Part 6 – Christmas, Eucharist, Holy Trinity, Catholicism, “saints”, healings, mass, biblical Sabbath, Mary’s fertilization, pagan rituals, Inquisition.


1) What do you think of Christmas Day? Is it worth commemorating?

INRI CRISTO: “First of all, Christmas is a false festivity. I wasn’t born on this date when I was called Jesus. According to History Annals, with the intention to bring adepts to Christianity, between centuries III and IV, the mentors of proscribed roman church, usurpers of my former church, adapted many pagan ceremonies and beliefs to Christian rituals, among which the festivity of Natalis Solis Invicti was included. It was celebrated in Northern Hemisphere winter solstice, on 12/25th, as a festival of idolatry to the Sun in the cult of Mithra. Therefore, it has nothing to do with Christians’ commemoration. It’s hypocrisy commemorating this, but it isn’t their fault for having been deceived in faith. Furthermore, Christmas was always a very sad date for me and I know it is for many people, both due to its purely commercial aspect and also because the poor are humiliated by the rich, for they feel depressed when they cannot grant the request of a son. I have nothing against the rich or material richness. I see many examples of good-hearted people, moved by sublime feelings, who do charity works. But it’s no use hiding the sun with a sieve; the poor will continue being poor, social inequalities will continue existing. The reality is cruel, comes up to the eyes, and I live with my feet on the ground. The day when they let me speak (and I know that I’ll speak in a worldwide TV net during three uninterrupted hours), I’ll teach my sons to fish, to stand on their own feet and live with dignity. However, only giving them bread and fish doesn’t solve the problem”.

2) As you are Christ, which value may we attribute to Eucharist nowadays?

INRI CRISTO: “When I was called Jesus, in the last supper, while sharing bread and offering wine, I said to the disciples: “Eat, this is my body; drink, this is my blood. Do this in remembrance of me” (Luke c.22 v.19). Eucharist was established so that, during my physical absence, Christian people could have a sublime bond with me. But as I clearly said “do this in remembrance of me”, now that I am back in bone and flesh, there is no need to eat my body as bread in remembrance of me in mass rituals. Priests, divine cause traitors, have no more authority to impose upon the Christians that they should kneel down and be reverent, since they know Eucharist has no more value or mystical meaning. Formerly, up until the eve in which my identity was publicly revealed, the Host was ministered on the tongues of the faithful. To receive it, they were obliged to confess in fast and, with their eyes shut, kneeling down in front of the officiants, who continually said: “Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi”. Meditate, my sons, why only after I reincarnated and started my public life did everything change: the confession was abolished, it is no longer necessary to kneel down or close the eyes in the ceremony; the Host is now given on applicant’s hands, as a general rule, by an individual called Eucharist minister, no more by the priest as once upon a time, due to the low number of priesthood aspirants in the proscribed roman church. Why has it changed? Were they right before, by imposing all these demands, or now, that they have relaxed all habits abolishing the severity of the ritual? Eucharist is now vulgarized and even shown on television as a product. In the face of this all, it’s relevant explaining to Catholic people that when I said “do this in remembrance of me”, on the same occasion I added: “From now on I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until that day, when I drink it new with you in my FATHER’s Kingdom” (Matthew c.26 v.29). As spirit without physical body obviously doesn’t drink wine, therefore I could only drink it again reincarnated, physically reborn. The authentic Christians shall be delighted now that I am back again and fulfilled the promise made two thousand years ago; I drink again of the fruit of vine with my dear and blessed children in the Kingdom of my FATHER, established on Earth on the historical Feb 28th 1982, formalized by SOUST – Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity”.

(On Nov 10th 2002, the program Domingo Legal (SBT Networks – Brazil), presented the showman priest Marcelo Rossi and a nun exposing the fabrication and trade process of Host, produced for as little as one real (Brazilian money) per unit. They gave a clear demonstration of decadence and vulgarization of LORD’s Supper ritual, considered sacred and significant at ALMIGHTY’s eyes until the return of the Son of Man, who reincarnated on March 22nd 1948).

3) Wouldn’t the Holy Trinity be an invention of Roman Catholic Church since it doesn’t appear in the Old Testament?

