Part 10 – Spiritual surgeries, precursor Alziro Zarur, Allan Kardec, Chico Xavier


1) How to identify an evolved spirit?

INRI CRISTO: “The measure of spiritual evolution is summarized on the space of time a spirit can remain in a restricted place, living happy and satisfied in his own company, in other words, without being tired of having to live with himself. By achieving such high stage, he will never be alone but in symbiosis with my FATHER, LORD and GOD.”

2) When a spirit achieves the apex of evolution, does he need to reincarnate?

INRI CRISTO: “Right for having achieved the apex of evolution many times he needs to reincarnate in order to help the ones who are not evolved yet to continue on their evolving paths; he returns to Earth to fulfill a mission according to GOD’s will”.

3) Is it  possible to regress spiritually?

INRI CRISTO: “Again by the law of karma it is possible for someone to regress from the human to the bestial condition, even because, mainly nowadays, there are many spirits remaining from the bestial condition precociously reincarnated in human body due to the sin of disordered fornication and consequent demographic explosion. A person who has not measured the wickedness when mistreating the animals may reincarnate as a bestial being in order to settle the debt with the law. Whoever does not want to be suited into this situation must make efforts to live in harmony with the law, not making any damage to the animals nor to the nature where they live”.

4) Is it possible that a person who reincarnated as a man may turn to reincarnate as a woman?

INRI CRISTO: “Considering that spirits do not have sex, it is possible that a man reincarnates as a woman, as much as a woman may reincarnate as a man, sometimes even to solve a karmic debt. By the law of return, if a man did much harm to a woman when they united in matrimony, then he may reincarnate as a woman and find a bestial being on his path, disguised in a human body, which will serve him as instrument of atonement and evolution. This is also worth for a woman who mistreats the husband. Changing the sex may also happen according to the mission that the spirit must fulfill on Earth, as spirit does not have gender”.

5) From each kind of animal is it possible to consider as owning a spirit: an insect, a cockroach, a fly… can they have a soul?

INRI CRISTO: “All the living beings that move upon Earth, with no distinction, were animated by the divine breath. Therefore, all of them have life, each one with its own function in the ecological context. Besides the merely biological aspect, all of them are moved by the vivifying spirit of GOD. However, if any of these small animals invade your territory, it is not a sin eliminating them. But it is a sin to invade their territory to harm or exterminate them. Regarding the matter of having a soul or not, as the soul is the sublime part of the spirit, the part that makes the spiritual bond with the SUPREME CREATOR and requires your entire state of consciousness, it is not possible to consider the presence of the soul in these smaller animals. And it is right when you raise your soul after the spiritual purification that you learn to respect and even love all animals integrating ecology, as although they do not have a soul, they are part of the whole context of the divine creation. Metaphorically speaking, consider as if the human beings, endowed with the faculty of thinking, were the neurons of the body; as if the animals were the cells of vital limbs (heart, kidneys, stomach, intestine, lungs, etc.); imagine the vegetables as the bones, and finally the smaller animals and insects as the cells of hands, feet, nails, hair, etc. We may even consider a greater importance to the brain cells and vital organs, however there can only be a harmonious and balanced working of this body if all the cells of all the limbs are working well in their own place. A nail, the more outlying it seems to be, if it is taken off will cause pain and deform the perfection of the whole. So is it in mother nature. And it is for this reason that I teach you, from the part of my FATHER, to love your mother nature in order to live well and happy, integrated to her, never dominating or destroying her. I am back to this world without free-will with the mission of guiding my children to live according to the divine law”.

6) May fish be eaten without sin? The same I ask about go fishing: is it a sin? Is there any kind of meat allowed to be eaten?

INRI CRISTO: “It is not a sin to eat fish; as they live under the water, they do not have spirit. They are moved by a hydraulic energy and do not transmit anxiety. I teach my disciples to eat the fish with scams and barbs. Therefore, to go fishing is not a sin too. On the contrary, it is an excellent anti-stressful activity, which brings peace to the spirit, mainly in the current days. Regarding the animals that live upon earth, the situation is another. Different from the fish, the animals feel when they are murdered and transmit all the agony and anxiety of death to the flesh, and this is transferred to the one who eats it. In the book of Isaiah c.66 v.3, it is clearly written: ‘That one who eats an ox is like the one who kills a man’. Therefore, at the ALMIGHTY’s eyes, the one who eats the flesh of the ox is like the one who eats the flesh of man; it is abominable at His holy eyes to insert viscera in the viscera, fatten the body with another body, live on the death of the living beings. In Genesis c.1 v.29, the LORD said: “Behold that I have given you all the herbs to serve you as food”. The food coming directly from mother nature is the most healthy one that you may put into your bodies, as if you ingest life you will have life, you will be shining; on the contrary, if you eat death, you will be spiritually dead, unlit, orphans of the divine light. The man’s first step leading to the spiritual ascension is the consciousness that he shall not kill or accept the death of any living being in order to feed his physical body”.

