INRI, the Wanderer


This book consists of a register of INRI CRISTO’s histories and experiences with vehicles that he used since his youth and public life while an adult, until achieving the condition of Messiah. It is a book of memories which make part of his long path… INRI lived intensely each moment of his life, in struggle, in sorrow, in joy, in love… as if he were living many lives in only one existence.

Yet before the fast in 1979, when INRI had the revelation of his identity, we observe his living without free-will, obedient to the SINGLE VOICE which commands him since childhood. We realize in INRI CRISTO an unusual personality, a strong and determined nature, of unique courage and audacity, which allowed him to wander fearlessly throughout the remarkable paths destiny had reserved for him…

INRI passed by countless car accidents, some of them bordering on fatality, but it was all allowed by the Divine Providence in order to bestow him with power, authority and the full conscience that he cannot leave Earth while he has not fulfilled his mission.

This book was translated by volunteers and is available in eletronic version for download.

INRI-the-Wanderer.pdf (402 downloads)


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