Part 16 – Medicine and health, organ donation, origin and healing of cancer, trunk cells, cloning, euthanasia, suicide


1) What is your opinion about organ donations?

INRI CRISTO: “Nobody can give something not belonging to him. In fact, your physical body isn’t yours; it’s only a vehicle given in franchise by your good Celestial FATHER so that you have opportunity to walk around the Earth for rescuing karmic debt evolving or fulfilling a mission. Only GOD can decide the destiny of your bodies and your souls. No one passes through purgation without rescuing karmic debt. It’s divine law mechanism: action and reaction; cause and effect. At the end of atonement period, penitent’s suffering is stopped, whether in this or another incarnation. Thus, it’s not well seen at the eyes of GOD, my FATHER, donating organs since you can’t give what doesn’t belong to you, nor can you decide such an important thing without the knowledge of GOD, imposing on nature a different course than the one already predestined. Without infringing divine law, it’s possible to donate bone marrow and blood as they are in constant renewal. However, there’s a serious problem concerning donation of non renewable organs. When a person registers his name on donor’s listing, although he is compelled by noble, altruistic feelings, he commits the first illicit act against divine law when he overlooks nature and law fulfillment. Next, he automatically becomes vulnerable by fitting at the target of those who wait in the queue for transplantation. They form a negative energetic current that will fatally lasso the inconsistent victim, dragging him to death. As in most cases it’s only possible taking organs from people who disincarnated in accidents, the fact of being a donor means applying to disincarnate in an accident, being caught by an early death. It’s the obvious:  inevitably, although in their unconsciousness, those who need an organ are at least desiring, and sometimes even sending a concentrated vibration that someone disincarnates, as do football supporters when they want their team to win. Which thought is most of the time present in the head of the one who is in need to receive an organ but not obtaining it? And for the wish to come true, is it or isn’t it necessary that someone be a victim of fatality by suffering an accident? I sincerely feel pity and solidarity for these people; I look at them with love and piety. I ask my FATHER, LORD and GOD to be merciful and to abbreviate their suffering. But leaving hypocrisy and half-truths aside, trampling the feet on reality, I am forced to recognize that it happens this way; there’s no other solution. By chance, haven’t you ever heard about donors’ relatives saying: “How can it be! Right yesterday she went to register on the list of donors and today she suffered an accident?” According to the law of GOD, it’s a sin whether desiring somebody’s organ or assuming GOD’s place by exposing an organ to donation, since it’s the same as encouraging the first sin, which consists on the violation of tenth commandment (“You shall not covet your neighbor’s belongings” – Exodus c.20 v.3 to 17). Very truly, the whole problem resides on humans lack of knowledge and ignorance regarding divine law. They think about prolonging life for fearing death, and they fear death and believe that by ignoring death it will not achieve them and that it is just a stage of life. I myself have already said two thousand years ago: “That one who believes in me will never die” (John c.8 v.51), for those who believe in me I teach them the law, which carries the item reincarnation. Everyone only disincarnates and reincarnates, dies and is born again, up to the fulfillment of evolutionary cycle.  On the contrary if they learned the mechanism of perfect and eternal divine law, they would never fear death nor would feel compelled to postpone another’s passing away. They would trust GOD, letting Him decide the destiny of everyone. I came back to Earth right to reconcile my sons in the path of light, teaching them to live according to divine law (John c.16 v.7 to 16)”.

2) What do you have to say concerning euthanasia?