7) What do you say about the spiritualists?

INRI CRISTO: “On my point of view, and also on the straight meaning of the word, spiritualist is any person who has the consciousness of the spirit, of the spiritual realm, of the prevalence of the spirit over the matter. That means, a spiritualist is the one who knows that the physical body is just a vehicle used for fulfilling a mission on Earth according to GOD’s purpose, however the vivifying spirit remains always fulfilling the renewing evolving cycle of reincarnation. Now it was stipulated, mainly in Brazil, to restrict the words ‘reincarnation’ and ‘spiritualists’ to some groups of people who follow a psychic or guru adept of the so-called spiritualism. Actually, the words ‘spiritualist’ and ‘reincarnation’, despite of being quite recent, have an eternal and universal meaning. Reincarnation is the physical rebirth, returning to flesh; it is part of GOD’s perfect and eternal law”.

8) Is it right invoking spirits?

INRI CRISTO: “Invoking spirits is a very serious sin. Who invokes a spirit is conscious or unconsciously preventing him in the trajectory that was destined to him after the disembodiment. No one has the right of disturbing the disembodied spirits; on the contrary, let them follow in peace. I explain to you from my FATHER why it is a sin, pay attention. At the moment of passing away, the spirits who sinned more remain in a lower sphere, as the weight of the sins prevented them from raising to a higher realm. They are the so-called ‘tormented souls’. Who invokes them assumes part of the karmic debt which prevented them from raising, and sometimes even becomes a ‘mount’ of that spirit; behold that the chastisement is inherent to the sin. If that spirit was once addicted to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, then the ‘mount’ becomes a drunk person, addicted to drugs, a smoker. On the other hand, the spirits who sinned less have the faculty of transcending to a higher realm; so the sin consists of disturbing them on the ascension. In the very Bible it is written: “No one shall be found among you… who seeks oracles from the dead” (Deuteronomy c.18 v.11). In another part of the Old Testament, king Saul searched for a medium in order to invoke the spirit of deceased prophet Samuel, and he got irritated, saying to Saul: “Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?” (I Samuel c.28 v.5 to 20). When a dear person disincarnates, at first it is natural to mourn the loss of the physical presence. However, even in the uncounscious realm, at this moment you are also invoking the disembodied spirit through the channel of thought. In order that you remain in peace and provide peace for the deceased, I recommend that you change the environment where he lived, replace the position of furniture. Thus proceeding he will be able to follow his destiny more easily. Now that I teach you my FATHER’s law, in whose content are the immortality of the soul and the item reincarnation, there’s no reason to be dragged by sadness when a person passes away, or even to invoke him or her for any reason”.

9) What is your opinion about spiritual surgeries?

INRI CRISTO: “The same way it is not licit at the ALMIGHTY’s eyes invoking the so-called dead, you also shall not make spiritual surgeries when the surgeon needs to invoke a spirit. For the conventional medicine, the so-called spiritual surgeries are considered charlatanism. In my opinion, for what I could realize through rigorous observance and from the deep study of sociology to which my FATHER subjected me to, most of such kind of surgery is a fake, they use artifices of optical illusion, as they work on the presupposition that the human beings like to be deceived, and in the cases when there is a healing, it happens mainly due to the patient’s faith, by activating the inner laboratory that exists in each human being, not due to the operation of the supposed “doctor”. Very truly I tell you, my children: all the weaknesses and all physical illnesses always have beginning in the soul illness. The main cause of illnesses is the energetic unbalance of the soul, the emotional unbalance; the illnesses torment the body first through the spirit. The ancient proverb: “healthy soul, healthy body” is a vehement reality. Who does not feel hatred, envy, anxiety… who does not submit to the lash of stress and depression, who does not wish the evil for their fellows, finally, those who do not allow themselves to be contaminated by stingy feelings of meanness and revenge have much less chance to be achieved by diseases. The most fortunate human beings on Earth are those who see the greatest good, the greatest gift given by the good Heavenly FATHER in their own bodies, and consequently they make efforts to tread the precepts of the divine law in order to keep a healthy and honest life, free of suffering and pain”.

10) If Christ, in the translation from Greek, means “the anointed one”, in the singular, what do you think about these people who say: “I am also developing my inner christ”?