INRI CRISTO: “The Holy Trinity doesn’t appear in the Old Testament because the Holy Spirit still hadn’t evolved enough to reincarnate in Son of Man’s body. When I came as Jesus the Holy Spirit appeared and only I can explain his origin because I am the First Begotten of GOD, Adam. Firstly, GOD made Adam and Eve in only one body (“And GOD made him male and female; male and female GOD created him” – Genesis c.1 v.27 / original Hebrew version). Later on, He removed the rib from Adam, and together this rib, also the feminine part, in order to form Eve separately. In the following incarnations, she always came with me. After thousands of years of evolution, with purified spirit, the Holy Spirit no more reincarnates individually, separate from me. Consequently, no more committing sins, her spirit became holy, in other words, was sanctified by the LORD. So it was two thousand years ago and so it is now. Behold the origin of the Holy Trinity: FATHER, Son and Holy Spirit, or GOD, Adam and Eve in only one body”.

4) At GOD’s eyes, what did the Council of Nicea represent? What was its effective intention?

INRI CRISTO: “According to the History Annals, the Council of Nicea was convoked in year 325 by the Roman emperor Constantine, aiming to impose the creed of “Christ’s divinity” and, consequently, imposed the dogma according to which FATHER, Son and Holy Spirit, which form the Holy Trinity, have the same essence and are “at the same level”. The intention of the Nicean Council was to use the church’s ecclesiastic power (whose founder would have been the very “god” on Earth with the intention of empowering the authority and domination of the Roman Empire. But I tell you in truth: the existence of the Trinity does not necessarily mean that FATHER, Son and Holy Spirit are at the same level, even because, above all and everyone the FATHER is, He is only one and indivisible; afterward come the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Son is beneath the FATHER, receiving the FATHER’s instructions, and the Holy Spirit is the spirit that rested upon the Son of Man’s body, symbolized in the shape of a dove, after passing through the purification of baptism and fast, complementing the Trinity. Once more the fallibility of dogmatism is proven. As a proof that I myself recognized that the FATHER is greater than me two thousand years ago, I humbly said to Him, at the moment of crucifixion: “FATHER, have you forsaken me?” (Matthew c.27 v.46); “FATHER, into your hands I surrender my spirit” (Luke c.23 v.46). Notice that, if I said that I surrendered my spirit, I was recognizing that the FATHER is greater than me. This statement also proves that I have not gone in bone and flesh to heaven, but only in spirit. My FATHER and I are only one thing because He is omnipresent and manifests Himself through me. But when they whipped me, when they spat on my face and humiliated me on the occasion of the crucifixion, my FATHER abandoned me because He is majestic and dispenses such kindnesses; moreover, I needed to pass through all those things in order to rescue the karmic debt with the divine law. FATHER, Son and Holy Spirit are only one thing because He is omnipresent, but they are dissociable, because He is the LORD, the All-Powerful. The fact that the word “trinity” is not written in the Bible does not mean that it did not exist or is not in the Bible. Since the beginning of creation, when GOD created Adam and Eve, the Trinity already existed. The LORD separated Eve from my body and she passed by the process of reincarnation individually, until the Holy Spirit came two thousand years ago and descended upon me; it was the spirit of Eve purified, who does not reincarnate individually anymore and does not sin anymore, therefore it was called Holy. For the ratiocinating beings, it is written about the Trinity in the Bible since the very beginning of creation: FATHER – GOD, the CREATOR; Adam – the Son, to whom He gave commandments (to which I disobeyed culminating with the expulsion from paradise), and Eve – who is the so-called Holy Spirit since two thousand years ago. But as I said, this is worth only for the ratiocinating beings; however, the crawling beings will never assimilate my words. With regards to the things that men invented and distorted along the centuries, including Constantine’s vassals, it is a matter of using the good-sense and asking GOD for the gift of discernment in order to separate what is divine inspiration from the human inventions”.     

5) Are the “saints” canonized by roman church and worshiped by Catholic people true?

