INRI CRISTO and the crown of peace

The history of the crown of the King of kings - the only king crowned by the enemies



“My FATHER, LORD and GOD ordered to color in white the crown which is part of my clothing (as white is the symbol of purity, peace and light), in order to make the earth inhabitants have the consciousness that, in these terrible times when you hear of wars, rumors of wars and turbulences afflicting the world, I am the Emissary of Peace sent by Him, the ALMIGHTY.

Two thousand years ago, in the occasion of crucifixion, my enemies weaved a crown of thorns and put it on my head with derision and jibe. GOD’s mysteries are indecipherable; nothing happens on Earth without the consent of the Eternal. He writes right even though on winding lines, because men turn the lines twisted. The servants of evil ignored that GOD, my FATHER, transforms into positive all negativism that my enemies plot against me. Ironically, with this attitude, they were in fact legitimating me as the King of kings, the only King crowned by the enemies.

Now that, born again, I have returned to this world in the condition of unblemished judge with a new name, INRI, the name I paid with my blood on the cross (“To whom that wins… I will write upon him the name of my GOD… and my new name” – Revelation c.3 v.12), my FATHER inspired a humble person to build a new crown, with thorns extracted from the mother nature. In 1993, He ordered me to wear it in public as part of my clothing. In the beginning I was reluctant to obey, but my hair started to fall ostensibly and I felt stabbing pain in my head. The LORD, my FATHER, warned that I would be bald in case I did not obey Him. As I do not have free will, obedient to His order, from then onwards I have sustained my crown before the people, the media, finally, before humanity.

INRI CRISTO’s coronation at Flores Street, Curitiba/PR, April 3rd 1993

The first time I put it on my head, I felt a terrible, strong weight; not a physical weight, but the spiritual weight of incomprehension, indifference, envy and hatred from some humanoids, for declaring who I am and for reappearing with the same image I had two thousand years ago. The reproach I predicted regarding my return was fulfilled (Second coming of Jesus: “…But first (before his glory day) must the Son of Man endure much suffering and be rejected by this generation. Just as it was in the days of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man. They were eating and drinking, and marrying and being given in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark and the flood came and destroyed all of them… It will be like that when the Son of Man is revealed” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). I am judged for being what many do not want me to be, I am condemned for being who I say that I am. But my suffering does not hurt and my FATHER said that, in the shine of divine justice, glory will love me.

Now that many and long years passed, the ALMIGHTY ordered that I showed this simple crown colored in white, whose clarity symbolize the brightness of the radiant and peaceful teachings I minister from Him, my FATHER, which will spread over the souls of men of pure hearts, heirs of the heavenly kingdom in the advent of the New Age.

Inri Cristo on the altar of the ex-eclesiastic retreat of SOUST, year 2004


Altar of the provisional headquarters of SOUST in Curitiba, 2005

Two thousand years ago, when I was called Jesus, before being crucified the disciples asked me what were the signs of my coming and of the world end. In answer, I declared: “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars, and nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be pestilences, famines, floods and earthquakes in various places… All this is but the beginning of birth pangs… and then you will see the sign of the Son of Man…” (Matthew c.24 v.6 to 8 and c.24 v.30). All these terrible things are happening and there are many others much worse still to come. Ratifying the two-thousand-year calculation by Divine Providence, scientists estimate drastic previsions for the planet with no precedent in history, “coincidentally” in the next 15 to 20 years.

And finally, on the day, hour and circumstance determined by the ALMIGHTY, the thorns of my crown will be removed, symbolizing the end of the reproach period for the Son of Man and the imminence of LORD’s glory day, when the Earth inhabitants will see and assimilate that I am the Emissary of Peace sent by Him, my FATHER, the only uncreated Being, the only eternal, the only Being worthy of worship and veneration, the only LORD of the Universe”.

Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil, 31 July 2005.

Whoever spreads this message will be gifted with heavenly blessings


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