INRI CRISTO answers to Arkansas State University (USA)


“Truly, very truly I tell you: I that speak to you was the first amoeba, the first creeping reptile which emerged from water seeking the air for survival, the first ape with no tail which stood up and walked, and the first man endowed with conscience who sought the understanding of himself and of the world surrounding him, the First Begotten of GOD, humanity’s ancestor…”

Questions by Wenderson Jangada, student of Sociology of Religion

INRI CRISTO how old is earth?

INRI CRISTO: “Answering under the view of rationality, Mother Earth has no age, just as the Universe, the Cosmos, has no age. Earth comes from a long process of metamorphosis, of transmutation, since the formation of the Universe. GOD and the Universe are but one, and GOD, my FATHER, is the Supreme CREATOR, only non-created being, only eternal, only being worthy of worship and veneration, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, only LORD of the Universe. Being eternal, He has no age, no beginning or end. But if your question has to do with the Bible, with Genesis, first is it necessary to point out that the Bible is a book of dead letters, full of fables, legends, parables, metaphors, and it must be interpreted under cabalistic view. Only inspired by GOD the human being may decipher the enigmas of the Holy Scriptures in order to understand the mysteries of the divine law, because whoever observes the Bible literally will become a fanatical, alienated, orphan of spirituality. For this reason one should open the Bible always with the divine consent, asking the FATHER the grace for assimilating the content exposed in it. GOD does not bend towards calendar. He is beyond time and in eternity time does not count. One day for Him may be billions, trillions of years here on Earth. The seven symbolic days described in Genesis were established by the LORD with the only aim of making life of human beings easier by granting them the day of rest, which is the LORD’s Sabbath. And it is not the LORD who needs the Sabbath; the human beings need to renew the symbiosis with Him, and for this sake the LORD’s Sabbath was established”.

INRI CRISTO what is your position towards creationism and evolutionism?

INRI CRISTO: “The controversy between Evolutionism and Creationism relies on the ignorance of those who read the Bible without the ALMIGHTY’s consent. Creationism is the literal, but mistaken interpretation of the Bible, that the world was created in six days. This is an evident ignorance; when one transcends the barrier of ignorance, of religious sectarianism, starts to see, to assimilate, with ALMIGHTY’s help, that the world may have been created in trillions of years, but the exact time is not possible to be calculated because, as I already said before, in eternity, in the cosmic space, in the infinite, time does not count. The true wisdom never collides against the true science. The truth is and will always be only one. Darwin was an enlightened man, inspired by GOD, who fulfilled the mission of reactivating, reviving the message already exposed by the Greek philosopher Anaximander, approximately 2600 years ago. The so-called Theory of Evolution is not merely theory, but divine inspiration; evolution is a universal and eternal law. Darwin presented a spark of the divine law to humanity through his conclusions about the origin of life on Earth. From the part of the LORD GOD, my FATHER, I explain you the Bible from Genesis to Revelation without contradicting or crashing against science, which emanates from the ALMIGHTY too. Life began in a very simple form and along millions and millions of years evolved until achieving the apex, which is the human being, ‘made in the image and likeness of GOD’ (Genesis c.1 v.26). Truly, very truly I tell you: I that speak to you was the first amoeba, the first creeping reptile which emerged from water seeking the air for survival, the first ape with no tail which stood up and walked, and the first man endowed with conscience who sought the understanding of himself and of the world surrounding him, the First Begotten of GOD, humanity’s ancestor, who reincarnated as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. I am the oldest of everyone. In this condition I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end; I was the first and the last, at the same time that I was the last in order to be the first. And right for being the most ancient of humankind, from time to time the LORD sends me back to this world so that I lead my children towards the Light, teaching them to thrash the path of the divine law. Physical evolution does not happen by chance, it is guided by the invisible hand of GOD All-Powerful. Physical evolution isn’t but the external cloth of a psychic-spiritual inner evolution. There is no happenstance; believing that evolution is a work of luck is a mistake of who ignores the natural laws, the laws of metaphysics. Nothing happens by chance. Everything in the context of the divine creation has a sense, a meaning, a reason to be… even the creation of the atomic bomb and the inevitable nuclear hecatomb has a reason to be, although many still mistakenly believe that it is possible to stop it from happening. The bare, cruel and incontestable reality of Mother Nature’s reactions due to the aggressions of human beings is something that will fatally lead to the detonation of nuclear hecatomb. And it is worthless someone think the contrary, because later the worms will take care of them too. The important is that the truth is only one. I’ve already said two thousand years ago: ‘You will know the truth and the truth will make you free’ (John c.8 v.32). If someone amidst you who listen to me assimilates the truth, will even become fearless regarding death, because will understand that death does not exist. Death is just the restart, a stage for a new life. Life is always renewing on Earth, in every place. What is considered a scandal here on Earth, the explosion of a volcano, the devastation provoked by a natural phenomenon, the earthquakes… for the LORD it is not a scandal, for Him there was only one more transmutation, one more renewal, and nobody died… those who were knocked over by an earthquake did not die, they only disincarnated, they simply heard the call of Mother Earth, who patiently waits her beloved children for the mystical meeting of renewal… and those who were not to be achieved, were not at that place at that moment.”