INRI CRISTO: “According to the dictionary, euthanasia means death without suffering or stopping the suffering of another through death. As I’ve already said many times, it’s salutary pointing out once more that death doesn’t exist. Everyone only disincarnates and after reincarnates at the time determined by the karma of each individual. Therefore, there are basically two ways to do euthanasia; each one brings up a different consequence for the agent: 1st) interrupting life by making use of a method which anticipates penitent’s passing away, contrary to natural course of his existence (as the example of death by injection, among others), or 2nd) letting nature follow its course, interrupting the artificial method of prolonging life, without whose application it couldn’t be kept (these are the cases when, facing the improbability of individual renewal, they try to prolong his suffering – not his life – viewing only illicit profit, as it was the case of ex-president Fernando Collor’s genitor, who remained about one year in vegetative state depending on machines). In the first situation, according to divine law it’s a sin doing euthanasia, because no one but GOD can propitiate someone’s passing away. Who acts like this assumes patient’s karmic debt. In the second situation, where there are no existing conditions for a person to survive by himself, the sin is in keeping him a long time alive through machines; it’s science overcoming divine will. Yet shall the machine be stopped, letting life follow its natural course? The greatest sin is in keeping a person alive in vegetative state through artificial methods, only due to his richness, instead of allowing him to continue his destiny. Medicine effectively came from the ALMIGHTY (“Every medicine comes from GOD” – Ecclesiastic c.38, constant in Catholic Bible; don’t confuse with Ecclesiastes), giving human beings the opportunity to make use of its benefits so that they live better on Earth. But you must consider physicians are fallible human beings also, and are subject to error. The fact of exerting this job doesn’t give them the right of keeping someone artificially alive, nor does it indicate all his conclusions must be obeyed. In the face of any destiny impasse, I recommend that all my sons invoke my FATHER, LORD and GOD, asking Him in prayer to inspire the physicians in their acts so that they be successful and have heavenly approval”.

3) How to proceed regarding animals?

INRI CRISTO: “In the case of animals, if there’s no possibility of regeneration, it’s not a sin sacrificing them to quit their suffering. Differently to human beings, they don’t sin, so they don’t transmit karmic debt to the executioner. But it’s a sin making them suffer since they too are creatures animated by the divine breath”.

4) How do you see humans and even animal cloning?

INRI CRISTO: “Cloning is one of the end time signs; it’s a scientific aberration against nature. It’s man wishing to be GOD. Life isn’t in flesh but in spirit. Spirit vivifies matter. So, a clone could never be the perpetuation of his precursor for having a different spirit. Human beings are turning their backs to GOD and trying to assume His place, to play at being GOD. For this reason, at the right time, they will receive divine despise. They act against divine law for ignoring death doesn’t exist. Once more the origin of error is due to ignorance regarding GOD’s things”

5) What is the cause of cancer?

INRI CRISTO: “Cancer is the illness of hopeless, it’s soul suicide. It occurs when the individual loses hope and trust in GOD; when he loses the will to live by suffering a violent shock, a social, emotional or spiritual defeat, a misfortune in life plans. Finally, when the possibility to make his wishes come true is finished. In these circumstances, he mentally actions a mechanism of developing this illness”.

6) Is there a way of healing it without medicinal intervention?

INRI CRISTO: “The only free antidote for cancer consists on faithfully fulfilling the first commandment (“You shall worship only GOD and love Him before all” – Exodus c.20 v.3 to 6) and fully trust Him, as I’ve already taught before being crucified: “You shall love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all our mind” (Matthew c.22 v.37). While enormous amounts of money are spent in search of an antidote, misinformed people are stopped, forbidden to see that the cure depends on themselves”.

7) What do you have to say about suicide? Is it licit at GOD’s eyes?

INRI CRISTO: “The individual who commits suicide, giving an end to his own life and anticipating his dis-incarnation by himself, commits the most condemnable act in disrespect to Supreme CREATOR’s authority. Any problem leading him to take such extreme attitude is insignificant and unjustifiable facing the monstrous damage caused to him by perpetrating this repugnant act. In truth, the problem that could eventually be presented to him had the intention to favor his evolution, never harm him. Certainly, it would have been one of those proofs, an exam of evolution, a degree of divine law that periodically subjects human beings to undertake so that they know and test maturity. But instead of being in despair and appealing to suicide, they shall turn to Celestial FATHER and, in humble dialog, beg Him to help in those difficult moments. So good and merciful GOD will send them angels, spirits of light with the mission to help them triumphantly walk through the hard proof”.

