Book of Initiation


The announcement of GOD’s Kingdom

“The Kingdom of GOD does not come with things that can be observed…” (Luke c.17 v.20 – 21)

The expectation for the Kingdom of GOD is almost as ancient as the very existence of the human beings; it remits to the origin of humanity, since the ancestors Adam and Eve, after having experienced the fruit of the tree of life, were expelled from paradise. But it is necessary to decipher this theological enigma. On the contrary to what one may believe, paradise is not a beautiful and enchanted place, adorned with fruit trees and wonderful sceneries. INRI CRISTO teaches us that paradise, in the Kingdom of GOD, is placed in the brain and in the heart of each son of GOD that lives harmoniously with the divine law.

In the promise of the coming of the Kingdom of GOD (“Our FATHER in heaven, hallowed be Your name, come Your Kingdom…” – Matthew c.6 v.10) is evidenced the inner longing of the human being to find again the lost horizon, the state of innocence and the very meaning of life in his own essence, in the intimate communion with the CREATOR. Behold why the coming of GOD’s Kingdom is not restrained to an abstract and unreachable theological concept; it is a reality that comes to its materialization in our times, with the reincarnation of the Messiah INRI CRISTO, whose mission is to lead the human beings again into the path of the authentic, genuine spirituality, and establish the parameters of justice. (…)

In the Holy Scriptures there are countless millenarian messages that refer to the coming of the Messiah, first in the condition of Redeemer, and in a second stage as judge and protagonist of the great revolution of the New Age, culminating with the consolidation of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth. The revolution of the Messiah is the inner revolution of the souls and their consciousnesses, in the light of which all the social and political revolutions in the whole history of humanity will have been mere essays.

This book was translated by volunteers and is available in eletronic version for download.

Book-of-Initiation-to-SOUST.pdf (384 downloads)


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