INRI CRISTO do you believe in intelligent design (ID)?

INRI CRISTO: “The intelligent design is one more theory, a failing attempt of reformulating the creationism by those who could not properly contest the irrefutable reality of species evolution. In despair, they invented this spurious theory to satisfy the religious fanatics, the halter owners, wolves under sheep skin (Matthew c.7 v.15).”

INRI CRISTO can religion and science work together? Why?

INRI CRISTO: “Religion and Science cannot work together because religion, emanated from Latin religaire (rebind), when it is not a mistake, it is a hoax. The LORD GOD, my FATHER, is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Omnipresent, He vivifies each cell of your body, each particle of your blood. If you cannot disconnect Him even when committing a sin, a crime, how do you need someone to retie you with Him? I am not a religious man; I am against religions, for this reason was crucified, because I taught to pray at home, in the room, with the door shut (‘But whenever you pray, go into your room, shut the door and pray to your FATHER who is in secret. And your FATHER, who sees in secret, will reward you’ – Matthew c.6 v.6). I am a philosopher, I metaphysically teach the conscientious freedom. It has nothing to do with religion. I consider religion a business, a human artifice to serve from GOD instead of serving GOD. However, wisdom and science do work together, because science is always seeking the truth, and in this quest there are many nuances, one scientist contradicts the other, or one scientist deepens the studies based on his antecessor’s research… But when science is complete, when science becomes no more questionable, when it cannot be contested anymore and achieves a definitive and irrefutable conclusion, it is no more science; then it becomes wisdom. In this stage, science melts with wisdom, which emanates from GOD, and both become inseparable.”

INRI CRISTO what is your opinion about the future of religion?

INRI CRISTO: “The future of religion is running towards unmasking, towards the discovery that nobody needs religion to live in symbiosis with GOD. Humanity is slowly discovering that religion is a hoax, a mistake. With globalization, young people today do not want to know about religion anymore. Most of the young people are already seeking for the divine conscience by intuitive means which are being presented to them, even via the web. After the nuclear hecatomb that will culminate with the end of this chaotic world, the survivors will understand that only the LORD, the Supreme CREATOR, is important, and they will keep my millenarian teachings, because what I spoke two thousand years ago in Matthew c.6 v.6, to pray at home, in the room, with the door shut, continues in vigor and is worth forever. So they will learn to invoke the FATHER and establish the symbiosis with Him with no intervener, with no intermediary, whether it is a statue or a deceiver, wolf under sheep skin (Matthew c.7 v.15) who aims to take the tithe from their salaries. Peace be with you all, my children.”

INRI CRISTO thank you for your time and patience.


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