8) What is the destiny reserved to suicides?

INRI CRISTO: “At the time of despair, suicides forget to trust GOD and are forbidden to glimpse the terrible punishment reserved for them in spiritual plan, a punishment much harder than overcoming any difficult situation on Earth. In their ignorance, they believe there is a possible cowardly escape from this world and its problems to a better life. In truth, the life waiting for them in the other world is even worse. Over there, they are condemned to repeat the anguishing suicide act ever day and experience again the same pain, the same bitterness and the terrible agony of passing away. Furthermore, they have to suffer the sorrow of relatives and bear curse of the ones injured by his cowardly fleeing. This torment endures in the other world up to when the suicides would naturally disincarnate. Next, they reincarnate in very painful conditions. For having despised their physical body to the point of deliberately mutilating it, they must reincarnate in similar bodies or even worse, with other physical defects: hobble, blind, deaf, dumb, crippled, without legs or arms, demented, etc… having to drag their poor lives as idiots, insane or beggars. They are put down to the lowest evolving degree and have to climb again the enormous mountain until they arrive at the level where they committed suicide. All this badness afflicts suicides for having dangerously used the great power of thought in its destroying negative tendency, as they forgot their CREATOR at the moment that life difficulties were presented”.

9) Which guidance can you give to those who think or have already thought of committing suicide?

INRI CRISTO: “Very truly I tell you, my sons: the negative thought cultivated during a long time drags human beings to suicide precipitately. If you give shelter to suicide thoughts in your mind, little by little they will take possession of your consciousness to the point that the mortal inner enemy will be stronger than your resistance and will to live. Thus, in any nervous crisis, this enemy, dreadful darkness spirit, will implacably drag you to suicide. Let your thoughts always be optimist, constructive, turned to soul nobility, virtues, goodness. Translate your thoughts into constructive words, acts and works so that you are worthy to be called sons of GOD. It’s the law of life, the law of GOD: the human being always becomes a summary of his thoughts. If you think about virtues, you will be virtuous; if you think of sins, you will be sinners. The individual who is invaded by negative thoughts and ideas without refuting them gradually becomes a deposit of negativism, or a catacomb, residence of low sphere negative spirits. Every time you have negative thoughts, refute them with a positive message, since all and every negative thought comes from evil. Acting like this, the positive side will overcome the negative one and you will attract light spirits next to you. They will give you help making you feel stronger and stronger so that you be victorious in spiritual ascension”.

10) Have you ever helped someone about to commit suicide?

INRI CRISTO: “I have already given guidance to many people that, in a moment of despair, wanted to quit their own lives, making them give up the intention. Even from the distance many have already found again the serenity of spirit. The case that most deserved my attention was of a woman, M.R.T., whom I have known for many years and lives in a city many kilometers far from the headquarters of SOUST. She had even bought the cord to commit suicide and at the last moment she decided to call a friend, relating the case to him. Inspired, he gave her advice not to precipitate, admonishing her to lock herself in a room of her house and choose a song to listen to. She got in and faced the CD containing my message for the ones who need spiritual comfort. Later she came to visit me and told with much joy that, after listening to the CD, she found strength to change her mind. Another case was a man who felt much anger and wanted to kill his fellow. According to the news that I had, after he listened the CD he also gave up the nasty intent. Even when I am not able to directly instruct and give the blessing for the disillusioned and hopeless people, if they have the opportunity to hear the CD or read the book with the teachings that I minister from my FATHER, they are going to feel within the protection emanated from Him, the ALMIGHTY”.

11) If you teach that the Law of GOD is action and reaction, “one life for one life”, when a citizen kills an outlaw in legitimate defense, how is it foreseen in the law of karma?

