Inri Cristo announces the future of humanity



“By grievous misuse of free will, mankind has built weapons of mass destruction, violated GOD’s sacred laws and forgotten the holy commandments. Through acts and thoughts, they have planted catastrophes and earthquakes that, followed by the nuclear hecatomb, will culminate in the end of this chaotic world. Less than one million people will remain alive on earth, of whom the majority will be maimed; many will beg for death, that will be initially withheld from them.

GOD, our FATHER, the only LORD of Heaven and Earth, will be glorified during the next thousand years. There will be no human being on Earth who do not conduct their lives in accordance with His laws and recognize His omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence.

All will subject themselves to a process of spiritual alignment and will keep faithful to Him, fulfilling what I said before being crucified: “There will be one flock and one shepherd” (John c.10 v.16).

The elect and their descendants will not want political, territorial nor religious disputes. All of them will walk together with their thoughts turned to only one ideal. Fraternity will effectively exist among men, who will be stripped of hypocrisy, hatred, wickedness, selfishness and emotional blackmail. They will do their utmost to fulfill the holy commandments.

Prisons will be turned into schools, as in the future, men purified in suffering will so evolve and delinquency will be controlled.

Medicine will evolve and employ healing for illness that torment the body in the spirit, because after much suffering and error, humanity will become conscious that all weakness and all physical illness have their beginnings in soul illness.

Sex will be practiced as a rite of veneration to GOD. Stripped of bestial instincts and almost completely conscious of procreation mysteries, the man will unite with the woman in the light of spirituality, acknowledging her divine origin.

Money will be used only as a sacred link to simplify human relationships. Humankind will return to the simple and free life in intimate, perennial communion with nature, and will prefer the simple, natural nutrition of fruits and vegetables.

The noblest profession during the next thousand years will be agriculture. Man will search in mother earth for the mystical bread for the divine banquet with the same innocence children look for the vital milk in mother’s breast, to give them growth and survival, before the caring and approving gaze of our FATHER”.

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