Part 12 – Apocalypse, worldwide conflicts, World War III, end of times, Fatima’s Third Secret, global heating


1) Is the conflict between Israel and Palestine a response for disobedience to GOD’s commandments? Is there a possibility that someday they come into an agreement?

INRI CRISTO: “The conflict is foreseen in the Holy Scriptures. Two thousand years ago, I prophesied Jerusalem’s ruin: “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing! See, your house is left to you desolate. For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say: Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the LORD” (Matthew c.23 v.37 to 39). Everything is being fulfilled especially now that I am in bone and flesh on Earth. It’s part of a prophecy and a curse, as human beings turned their back to GOD. However, when they establish the symbiosis with the ALMIGHTY, they will be able to live in harmony”.

2) Do you consider World War III is in march?

INRI CRISTO: “It is not in march. It already started a long time ago, though it has not been made official yet. All world wars developing up to now are the fulfillment of the prophecy I announced before being crucified (“And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. And it shall raise nation against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there shall be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these things are but the beginning of birth pangs… For at that time there will be great suffering such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, and never will be” – Matthew c.24 v.6 to 8 and 21)”.

3) Will the world really end? When?

INRI CRISTO: “The world itself will not end. The chaotic world will end; there will be a great cleaning in the planet, a sweeping of all filth contaminating the Earth. However, the day and time, as I’ve already said two thousand years ago, no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the FATHER (Matthew c.24 v.36)”.

4) How will the world end be? Will there be survivors?

INRI CRISTO: “Making bad use of free will, mankind built destroying weapons, violated GOD’s sacred laws and also forgot the holy commandments. Through acts and thoughts, they sew catastrophes and earthquakes that, accompanied by the nuclear hecatomb, will culminate in the end of this chaotic world. Less than one million people will remain alive on earth; most of them will be formed of mutilated people who will beg for death, but in the beginning they wont be heard. GOD, our FATHER, only LORD of heaven and earth, will be glorified during the next thousand years. There won’t be one human being on earth who doesn’t recognize his omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. Everyone will subject themselves to a process of spiritual juxtaposition and will keep faithful to Him, fulfilling what I said before being crucified: “The day comes when there will be only one flock and one shepherd” (John c.10 v.16)”.

5) How will the elect live after the catastrophe?

INRI CRISTO: “The elect and their descendants will not want political, territorial nor religious disputes. All of them will walk together with their thoughts turned to only one ideal. Fraternity will effectively exist among men that, stripped of hypocrisy, hatred, wickedness, selfishness and emotional blackmail, will do their utmost to fulfill the holy commandments. Prisons will be turned into schools, because, in the future, men purified in suffering will evolve and delinquency will be extinct. Medicine will evolve and find the healing for illnesses that torment body in the spirit, because after much suffering and error, humanity will be conscious that all weaknesses and all physical illnesses always have their beginnings in the soul. Sex will be practiced as a rite of veneration to GOD. Stripped of bestial instincts, almost conscientious of procreation mysteries, man will unite with woman under the light of spirituality, recognizing her divine origin. Money will be used only as a sacred link making human relationships easier. Humankind will return to simple and free life, in intimate and perennial communion with nature, and will prefer simple and natural nutrition of fruits and vegetables. The noblest profession during the next thousand years will be agriculture. Man will search for the mystical bread for divine banquet in mother earth, with the same innocence children look for the vital milk in mother’s breast, which gives them growth and survival, before the tender and approving look of our FATHER”.

6) Do you believe in the possibility to avoid this nuclear catastrophe?