INRI CRISTO: “Actually in the divine law it is foreseen that one life must be paid with one life, not as a matter of revenge, but divine justice. When a citizen is forced to take the life of an outlaw for the sake of saving his own life, in this case he will not have a karmic debt, as the life of the potential victim is paid with the life of the aggressor. In other words: the aggressor will assume the karmic debt of a suicidal; any person who chooses delinquency is one way or another seeking their own death. The outlaw will assume the debt as if he had committed suicide, and the one who defended himself will not have any karmic debt, besides being sheltered by the law of men”.

12) How do you position regarding the approval of the Biosecurity Law by the National Congress, which foresees the usage of trunk-cells of embryos in scientific researches to allow the treatment of some diseases?

INRI CRISTO: “I consider it was a wise attitude of the parliamentarians who approved this project of law. My consultantship sent a massage in time that, in case any of them was in doubt, they would have the opportunity to position on the side of coherence and contribute for a decision that will propitiate the good for thousands of human beings. Any scientific advance that happens for the good of society shall be analyzed and put in practice when necessary”.

(The message sent by INRI CRISTO to the federal deputies on March 2nd 2005 consists of the following text: “Only the evil, bad-intentioned, demagogue beings work against the progress of science when, inspired by GOD, it is advancing towards the improvement of life conditions on Earth. If the study of trunk-cells in embryos represents the hope of recovery for the patients, it is indispensable that the federal deputies be conscious regarding the relevance of approving the Law of Biosecurity. Preventing this law to be voted under the argument that “one cannot intend the healing of a person through the death of another one” consists of an attitude absurdly incoherent, irrational, peculiar to retrograde thoughts that invariably characterize the precepts of the proscribed roman church (the whore of Revelation c.17), the same “infallible” precepts that almost condemned Galileo, amidst others, to burn in the bonfires of the notorious “saint Inquisition”, whose murderous flames quit the life of thousands of innocent victims “in name of GOD”… Nevertheless, I tell you in truth: since medicine comes from the ALMIGHTY (Sirach c.38), it is necessary to propitiate the healing of as many human beings that may be in need through the scientific methods – while it does not characterize the damage of others. It is fundamental to point out that, at GOD’s eyes and according to the divine law, while the fetus is not self-sufficient, does not survive independently of the pregnant woman, it does not represent one life, as the spirit only joins the body when the newly born aspires the first breath of vivifying air. Child is someone susceptible to be nurtured, which survives disentailed from the woman’s body. If an embryo is considered such a complete way of life like the one of an adult human being, then the same principle can be applied to the spermatozoon and to the egg forming the embryo. Under this view, the spermatozoon and the eggs would be a life as much as the embryo, since without the participation of these particles it would not be possible for the natural embryonic development. And I ask you: if the so-called religious men feel so worried about the conservation of frozen embryos, why don’t they worry about the huge amount of spermatozoon that are eliminated every day, even in the back stages of the seminars? Why don’t they also oppose to the artificial insemination, that requires the failure of many attempts, and therefore the death of countless “lives” of embryos? Why don’t they first worry about the matters concerning the very decay of the church? It is difficult to believe that the reason is on the proportion of the bank account of the beneficiaries, since only the socially privileged women can afford an insemination, while the benefits offered by the trunk-cells would extend to all the social levels. Only who lives in the comfort of palaces built in name of the faith dare to make pressure upon the National Congress against the progress of science. They are men who would never subject themselves to closely experience the despair, the anguish, the pain of the mothers into seeing the suffering of their descendants; in fact, they aim to prevent the light of hope from shining in the eyes of thousands of citizens. Fighting against life is to disrespect life. I pray to my FATHER, LORD and GOD to inspire and enlighten the parliamentarians so as to contribute for the approval of the Law of Biosecurity, in defense of the right for the whole Brazilian population having access to the advance of science in the treatment of diseases”).


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