INRI CRISTO: “They are non-informed people. It’s enough consulting a philologist and check the meaning of the word “Christ”. In the translation from Greek, “Christ” means “the anointed one”, in the singular. Therefore, there can’t be two “Christs”, even less is it possible for each human being to develop his “inner Christ”. Believe it or not, like it or not, I am the only anointed by the ALMIGHTY. Actually, it’s possible developing the divine side, spirituality, intellect. I’ve already had the opportunity to see many pseudo-esoteric people say: “I am developing my inner Christ”. It’s a lure, something impossible, as only one is Christ. I am Christ, the only one, because my FATHER anointed me two thousand years ago after being baptized by John the Baptist and now on the occasion of the fast in Santiago of Chile”.

11) The spiritualist religious leaders declare that Christ will not return to Earth through reincarnation, alleging that Christ is such an evolved spirit and therefore will not reincarnate anymore; will only manifest in spirit through some mediums aiming to convey his message. How do you position in face of this reasoning?

INRI CRISTO: “The main aberration, the main mistake, the main lie of the spiritualist doctrine is to declare that evolved spirit does not reincarnate anymore. I recognize that Alan Kardec’s claimed successors preach reincarnation like few do it. In fact, the LORD GOD, my FATHER, propitiated that they existed and spread mainly in Brazil aiming to make popular the knowledge about reincarnation, previously reserved to a restricted number of people in the esoteric environments, since emperor Justinian, induced by Theodore (a prostitute that used her physical attributes to become empress), suppressed it from the Christian doctrine in the IV century, according to the Annals of History. But when it is time to recognize the reincarnation of the Son of GOD who speaks to you, the abominable spiritualist leaders escape by the tangent under the groundless allegation that Christ is such an evolved spirit that he does not need to reincarnate anymore (however still visits the Earth sometimes, coincidentally incorporated in a medium in the spiritual centers…). Well, if an evolved spirit does not reincarnate anymore, what did I come to do here on Earth two thousand years ago and why have I promised that I would return to judge mankind and establish the Kingdom of GOD on Earth (Matthew c.16 v.27 and c.25 v.31 a 46)? And how would I be again reproved as I myself had foreseen before being crucified if I did not reincarnate, if I did not closely know my contemporaries, mainly these ones who deny me? (In Luke c.17 v.25 to 35 it is clearly written: Jesus’ second coming: “… But first – before his glory day – must he suffer many things and be rejected by his generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so too it will be on the days of the Son of Man…”). Remember what I said when I was called Jesus: “Do not judge that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have not come to abolish, but to fulfill” (Matthew c.5 v.17). Therefore, if the perfect and eternal law of reincarnation belongs to the context of the divine law, it is obvious that I have to be the first to fulfill it by reincarnating, otherwise I would be incoherent to my own words. It is necessary to let it be clear that most spiritualists, as much as most Catholics, are well-intentioned people. The problem is on the leaders, wolves under sheep skin, who manipulate and halter the sheep, transforming them into manipulatable mass. Of course, they insist on denying my identity, as they did two thousand years ago (“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you lock people out of the kingdom of heaven; for you do not go in yourselves, and when others are going in, you stop them!” – Matthew c.23 v.13). It is worth remembering the true meaning of my mission here on Earth. I am the liberator. I’m back to this world to set my people free from false religious’ yoke, idolatry fetters, fantasy and lie. I love freedom, so I set free those whom I love. If they come back, it is because they have recognized me and are my children, worthy of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me. If they do not, it is because they have never had part with me”.

12) It is known that the founder of LBV, Alziro Zarur, for many years before passing away was a record in the radio program where he worked, speaking about the return of Christ. He systematically announced: “Christ will be back! Christ will be back!”. Aware of the reality of reincarnation, he started LBV aiming to receive Christ by the time of his return. However, Alziro Zarur died in 1978, yet before you had the revelation in 1979. Why don’t his successors now recognize you as being the same reincarnated Christ?

