What is the Schumann Resonance?


Not only the oldest people, but also the youngest ones, live the experience that everything is excessively speeding up. Yesterday it was carnival, in a little time it will be Easter, a little more and it is Christmas. Is this an illusory feeling or does it have real basis? By the Schumann Resonance, it is possible trying to give an explanation. In 1952, the German physicist W. O. Schumann realized that the Earth is surrounded by a powerful electromagnetic field that is formed between the ground and the lower part of ionosphere, about 100 km above us. This field has a resonance (thus being called Schumann resonance) more or less constant at about 7,83 pulses per second. It works as a pacemaker, responsible for the equilibrium in the biosphere, an ordinary condition in all kinds of life. It was also verified that all the vertebrates and our brain are endowed with the same frequency of 7,83 hertz.

It was empirically certified that we cannot be healthy out of this natural biological frequency. Whenever the astronauts, due to the trips in space, had to be out of the Schumann Resonance, they got ill. But subjected to the action of a “Schumann simulator”, they recovered the equilibrium and health. For thousands of years the Earth heartbeats had this frequency of pulses per second and life happened in a relatively ecological equilibrium. It happened that starting from the 80’s and more strongly from the 90’s, the frequency passed from 7,83 to 11 and to 13 hertz per second. The heart of the Earth went out of control. Coincidentally, ecological disequilibrium was felt: weather disturbances, greater volcanic activity, growth of stress and conflicts worldwide and general increase of deviating behavior on people, amidst others. Due to the general acceleration, the journey of 24 hours, in truth, is only 16 hours. Therefore, the perception that everything is passing too fast is not illusory, but would have real basis in this disruption of Schumann resonance. Gaia, this huge living organism which is the Mother Earth, is seeking for ways of returning to her natural equilibrium. And will achieve it, but we do not know the price to be paid by the biosphere and by the human beings.


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