INRI CRISTO: “The nuclear hecatomb that will culminate in the end of this chaotic world is inevitable. According to scientific sources, planet’s atomic potential is capable of destroying it more than fifteen times. All the attempts of worldwide disarmament have and will be in vain. My FATHER showed me there are countless atomic bombs in construction, in addition to the ones already in existence. As if it were not enough that a demographic explosion will be turning life on Earth unbearable, there’s another reason much graver leading to this tragic future. When the human being builds something, whatever it is (a bicycle, a clock, a fire gun, etc.), he can’t be in peace while he doesn’t see it work, he feels a pressing need to put his invention in practice. It’s part of human nature. Thousands of scientists in the whole world, in their unconsciousness, are waiting to see how the atomic bomb works on a large scale. The gravest thing is that the planetary atomic arsenal requires a very expensive maintenance. Many peoples are being oppressed through high taxes for the exchequer to keep atomic guns in their countries, what makes the conflict even more eminent. Nowadays, the world seems like a gunpowder barrel about to explode at any moment. The attacks on World Trade Center are nothing compared to the terrible destiny reserved for mankind. But since nothing happens on Earth without the knowledge of GOD, all what is happening is because He allowed it. Meanwhile, the LORD GOD, my FATHER, is holding the end of this chaotic world up to that day and hour. When He considers it has come the time to abbreviate humanity’s suffering, He will allow men to pay for their sins, “for at that time there will be great suffering, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, and never will be. And if those days had not been cut short, no one would be saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short” (Matthew c.24 v.21 and 22). Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away”.

7) What does the Third Secret of Fatima consist on?

INRI CRISTO: “The Third Secret of Fatima refers to the end of proscribed roman church and the Last Judgment”.

(See a report extracted from Planet magazine, August 1974).

8) You had promised two thousand years ago that you would be back by the time the world would witness wars, storms, floods, earthquakes, pestilences, famines; all of this would be just the beginning of birth pangs. There are some intellectuals who contest these evidences under the allegation that wars, pestilences, earthquakes, floods, famines… always happened in the humanity history. How to discern if what we see in the current days is actually a sign of GOD to alert the humanity regarding your presence on Earth?

INRI CRISTO: “Actually, the intellectuals do not allege those things, but the intellectualoids, who assume a condition of judges, of paladins of the just causes, of lords of the supreme truth.  Intellectual is the individual who develops the intellect and improves the sense to understand that wars effectively always existed, pestilences always existed, storms always existed, earthquakes always existed, overall misfortunes always existed, but never in the humanity’s history happened all together with such intensity, never all at the same time so repeatedly. Only a fool that imitates the shrimp at the time of ratiocinating may want to compare the graveness of the moment humanity is living now to the past centuries. Nowadays, it is enough to turn on the television to see countless wars, rumors of wars, kingdom against kingdom, nation against nation, storms, earthquakes, floods, famines, pestilences (Aids, Ebola etc.), which are only the beginning of birth pangs. It is not difficult to realize that there is something very wrong: nature is out of balance, the ecosystems are threatened, the social relationships are uncontrolled, the values are upside down, the abnormalities and aberrations became banal; even the very children are not children anymore, finally, the world is at the edge of a collapse. Many horrible things are yet about to come. And then you will see the sign of the Son of Man. The humanity is being prepared to see the Son of Man becoming manifest. It is foreseen in Apocalypse c.1 v.14 that only when I had my hair white every eye would see me. Meanwhile, I am not with my hair white yet; meanwhile, who wants to see me from any part of the world has to access the internet. But when my time comes, the whole humanity will see me, every eye shall see my face (Revelation c.1 v.7), as I will be shown in a worldwide television broadcast, and then all the prophecies that the prophets spoke inspired by my FATHER and that I announced before being crucified will have been fulfilled”.

9) How do you explain your assertion in relation to the declaration in the Apocalypse, regarding the destruction of Earth by the direct action of GOD and His angels, and not by the action of men?

