Free-will and karma

Karma is the law of action and reaction that rules the lives of human beings; the free-will offers the faculty of transiting by the paths of karma.



“GOD, my FATHER, that is the LORD of destiny, knows everything that will happen along the life of human beings. Each human being, when reincarnating, brings the karmic heritage of the previous incarnations that, together with the destiny, the predestination of each one, will determine the circumstances of birth: if one will be born healthy or crippled, in a place of peace or war, in a disciplined or promiscuous environment, in a family with prosperity or unfortunate circumstances… (pointing out that being born materially poor does not mean being miserable; misery is an illness of the spirit, sign of spiritual orphanage, with the exclusion of GOD’s blessings; on the other hand, the material wealth is salutary only when sheltered by the divine blessing, provider of wisdom). Each incarnation is a new stage in the gigantic school of life; each spirit subtly carries the baggage of the previous lives – the learned lessons – translated in the temperament, in the predisposition of behavior. So, according to the karma, each one is born, grows, develops physically and intellectually, begins the adult life starting from 21 years of age, becomes an independent being… and from then onwards, he has in front of his eyes, in front of himself, many options of life (of course, according to the limitations of the spiritual evolution inherent in each one), that the good and perfect CREATOR, my FATHER, grants upon him, providing the good or bad use of free-will.

But how far may karma predict the destiny, the luck or bad luck, the fatality or peacefulness, GOD’s blessing or curse, finally, the way of living in each human being? How to explain that, being born under the same circumstances, at the same time that some people, no matter how much they strive, cannot go ahead and be wealthy, while others with little efforts become prosperous, are fortunate by the divine blessings? Right there karma comes into action, the karmic debt or credit, that influences in the luck or bad luck in the destiny of each person.

It is necessary to understand the mechanism of the divine law of karma, which is the law of action and reaction, so that each one assumes a position towards himself, towards his fellow men and above all, towards GOD. What each one lives in the present results from his good or bad past actions, his positive or negative words and mental projections in relation to himself and in relation to others, in previous lives or even in the present life, like a boomerang. In other words, the circumstances providing one’s birth, growth and environment are pre-determined, oriented by karma, however it does not oblige anyone to be unhappy, unsatisfied, frustrated, ingrate, to have irresponsible behavior, to feel victim of life, to live in bad-humor and insult everything and everyone… No, my children. Nobody harvests what he does not plant. Nobody receives what he does not deserve or does not make efforts to deserve, and nobody receives if he is not open to receive… Once realizing that the past you cannot change and if you are passing by a suffering or an atonement, that means the rescue of a karmic debt, then you shall keep patience, humility and trust in GOD. It’s right there that comes the free-will and the ability of overcoming limitations, surpassing barriers, the gift of turning the misfortunes into opportunities of learning and enriching wisdom. It’s up to each one making use of intelligence, developing the sagacity in order to provide a favorable karmic situation to continue the journey on Earth. You ought to ask ALMIGHTY for inspiration to discover and explore your own potentialities, the hidden virtues waiting for the maturation of the spirit to bloom. Again, according to the stage of evolution and spiritual transcendence each one will have the gift of understanding, assimilating and putting my words into action.

That is what I have already taught two thousand years ago in the Parable of the Talents (Matthew c.25 v.14 to 30). All human beings are born with at least one gift; some are born with more than one gift according to the personal attributes, according to the destiny and mission. Multiplying the talents (the coins, in the case of the parable), means to administrate the gift (or the gifts) received from the ALMIGHTY to produce good works, generate healthy fruits; some produce more, others less, and for this reason I have said that to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away. The lazy worthless servant that received the talent and did not multiply it resembles the individuals that do not explore their potentials, do not make good use of the gifts received by GOD and remain turning rounds in a vicious circle, throwing their energetic fluids towards the diligent and active servants that make good use of their many gifts.

