Part 11 – Extraterrestrials, UFOs, the Earth and the Universe


1) There is a countless number of suns and planets turning around their suns, the same way that our nine planets turn around the Sun. Aren’t there living beings similar to men inhabiting these planets? Therefore they did not need to exist, since solar system without intelligent life does not have any meaning. Imagine our solar system without us, would there be a meaning? The Earth in the Universe is like a book in a huge library. What does a huge library full of books serve for, if just one of them has something written on it, and the rest of the books with only illustrations without anything written inside them. It does not make sense. I need a detailed answer from the Master.

INRI CRISTO: “All that exists in the context of the divine creation has a meaning, a purpose, a reason to exist. The planets, the stars, the solar systems, the galaxies… finally, each heavenly body that moves in the cosmos exerts a function, an influence over planet Earth and over the life of Earth inhabitants. Actually, there is intelligent life in the whole Universe, since GOD, my FATHER, the supreme source of all intelligence and wisdom, is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Each particle, each molecule, each atom existing in the cosmic reel, although it may be millions of kilometers from Earth, if they were not wrapped by the divine intelligence simply would not exist, since even such small particles are schemed with such perfection and mathematic exactitude that any minuscule error would mean its non-existence. Could the Universe be compared to a huge library full of books, then it would be possible to assure with no error that to embrace all the literature in the Universe not only many books would be necessary, but also many libraries. GOD’s mysteries are unfathomable. What may not make sense at the human eyes makes sense for the LORD GOD, my FATHER. Otherwise, let us see: In planet Earth there are about 6 billion human inhabitants and not all of them have lice on their heads, only few of them suffer such annoyance. Under this odd view of delirium, would it mean that most of them, in other words, those who do not have lice, should not exist? So also, in the Amazonian forest, there are thousands of leafy, beautiful trees, but few of them produce fruits. Ratiocinating within the limits of this mediocre view, would it mean that the trees which do not give fruits in Amazonia or in other forests should not exist? Does it mean that they do not make sense? Actually I tell you, my children: my FATHER’s dwelling is the infinite and I know a place much better to live than here on Earth, a place where there is no need to eat, to go to the toilet, to sleep or to wake up, as it is a place where it is not even necessary to worry about the clock hands, since time does not count over there. This is the place where you shall go someday after you have fulfilled your process of evolution here on Earth, after you have got rid of all the fantasies, passions and attachments inherent to the material world. While you uselessly worry about seeking for the uncertain and the doubtful in the distance, you forget to learn and assimilate the divine law, you are despising your mother earth, manifested in the wonders of the living nature created by your good heavenly FATHER. But only after seeking in vain and not finding, you will have the opportunity to glimpse what is beyond the unfathomable curtains of mystery: the eternal miracle of life, present in any other place in the whole Universe no more than inside each one of you”.

2) Is there intelligent life in other planets?

INRI CRISTO: “Not only in all planets but also in the whole Universe there’s intelligent life, as GOD is omnipresent and is the Supreme manifestation of intelligence, the most intelligent of all lives. Earthly human beings exist only on Earth. And there are also many earthly charlatans surviving at the expense of incautious fantasies and credulity. Many guarantee survival and even get rich making trade of literature with accounts of legends and more legends of interplanetary visions”.

3) How long can we believe in the accounts of whom assert having seen extraterrestrials beings and in press publishing?

INRI CRISTO: “It is necessary to evaluate with too much criterion before believing in any account that exceeds the limits of rationality. I can only speak about things my FATHER directly reveals to me or that I personally witnessed. Behind this story of UFOs there are many hidden interests. In my sincere opinion, scientists are building airplanes not detectable by radar to make use of them as future war weapons and spying tools. Considering the countless people interested in the existence of extraterrestrial beings (or whom prefer to believe so), the best way to hide scientific invention from public knowledge is labeling it under the mask of flying disks. Only to exemplify: in Brazil, the president of UFO’s national association was questioned in television if he had already seen flying disks and publicly confessed  that he had never seen any of them; his job is to promote events related to this subject. He sells an imaginary commodity whose existence he does not trust”.

4) Do you have the knowledge of the Universe secrets in this life?

INRI CRISTO: “Not in this or in any other life I had the knowledge of the secrets of the Universe. Only my FATHER, my LORD and my GOD knows everything. As much as possible, as much as the need approaches, He reveals to me, gives me the knowledge and understanding of the mysteries and secrets of the Universe”.

5) Why are there so many people who believe in the apparition of flying discs, OVNIs, etc?

INRI CRISTO: “Actually, people who seek for life out of the Earth are tormented spirits, they are desperate due to the demographic explosion and the bad quality of life on Earth that they glimpse for the future. Consequently, they seek for an exit by the tangent, regardless of whether they descend into schizophrenia or not”.


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