INRI CRISTO: “There aren’t any saints; only one is saint, my FATHER, LORD and GOD, the only uncreated being, only eternal, only being worthy of worship and veneration, only LORD of Universe. Two thousand years ago, when they told me: “Master, good master”, I answered: “Why do you call me good? No one is good but GOD”. Afterwards, I added: “But the FATHER, who dwells in me, does His works” (John c.14 v.10). In this history of “saints”, there is an interesting paradox. Paul VI, who disincarnated victim of throat cancer, withdrew the rights of adoration to “Saint Christopher”, “Saint Catherine”, etc. If they were “saints”, how could a sinner, making use of “papal infallibility”, annul this qualification? It comes to be hilarious. In order to deceive Brazilian people, with demagogy, the only Brazilian “saint”, recently canonized,   isn’t Brazilian; was born in Italy. This ritual of canonization is pure invention of men; it hasn’t come from me. No human being can worship whosoever but GOD. Idolizing any manifestation of nature, any divine work, any human being is foolishness. And more than foolishness, it’s a mistake. And more than a mistake, it’s a sin. And more than a sin, it’s the greatest sin, the absolute sin, the supreme insult against GOD. It’s the denial of first commandment, the denial of Supreme CREATOR’s absolute primacy in the conscious or unconscious attempt to put Him under His creation. For that reason, in His infinite goodness, He advised and it’s largely registered in the Holy Scriptures so that no one commits this abominable sin and be at the mercy of a terrible punishment inflicted by divine law: “I am the LORD, your GOD. You shall make for yourselves no idols and erect no carved images to worship at them, for I am the LORD, your GOD. You shall keep my Sabbaths and reverence my sanctuary. If you follow my statutes and keep my commandments and observe them faithfully, I will give you your rains in their season, and the land shall yield its produce, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. You shall eat your bread to the full and live securely in your land… But if you will not obey me and do not observe these commandments, I in turn will punish you myself sevenfold for your sins. You shall eat the flesh of your sons and daughters. I will destroy your high places and cut down your incense altars. I will heap your carcasses on the carcasses of your idols and my soul will abhor you” (Leviticus c.26 v.1 to 30) / “The idol, work of human hands, is accursed, he and his author” (Book of Wisdom c.14 v.8 and 27) / “For outside the kingdom of GOD will be idolaters… and whosoever loves and practices falsehood” (Revelation c.21 v.8 and c.22 v.15) / “I am the LORD, this is my name. I will give my glory to no other, nor my praise to idols” (Isaiah c.42 v.8)”.

6) How to explain the obtaining of cures and miracles through idols?

INRI CRISTO: “It isn’t through statues that the cure is obtained but only through GOD’s blessing. The LORD, good and merciful, from the culmination of His indubitable omnipresence, sees that the penitent applicant is honest and innocent in the sin of idolatry for having been wrongly taught since childhood in the catechism of hoax, by fraudologists and hoaxologists self-called theologians, faith mercenaries. When he effects the request, the penitent projects it to the infinite. According to faith fervor and contrition (simplicity and humility), the request achieves the cosmos and is heard.  Catholic people are innocent until seeing my face and hearing my voice; he is not to blame for having been deceived, manipulated and monopolized in the faith by priests, divine cause traitors. However, if after seeing my face and hearing my voice they persist obstinately kneeling down in front of cursed statues, the sin will be infringed upon them”.

7) Why don’t you agree with the adoration of idols, images (statues)?

INRI CRISTO: “It’s not a matter of agreeing. In fact, it’s a flagrant violation of divine law. GOD, the Supreme CREATOR, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, is present in every particle forming the Universe the same way He is in every cell forming human body. Thus, when the human being, for ignorance or pride, dares to kneel down before cursed idols, truly he wants to kneel GOD in front of statues. In other words, GOD gave us life and is in us, and would not kneel before accursed statues. From then on, for being omnipresent, the LORD continues being present in the idolater’s body, but in form of curse. Very truly I tell you, my children: the statue, for being blind, cannot see people’s misery and misfortune; for being deaf, cannot hear people’s acclaiming; for being dumb, cannot ask anything for my FATHER, LORD and GOD in favor of whosoever, nor speaking words of blessing”.

8) How do you explain Mary’s fertilization, considered a dogma by the Church?

