Anxiety – human being’s first enemy

The relationship between necrophagy (eating meat), destruction of nature, demographic explosion and anxiety



“Anxiety is one of the greatest problems that human beings have to deal with in the current times. It is possible to asseverate with no margin to error that the main cause of death in the world is not the blockage of heart arteries, cerebral hemorrhage, cancer etc. Making a deep analysis in the worldwide context, the huge murderer of human beings is anxiety. Due to anxiety many people become excessively heavy and consequently suffer heart diseases, diabetes, serious organic dysfunction, emotional disequilibrium; finally, anxiety has never been so harmful and ironically so tied to the life of Earth inhabitants.

But what are the causes of anxiety, what makes anxiety so present in the life of contemporary society? According to the scientific view, ‘loss of status, of comfort, of economic power, of affection, friendships, privileges, advantages, possibility of materializing interests, loss of vanity etc. in many cases are factors more than enough to interfere in the neuronal system culminating in the hell of anxiety’. But this is quite a simplistic, mechanical and narrow-minded explanation facing the true, real cause of anxiety in this chaotic world. From the part of my FATHER I will tell you what effectively causes anxiety. Expressing in a mathematic language that scientists appreciate, the increasing of anxiety is directly proportional to the distance of GOD. In other words: as much as the human beings disconnect themselves from GOD and the more they lose their trust in GOD, the more anxious they will be. The more human beings conspire against the divine law, the more they are possessed by anxiety, which is the residence of evil.

What does violating the divine will consist of? At what moment a human being is turning his back to GOD? Each time one is possessed by envy, hatred, cruelty, malice, selfishness, meanness, stingy feelings, each time one commits injustice against his fellowman through acts or words, at these moments he is walking against GOD. Beginning by the carnivorous dietthe destruction of ecology, of the ecosystems and the disordered procreation, the way of living of human beings is totally opposite to the course established by nature. In spite of integrating with mother nature and respecting the animals of the ecological environment, the human being needs to feed the insatiable desire of dominating, annihilating, possessing, manipulating and destroying at any cost.

Each time the corpse of an animal is ingested, all the anxiety of the victim is transferred to the one that ingests it, in the form of negative energies and harmful substances. In other words: the greater the murdering of animals and ingestion of their flesh, the greater anxiety in human beings. The scary scene that we witness in the current times is the apex, the consequence of thousands of years of human beings violating the divine law, since the times when the earth suffered the hygiene of the great flood. At this instance, the LORD temporarily allowed men to take meat as nutrition (Genesis c.9 v.3), however they adhered to this usage and kept it until nowadays, for their own misfortune. In addition to the uncontrolled slaughter of animals, the abusive human interference in ecology caused a catastrophic alteration in the frequency of a powerful electromagnetic field that surrounds the planet and is responsible for the equilibrium in the biosphere – it is the Schumann Resonance, that works as the beatings of the earth heart. For thousands of years this frequency was kept in 7,83 hertz (pulse per second) and only in the last twenty years, more precisely starting from the 90’s, it passed to 13 hertz. Such uncontrolled acceleration caused by anxiety of the human being generates even more anxiety. The reaction is felt even more vehemently through the implacable and devastating fury of mother nature, as a manifestation of her groans of pain.

Anxiety is also closely tied to the demographic explosion. The greater the anxiety, the greater the need to practise sex impulsively, bestially, and the more people practise sex without protection and without measuring consequences, more offspring will be generated and increase disorderly. Instead of using the sexual act only as a divine mechanism for perpetuating the species, as it happens with the animals integrating the ecology, the degenerated sexual act became a vulgar escape for anxiety, because a meaningful liberation of energy happens in the sexual act, and this temporarily discharges such nasty sensation, mainly in the case of males. Anxiety generates a state of stress and a compulsive need to be rid of such stress through sex. In the scientific environment, this is called the pleasure of relief. However, anxiety continues, the stress comes back quickly as much as the wish for satisfying the purely physiological needs, that speak louder than the affective matter. The greater the state of anxiety, the greater the need to practice sex and discharge adrenaline. It is a pernicious vicious circle that has nothing to do with the true love, but with the satisfaction of bestial instincts.

All such things that you witness in these difficult times when you hear of wars, rumors of wars, kingdom against kingdom, nation against nation, storms, earthquakes, floods, pestilences, famines… are only the beginning of birth pangs that I had announced two thousand years ago, foretelling my return. So, my children, facing such deplorable scenes that will get worse and worse in the accomplishment of the ending of times, remember that there is one solution, one only and infallible solution: turn to GOD, trust completely in GOD, in the GOD that made men, my FATHER, Supreme CREATOR, only non-created being, only Eternal, only Being worthy of worship and veneration, only LORD of the Universe, not the “god” men made. My FATHER sent me again to this world with the mission of educating my children, give them orientation, teaching them to live harmoniously, keeping the purity of children, as I’ve said two thousand years ago: “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them, for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs” (Matthew c.19 v.14). Behold why my FATHER showed me and I’ve been saying for more than twenty years about the coming of a New Age after this chaotic world ends: …humanity will return to the simple and free life, in intimate and perennial communion with nature, and will prefer the simple and natural nutrition of fruits and vegetables. The noblest job in the next one thousand years will be agriculture. Man will seek in mother earth the mystical bread for the divine banquet, with the same innocence that children seek in the maternal breast the vital milk that provides them growth and survival, before the sweet and approving glance of our FATHER.

The more you struggle against anxiety choosing a healthy life, without vices or bad usages, more you will be striving for the peace and for the Kingdom of GOD. As I had announced two thousand years ago, the Kingdom of GOD does not come with things that can be observed, because the Kingdom of GOD is inside each one of you. Very truly I tell you: the Kingdom of GOD may be placed anywhere in the earthly dimension, in the body and heart of a human being that has never even been with me; if he is able to get rid of anxiety and find the plenitude of peace, living a serene and altruistic life, he will also be a particle of the Kingdom of GOD. It is a whole of things that are observed in the manifestation of the Kingdom of GOD in each individual. A human being may also be connected to GOD although he does not know me, because the most elevated expression of GOD’s presence is peace. GOD is ineffable, indescribable, untouchable, invisible to the ordinary eyes, however He is visible to the eyes of the soul of those that truly seek for Him”.


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