Thursday, February 20, 2020


Some of Inri Cristo's teachings from book Explosive Awakener.

Intellectual (?) Intellectualism (?)

By Jean de Patmos, Inri Cristo's disciple Reading the Gospels, many times it is possible to presume that the study and the intellectualism are a...

Parable of the Mine

So said INRI CRISTO: “The kingdom of GOD is like a mine of gold whose owner is the only aware of the discovery map. Many...

Anxiety – human being’s first enemy

So said INRI CRISTO: “Anxiety is one of the greatest problems that human beings have to deal with in the current times. It is possible...

Only the LORD is important

Priestess Amaí exposes Inri Cristo's teaching.

Easter at SOUST

So said INRI CRISTO: “Easter is a festivity of Jewish origin in which the Christians celebrate my crucifixion and later resurrection (it is important to...

Parable of the King

Two thousand years ago, by the time of his crucifixion, INRI CRISTO was crowned King of kings with the crown of thorns as an...

Equilibrium – Selfishness & Altruism

So said INRI CRISTO: “It is very usual for the human beings to confuse equilibrium with selfishness. Equilibrium is the ideal state in which to...

Inri Cristo’s confession: I am crazy indeed

So said INRI CRISTO: “I am crazy indeed, because I adore my FATHER, the Supreme Creator, only non-created Being, only eternal, only Being worthy of...

Parable of Good and Evil

When traveling aboard the motor-home of SOUST (which is a house on wheels), so said INRI CRISTO to an applicant to be a disciple...

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