity’s father, origin of everyone. But unfortunately, due to the bad use of free-will and to the pernicious sin of degenerated fornication, that caused the disordered procreation and consequent demographic explosion, in the current times there are many spirits that have not completed their cycle of evolution, they are precociously reincarnating in human bodies. In other words, they are bestial beings disguised in human bodies. For such reason it is possible to see so many “human” beings literally behaving like bestial beings. The animals do not have free-will, as they do not sin; they are irrational beings, different from the human beings, which are responsible for their acts, words and thoughts. Everything is predestined in the Universe, including the life of any small animal. Many had the destiny of being completely eradicated from the Earth; others are dead due to men’s ambition; some have a short existence only to serve as food to others. Did the animals integrating ecology not exist, the human beings could not exist too, as for the harmonious running of this huge body called Earth, it is necessary the existence of all these indispensable cells, each one with its peculiar characteristic and function, which includes the plants, bacteria, the small and big animals, and finally the human beings”.

19) Has the great flood effectively achieved the whole Earth? Nowadays, there are thousands of animal species, birds, and in each place of the Earth the species are different. According to the Theory of Evolution, millions of years are necessary to make the transformations in the living beings. How could it be that in 5 or 6 thousand years the few species that Noah preserved in the ark would have extraordinarily multiplied? 

INRI CRISTO: “The great flood achieved the places inhabited by the sinners as a reaction of mother earth due to the violation of the divine law. Had the flood achieved the whole Earth as mistakenly registered in the Holy Scriptures, it would have resulted in many more oceans similar to the one we have in the current times. When the man registered such event, he ignored some details of geology and considered only what his eyes could see. As a matter of justice, GOD spread the flood only where the sinners lived. In the continents where there were not sinner men, but only the animals integrating the ecological context, there was no reason to spread the flood, so GOD wisely preserved the ecology. Even so, it is necessary to point out that there isn’t paradox between the divine law and the theory of evolution, which is not merely a theory, but divine inspiration. The evolution did happen, not in 5 or 6 thousand years, but in millions and even billions of years. Did the evolution not exist, why would GOD have created all the animals of the ecological context and only then create the human being and give him power over them? Actually, the first man had already passed through all the previous evolving stages and only then assumed the condition of First born, done at GOD’s image. I that speak to you am the First Son of GOD, Adam, your father and Father of the humanity, and reincarnated as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. I was the last to be the first and the only one. The seven days of divine creation registered in the Holy Scriptures were seven symbolic days, as GOD does not bend to calendar. One day for GOD may last one million or one billion of years. For Him it has not been one second since I was crucified. However, at those times when the sacred registers were written, humanity was not prepared to understand and for this reason the LORD inspired the man to write in a simple way. Only now I am able to explain to you, from the part of my FATHER, under the light of science and rationale, how the divine creation took place. All the differences between the races of the human beings and the animal species happen due to the changes in the cosmos, in the weather and in geography, that influence the appearance and the biophysical formation of living beings”.

20) In recent times, a book was found in Egypt, considered as the fifth Gospel written by Tomas. This book mentioned that the leader of the Christian Church would have been Tiago, not Peter, elected by Christ himself. What do you consider about this?

INRI CRISTO: “After my crucifixion, much they spoke about me, much they cogitated and much more they invented. Even though I have said: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life; nobody comes to the FATHER except by me’ (John c.14 v.6), the fist false prophet Paul (he confesses his condition in I Corinthians c.15 v.9) wanted to assume my place. So, after I was crucified, anyone could have declared himself the chosen one, against my authority, for his own account or for unconfessable reasons. It can be true that Tiago has leaded my church in Jerusalem; regionally, any disciple could have leaded a group of people. But according to the Gospel that I left and according to the memory that GOD gave back to me, for deep reasons I have chosen Peter to be the founder of my former church by telling him: ‘You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church’ (Matthew c.16 v.18). Despite Peter having betrayed me and denied me three times, as I myself said that time passes but my words do not pass, he continued being the initial mark and leader of the church that I left before being crucified. Only later, on the IV century, the emperor Constantine monopolized what had remained from my former church, so far known as the Sect of the Nazarenes, and became this principality of iniquity that all of us know, the portrait of the whore of Revelation c.17”.

21) If you assert to be the First Born of GOD, Adam, that reincarnated as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI, how do you explain that in the episode of transfiguration you would have talked to Eliah and to Moses?

INRI CRISTO: “In the Kingdom of GOD there is no paradox, as for all salutary doubts there is always a rational explanation. From the part of my FATHER and LORD I will give you the answer to this intelligent question. In the occasion of the transfiguration, a phenomenon happened that the very disciples only understood and registered in the Gospels for posterity because I myself had to give them an explanation. My FATHER and I are one and the same; the FATHER manifests in me, as it is in my body that the Kingdom of GOD and the manifestation of GOD’s power begins. So you can understand the meaning of my words: ‘Blessed are the pure hearts, for they shall see GOD’ (Matthew c.5 v.8), as ‘whoever has seen me, has seen my FATHER’ (John c.14 v.9). In other words: who keeps the heart pure and the soul clean can see the manifestation of my FATHER in me, as it happened two thousand years ago and happens until nowadays in the phenomenon of transfiguration. My face became shining and my clothing extremely white because at that moment the LORD GOD All-Powerful had taken possession of my physical body; consequently, my spirit had gone out of my body and remained beside Elias’s spirit, who had already reincarnated as John the Baptist, however he had disincarnated, and been decapitated as an order of Herod. After this, the disciples heard my FATHER’s voice speaking through my mouth: ‘This is my beloved Son, with him I am well pleased; listen to him!’. But afterwards, when I touched the disciples, they rose their eyes and did not see anybody else, except me (Matthew c.17 v.13), as GOD is untouchable spirit and I was back again in my body. Now let us ratiocinate: who could have revealed the identity of the two spirits to the disciples? If they have not lived with Elias or with Moses, how would they have memory to identify one or another unless I myself had told them the identity of both afterwards? And how could I say that it was my own spirit beside the physical body if the disciples were already very scared for what they had seen? Since GOD had given me the consciousness, two thousand years ago and now too, of all my previous incarnations inside the biblical context (amidst which Adam, origin of humanity, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David etc.), I declared to the disciples that it was Moses’ spirit beside Elias’s spirit, as only I knew and had authority to say that it was them both. If only for having declared: ‘Before Abraham was, I am’ (John c.8 v.58) they already wanted to stone me, imagine if I had revealed the mystery of transfiguration. In brief: the disciples saw the manifestation of my FATHER in my body; my spirit was then beside Elias’ spirit, however I myself had told the disciples that it was Moses and Elias, due to their natural astonishment when seeing the phenomenon. Furthermore, in case I had said that it was me (Jesus) outside my body, the disciples would not have the faculty to assimilate. I referred then to a previous incarnation, Moses, in order to make the understanding easier”.


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