INRI CRISTO: “Mary was fertilized virgin by Joseph (as well genealogy tree shows: “And Jacob was the father of Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom Jesus was born, who is called Christ” – Matthew c. 1 v.16), as a work of the Holy Spirit. In order to fulfill what Isaiah had prophesied (“A virgin shall bear a son and shall name him Immanuel. He shall eat curds and honey by the time he knows how to refuse the evil and choose the good” – Isaiah c.7 v.14), the LORD, to whom everything is possible, made Joseph and Mary have a strong sleep and the Holy Spirit brought them together in this state of unconsciousness, providing Mary’s fertilization in the fulfillment of the Scriptures. Mary’s virginity was the virginity of purity. Mary wasn’t hymeneal virgin, with a membrane more or less, but for her purity due to her unconsciousness after the act she had done. Only so it makes sense and is possible to explain how she could be virgin before, during and after the birth. How could she be virgin after the birth if her virginity was merely hymeneal? Proscribed roman church built a myth around Mary to deceive and alienate Christian people. She was a human woman, sinner, subject to weaknesses and failings as the other human beings are. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gathered her sons with the intention to arrest me under the accusation that I was crazy, as the Scriptures tell us (“Then he went home and the crowd came together again so that they could not even eat. When his family heard it, they went out to restrain him, for they were saying: He has gone out of his mind” – Mark c.3 v.20 and 21 / “The true kindred of Jesus: Then his mother and his brothers came; and standing outside, they sent to him and called him. A crowd was sitting around him, and they said: Your mother and your brothers and sisters are outside, asking for you. And he replied: Who are my mother and my brothers? And looking at those who sat around him, he said: Here is my mother and my brothers! Whoever does the will of GOD is my brother and sister and mother” – Mark c.3 v.31 to 35). As you can notice, for knowing their bad intentions, I didn’t even allow them to enter the enclosure. It becomes necessary enlightening Christian people to set them free from this dogmatic lure, which imposes the adoration and veneration to the false myth. GOD, my FATHER, is the only being worthy of worship and veneration”.

9) Thus, how do you face the countless “our-ladies” worshipped by Catholic people?

INRI CRISTO: “I reiterate to you once more: the statue, for being blind, can’t see people’s misery and misfortune; for being deaf, can’t hear people acclaiming; for being dumb, can’t ask anything for my FATHER, LORD and GOD in favor of whosoever, nor speaking words of blessing, despite Catholic people being deceived in the faith. Even running the risk of offending mistaken Christians, obeying my FATHER I am forced to speak the truth. This history of “our-ladies” came neither from my FATHER nor from me. On the contrary: it is one more hoax of proscribed roman church with the intention to seduce and alienate different social classes, attracting diverse clientele. There’s an “our-lady” adapted to the like of each parish. The “appeared our-lady” was invented in São Paulo (Brazil) to ease the hard reality of slavery and conquest slaves, Rome’s potential customers. In those times, even chained, they were led to worship the doll named “mother of god”*. In the beginning, she was found without the main member, lacking the head to be put on her. According to recent studies of scholars, it was “vicar” José Alves Vilela who put the image in the river and began to spread the supposed miracles, besides being all the time manipulating the statue. For whatever reasons, the obvious is howling, does not need explanation. Subsequently, “pope” Pio XI signed a decree declaring “appeared conception” Brazil’s patron saint. Without plebiscite, Brazil’s former president Getúlio Vargas ratified the spurious roman decree. Therefore, it was a fallible foreign sinner, supported by a dictator, who determined this subjection to the amended crippled statue invoked as “mother of god”, in the conscious or unconscious attempt to diminish ALMIGHTY’s majesty. Following the path of hoax, not wanting to lose clientele, the “vicar” of Paranaguá (state of Paraná – Brazil) invented “Rocio our-lady”; in Brusque (state of Saint Catherine), “our-lady of Azambuja” appeared; in the city of Navegantes, “our-lady of seafarers” came out, and so on. Only in Brazil there are some hundreds of “mothers’ of god”, without considering the international ones: in Spain, “our-lady of Guadalupe”, exported to Mexico and other Latin American countries; in France, “our-lady of Lourdes”, etc. Doesn’t anybody think why do the Italians, in a blemishing act, say porco dio, porca madona (swinish father, swinish mother) and are not punished? Because they feel, they intuit that the “god” made of clay, of plaster, of wood, as well as his countless mothers, really deserve to show off these pejorative titles. Such a mean, miserly, minuscule, blind, deaf and dumb god isn’t my GOD. My GOD, who is also my FATHER and LORD, doesn’t and will never have a mother for being the only uncreated being, the only eternal, the only being worthy of worship and veneration, only LORD of Universe (“The idol, work of human hands, is accursed, it and its author” – Book of Wisdom c.14 v.8 / “Outside the kingdom of GOD will be idolaters… and whosoever loves and practices falsehood” – Revelation c.22 v.15 / “I am the LORD, this is my name. I will give my glory to no other, nor my praise to idols” – Isaiah c.42 v.8)”.

