Inri Cristo in France – 1980


When INRI CRISTO was expelled from England in 1980, he was sheltered by France, the first country to spread in the media that Christ is back on Earth. The reporter of the French television Antenne Deux (Antenna 2), in a Sunday night, gifted the French people with the unbelievable news: “Le Christ est revenu sur la terre!” (Christ has returned to Earth!).

The French newspapers Liberation, Le Parisien, Le Courrier Picard recorded INRI CRISTO’s declarations and the events.

Le Courrier Picard, October 1980


Le Courrier Picard, October 1980


Le Courrier de L’Oise, October 1980

Le Courrier Picard, on its October 28th 1980 edition (filed at SOUST), emphatically reported INRI CRISTO’s presence in France. On its ninth page, there were several photos of INRI among the crowd, people crying and receiving blessings, paralytics walking the first steps.

“It is hard to specify this fact. The events are so incredible that it would be difficult.”

Another page brought the following:

“A thirty-two-year-old Brazilian is received as a prophet by the inhabitants of Montataire. The most astonishing thing in this person is not in his appearance or in his past, but in the way people from Montataire received him. In this industrial city, where religious practice is almost non-existent, people received him with a great interest and did not hesitate to recognize him as prophet, the Messiah, the own Son of GOD that returned to Earth.He makes miracles. Modestly, he heals. The proof was given when four people accepted to testify such delicate occurrence for having received the cure for their illness. “I have never seen a man like this: I have total confidence, I believe in everything that he speaks. You can see that he is special, my cure is a proof of it!”, said the truck driver Gerard Wurtz, who received a healing… A woman (who preferred to keep anonymous) suffered a serious problem in the spine and received a cure. Behold her description: “I had been suffering this illness for more than six years. When INRI put his hand on my head and prayed, I felt something very strong inside my body, my heart beat accelerated. On the day that followed such singular experience, I did not suffer anything else”.Many other cases were testified, as the case of people previously declared incurable by doctors, psychologists and other health professionals… There was also the testimony of Martine S., who worked nine years in a recovery center for handicapped minors. Her son, Ludovic, had a leg and a hand paralyzed; she saw him becoming totally healed. She said that INRI is really extraordinary. She also declared that there are many people with psychic power, but they are mysterious, while with INRI CRISTO everything is clear. “He does not have dogmas, does not ask anything, much less money, lives as simply as possible, with only a tunic and sandals.”This unique visitant does not come on behalf of any church. On the contrary, he avoids all of them. Even the incredulous have come to see such extraordinary man. One of them came from a long distance, despite the fact that he did not even want to see INRI, as he declared later. The first time he met INRI, he had another sensation and talked to him during four hours. This man, who firstly did not even believe, suffered a facial paralysis that prevented him from feeling the taste of food. Now, after meeting INRI, he was healed. “My life completely changed after he put his hand on my head. Everything is good to me. It is just to think about him that I feel a state of welfare taking care of me”, so testified Jean-Luc Petit.One meeting with INRI CRISTO leaves an incredible impression: his gestures, his strong way to express each word and the speed with which he had to learn French. His sentences are direct, his voice is very different, strengthening each word. The conviction he shows in saying that he was born to fulfill GOD’s will, all these things could be interpreted by some people as usual phenomena for a paranormal. However, what about the cures? He healed paralytics on skin and bones, cancers, etc. INRI is not subjected to any institution on Earth.He does everything fulfilling orders from his FATHER, LORD and GOD. He does not practice sex, does not eat meat or even owns properties other than his white tunic. He has already suffered many accidents, as declared, but GOD protects him.We could expect that the presence of this man speaking things beyond this world and asserting to be directed by the CREATOR’s power could cause confusion in Montataire, a communist city dedicated to practices different from the religious ones. But as we noticed, several hundreds of people came to see him for many reasons, other than to protest against him.Despite not talking to INRI, the mayor declared that his presence did not bother in anyway; INRI could do whatever he wanted. The only contrary manifestation came from a priest of the roman church. He said that, were Christ back on Earth, he would be clothed like men, but he would not wear a white tunic…”

Whoever spreads this message will be gifted with heavenly blessings.

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