Equilibrium – Selfishness & Altruism



“It is very usual for the human beings to confuse equilibrium with selfishness. Equilibrium is the ideal state in which to live well and happy on Earth. Observe nature and see that everything always flows towards the equilibrium.

Each human being must be the caretaker of his own equilibrium, and must only give to his fellows that which he can afford to give, and only as much as that which does not compromise him in the essentials of life, and does not cause him be in lack. Sharing becomes a necessity when you have something in abundance, even to allow that you be gifted with always more and more. You can even make a sacrifice for someone, since you don’t unbalance yourself. When you get out of balance, you lose peace, you commit your physical, psychic and spiritual integrity. If you pay someone’s bill with the money that you had put away to pay your bill, you will then be put into debt, you will assume a debt made by another for imprudence, carelessness or simply because of that person’s incapacity to project his life considering the perspective of dues, besides that, you are running for office of title of rascal. So it is with everything, my children, in the material and spiritual matters. With money, with favors, with relationships.

For example: if you need to pay a bill in the coming week, you have put away an amount only for this purpose, and meanwhile one of your friends, under any allegation, desperately resorts to you seeking money from you, you could fatally think that it would be selfishness on your part not giving him this money. Then, in this case, if you ratiocinate with equilibrium, you become able to stop the anxiety and you don’t give what you cannot give. And I tell you in truth: if you don’t loan, you are not being selfish. But if you loan and you cannot further pay your debt, you are being falsely altruistic. You think that you were an altruist, but actually you were thoughtless, fool, senseless, because you unbalanced yourself. From the moment that you fail to have the amount to pay your debt anymore and you know you have the need to pay it, you lose your equilibrium. From the debt that you did not pay, the interest will come, you lose time justifying yourself to your creditor and when you realize, you are in debit… while your friend may have even changed his life and does not worry what happened anymore… It is just an example that I give, but there are many others.

You shall not confuse altruism, goodness, generosity… with stupidity. Losing the equilibrium voluntarily is stupidity. A person loses the equilibrium for ingenuousness, stupidity or even for being deceived. On the contrary he will never lose the equilibrium if he remembers the ALMIGHTY and thinks: “GOD knows that I cannot help at this moment, and He can be as generous towards my friend as He was with me”. Two thousand years ago I said: “Give to everyone who begs from you, and do not refuse anyone who wants to borrow from you” (Matthew c.5 v.42), but it does not mean that you are compelled to become dishonest, or that you have to flee from creditors due to a thoughtless insane act.

However, when someone asks you a favor and you are ready to do it without harming yourself, without unbalancing yourself, then you can and shall do it willingly, it is well seen at the LORD’s eyes. But if you make a favor to someone who is settling a karmic debt and this causes you to unbalance, you will assume part of this debt, thus subjecting yourself to go down an enormous hillside of economic and social decadence, from which you will have difficulty in recovering, except with the LORD’s help and much effort.

A balanced person will only give of that which he has to offer; will not give of what he does not have. You can do anything for your fellow, except offering what keeps your equilibrium, under the penalty of losing your integrity and becoming vulnerable, weak, unbalanced. You can offer to the others only what is at your reach, what will not compromise your inner balance, what will not cause lack to you. But from the moment that you do to a person something beyond your possibility, beyond the natural, then you, being dishonest with yourself, lose the equilibrium and become debilitated.

In a love relationship, for example. If you give to your partner the energies concerning your work, your concentration, your welfare, you lose the equilibrium. You can and shall give of your overflowing energies; thus you will not disturb your day-to-day life, your routine, your labor. But from the moment that you deliver to someone the vital part of your energies and start to act in function of the other, your partner gets all radiant and you become a slave, a miserable one, a beggar. You even run the risk of turning your life into a hell. If a spouse says to his/her partner: “But if you don’t do this for me, you are so selfish!”, it does not necessarily mean that they are selfish, but only that the partner refused to give something that he does not have, choosing to remain in the equilibrium. And since love is to give everything without asking anything in return, who truly loves you will never demand anything from you.

Another example of a serious mistake: imagine that you are leaving the bank with your employer’s money, going to another place for paying a debt. Meanwhile, you find a desperate, ruined, unlucky relative… he begs your help, under the allegation that he has a gambling debt and is suffering persecution and death threats. Then, if you get the money from your employer, thinking: “Later on he discounts it from my salary…” and you give it to your owing relative, you are robbing it from your employer, you are unbalancing yourself to solve another’s debt, for the sake of him being inconsequent, irresponsible, stubborn… And you end up contaminating your inner with his misery and disgrace, running the risk of losing your job under a just cause.

At that time, at that key-moment, if you cannot help, you have to trust the LORD and say to the desperate interceptor: “I cannot give because I don’t have, but I ask GOD, our FATHER, to bless you and give you a solution. Trust the LORD”. Depending on the person’s reaction, if he revolts against GOD, you get knowledge of why he is in such conditions. But if he humbly accepts your prayer, his suffering will be abbreviated.

You can and shall help your fellows. You just shall never unbalance yourself. You must do everything for the equilibrium, always keep yourself in balance. The equilibrium is the key for everything, it is the fair measure. Equilibrium is the harmony with GOD. GOD is the equilibrium. GOD, the equilibrium and peace are one and the same. Therefore, if you don’t want to disconnect from GOD, you don’t separate yourself from the equilibrium. If you don’t want to lose peace, then you keep balanced, in harmony with the FATHER.

I am the intervenor of destiny sent by the ALMIGHTY. I have the mission to show to the children that cross my path how to better harmoniously run the path of destiny, in other words, I teach them to get rid of the vices and bad habits, not let themselves be disturbed by nasty influences from relatives, friends or whosoever, that may cause the unbalance. And each one, according to the karma, according to the intelligence and sagacity, by seriously taking my words and the instructions that I minister from my FATHER under consideration, will be lifted, will feel more secure and happy by following the route of destiny that is inherent to him. You choose if you want to carry the destiny as a burden or if you prefer, travel softly and smoothly on its paths”.


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