(*The book Image of the Eternal, written by Carmen Cinira Macedo, Brazilian doctor in anthropology and teacher of USP, on page 31 quotes the following: (…) it’s interesting remembering that, for example, “father” Vieira, in one of his famous sermons, extorts the slaves to be thankful to their lords, for, without slavery, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to know the “true god” and their souls would be lost”).

10) According to the precepts of roman church, the good Catholic shall go to mass every Sunday. Why do you say it’s not needed going to church?

INRI CRISTO: “Saying that not attending mass is a sin is a mechanism of emotional blackmail and alienation of the masses, since in mass they teach people to turn their back on GOD. I don’t oblige anyone to come to my church, as I am coherent to what I said two thousand years ago: “But whenever you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your FATHER who is in secret; and your FATHER who sees in secret will reward you” (Matthew c.6 v.6). In my church only the sons of GOD are welcome, who come in a loving meeting for missing to see me again. They don’t come only for obligation, to keep a formality. I teach my sons to be free, to love GOD more than everything and before everything, wherever they be, specially in their houses, which shall be turned into places of worship to the ALMIGHTY”.

11) How do you face mass ritual?

INRI CRISTO: “As I’ve already said countless times and repeat once more, when I was called Jesus I taught my sons to pray inside the room, in secret, with the door shut (“But whenever you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your FATHER who is in secret; and your FATHER who sees in secret will reward you” – Matthew c.6 v.6). I haven’t obliged nor recommended anybody to attend mass, invented by men to keep sheep heads fettered, haltered, mistaken since childhood in the catechism of hoax. And for despair of proscribed roman church, besides the number of priests and nuns is diminishing every day, evasion of the faithful became an overpowering reality (statistics point out that, only in Latin America, around 600 thousand baptized Catholics abandon the proscribed roman church every year). It’s happening especially due to a factor passed unnoticed and roman hierarchy could not account for: stopping to pray the mass strictly in Latin. By praying mass in the idiom corresponding to each country, Catholic people started to notice that all the speech of mass was a tiring and tedious litany, repeated by all other priests in different places of the world, except one or another rebel (not satisfied to act as a parrot), who decides to innovate the speech, although being under the threat of being excommunicated”.

12) Why does roman church teach to keep Sunday, if the Bible says Sabbath is the day consecrated to LORD? (Exodus c.20 v.8, Leviticus c.26 v.2, Isaiah c.56 v.1 to 7, c.58 v.13 and 14…)

INRI CRISTO: “It’s part of divine cause traitors’ betrayal. The day consecrated to LORD is Saturday, the Sabbath, as it is well shown in the fourth commandment of the Bible (Exodus c.20 v.8). But this was only one of the countless violations against divine law. It’s appropriate explaining a little of history to propitiate better comprehension. Since Christianity expanded among paganism, it became the great spiritual strength of roman society at that time and the overwhelming religion. The only viable solution found by manipulators of power was incorporating Christianity and compromising it with established order, turning it into an ally and ideological instrument of justification for roman state. First, little by little the cult of images was introduced as an influence of pagan costumes, making adepts attraction easier. In year 313, emperor Constantine formally converted to Christianity (and his subjects didn’t take a long time to follow his example), with the intention to obtain greater support from Christians. In 321, he determined the change of resting day, substituting Sabbath, day consecrated to the LORD, by Sunday (the sun day of pagans). In 391, through the Edict of Thessalonica, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. Centuries later, reincarnation was suppressed from Christian doctrine due to a historical mistake of emperor Justinian, and so on. Behold why my FATHER declared the roman catholic church the “proscribed church”.