The Supreme CREATOR already knows what will be the destiny, the end of the trip for each human being in his journey upon Earth, but it does not mean that various options will not be presented to him, each one according to the stage of evolution and according to the karma. When coming to the end of the journey, the ones that made good use of the opportunities will look backwards and say: “I have done my part, fulfilled my mission; I am satisfied and do not have reason to repent”. But GOD is so good and so merciful, so at the same time He provides that karma serves as a consolation for the incompetent, careless, lazy ones, finally, those that were not intelligent enough, did not know or did not strive to interpret the divine law, mainly when they had contact with the Son of Man. The LORD, my FATHER, allows that they remain blind, as much as when they were not seeing the paths of the divine law; and then, looking backwards, they will see the mistakes, the failures, the lost opportunities and will say to themselves: “Oh, that was my karma”.

This is a warning so that people do not insist on saying throughout life: “Oh, but GOD already knew that it was in my destiny, that it was my karma”, as I have already heard many people weeping after slipping on the soap, after making a mistake. I do not place the soap in front of you. The soap is there, however you slip on it if you want, as I have already explained in the Parable of the Branchy Deer and in the Parable of the Soap Stairway. Pay attention in the error, in the mistake of interpretation of the ingenuous, the obstinate incautious. Very truly I tell you: GOD, my FATHER, being omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, indeed knows the destiny of each one, but He does not interfere (except in attention to pleas), for this reason He bestows upon each one the mental power, the intelligence and the gift of discernment. If your destiny is going to Rio de Janeiro, for example, you have the right to choose the means and by which way you will transit: you may travel by airplane, overseas, on a motorcycle, by car, in a train or even on foot; you may choose different routes, to have a break for enjoying the scenery… but at the end you will have to arrive at Rio de Janeiro.

The most fantastic part is that the LORD of destiny already knows beforehand what route you will choose, the decisions that you will have, the obstacles that you will surpass… But it is not because the LORD knows your destiny that you will live aimlessly and think: “GOD already knows my destiny, He already knows that I am a worthless person, an incompetent, it is not worth striving for anything…”. It’s right then that free-will comes in action and it is up to you, and only you, decide your direction; but at the same time that you can make use of free-will, it is an illusion and becomes even a chastisement to the ones full of prepotency and pride, that arrogantly think being owners of their destinies, as in truth the destiny of everyone lies on the hands of the Eternal LORD of the Universe. The mechanism of the divine law is very subtle, full of nuances. And again the divine justice is exalted in all these things, because according to the stage of evolution inherent to each one, GOD gives more or less the gift of understanding and assimilating, always in harmony with the eternal law of equality, that is worth saying once more, consists only on distributing unequally to unequal ones as long as they unequal themselves. There are some details of the divine law that you cannot notice now, but you will be able to see within one week, a month or even decades… Some may allow themselves to be guided by a wolf under sheepskin (Matthew c.7 v.15) and only afterwards will realize that they were induced to the negative side of darkness; for this reason many prefer to walk alone until finding me again, as I said and my words are worth forever: “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the FATHER except by me” (John c.14 v.6). The unoccupied spirits try to fill the vacuum of idleness wondering how to escape, despise and run over the perpetual divine law, as if it were possible.

For this reason, my children, I exhort you: awaken the sublime, divine side of intelligence to make good works, strive to live the great human virtues, keep noble, elevated, altruistic thoughts, put is practice the teachings that I minister to you from the part of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, thus providing that you positively change the course of your lives and make the mechanism of the karma law to run in your benefit. It is in you hands, in your decision to assume an attitude of responsibility, recycle old concepts, earn new salutary habits, take advantage of the opportunities to grow… Nothing will change in your lives unless you change your way of facing the problems and misfortunes, unless you transform your inner by yourselves, with your own strength. There is a universe of possibilities at your disposal. You shall not remain lazy and still, your arms crossed, at random, waiting to be carried by life like a dead fish carried by waters. If you aim to become worthy of being called children of GOD, you have to roll up your sleeves and build, seed positive words and acts, seek for justice and perfection in your good works… as I have already said two thousand years ago: “But strive first for the kingdom of GOD and its righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew c.6 v.33). Thus happiness, personal satisfaction, the pleasure of living you will find in your inner by establishing the symbiosis with the ALMIGHTY, my FATHER, Supreme CREATOR and only LORD of the Universe. No matter the path that you are following, the option that you have chosen, the time that you take… someday all of you will have the consciousness of being inseparable from Him, because the final destiny of everyone is the Eternal LORD of life. The sensible ones meditate, assimilate and get in tune, becoming with my FATHER and with me only one thing”.


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