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“Peace, love, energy, joy – the true joy – all of this is GOD, the expression of GOD. You may see GOD in an earthquake, as it recently happened there in Haiti. As He is omnipresent and nothing can happen on Earth without His acquiescence, then it happens because He allowed.

Certain occasion, someone questioned me about a prediction in the Bible according to which GOD chastises to the seventh generation those who despise His laws, and blesses until a thousand generations those who observe His commandments. This is a kind of question that nobody on Earth can answer, except the Son of Man, the emissary of the Heavenly FATHER who speaks to you. When He made the warning that He chastises up to the seventh generation, He wanted to say that if you seriously sin on the items that He commanded, it means that up to the seventh generation your descendants will come with a karmic debt, they are the spirits on the queue to solve the debts with the divine law. Therefore, it does not mean that He will send mutilated people to you, He will not take revenge upon you, but He just warned that, by violating the law, you are opening the gap for the mutilated, the ones with karmic debt, to come and reincarnate on your lineage. On the other hand, when He says that he will bless up to a thousand generations those who observe His precepts, it means that for hundreds of generations your lineage will always be blessed, your descendants and the descendants of your descendants will be healthy, since genetics is harnessed to the law of karma.

This matter of energy is very subtle. In Rio de Janeiro, in 1976 – when I was still an atheist and obviously resisted to believe – I saw that the spirit is energy. After the fast I understood that the LORD was instructing me, since at that time I did not know that it was Him. So, my children, spirit is energy. Let us imagine that your spirit is a bag of flour, a bag of 50 kilos, for example, each one according to their size. All of a sudden you have the idea to ask someone to sew a dress for you. You order the dressmaker to do it. Besides the payment that you will give her by the conclusion of the service, according to the longing that you have to see this dress done, also according to the value that this dress will have for you, then you will have to leave an amount of the mentioned flour with her. In other words, you will inevitably leave part of your energies with her. Then your spirit will come back slightly smaller, we can even say weakened. While you wait for the dressmaker to sew your dress, your energies stay there with her. If she sets a date for you, or if she says that she will do it, and when you return there it is not done yet, you will get very upset. But it is not because of the dress. You think it is because of the dress. Actually, you want to get your energies back and you don’t know; you want to get your flour back in order to complete the empty space in the bag. But it is all in an unconscious realm. In my case, in me it is conscious, my FATHER gave me the knowledge what happens in the realm of energies. For such reason sometimes it is even unpleasant to know, to understand the subtlety of the spiritual realm.

Thus, there are the ten commandments, one of them is that one shall not worship statues, but worship only GOD. Because when you direct your energies to the statue, it does not give anything in return, while GOD gives, only in GOD reciprocity happens. But it is not the only thing in the range of energies. “You shall not covet your neighbor’s woman”, again the LORD is warning that you shall not direct your superior energies to your neighbor’s wife, as according to the man’s desire for the woman, according to her beauty and charm, it is the size of the energy that she robs from the man. The greater the desire that your neighbor’s woman awakens in you, so is the size of the energy that she robs from you.

Another example is when people vote. The elector goes to the ballot box and votes in the candidate. In the profane world, in the terrestrial realm nobody realizes anything, but in the time of the researches, I look at the face of the candidate and according to the amount of energies that I see in each one, my FATHER enables me to previously discern which of them will be elected. When you go to the ballot box just to accomplish a duty imposed by the legislation, you don’t leave any energy, but when you deposit your vote in the hope that the candidate makes something for you, or for your community, then you deposit your energy together with the vote.

When you hire someone to make a service: a sewer, a doctor, a builder, a joiner, an engineer… no matter who it is, while the service that you asked is not concluded, part of your energies remains in that direction.

There in Marseille, in France, when the LORD commanded to make my bag, He showed me an atelier quite abandoned, full of dust, and said that I had to go there. Except by the LORD’s command, I would not have entered that place, but as the order came from Him, I went. Although it had an abandoned atmosphere, it was all organized. I arrived and an old, very old man was there; he survived on repairing shoes. I asked if he could make the bag, explained that it was a command from my FATHER, and so he answered, I never forget: “If you stay here beside me, I can do it”. In other words, he had the intuition that he needed my energetic presence to accomplish that work. “That’s right, I stay”. And I saw those small hands working fast, speedy. I saw him rejuvenating by doing that work for the LORD.

This matter of energies is impressive. Albeit I cannot transfer all that I see to my children, I can speak about them, I can try to explain how energies act. Blessed are those who can understand how all this works in the practical life. And of course there are the negative and the positive energies. When a negative energy it too strong, for example, it may hinder a good work to be concluded. Energies are involved in everything. The popular proverb “the owner’s eye puts weight on the ox” is absolutely correct. It is a metaphor. Translating: it does not mean that the owner’s eye fills the ox’s belly, but it means that when a person responsible for a duty keeps on the track of it, then will have the proper energy to enable the course, the conclusion of that specific work.

I have the duty to speak to my children of the heart, no matter they are disciples or meritorious volunteers, for the sake of making it easier for them to assimilate one more fragment of the divine law”.

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