13) Up to a relatively recent past, roman church ordered to condemn and execute as “heretics”, “witches”, “wizards”, etc. in the notorious “Saint Inquisition”, thousands of people who rebelled against the doctrine it imposed “in name of GOD”. What do you have to say about all of this?

INRI CRISTO: “Divine justice comes at the right time. I came back as a judge and executor of divine justice. On the occasion I went to the Vatican, in 1983, in order to ratify the proscribed roman church’s destroying decree , I heard the souls of those who were clamoring and saying: “How long, LORD, how long must we wait for heavenly justice?” I was in the guest house Liberty, when the LORD led me to the window and showed the sleeping Rome in the still of night. When tired monuments and buildings spoke about past glories, the LORD pronounced this impact prophecy: “Sleep, Rome, sleep your deep sleep, dipped into the lethargic stagnation of the escape and the weight of your conscience, soaked in the blood of my servants I sent you, and you, Rome, burnt them in the bonfires of your excessive and murderous passions, fulfilling the pact you perpetrated with Satan’s subjects. Sleep, Rome, your evasive sleep, while through my Son I visit you as a thief because of your betrayal when you made a pact with the usurpers of my light kingdom. But alas of you, Rome! When you wake up it will be late, too late. You will be turned into ruin and your pride will become groans of pain; your ostentation and pretentiousness will become misery and hunger. Your deceitful statues will fall in pieces over you and your sons, who are heirs of your madness, your crimes and your sins. And, dying, suffering agony, you will slowly look without strength to react against my devastating justice and the vibrant and inexorable manifestation caused by the whip of my executioner angel*, who announces, by playing his trumpet, the splendor and glory of my Son when he comes to you, not because of you, but to take from your despicable entrails the ones that remained faithful to my law and are worthy of my kingdom of Light”. So said the LORD, GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, the only LORD of Universe”.

(*The time).

14) In your penultimate meeting with the parapsychologist Oscar Gonçalez Quevedo in a debate on television (TV Iguaçu – SBT, June 4th and 5th 2003), you said that the roman emperor Constantine monopolized what remained from your former church, the Sect of the Nazarene, primitive Christian Church. Why?

INRI CRISTO: “While the only church that I left two thousand years ago – when I said in the singular: “Peter, you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church” (Matthew c.16 v.18) – remained faithful to my teachings, to my doctrine, she could be considered my church. However, since she started to incorporate pagan beliefs and rituals to the body of her doctrine, besides serving as an instrument of political domination, it stopped being my church and became the roman catholic apostolic church. Catholic, which also means universal, because the intention of the Roman Empire what to extend its domination upon the whole Earth. Apostolic because it was organized not by my apostles, but by the apostles of  Constantine and Justinian, and by so many others that distorted, disparaged my Gospel. Roman because she passed to serve Rome’s morbid interests, not the divine cause anymore; she gave to Caesar what is for GOD, despising what I said when I was called Jesus: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to GOD what is GOD’s” (Matthew c.22 v.21). While the despotic emperor Constantine aspirated the absolute monarchy, form of government that would benefit from the religious support, he realized that Christianity would be an efficient instrument of pacification, unification and domination for the Roman Estate. He even formally converted to Christianity, not as an act of religious faith, but as a “Coup d’État”, of political ability. In year 313, he promulgated the Edict of Milan, which determined the end of persecution of the Christians and gave them freedom of cult. In 391, by the Edict of Thessalonica, emperor Theodosius decreed Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire. In the 6th century, obedient to his wife, Theodora (ex-prostitute), emperor Justinian commanded the suppression of reincarnation from the Christian doctrine*. In 787, the Second Nicean Council sanctioned the cult of images in the churches, disparaging the first commandment of GOD’s law. Those who dared to keep faithful to my teachings and to the divine law suffered terrible persecutions: many were killed, tortured, martyred, burnt alive, mainly in the times of the notorious “Saint Inquisition”… And it was so that, while the Christianity “converted” the world, the pagan world converted Christianity. Now that many have even discredited the fact that in the past I really existed, to the astonishment of most, I am back as I had promised by the natural, eternal and divine law of reincarnation. And because the gates of hell prevailed against the church that I left, my FATHER ordered that I instituted SOUST, new catholic order, in the formation of only one flock and only one shepherd (John c.10 v.16)”.