INRI CRISTO: “Two thousand years ago, as the Holy Scriptures tell us, John the Baptist was the precursor sent by GOD with the mission of preparing the people of that time to receive me. However, even though he knew that I was the LORD’s messenger, instead of following me and uniting to my FATHER’s Kingdom, he obstinately insisted to keep a kingdom parallel to mine. When he was in jail, he sent two of his disciples to tell me: “Are you the one who is to come, or are we to wait for another?” (Matthew c.11 v.3). For such reason the ALMIGHTY allowed him to be degolated and did not inspire king Herod with wisdom to escape Salome’s request, Herodias’ daughter (king Herod said to the young lady: “Ask me whatever you wish, and I will give you, even half of my kingdom” – Mark c.6 v.23). He reincarnated in the same century that I reincarnated with the mission of announcing my return to Earth, but because of divine justice he could not even meet me; disincarnated even before my FATHER revealed my identity in 1979. Time passed and his natural successors moved away from the high ideals that lead him to the foundation of LBV. Ambition rose to the head of his heir, Jose de Paiva Netto, and of his accomplices. They built huge temples and collect fortunes in my former, obsolete name (Jesus). Had they chosen the intellectual honesty and recognized my identity, they would have to abdicate the luxury, the material comfort, the social privileges; behold why it is so difficult and even uncomfortable for them telling to the world that I am back and am the same of yesterday, today and forever. Someday I know that they will come to me, but then even for them it will be late, too late: divine justice will shine. The lash of divine executioner will not delay to visit them”.

13) You say that when you were called Jesus, where there were at least two people speaking in your name, there you would be (“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” – Matthew c.18 v.20). This would be one more of spiritualists’ argument to allege that you would not come back to Earth through reincarnation. If now you assert to be the reincarnated Messiah, how can you explain this without contradiction?

INRI CRISTO: “Actually I said when I was called Jesus and continue saying that, wherever there are two or three people speaking in my name, there I am among them. When a human being carries in his inner the conviction of my identity and consequently the consciousness that I am my FATHER’s emissary, with the power of the word emanated from GOD he can emit a spark of the divine light and happiness hidden inside towards the speaker, as only those who are in love can convey love. It happens as if he was a piece of me representing me in different places. So he will be able to feel the living and vehement presence of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who is in me, because my FATHER and I are only one thing. But it does not mean that I cannot be reincarnated, physically reborn. On the contrary, my presence on Earth in bone and flesh corroborates all that I promised two thousand years ago, mainly the one that I did on the last supper: “Henceforth I will not drink the fruit of vine with you until that day, when I will drink it again with you in my FATHER’s kingdom” (Matthew c.26 v.29). Since spirit without physical body does not drink wine, there is no other way to drink it but again reincarnated. Therefore, for those who ratiocinate honestly within reasoning and logic, this pseudo-argument that I would not reincarnate anymore and would only appear for the humanity in spirit is already clearly more than unmasked. It is very easy and comfortable claiming to be servant of Christ, use my former, obsolete name (Jesus) and arrogate to be owner of absolute truths (or at least owner of one of so many absolute truths) to live comfortably and receive honors at the cost of people’s credulity. But now that I am back with a divine mandate with the difficult mission of judging mankind, exactly these ones who claim to be my servants are forced to deny my identity, otherwise they will lose clientele and the privileges of a sick empire. Sooner or later, the thinker spiritualists will remove the alienating traces of spiritualist doctrine and come to me. The spiritualist centers will get empty, remaining only the dark spirits and the schizophrenics lovers of fantasy and lie”.

14) What do you think about the spiritualist doctrine, does it have a wider vision of reincarnation and of the teachings of Christ? Where does it differ from your teachings? Have you ever read “When he is back”, by the writer Ricky Medeiros? (this book mentions the return of Christ in our time, reincarnated in Brazil). 

INRI CRISTO: “The spiritualist doctrine is almost right, it only happens that the owners of the halter do not want to set the sheep free, do not want to allow them to freely ratiocinate and realize that I am the reincarnated Word. The main item that the spiritualist doctrine differs from the teachings that I minister from my FATHER is the matter of invoking spirits, as it is a very serious sin. Who invokes a spirit, consciously or unconsciously, is stopping him in the trajectory destined to him after disembodiment. Nobody has the right to disturb the disincarnated spirits; on the contrary, let them follow in peace. What regards to the mentioned book, I have appreciated it, actually very interesting, a coherent fiction, even though quite exaggerated”.

15) One year after Chico Xavier died, program Fantastico on its June 29th 2003 edition, spread by Globo TV, announced the news that, before passing away, he had revealed to his adoptive son that he was the reincarnation of Allan Kardec, the founder of spiritualism. On this same Sunday, the presenter Gugu Liberato declared believing he had actually been Allan Kardec, since never in life he had declared to be (obviously insinuating that who claims to be cannot be). What do you consider of this declaration, since you categorically assert to be the same Christ crucified two thousand years ago? 