INRI CRISTO: “Before the explosion of the inevitable nuclear hecatomb that will culminate with the end of this chaotic world, when less than one million people will remain alive on Earth, all these fanfares of trumpets described in the Apocalypse are being fulfilled and will rigorously fulfill. However, to avoid the fantasies inherent to the Pharisees who consider the Bible literally, we must consider that many of the passages in the Apocalypse are written in a figurative way, even because at the time they were written the disciple John could hardy alone foresee the existence of airplanes, helicopters, nuclear bombs, ecological destruction, worldwide wars… He interpreted the visions that he had in a way that allowed them to be registered for posterity. It is up to the human beings who ratiocinate, making use of the gift of discernment given by GOD, to identify the meaning of each apocalyptical vision. Civil wars, attacks, wild pollution of the sea and rivers, usage of murderous war weapons… all of this is little facing what is yet to come (“For there will be great tribulation, such as never was from the beginning of the world, until now, and never will be” – Matthew c.24 v.21). The play of trumpet concerning the darkening of the third part of the sun and the stars, for example, is bonded to the darkening of atmosphere as a consequence of the smoke originating from a nuclear explosion. Man will not have done anything by himself; he will do everything because GOD will allow him to do so. Therefore, the action of man in the destruction of the world is directly bonded to the destructions described in the Apocalypse”.

10) If you are the Son of GOD, why didn’t you interfere in the tsunami that devastated Asia and killed thousands of people? Why didn’t you warn that such catastrophe would happen?

INRI CRISTO: “My children, I cannot run against what I myself predicted before being crucified; this phenomenon that happened in Asia is just a tinny exhibition of the terrible things that are yet to come; it is one of the signs that evidence my presence on Earth: “The disciples asked: what is the sign of your coming, when shall the Kingdom of GOD come?”, and I answered them: “You shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, for nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines, pestilences, earthquakes in various places… All these things are but the beginning of birth pangs…” (Matthew c.24 v.6 to 8). All these catastrophes are but the reaction, the groan of pain from mother earth due to the constant and unmeasured violation of GOD’s law, mainly in what concerns ecology. But there are still worse things to come. What humanity has seen by television is just the beginning. Only now, too late, in the suffering and in pain, people are being prepared to listen to what I have to say from the part of my FATHER, LORD and GOD”.

11) What is your opinion about Osama Bin Laden, Bush and similar ones?

INRI CRISTO: “Regarding my opinion about the horsemen of the Apocalypse, I do not have any opinion about them, since all is already very explicit. Each one of them just has to ride the horse that concerns him. The horsemen in the Apocalypse alternate amidst themselves, therefore it is not possible to determine a certain position, such as: “This is the permanent horseman!”. They succeed one after the other. Within some time, Bush will jump from the horse; another one will ride in his place, and so on successively”.

12) Do you effectively consider yourself the father of mankind? Is there solution for the global heating?

INRI CRISTO: “It is not a matter that I consider myself as the father of mankind; as I have already said before, I am the most ancient ape that evolved until achieving the stage of human being. I was the first man, Adam, and humanity is my offspring. It is not a matter that I want to be something; for me it is uncomfortable, very uncomfortable to be the father of humanity, since not all my children want to listen to me, just the minority. I have already said two thousand years ago: “You are my friends if you do what I command you” (John c.15 v.14), and I only command what my FATHER commands. It is effectively very uncomfortable to be the patriarch of humanity. Regarding the global heating, now there is no solution anymore, it is too late; there are only palliatives. The solution is on the nuclear hecatomb that will culminate with the end of this chaotic world. The disordered procreation, consequence of fornication, promiscuity, sodomy, malicious propaganda of the media… makes the nuclear hecatomb inevitable. Unfortunately, there is no other way out. They may even try to postpone, but the tragic destiny that awaits for humanity is inevitable; only the elect will survive”.

13) How will the world be after the Final Judgment? Will you be here that day? Who will be saved?

INRI CRISTO: “After the Final Judgment there will be peace such as never before in the world and all that my FATHER announced through the prophets will be fulfilled. And I will be here to guide the elected GOD’s children, heirs of the Earth; they will be less than one million people. Everybody sins. However, those who sinned less and repented from their sins will be saved, those who had eyes to see that I am GOD’s emissary, the Father of mankind, and for such reason have taken my words under consideration, keeping in harmony with the divine law. The day and hour that it will happen nor do the angels of heaven know, nor does the Son of Man know; only the FATHER knows (Matthew c.24 v.36)”.


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