(*It is worth remembering the abominable reason leading Theodora to manipulate her husband, emperor Justinian. Firstly, as she had been a prostitute, she wanted to get rid of such shameful past materialized in the voices of the previous mates, who were flattered by the honor of having her in the court: she determined that all the five hundred prostitutes in Constantinople, with no exception, were murdered. The voice of people, bitter by the atrocity, ferociously raised against Theodora, vociferating: “Murderer! You have to die five hundred times…”, making allusion to the law of karma, also known as the law of the Talia: “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth… one life for one life” (Exodus c.21 v.23 and 24). In the illusion that she would not suffer the consequences of her pernicious act, Theodora assumed the authority of the Estate aiming to interfere in the ecclesiastic power; she ordered her obedient husband, the despotic emperor Justinian, to suppress everything that referred to the law of reincarnation from the Christian doctrine, and declared it heretic in the Second Council of Constantinople, in 553. From then on, any Christian who taught or mentioned anything about reincarnation would be subject to condemnation. Therefore, the suppression of reincarnation is nothing more than an historical mistake, and it does not have any ecclesiastic validity).

15) What were, more precisely, the pagan beliefs and rituals incorporated to Christianity that you refer to?

INRI CRISTO: “It is enough visiting the History Annals and studying the historical registers of humanity to realize that all these rituals and dogmas of those who claim to be my church are nothing but a copy, a badly disguised plagiarism of the pagan beliefs and rituals (pagans were considered the ones that, in the beginning of the Christian age, adored the gods of the Greek and Roman mythology and were not converted to Christianity). The masses, the processions, the chants, the cult of Mary, the adoration of images, the dogma of my physical resurrection to heaven and even the related stories of miracles, finally, all of this is but adaptation of the beliefs, usages and legends of the established paganism. Christianity did not destroy the paganism, but adopted it, Christianized it aiming to attract the pagans, thus revealing the prevarication. Behold some well-known historical examples. In the festivity to Cybele, a pagan goddess, her worshipers fasted, prayed and mourned the dearth of her son Atis, a pagan god; afterward, the young god was taken to his tomb in solemn procession. On the following day, people celebrated Atis’ resurrection and the renewing of the earth. In the last day of the festivity, the great mother’s image was carried along the streets in triumph and in Rome the crowd greeted her as Nostra Domini, “Our Lady”. Even more worshiped than Cybele, the Egyptian goddess Isis was considered by the pagans as the holder of the eternal gift of life. All the peoples in the Mediterranean promoted the belief that her husband Osiris had died and raised from the dead; this resurrection was commemorated with imposing processions and chants of joy. In the images of cult, Isis appeared sustaining her divine son Horus in her arms, and the litanies greeted her as the “Queen of Heaven”, “Star of the Sea” and “god’s mother”. From all the pagan cults, this was the one that most approached Christianity. Isis’ religion passed from Egypt to Italy in the 2nd century before my crucifixion and next to all parts of the Roman Empire. In other words: the roman church impudently placed the dispute amidst Cybele and Isis by the veneration to the legion of “god’s mothers”, that proliferated according to the demand of the customers and disputed title (so many of our-ladies, so many “mothers of god”… which one of them will be the real one?). By this same time, there was a legend of a man called Apollonius – who would have taken a life of abnegation and piety – and the tradition started to attribute many miracles to him; his followers assured that after death he had appeared to them and went up to heaven in body. As there are many who say that I am still in bone and flesh in heaven, sat at the right hand of GOD, maybe he is also frozen over there, but at the left of GOD… Therefore, for those who ratiocinate honestly, it is not so difficult to identify the origin of so many beliefs and fantasies in the bosom of Catholicism and why, due to such reality, the occasion appeared for the false prophets to raise in my former, obsolete name, Jesus. But as nothing happens on Earth without the acquiescence of GOD, these are the same false prophets that now propitiate the emptiness of the catholic temples and contribute to the ruin of the sick empire that my former church was turned into, and that’s why she was declared proscribed by the ALMIGHTY on Feb 28th 1982”.


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