INRI CRISTO: “Anyone who thinks like that nowadays in relation to my identity is also putting doubts on the same identity that I had two thousand years ago, in other words, cannot believe that I had been Christ, the Son of GOD, after all it was right for presenting myself this way that priests made a plot amidst themselves in order to obtain the verdict of crucifixion. The Pharisees accused me of blasphemy as I said to be the Son of GOD (John c.10 v.36). Under such optics, I could not have been Christ, since I said: “I am the light of the world, the truth and the life. I am the way; nobody comes to the FATHER but by me” (John c.14 v.6); or then by having surprised the Pharisees of the time: “Before Abraham was, I am” (John c.14 v.6 – where I was obviously asserting to be the most ancient human being, Adam, First Son of GOD). Now it is possible to understand why the producers of program Domingo Legal invited me twice to participate and later gave up the intent… On the contrary of what many can believe, I do not assert to be Christ because I want or to obtain personal benefit, since I do not or will never have material goods. While I am in the time of reproach, sustaining my identity against everything and everybody is a great responsibility, that no human being would be able to endure. But since I am fulfilling a divine mandate, it doesn’t matter what they speak or think; not even two thousand years ago I could please everybody. The overpowering truth speaks louder and will unavoidably be known for the whole humanity. Two thousand years ago I had said to the disciples that John the Baptist was prophet Elijah (obviously reincarnated, physically reborn – Matthew c.11 v.13). Therefore, although my FATHER has not made any revelation to me, I do not reject the possibility that the medium Chico Xavier could actually have been Allan Kardec, independently of the fact that he said it in life or not”.

16) Doesn’t the biblical passage of Matthew c.24 v.24 annul the chance of you coming reincarnated? When you quote your reproof by humanity, would it not be the reproof of two thousand years ago?

INRI CRISTO: “Everything that I said when I was called Jesus regarding my return is being fulfilled and will rigorously fulfill. However, it is necessary to ask help and inspiration from the ALMIGHTY in order that you not be muddied by the schizophrenic delirium that permeates the head of the fanatical and obstinate. Only the sick and fanatical heads of Pharisees that claim themselves believers and evangelicals, who fatally wear the hood of amebas, stupid beings, believe that the biblical passage of Luke c.17 v.25 to 35 could refer to the time that I was crucified. The thinker beings, the heads that ratiocinate, will read the entire text and realize that I referred to the future, to my return. Behold the entire transcription from a whole Bible, translation Brother Matos Soares, that I consider the most faithful one (or the least distorted of the biblical versions). There it is textually written: “Jesus’ second coming: The days are coming when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of Man, and you will not see it. They will say to you, ‘Look there!’ or ‘Look here!’ Do not GO, do not set off in pursuit. For as the lightening flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day. But first he must endure much suffering and be rejected by this generation. Just as it was in the days of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man. They were eating and drinking, and marrying and being given in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed all of them – it will be like that on the day that the Son of Man is revealed”. Meanwhile I still drink sip by sip the last portion of the bitter chalice of reproach; a great deal of it originating from unbelief, indifference, hatred and obstinacy of these ones who get pleasure in believing that I could return to Earth flying like a bird (maybe with the intention to imitate Superman) violating the eternal and infallible law established by the CREATOR (“You are dust, from dust you came and to dust you will return” – Genesis c.3 v.19). In the biblical quotation of Matthew c.24 I also referred to the LORD’s glory day; however, from all the evangelists, Luke was the only one who had the care, the detail to mention that I would again be reproached on my return to Earth (obviously in bone and flesh). Only Luke was enough honest and did not allow himself to be contaminated by the wings of exaltation. The explanation to these quotations is that, after the time of reproach, in the LORD’s glory day I will go around the whole world aboard an airplane and there will be no way to foresee the exact place where I will be, as everything will be very fast: one day I will be in Japan, another day in Russia, and the day next in India… It is enough to ratiocinate just a little to understand why GOD inspired the scientists to build the airplane (on which I will effectively come over the clouds) and the television (by which every eye shall see me – Revelation c.1 v.7) exactly in the century that I reincarnated. As the ALMIGTHY writes correctly even though on winding lines, all these people who obstinately believe in a ‘christ’ coming from heaven frozen and naked (since the roman soldiers cast sorts on my clothes), they are not part of my flock (“By my voice my flock will know me… there will be one flock and one shepherd” – John c.10 v.4 and 16). I returned to separate the sheep from the goats; therefore who prefers to believe in the abominations of the false prophets (impostors who self-claimed shepherds without being anointed by GOD) and surrendered their souls to them, will be saving me from the difficult work of separating them from my sheep”.

17) Was Chico Xavier a true Christian?

INRI CRISTO: “I answer for me, not for the others. I am Christ, however, if he was an authentic Christian or not, only he could give you the answer. I can assert that during the time of his terrestrial existence, he knew about my presence on Earth, but he never came to my presence to ask for a blessing”.

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